tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 07

Holly Watches Ch. 07


After cleaning up and making sure no one would suspect what she had been swallowing that morning, Holly headed downstairs. Her mother immediately herded her into the kitchen where she helped get breakfast together. As Holly finished setting the table and bringing out the food, she heard her brother and her father discussing how to put the lights on the tree. If a few minutes they all assembled for breakfast.

After a few minutes of passing the food around and getting drinks for everyone Holly's mother said, "You know, with you kids getting older we're not going to be able to have family meals like this much longer. I'm just happy you kids chose to stay at home a bit more this year. Why just last year I hardly saw either of you the entire Christmas Break, but this year you've been home most every night."

"And you're not fighting like you always did," Holly's dad added.

Ricky nodded and said, "You know, now that Holly and I have gotten older, I think we have a better appreciation for family. A much better appreciation," he repeated, winking at Holly.

It was a bit bittersweet for Holly as she pondered the next few days, after that Ricky would head back to school for his final semester. When he graduated who knows where he might go and with whom he might go with. She knew he'd get married, probably have kids and live a normal life, it's what she wanted for him, but still she felt a pang of jealousy. The thought of his beautiful cock touching another woman, his cum splashing on someone else's body, his finger touching another woman's clit...

"Holly? Have you heard a word I said?"

"Oh I'm sorry mom, I was daydreaming."

"Come on Holly, get with me here. This is the plan: you and I will clean up the dishes while your dad starts on the lights and Ricky brings in the Christmas Ornaments. By the time we finish in here they should be ready for us to start putting on decorations. Do we have any tinsel."

"Oh mom, no tinsel this year, it's such a mess to clean up," Holly said.

"No tinsel?"

Dad and Ricky shook their heads, "No."

"Okay, no tinsel, but what's a Christmas without tinsel."

"Kind of like a Christmas without snow?" Ricky replied.

"There was a time it snowed in the valley here, on Christmas Day too," Holly's father said.

"Yeah, yeah and we both were too young to remember," Ricky said.

They finished up decorating the tree and storing the empty boxes early that afternoon. Mom decided they all should go to the movies and refused to take no for an answer, so they loaded up in the car hand headed to the movies. Of course once they got there they couldn't decide which one to see. They had a choice of five different movies and each chose a different one, so they compromised and all four went into the one none of them chose. So much for democracy, they ended up seeing one none of them wanted to see.

On the way home they picked up some pizza for dinner and spent the rest of the evening eating and laughing over the ridiculous movie they saw. To make up for all that, they put on "White Christmas" which kept them up until nearly midnight. By the time they headed upstairs Holly was exhausted, so she quickly took a shower and climbed into bed.

She began thinking about the next morning and what she might do with Ricky while her mom and dad slept in. Realizing it had gone too far with her taking her brother in her mouth, she planned to simply calm it some and set some rules, getting back to the no touching. It would be hard because it all felt so good, so right, but she knew it was wrong.

Holly was just beginning to doze off when she thought she saw something move. As she tried to clear her eyes she felt her covers pulled off her bed and before she could say anything she felt a hand on her mouth. Ricky was looking down at her as he whispered, "Shhh, or they will hear you."

When he removed his hand Holly asked, "Ricky what are you doing?"

"What you did to me this morning was so incredible, I wanted to make you feel as good," he said, then Holly felt him quickly pull off her panties.

Whispering, "No," she tried to close her legs, but Ricky had his hands firmly planted on her thighs, pushing them apart. She tried to fight him, but he was just too strong. Relenting she then felt his warm, moist breath on her thighs and then on her pussy. Realizing what he was about to do, she whispered, "Oh Ricky no, let me go wash myself."

"You'll wake them up, besides I want to taste you," he said just as he plunged his tongue between her lips, pushing into her pussy. The quick penetration felt uncomfortable, but as he slowly moved his tongue, the soft sensations began to calm her.

Holly's brother continued moving his tongue around inside her and she knew her pussy was very wet so he had plenty of her to taste. Her resolve completely gone, she spread her legs as wide as she could, letting him do anything, everything he wanted to do. In a few minutes she felt his tongue slip out of her and move slowly up her slit, but just as she noticed how empty her pussy felt, his fingers eased inside her. She wasn't sure how many, but it was more than one because she for feel it as they moved around. His tongue moved onto her clit and she raised her hips, giving him more, wanting more. The sensations were incredible as he softly moved around her clit and then sucked it between his lips while teasing it with his tongue.

All the while Ricky was gently caressing her clit with his lips and tongue, his fingers was exploring her pussy, moving over the walls, sliding in and out and then in a circular motion. Holly felt him do things to her she never thought possible, the sensations were so much more than she ever felt with anyone. God it was good, so good, she moaned loudly and said, "Yes, yes," and she came, her pussy flooding Ricky's fingers with her juices, the soft walls of her cunt contracting on them again and again.

Remembering what she told him that morning, he moved his head away from her clit as she came, knowing it simply got too sensitive after orgasm. Worried about the noise she made he looked up at the door and when he heard a knock, he quickly pulled his fingers out of his sister's pussy and slipped through the door back into his room.

"Holly, are you alright in there? I heard a noise."

"Yes, mother," she said, trying not to sound out of breath. "I was on the phone with Amie, did I get too loud?"

"Well I heard you and wondered?"

"I'm okay, sorry I got so loud, I'll be quiet."

"I don't want you to wake your brother up," her mom said, "Now good night."

"Oh mom."


"Merry Christmas," Holly said.

"Merry Christmas, now say goodnight to Amie and go to sleep."

Leaving her panties on the floor where Ricky had tossed them, she pull the covers up over herself, thinking, "I do want to wake my brother up with my own Christmas surprise." She closed her eyes, her pussy still tingling a bit.

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