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Holiday Foursome


The Beginning

"Can I have a go?"

Tom looked across at Brenda as she started to get up from the deck where she'd been sunbathing while he steered the catamaran back towards the island they were holidaying on with Simon and Marie, their good friends.

As he watched her, his cock stiffened slightly at the sight of her deeply tanned cleavage as she stood up, as her firm breasts swayed forward. Not for the first time, he wondered how her tiny bikini top managed to cope with the fullness of her breasts. As she slowly crossed the deck towards him, he drank in her still firm body, her full breasts, the deliciously soft curves of her belly and hips. She was tanned a deep brown, the delights of her body barely hidden by her bikini.

She grinned at him as she moved to stand beside him. She reached up and kissed him softly, her lips moist on his, her tongue flicking quickly into his mouth as his arm snaked around her. Tom pulled her gently to him, his arm holding her tight. They kissed slowly, passionately, their tongues exploring, her breasts pressing against his bare chest, his cock reaching out to her.

Tom moaned softly as felt her nipples hard against him through the flimsy material of her bikini. He held her tighter, his cock pressing against her pussy. He felt her respond, her tongue sliding deeper as she pushed back, her mound hard against him. As they breathlessly broke their kiss, Brenda turned in the circle of Tom's arms and grabbed the wheel.

"Now," she exclaimed, "How do I do this?"

From across the other side of the deck, Simon looked up from the book he was reading. Marie was stretched out beside him on the deck, her eyes closed, enjoying the late afternoon sun. They were on their way back from a day out to a neighbouring island. As always, they had had a great day, enjoying each others company to full. But now, both couples were happy to be heading back to the on the main island, back to the privacy of the bungalows that made up the resort.

Tom was stood close behind Brenda now, his hands on top of hers as he showed her how to guide the catamaran back towards the small bay they were heading for. Simon's cock stirred as he watched them, as he looked appreciatively at Brenda. Like Marie and Simon, Brenda was in her mid forties, Tom a couple of years older. Both of the ladies spent time in a gym – that was how they met – and it showed – they both looked fantastic.

Brenda was the more voluptuous of the two of them, with large, firm, rounded breasts, and wide dark nipples that responded to the slightest provocation. Her belly was flat, while her still narrow waist flared out to meet her softly rounded hips and shapely legs. Her dark hair hung around her tanned face, framing her round face, brown eyes, and full, kissable lips.

Simon felt the stirring of his cock again as he watched their friends a moment longer, watching Brenda carefully as Tom stepped even closer to her. He glanced over his shoulder at Marie, who was lying behind him.

She was lying on her front, but he could imagine her pert, but full, breasts, the wide aureoles, the pointed nipples, that he knew so well. Her bikini was so skimpy, the bottoms were little more than a thong really, leaving most of her firm ass naked to his gaze. The strings of the bottoms were tied at the sides, leaving her long, tanned legs naked to blend into the soft swell of her hips, and upwards to her smooth, flat belly and slim body. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, away from her pretty face.

They had all met about ten years before, and had become the best of friends. All four of them flirted outrageously, but somehow nothing more than the odd passionate embrace had ever happened between them. They had even made love in the same room before, sneaking glances at each other, but never taking it further, perhaps not wanting to risk the friendship they all valued so much.

But recently, as their children had grown up and they had all had more time to themselves, that bubbling undercurrent seemed to have risen closer to the surface. This was the first time that the four of them had been away together without the children for more than a few days at a time. In arranging this holiday together, they had all wondered what might happen between them, if the right opportunity arose.

They were all totally relaxed in each others company, and getting changed to go swimming and the like in front of the others didn't bother them at all. The girls were more than happy to make comments about the men as they changed, and quite enjoyed being watched as they slipped into their tiny bikini's or sunbathed topless.

Tom slid his hands up Brenda's arms, her hands continuing to rest lightly on the steering gear. He massaged her shoulders slowly, before slipping his hands around her waist. Her belly felt warm under his hands as she nestled back against him, enjoying the feel of his powerful body behind her. She ground her ass back against his still rising cock as he moved his hands up to cup her breasts.

