tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 06

Holly Watches Ch. 06


Holly felt so warm and safe in her bed with her brother beside her, his hand tenderly cupped over her pussy. It was hard to believe they had fought the day before, that she had actually hit him. She was trying to understand the emotional impact of the last few days, bouncing through so many feelings. She loved Ricky but continued to feel the twinges of guilt, twinges that in turn somehow intensified her desire. Watching him touch himself was so much more than watching any porn movie and feeling him touch her was ecstatic, so much more intense than the boys she had let touch her before. Perhaps that is why she reacted so violently when Ricky tried to defend Liz, was she jealous of Liz?

"You never told me how your date went last night," Holly said.

Ricky made an odd face and replied, "You were so right Holly, Liz teased me all night, saying things, groping me, acting sexy and then when I responded she'd shut me down. It wasn't until we were at a party, with a bunch of people around, then she grabbed my hand and shoved it up her skirt. I didn't want to do that in front of all the people, but when I tried to get her to go upstairs to a room she wouldn't, at least not just with me. She actually got another couple talked into going up with us. When I backed out, she got two guys to go with her."

"So three guys and two girls went into the room?"

"Yeah. She had me worked up all night, but unless I wanted a group scene she just left me alone. Hell, when she went upstairs I just left."

Glancing down, Holly could see the bulge in her brother's shorts and said, "And then you come home..."

"I came home and went to bed."

"You didn't..."

"Jack off? No, I took a shower and went to bed."

"Why didn't you take care of yourself in the shower?" Holly asked.

"After I realized how right you were about Liz, I... ah well, I wanted to wait, maybe do it with you watching."

"But then you touched me, made me feel so good," she said, reaching her hand down and grasping his cock though his shorts.

"I didn't know if I should touch you, I wanted to make things right with you and well, touching you just felt right."

She began sliding her hand up and down the length of his shaft, moving up onto her knees so she could kneel above him. Ricky slid onto his back and when Holly began pulling the elastic on his shorts downward, he reached down, lifted his hips and pulled his shorts and underwear off. Without thinking, before Ricky could grab his cock and begin stroking, she reached out and wrapped her fingers around him.

"It's so soft, the skin is so soft," she whispered, moving her fingers down to the base of his shaft. She had never seen it so close up, so she rested her head on his thigh and just looked at it, moving the foreskin some, watching it stretch at the base. Pushing it down slightly and lifting her head, she saw the large vein at the top, she ran her fingertip along its path. She looked at the head of his cock, the way it curved and attached to the shaft, then ran her finger along the underside up onto the head and to the tiny hole.

Her fingertip got wet in the pool of pre-cum that had welled at the tip of Ricky's cock. Holly took the finger and held it up to her mouth, touching the wet fingertip to her tongue. Blinking her eyes at the salty, bitter taste, she moved her tongue around in her mouth, trying to decide if she liked it or not. Wanting a bigger taste so she could tell, she leaned her head down and touched her tongue to his tiny hole and slurped up the pre-cum. Once again the taste jolted her, but what surprised her more was Ricky's reaction to her tongue touching his cock.

Staring into his face, she moved her head back down, savoring the look of anticipation in Ricky's face. Reaching out her tongue she could see him almost mimicking her head movement, aching for her tongue to touch him. Pausing a moment she saw his face change, perhaps sensing disappointment and then, not wanting to torture her brother any more, she touched her tongue to his shaft and ran it up its length. When she reached his head, she let her tongue slide over the top and then dip into the pool of pre-cum again.

Holly could feel her brother's body tremble in excitement and she saw he was breathing hard, looking at her with a look of intense concentration. Moving her head down, she repeated herself, running her tongue up his shaft again, dipping it into his hole. She noticed Ricky's mouth moving, he was saying something, but she couldn't hear it.

Reading his lips she saw what he was whispering, "Suck it, please suck it."

Taking a deep breath, Holly moved her knees closer to him and then opened her mouth wide, sliding it over the head of her brother's cock. Ricky moaned loudly so Holly began to suck on the head of his cock. Not really sure what else to do, she took hold of his shaft with one hand, figuring she could control how it went into her mouth. While she sucked, she let her tongue play over the smooth head, circling it, dipping into the hold and then sliding under it.

As Ricky began to raise and lower his hips, she started bobbing her head up and down, taking a bit more of him in her mouth as he raised his hips, letting his cock nearly slide out of her mouth as he eased back down on the bed. She also started moving her hand up and down his shaft. Wanting to take more of him in her mouth, she let him push deep as she moved down on him, but as it reached near the back of her throat, she had to quickly pull back, gagging a bit. After a few more tries, she worked out the deepest she could take his cock without gagging and moved her head accordingly.

In the few moments it took her to get her movements coordinated between stroking his shaft, sucking, running her tongue over his head and bobbing her head up and down to the perfect depth Holly had Ricky very worked up. Once she combined all her efforts together she could tell Ricky was on the brink of coming. Fighting off the fear of him coming in her mouth, she kept up her sucking until she felt his cock suddenly seem to thicken and then she felt the warm splash into her mouth.

Almost choking on it, she was able to swallow the first enormous spurt and since the following spurts were smaller and less forceful she easily swallowed until his cum became just a trickle from his tiny hole. Slurping up the last drops, she then had time to ponder the taste and texture. The taste was a bit bland, especially compared to the taste of her brother's pre-cum, reminding her a bit of cream of wheat without the sugar. It was the texture that she guessed bothered most girls she talked to who refused to swallow. The thick, wet texture seemed a bit gross until she thought about where it came from, how her brother acted as it came into her mouth, after that, she came to savor his cum.

Removing her mouth, Holly moved, resting her head on Ricky's thigh again as she watched his cock slowly shrink back to normal. Noticing a bit of cum still pooled in the tip of his cock, she grabbed his soft cock and pulled up, milking the last tiny drops onto her tongue. Sitting up she held out her tongue letting her brother see the drops of his cum on his sister's tongue. He smiled, grabbing her arm and pulling her to him, kissing her on the mouth, letting the cum spread over both their tongues.

Suddenly they heard a bang and then footsteps on the stairs. "Mom and dad must be home," Ricky whispered moving toward the door between their bedrooms.

"Wait, it's locked," Holly whispered back, jumping up and reaching down into her wastebasket. Handing him the key she said, "I'll tell you about it later." She heard a knock on her door.

"Holly, come on down and let's put some lights on the tree."

"I thought we were going to decorate on Christmas Eve," she replied as she carefully unlocked the door.

"Silly, today is Christmas Eve, now come on, I'm going to wake your brother," he mother replied.

Ricky slipped through the door and lifting his shelves, moved them out enough to slip past. Holly closed the door, rearranged her chair and hid the key in one of her drawers. She could hear her mother knocking on Ricky's door, so she grabbed her clothes and headed down the hall to the bathroom. Once she closed the door she immediately brushed her teeth, wanting to make sure no one could smell her brother's cum on her breath. Once finished brushing, she got dressed, headed back into her room and made up her bed. She scanned the room to make sure everything looked in place and she headed down the stairs, nearly bumping into Ricky in the hallway.

"It's Christmas Eve," he said in mock excitement.

Holly whispered, "Oh be quiet, actually I think this is going to be the best Christmas break ever." She then gave him a sexy look and licked her fingers.

Ricky headed into the bathroom singing, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

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