He removes his black leather belt from his jeans in one motion.

Kate’s head turns to one side, similar to how a puppy will turn his head when trying to figure out something new. Before she knows it, the wide belt is around her neck and pulled taut.

She knows she shouldn’t be so accepting of this behavior but finds herself drawn to the whole scene. She can literally feel herself submitting to him, wanting him to continue. All inhibitions have left her.

Ray pushes her down onto her hands and knees. He is taking his time, feeling her out. He leads her around the living room by the belt around her neck. She is idling along on her four limbs, much like an owner leads his dog. He is amazed she is so forgiving of his actions.

He takes a foot and pushes her over onto her back with his Nike. He removes nipple clamps from his case and puts one end on her nipple. Her intake of breath can be heard throughout the house and he lets that little bit of pain sink in. He then puts the other end on the next nipple. She looks at him innocently, shaking despite her internal calm.

He pulls on the chain of the nipple clamps and she moans. “You are very willing,” he says.

“Yes Sir,” Kate manages to mutter.

Kate is led around the entire perimeter of the room.

“Would you like to go further with this,” he says as he removes the unforgiving nipple clamps.

“Yes Sir.”

He pulls up on the belt and she rises to her feet. The belt is extremely tight on her neck and between the nervousness and slight asphyxiation she finds herself struggling for proper breath.

Ray leads her down the hall, opens the door to the basement stairs, and pulls her down to the basement.

She is literally shaking with anticipation of what is to come.

He handcuffs her hands at her back and she is complaining that they are too tight, to please loosen them, the whole thing faintly reminiscent of her night in jail not too long ago. When she felt his hands back there she felt relief that he would honor her request until he tightens them up to an even more unbearable pain while asking her if she was going to whine the entire time.

She realizes then she isn’t in a position to argue with him and that she had better do as he said before she really got into trouble.

Fucking bastard. She was sure he’d get his one day. She would make sure of it…she had plans of her own.

She was beginning to feel the first pangs of uncertainty, not knowing what to expect. However, those feelings of panic actually turn her on even more and she is already wet with desire.

She feels like a virgin again with innocent thoughts going through her head, not understanding what he had in store for her. He begins tying her elbows together with the rope and he tightens them slowly, until her breath catches and then he tightens once more. He says, “On your stomach,” and she falls to the floor, not wanting to piss him off again, not wanting to feel the wrath, wanting to be a good slave.

He ties up her feet with her hands at her back as her face is pressed into the cold basement floor with her hair hiding her scared eyes. She is really beginning to think she had made a mistake, wishing she could renege and take it all back. She had an internal argument going on inside of her, wanting to get fucked yet wanting to turn back time. Yes, no, yes, no sort of thing.

Chills run up her spine from the cold floor and the whip he had just teased her backside with. He places wooden clothes pins on her nipples and sets off getting ready with his implements, lining them up, stroking each one, ready to give it to her, ready to be the master, ready to punish his slave. She was already defying him and she would be punished.

He then untied her legs from her arms and told her to stand, her ankles still tied together, and he immediately straps her to the rope he hung from the rafters. He tightened the pulley-type system until she was on her tip toes, struggling to stay upright, knowing if she didn’t the pain on her wrists and elbows would be excruciating, knowing he would probably punish her.

Her wrists ached and sharp pains were coming from her nipples, the handcuffs cutting into her with each movement, and the backs of her legs already straining with the effort of staying vertical. She would go up on her toes and then back down, up and down, up and down, to ease the pain in her wrists and arms, knowing that it wouldn’t help, knowing he was watching every move she made.

To her surprise, he then took one leg and tied it to a close-by support beam, increasing her unsteadiness and she knew she was in for a night of pain, that love/hate relationship she always wanted, knowing full well she could handle it but still having self doubt. Her head spinning with pain, pleasure, and the heat in the room, he then started placing clothes pins all over her…on her tits, on her inner thighs, on her clit, each time she groaned and each one making her come closer to orgasm.

When the pins were all pinching her, he then started raking over them, causing each one to bite into her skin, each one to pop back into position making her skin crawl with chill bumps, feeling that familiar throb in her groin. He moved in front of her and quickly placed a gag into her mouth, stifling any sounds she made, knowing she would want to scream soon.

Then he put a blindfold over her eyes and another rake among the pins and a muffled moan coming from her. Then he placed clamps on her throbbing nipples and her knees went weak and she leaned against the ropes and then steadied herself, not accepting the pain. She was moving from side to side trying to ease the biting handcuffs, trying to listen to him to see what he was doing behind her. Then he starts strapping her bare ass, left side and right side, strapping her tits, her cunt, her arms, her back…feeling each stinging hit and each one making her dizzier.

She was trying to move away but failed, the ropes creaking with each effort, her head lulling back and forth, not knowing where his next strike would be. Sweat was beading up on her brow and he made the heat more unbearable by placing a wide collar around her neck, her hair hanging down behind and under it, making her feel claustrophobic.

