tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 01

Holly Watches Ch. 01


For Holly it all started so innocently, just a conversation with some of her friends. She was the last of her group to turn 18 and they were celebrating. Now for the girls at their high school there were three preferred ways to celebrate an eighteenth birthday. A party worked for the socially inept still living out their junior high school dreams, a road trip across the border where the booze was available to eighteen year olds was for the more experienced (slutty) girls and for the normal, hot, but otherwise, generally well behaved girls there was the slumber party.

Holly was part of the third group, certainly not ready to leave the country just to get some alcohol and yet far beyond the party thing. It was at her slumber party when the girls started talking about boys that got it started for Holly. She and her best friend Amie split off into a separate conversation from the other girls when Amie said something that made Holly wonder.

"All guys do it and they do it all the time. I remember my brother, when he still lived at home, would do it at least once a day, sometimes three or four times a day," Amie said.

"Three or four?"

"Yeah, it's almost like he just did it because he was bored. I mean there's so much to do around here, how could he get bored?" Amie said sarcastically.

"How did you know what he was doing?'

"Well hell Holly, it was so obvious. He'd lock himself in his room or the bathroom and then stay forever."

"How do you know he wasn't just going to the bathroom?" Holly asked.

"Well, the smell for one thing, I mean you'd know if he went to the bathroom from the stink. Funny, after a while I got to where I could tell from the smell of it."

"The smell of what?"

"His cum, his sperm."

"You could smell it?"

"Yes, not as much when he did it in the bathroom, but in his room definitely. I tell you what was really wild was watching him do it."

"You watched?"

"Yeah, haven't you watched your brother?"

Holly just shook her head.

"Well, he didn't know I was watching, but one time when he was home from spring break he got into a bit of a schedule. He'd go out jogging and then come in all hot and sweaty and slip into his room for fifteen minutes or so and then he'd go take a shower. I just hid in his closet and when he came back from jogging I got to see the show."

"What was it like?"

"Oh it was intense girl, I mean for the first time in the day he was pretty quick and he'd come a lot. Yeah, he'd lie on his back and then spurt up into the air, letting it fall back down on his chest and stomach."

"In the air?"

"Yeah, this high or maybe more," Amie said leaning back and holding her hand over her stomach.

Holly's look of astonishment just egged Amie on: "One time I saw him later in the evening, after he'd done it a number of times during the day. I guess it's not as easy for them because he had to really work hard to get it to happen. His face turned all read and you could see the muscles in his neck, arms and legs tighten. He pushed his hips forward making his cock look enormous as his hand moved faster and faster up and down.

"Funny, you could hear it clicking like. The tip gets wet when he gets hard and while he's jacking off it makes a strange sound, like clicking. Anyway just about the time I figured he would rub himself raw he came, but this time instead of shooting way up in the air, it just kind of dribbled out over his hand. I don't know, but I tell you I got so wet watching that, seeing his muscles flex like that and how intense he was. I could only imagine a guy getting like that with me."

"Ewww, you got turned on by your brother?"

"Oh come on Holly. You know your brother is hot, the rest of these girls think so, so you must realize it."

"But it's your brother."

"I was just watching. I mean until I can watch some other guy do that I'd gladly watch my brother, it's fucking incredible watching it."

"I don't know, I mean sure Ricky is good looking and the girls always liked him, I just never looked at him that way," Holly replied.

"You like watching porn don't you?"

Holly nodded.

"Well, you just watch them as if it's porn. Then imagine them using what they have to do their girlfriend, it's easy to get into. Look, Ricky comes back in a couple of weeks."

"Yeah two and a half weeks at Christmas."

"Well there you go girl, give yourself an early Christmas present and take a peek. I promise you'll love it."

In the following few weeks Holly ran her conversation with Amie back and forth through her head each time nearly talking herself into it and then backing out. The day before he was scheduled to arrive home Holly wandered into his room to make a plan. They actually shared a door between the rooms but both had blocked the door off with furniture, Holly had a tall dresser in front, Ricky had a low shelf there. After looking over Ricky's shelf, Holly realized that the old door had a keyhole and if she just moved her furniture a bit, she could peek into Ricky's room.