The soft moan that escaped from Brenda's lips as Tom rubbed her erect nipples between his fingers and thumbs brought Simon back to the present. He glanced over, smiling to himself as Brenda twisted her head around to kiss Tom. Their tongues swirled over each other as Tom dropped one arm down to around Brenda's waist and pulled her tight to him.

Tom's cock was rock hard now, lying tight between Brenda's firm ass cheeks, only the flimsy material of her bikini separating them. Reaching down, Tom slipped a hand into the front of Brenda's bikini bottoms. He pressed on her clit, and then rubbed her, before sliding his finger through her soft hair and down along her lips. Her warm wetness sprung out onto his finger as she pushed herself forward to meet his probing finger.

Brenda gasped with disappointment as Tom pulled his hand away, but then sighed with pleasure as she felt him pull his cock out of his swimming trunks. He pushed his cock awkwardly into the back of Brenda's bikini, immediately feeling her pushing back against him. His thick cock, pointing downwards, slid easily down between her cheeks, the tip dripping pre cum as it rode over her puckered hole and down towards her pussy.

Tom held Brenda tight, one hand on her belly, the other back on her breast. He leant down and kissed the side of her neck, listening to her contented sighs as his cock rubbed against each of her holes in turn, as he moved his cock against her. As her sighs became more vocal, his hand moved from her belly back to her clit, his finger moving in small circles around the nub of rubbery flesh.

"Are they...?"

Marie had rolled over as she had listened to Brenda, and was now lying behind Simon, her pert breasts against him, her nipples swelling into hard pebbles as they watched their friends.

Simon didn't answer, but watched as Tom moved his hips, pushing his cock down over Brenda's ass as she moved with him. He was pinching her nipple gently, his fingers moving rapidly over her clit, his cock head rubbing against her ass and pussy.

Brenda bit her lip as she came, trying unsuccessfully to stifle her moans as a wave of intense pleasure flooded her body. Tom cupped her mound, feeling her pussy throbbing against him, feeling her wetness on his hand. Brenda's legs felt limp, but Tom's strong arm held her to him, his stiff cock still nestling against her. He leant forward, his mouth close to her ear. She moaned as he spoke.

"We need to get back," he whispered, "So that I can fuck you... hard"

"Yesssss," she gasped, pushing her ass back against him, needing him, wanting him.

She turned around in his arms, letting him take over the steering as she draped her arms around his neck and gave him a lingering kiss.

"Thank you," she whispered.

She reached for his cock and squeezed his shaft, oblivious to Simon and Marie as she whispered to Tom to "take her home."


Half an hour later, they stumbled through their bungalow door. They dropped their bags and towels on the floor as Tom kicked the door shut behind them, and pulled his tee shirt over his head. Tom backed Brenda against the wall as she reached for him, her arms around his neck as he tugged at the strings of her bikini top, as their lips met, as their tongues explored.

Her breasts sprung free, her nipples dark and erect, as Tom pulled her bikini away from her. He reached for her, cupping her full breasts in his hands before dipping his head and sucking a rubbery nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking around her sensitive flesh as Brenda held his head to her. She moaned out loud, pushing her breasts forward towards his eager mouth, pulling his head from one ripe breast to the other.

Brenda's pussy was throbbing madly as she pulled Tom back up to her and thrust her tongue into his mouth. They kissed urgently before Brenda dropped to her knees. Looking up at Tom, she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and dragged them – and the swimming trunks he still wore underneath – down to his thighs. His cock sprung free, thick and hard.

For a few seconds, Brenda stared at her husbands cock, watching it swaying in front of him, the head covered in pre cum. Still looking up at him, she reached up and took his shaft in her hand, squeezing him as she flicked a bead of pre cum away from his cock head with her tongue. She reached up for his balls as she held his cock flat against his belly, listening to his deep moans as she licked slowly along his cock, from the base of his shaft to the tip.

Brenda ran her lips back down Tom's cock, leaving wet trails behind from her tongue. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth, rolling it gently around with her tongue while her hand slid slowly up and down his shaft. Tom eased his legs apart as Brenda slipped her hand between them, probing gently with her finger as her mouth moved from his balls back up to cock.

