tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 02

Holly Watches Ch. 02


"Well did Ricky get home?" Holly heard on the phone before she could even say hello or anything. It was Amie.

"No," Holly replied.

"Really? But I thought..."

"No, the weather, they had an ice storm so he flight was canceled, he's not supposed to get in until tomorrow," Holly explained.

"Oh, okay, I didn't know it got that cold there."

"Obviously it does," she replied pertly.

"Hey, why the attitude?"

"Sorry Amie, it's just that I was all ready..."

"Oh you mean what we talked about at the party?"

"Yes, I had to rearrange my room, but I've got a perfect place. The door between our rooms has a keyhole."

"I never noticed a door, just your closet and the door into your room."

"Yes, the door into Ricky's room was behind one of my dressers, the one by the window," Holly replied. "I rearranged my room and moved the dresser, now I have a perfect vantage point."


"So everything is ready, all I need is for him to get here and go into his room and do what you say boys do all day long."

"Well you let me know what happens okay."

"Sure," Holly replied.

"Hey, my mom's headed to the mall in a bit, you want to go?"

"Yeah, I'll be ready in about twenty minutes, is that okay?"

"We'll pick you up," Amie said.

The trip to the mall turned out to be a nice distraction for Holly, it gave her something to do instead of just mope around the house. Besides, her mother would certainly have found at least half a dozen jobs for her to do if she didn't go. Although it was really too crowded for Amie and Holly to do any shopping, all they really wanted to do was hang out all afternoon.

Holly got home in time for dinner which turned out to be a kind of grab what you can type of deal since everyone was so busy with Christmas decorations, wrapping presents and getting ready for Ricky to get back. She just grabbed some yogurt and diet soda and headed to her room. She returned later to clean up the dishes, otherwise it was an uneventful night. Well uneventful except for Holly checking and rechecking her vantage point for peeking in on Ricky tomorrow.

She actually went as far as positioning her chair, peeking into the dark room and slipping her hand down into her panties to see whether she would be comfortable touching herself while watching him. As she slid her fingers through her pubic hair and over her slit, she realized that for a short session the chair was fine, but depending how long Ricky was going to take, she needed more padding. After about half an hour trying out different pillows and blankets, she had everything worked out.

The next day she decided not to go to the airport with her parents when they went to bring Ricky home. She was worried that if she acted too anxious about him getting home her mom might thing something was strange. Instead she feigned indifference and was instructed to vacuum the living room for her efforts.

Holly didn't really mind, it would give her something to do to help pass the time until she could take advantage of the vantage point she created in her room. She pulled out the vacuum and took her time, actually doing a pretty good job. In fact, since she had the vacuum out anyway she went ahead and vacuumed the rest of the first floor. Afterwards she put the vacuum away and then slipped back into her room to check out her vantage point one last time.

Her parents arrived home with Ricky about an hour late. Indifference or no, Holly met them in the driveway and after listening to her mom explain the confusion with the late flight she finally looked at her brother and said, "Hi."

Ricky looked over and said, "Hey Holly."

That was it, the extent of their conversation except for a few grunted, "Hey give me a hand with this," or "Don't peek in the bag, I'm not finished wrapping." After the car was completely unloaded Holly headed back to her room. It was odd, she felt a bit strange around her brother now, almost like she did at school talking to a guy she was interested in. A strange nervousness ran over her, her stomach seemed to quiver inside when she saw him and she seemed to continued catching herself looking at his ass and crotch, petrified someone would notice every glace she took.

While in her room, she would go to her vantage point and peek into Ricky's room again and again, but most of the time the room was empty or if he was in there he was too busy unpacking his stuff, or on the phone, or playing on his game system. Holly was ready, hot and ready to do something she would never have considered before, but Ricky just wasn't cooperating. Didn't Amie say they did it all the time?

Dinner was uneventful and afterward while cleaning up the dishes she watched Ricky pull on his jacket and go out into the damp cold. "Why doesn't he have any jobs to do?" she asked her mom, who was wrapping up some of the leftovers.

"He just got back today, let him have a rest."

"A rest? What about me, I've been going to school six or seven hours a day, every day. He goes to class for maybe three hours a day and then plays around the rest of the time."

"He studies, besides it's different at college."

"Yeah, no chores to do."

"Look, now that he's back I'm sure your father will get him doing something around here. You can bet dad's not gonna be mowing the yard this weekend."

"Oh whatever," Holly replied, putting the detergent into the dishwasher, closing the door and starting it up. She finished up in the kitchen and headed up to her room. Quickly grabbing her nightshirt she rushed into the shower, determined to be finished before Ricky got back from wherever he went.