Before leaving his room, she wandered over to his chest of drawers, opened it up and pulled out a pair of jockey shorts he had left behind. Tucking them under her blouse, she quickly slipped back into her room. She hid the underwear way in the back of her sweater drawer and then spent the rest of the day in her room, rearranging furniture.

The next morning it was rainy and very cold outside, nearly down to freezing Holly heard on TV. She wandered down to breakfast and her Mother asked, "Want anything for breakfast?"

"Sure," Holly replied, "I'm starving."

"I would think so as busy as you were yesterday. Whatever possessed you to move the furniture like that?"

"Just wanted a change."

"Just as long as you keep it clean, you know your brother gets home Wednesday and I..."

"Wednesday? I thought he got home today."

"No he called early this morning, this weather..."

"The rain?"

"Up in Austin it's freezing rain and maybe snow. His flight was canceled, Wednesday was the earliest he could re-schedule for."

"But that's two days away."

"Yes, with college out and it being Christmas time he couldn't get anything earlier. It's those cheap, cheap tickets we buy."

Disappointed, Holly turned and headed back towards her room.

"But what about breakfast?"

"No, forget it, I'm going back to bed."

As Holly disappeared into the hallway, her mom looked down at the cat and said, "You'd have thought she was looking forward to seeing him. Some change from the days they fought like dogs and... well you know Felicia." The cat simply turned and wandered away.

Holly stepped into her room and locked the door. She then stepped over to the door that joined with Ricky's room. She had arranged a chair so that with just a slight turn it would be a perfect place to sit and peek through the keyhole. Holly turned the chair and sat down, checking her view.

"Yes this is perfect," she whispered to herself, "Now if only he'd get his ass home."

She got up, opened her sweater drawer and pulled out his jockey shorts, holding them out in front of her, looking at the way the front seemed to naturally bulge out a bit. Sitting down on the bed he moved the shorts closer to her face, letting the bulging fabric rub against her face. Trying to picture his cock... she remembered seeing it when they were much younger, but trying to grow it in her mind to the way it must look today was a daunting task.

Leaning back on the bed she finally fabricated an image in her mind of a cock, her brother's cock standing up hard. Picturing his fingers wrapping around it, she rubbed the jockey shorts on her face with one hand and unbuttoned her blouse with the other. His hand began to move up and down his cock, just like Holly saw in the porn movies she watched. She moved the jockey shorts down off her face and began rubbing them over her breasts, feeling the texture of the fabric slide over her nipples making them grow firm.

Holly pictured her brother's face turning red and the muscles in his neck tightening as he moved his hand faster and faster over his cock. She continued rubbing his shorts over her breasts with one hand and the other slipped under the elastic band of her panties. Her fingers slid though her hair and then down to her opening. She was wet, hell she'd been wet all morning anticipating Ricky's arrival, now the wetness lubricated her fingers as she slid one and then a second finger into her pussy.

She then slid her fingers up her slit and found the sensitive nub hidden in the folds. As she pictured Ricky thrusting his hips forward, his cock now looking enormous, she touched her clit. She began moving her fingers over the clit, moving in unison with the rhythm with which Ricky slid his hand up and down his cock. As he quickened, she quickened and just as she reached the verge of her orgasm she pictured the cum spurting out of Ricky's cock, shooting into the air and splashing back down on himself.

Holly raised her hips and came, her pussy pulsing in the ecstasy as she pictured Ricky's hard cock with drops of white cum rolling down its length, his chest and stomach glistening with his sperm. Leaving her hand on her crotch, her fingers on her clit, she closed her legs and rolled on her side, moving Ricky's underwear back to her face. She smelled them, wonder what his cum might smell like, wondering how long it would be before she could peek through the keyhole and really watch her brother jack off.

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