She pulled Tom's cock towards her and sunk her mouth down onto him, making him cry out as she sucked half his length into her hungry mouth. He reached for her head, his fingers entwined in her mass of hair as his hips jerked forward, fucking her mouth, her tongue rubbing across his cock head and along his shaft.

Abruptly, Tom pulled Brenda to her feet. Backing her against the wall again, he pulled at the wrap she had slipped around her waist before leaving the boat. The material ripped in his hands as he dragged it from her. As they kissed frantically, Tom held both of Brenda's hands in his, holding them high above her head. With his other hand, he pulled at the ties on the side of Brenda's bikini, before dragging it from between her legs.

Brenda moaned into Tom's mouth as her bikini bottoms were dragged over her pussy and clit, shivers of pleasure, of anticipation, running through her. She fucked Tom's mouth with her agile tongue as he hooked her leg up over his hip, opening up her pussy to him. He guided the tip of his cock towards her pussy, easing just the tip inside her hot, wet body before he reached for her breasts and nipples, his other hand still holding Brenda's hands above her head.

With a cry, he plunged his cock into her, driving her back against the wall with the force of his thrusts. Brenda's pussy stretched around his thick shaft, sucking all him deep inside her needy body. Tom's hand clawed at Brenda's breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples, as he fucked her, as she fucked him. Their mouths were locked together, muffling their cries, the room echoing to the sounds of Brenda hitting the wall with every thrust of Tom's hips.

Brenda came first, her cries filling the room as waves of pleasure ripped through her. Tom continued fucking her, spreading more pleasure through her, his mouth now hungry for her breasts. Moments later, Tom came, his cum erupting deep inside her. He held his cock deep inside Brenda, reaching for her ass and pulling her tight to him as her pussy moulded itself to him, as his balls sent jet after jet of cum deep inside her.

They slumped against each other, breathing heavily, satisfied at last, at least for now. They kissed gently, lovingly, until Tom's cock slipped from Brenda's body. They held each other for a long time before Brenda spoke.

"Run us a bath," she whispered, "While I get us a drink."


In the room next door, Simon and Marie were making love as well, perhaps not as urgently as Tom and Brenda, but no less passionately.

When they had got back from their trip, they had slipped into the shower together to freshen up, their hands roaming easily over each others bodies. As Marie had stroked Simon's cock, her hands slick with soap, he was soon hard, their kisses becoming more intense as his fingers slipped inside Marie, the water cascading over them.

Marie had led Simon to the bed by his cock, the two of them leaving trails of water across the marble tiled floor. They had kissed hungrily, before moving easily to suck and lick at each other. Marie had knelt over her husband, dragging her hard nipples across his strong chest and belly as she dipped her head to suck his cock into her mouth.

As Marie's head bobbed up and down on him, Simon had reached for her ass, pulling her closer to with before sucking on her clit and pussy, his tongue swirling around her sensitive nub of flesh before plunging deep inside her.

Before long, Marie was twisting her lithe body around, and kneeling over Simon. He reached for her full breasts, rubbing his thumbs across her erect nipples as she held his heavy cock upright. They both moaned with pleasure as Marie swept his bulging cock head across her pussy before dropping her body down onto his, driving his cock deep inside her. She dropped forward onto him, as his hands held her ass, as they kissed feverishly.

Simon rolled them over, his cock still inside her. He slid his cock easily into her wanton pussy, listening to Marie's cries as he buried himself deep inside her. Marie threw her arms above her head, her breasts taut across her chest as she arched her back, taking him still deeper inside her. His long, hard cock reached into her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her pussy gripped his cock as he thrust into her, their bodies blending into one.

As they moved together, they heard banging from next door, the sound of Brenda being fucked against the wall. Suddenly, Simon became aware of how distracted Marie had become, of how her mind seemed to be elsewhere.

"Do you think they were... on the boat... were they?" she panted, holding him tight inside her, a flush rising up her chest.

"Why?" Simon gasped, "Do wish they had been?"

"Yessss," Marie moaned, as Simon drove into her harder.

Marie reached for her breasts, tugging at her nipples, her head thrown back now, her eyes closed and her mouth open, her breathing sounding harsh.