After about fifteen minutes she headed back into her room, surprising herself at how quickly she finished everything. She went into her room, locked the door and rushed over to her vantage point. Ricky's room was dark. Moving over to her desk, she picked up one of her school books and began to study.

Distracted as she was, Holly really didn't get much studying done, but she fiddled around for about 45 minutes when she heard what sounded like Ricky tromping up the stairs. Sure enough she heard him call out to their parents that he was home just before she heard his door close. Holly paused a few minutes and then slipped over to the chair by the door and bent down to the keyhole.

Damn! There was something in the way, completely blocking her view into the room. Sitting upright she thought for a moment, then peeked through the keyhole again. His jacket! He had tossed his jacket onto the shelves, completely blocking her view. Standing up she grabbed her robe, unlocked her door and slipped through her door. Moments later she found herself knocking on the brother's door completely without any plan for clearing her view.

Ricky opened the slightly and peeked at her through the small crack, "Yeah?"

"Ah, where did... ah, yes. Mom wants me to get your jacket and hang it up," she mumbled.

"Hang up my jacket?"

"In the closet."

"My closet?"

"No, the coat closet," Holly answered impatiently.

"Why didn't she..."

"I don't know, she just tells me to get your highness' jacket and hang it up. Who am I to argue?"

"Okay, just wait here," he replied, closing the door. He opened it a moment later sticking only his arm out and handing her his jacket.

"Great," she said, watching the door close in her face. She crumpled the jacket under her arm and went back into her room, locking the door behind her. Tossing his jacket into her closet she took off her robe and rushed over to her vantage point.

Peeking through the keyhole, it took a moment to focus on what she was looking at, but once she did she immediately gasped loudly. Clenching her teeth she didn't move hoping Ricky didn't hear her. Fortunately he either didn't hear it or simply didn't pay any attention to it because he didn't move.

Holly was looking at him. He was naked, facing away from her, so all she saw was his back and ass, but it was just that sight that made her gasp. Admiring his tight, muscular ass, she began unbuttoning her nightshirt. She began to toy with her nipples and as she leaned a bit to one side she noticed he was standing in front of the mirror.

Her view wasn't great, but in the mirror she could see him as he ran his palms up his chest and began to circle them over his nipples. Glancing down, Holly could see his cock slowly come to life, from the loose hanging bit of skin, up, up and up to a huge erection. She stared into the mirror enthralled at how it didn't stick straight out, but it curved. And the end seemed bigger, almost purple in color.

Opening her legs, she moved her hand down between her legs and running her fingers between her lips, she moistened them at her wet opening. Pushing them into herself, she watched Ricky's right hand reach down and wrap around his long shaft and begin to move back and forth over his hard cock. Holly let her wet fingers move upward to her clit and she began circling over the hard nub. Just as she began to lose herself in the sensation, she saw Ricky look back to his bed and then sit down.

He continued jacking off, but now she couldn't see it in the mirror. The angle was all wrong now and she could barely see his chest and part of a leg in the mirror. Holly moved all around, trying to get to a better look, find some way she could see something, but in the end all she could do was watch his back and head move rhythmically as he stroked his cock. She continued diddling her clit and did come when she caught sight of his, now flaccid, cock as he stood up to grab some tissue and clean up.

Completely disappointed, she flopped onto her bed, rolled onto her back and buttoned up her nightshirt. When he passed by heading to the shower she did get an idea and slipped into his room. She could smell it then, an odd smell, something like Comet, the cleansing powder. Moving over to his waste basket, the smell was stronger. Reaching down, she grabbed a bit of the still damp tissue, tore off a piece and then quickly returned to her room.

Holding her prize, she climbed back into bed, placed the tissue on the pillow next to her and then turned her head so her nose actually rested on it. Reaching down between her legs, her fingers returned to her clit and as she breathed the fragrance of her brothers' cum she massaged her clit until she came again, her hips moving up in the air, her wet pussy wanting, needing to be filled.

Later, after recovering from the orgasm, she took her prize and hid it in one of her drawers. She then climbed back into bed, inspired to work out a new plan, a new plan that would let her see her brother, to see it all, from the first moment his cock began to grow until he came, spurting his cum all over himself.

Suddenly she sat up in her bed and looked toward her closet. She could see his jacket on the floor, but she also noticed that the slatted doors had small slits between them, perhaps for ventilation, but those slats would be perfect. Drifting to sleep she was content, she had a new plan.

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