Her entire body was shaking and she didn’t think she would make it through the night and this was just the beginning. She heard clanging noises and other sounds and then felt him placing extra weights on her nipples, she wanted to follow gravity down but the ropes were not allowing her to, she couldn’t ease the pain, but accepting it as her fate.

Each wave of pain made her go deeper into her own mind, fooling her brain into thinking this was pure pleasure, the nerve endings not being fooled at all.

There was a slight pause in the action and she didn’t know what to expect next. She was still struggling with the handcuffs, still moving around trying to get in a better position to ease the pain, her left leg the only supporting body part, the muscles straining and her toes cramping, until he put his entire weight into paddling her.

That ping-pong paddle echoed off her ass and she gasped, not able to catch her breath. Left and right he paddled, each motion making her come off the basement floor. The sweet glorious pain was outright mesmerizing and the pain hormones were kicking in her body, spreading around to each limb. He kept paddling her and kept paddling her, and every time she winced and tried to get away, she would try to move away from him and that paddle.

He was giving it to her full force, not holding back. She was writhing with pain, shaking her head no, no, NO, not able to speak from the gag in her mouth, not able to tell him she couldn’t handle it any longer, wishing she had discussed a signal to him so that he would know she couldn’t take any more, him ignoring her muffled outbursts of NO.

He was relentless and her bare ass was becoming bright red. Every time he finished his set of paddling he would begin again, and she was about to pass out from the pain/pleasure combination. She thought to herself “this is it, this is what I’ve been wanting and now that I have it I want it to STOP and NOW”.

She learned to clamp her ass shut and use the rope system to swing away but he always found a way to connect. She would wince and swing and wince and swing each time always feeling the unyielding paddle. Since she was blindfolded she didn’t know when he would stop so she took her chances and kept trying to get away. In her mind she knew the paddle would strike her. She was making unfounded efforts to get away. She felt embarrassment that she was jerking and moaning with each strike…but the strokes were in her mind. He had finally stopped.
Kate was practically hanging from the rope unable to summons the strength to get back up, feeling the ropes digging into her arms, feeling the handcuffs bruising her wrists, not caring. The pain in her ass making up for everything else…her thinking she must have been a really bad girl.

She couldn’t catch her breath and really thought about passing out, but didn’t want to give him full reign over her body. He walked around her to the front and said aloud, “Let’s see if you are enjoying this,” and felt of her pussy. The wetness had already escaped and was dripping off her inner thighs, warm fresh cum that he had produced from her, and he said, “Yes you are enjoying this aren’t you,” his pleasure evident in his tone.

He took control of her again and started whipping the already sore places and then rammed his finger into her asshole. Now that felt good she thought, moving her ass into his hand, wanting it deeper, knowing he was making it up to her. As soon as it was in it was out again and she was writhing wanting more so she could release, so she could cum.

Her head was ringing and she didn’t hear her own muffled moans and groans until he started paddling her again. Oh God that hurt, he was hitting too hard, oh God that felt good, give me more, no yes NO NO NO, shaking her head and feeling the beginnings of tears in her eyes.

Finally, he stopped.

He walked in front of her and she thought, “this is my chance to get him to stop.”

She said, “Fuck me,” but it didn’t quite come out like that due to the gag. The words coming from her mouth sounded more like "uck eee".

He said, “It feels good huh,” misunderstanding her and she nodded yes and then quickly shook her head no and said fuck me again. He was inches away trying to hear her and he just chuckled.

He took out the gag and forcefully moved her head down, down onto his dick, wanting her to lick it and take it into her mouth. She began deep-throating him, trying to make him like her so he would quit spanking her. She was willing to do anything to get him to stop with that paddle.

She pulled away and he bare-handedly spanked her and forced his dick back into her throat until he was ready. She licked and sucked, hoping to please him.

He replaced the gag and her spirits fell again as he paddled her even more relentlessly on the bottom, each swat making her want to give up and give in, beating her down to the slave status that she actually was.

He stopped and began untying her, just enough so he could fuck her, and removed the gag. He told her to bend over and he rammed a dildo, a huge tiered dildo, up her ass, ramming with no mercy and her feeling it to the hilt, all the way, and then back out, all the way out, and then ramming back in. She was screaming and asking for more, liking the outcome of the night, feeling the juices about to explode within her.

He was moving it quickly in and out in and out until she exploded with orgasm, her knees collapsing and her whole body shuddering with ecstasy, her head thrown back and her back arched, ready to meet his thrusts. He didn’t stop and she realized she was having a continuous orgasm, her body and mind not able to process the pleasure, not able to stop the contraction of her muscles, not wanting to. Her head was spinning and her thoughts were not clear, everything muddled together, just feeling that dildo and feeling his presence near her.

He placed his hard dick into her pussy and held onto her hips, she was still strapped to the beams not able to move. He fucked her and fucked her until she came again and again until he was satisfied, shooting his load deep within her.

Kate knew she would never be the same person after this night. She had finally met masochism. She had been hogtied. She felt cleansed.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to “J” for his contribution of the Whirlpool story…and especially his contribution to “Kate’s” sexual adventures...(wink). I thank you for your inspiration.

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