"Do wish it had been you?" Simon asked, "Being fucked... on the boat... with people watching?"

Marie groaned in response, pulling harder at her nipples, her pussy holding him tighter, her hips bouncing off the bed to meet his thrusts.

"By Tom... his big cock... inside you... fucking you..."

Marie screamed out "Yessss" as she came.

Simon's cock seemed to grow inside her as he heard her response, before his cum gushed into her in a thick torrent, as her orgasm crashed through her. Simon slumped forward, clinging to Marie, their bodies hot together, his mouth close to her ear.

"And me watching you with Brenda... fucking her," he whispered.

"Yes... Yesssss," Marie sighed again, dragging his face towards her and kissing him passionately, his cock already growing inside her throbbing pussy.

They made love frantically, both of them thinking of Tom and Brenda, of what they'd seen on the boat, of what they'd imagined, of what they wanted. Marie's orgasms soared through her, blending into one, as Simon pounded into her. Her eyes were shut as she came, as she cried out. Simon stiffened as she cried out, sure he heard her call "Tom", but not certain as his own orgasm exploded more cum into Marie's hot and wanton pussy.

Later, Marie slept, curled up close to Simon, her arm thrown out across his chest. As she slept, he thought about what had been said. It wasn't the first time that he'd thought about Tom and Brenda, about what might, what could, happen between them. But this time it felt different. Perhaps it was what had happened on the boat, or Marie's reaction, but it was different.

He reached for his cock as he felt it starting to rise up at these thoughts, as he wondered how far Marie would go. He had seen how Tom looked at Marie, and he knew that Tom had caught him looking at Brenda often enough. And then there was the outrageous flirting that they'd all enjoyed. But would they all want more?


The next day was spent relaxing, the four of them together. They had already planned a couple of days around the pool, before heading off sailing again on the final day of their holiday. By the pool, Simon could not drag his eyes away from Marie, from Tom and Brenda. Marie hadn't mentioned the previous day again, and it was almost as if it hadn't happened. But it had. He knew exactly what had been said, what had happened, his cock constantly hard as he played it over in his mind time and time again.

Simon wasn't the only one enjoying the sight of Marie and Brenda in their skimpy bikinis. They were all aware of the admiring glances, some more open than others, that they were getting. But it was perhaps Tom who was having the most problems in dragging his eyes away from Marie. He was constantly aware of her, catching her glancing back at him, feeling that something was subtlety different.

As the day wore on, Simon became surer of what he wanted, what they all wanted. That evening, while Marie and Brenda changed for dinner, Simon took Tom down to the bar for a drink.


The next day was Simon and Marie's wedding anniversary. Marie woke up first, and after rubbing her eyes, she stretched deliciously, her back arched and her hands high above her head, the sunlight filtering past the blinds that covered the doors onto the veranda reflecting off her tanned skin. She sighed contentedly and sunk back onto the bed, before rolling onto her side and looking at Simon. He was still asleep, lying on his back, one knee pulled up at an angle, an arm stretched out.

She sighed again as she ran her eyes over her husbands body in the semi darkness, her hand sliding onto her own breasts as she drank in the sight of his muscular chest and flat stomach, of his strong legs. She licked her lips as her eyes settled on his cock, curled up softly at the junction of his thighs.

She sighed again as she thought back to the previous night, a wicked grin flicking across her face. She reached out and ran her hand lightly over his chest, her fingertips trailing over his small, dark nipples. She felt them tighten under her touch as he moaned softly, but didn't wake up. Moving carefully, she twisted around in the bed, and rested her head gently on his stomach. She drew in the sexy smell of him, of his cock and balls so very close to her face.

Marie moved slightly and licked slowly along his cock, feeling him move under her tongue. She moved more quickly then, gently licking and sucking at his cock and balls, sensing him waking up slowly. She drew his entire cock into her mouth, feeling it harden as she moved her tongue around it. As Simons cock grew to its full imposing length, she let it slip from her mouth, inch by inch.

Twisting around, she reached up to suck his nipples, before kissing and licking her way back down his body. She ran her nails lightly over him as she moved again, as she dropped to her knees at the end of the bed. She gazed up at his cock, now lying hard on his belly.

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