tagIncest/TabooHolly Watches Ch. 10: Epilogue

Holly Watches Ch. 10: Epilogue



After weaving her way through the mazelike entrance to the airport, Holly finally found herself pulling up to the curb at the arrivals area of the airport. She spotted Ricky standing there with a couple of bags and quickly pulled up and popped her trunk. Watching him toss his bags in the trunk, she quickly unlocked the car door and then leaned over an gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek as he climbed into the car.

“Were you waiting very long?”

“No, just a few minutes, the flight actually got in early.”

“I’ve been behind schedule all day, what with the funeral and all, I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Actually,” Ricky replied, looking at his watch, “you’re right on time, actually I only had to wait about five minutes.”

“Who would have thought, all this time we worried you wouldn’t have time to get here and you actually get in early.”

He smiled and shrugged then asked, “How’s mom?”

“She’s doing quite well. Dad had been sick for so long that she knew this was coming. I think I was the one most surprised, I’d seen him about three months ago and… back then he seemed fine. She was there every day so she knew it was happening.”

“Well are you okay Holly?”

Feeling a tear roll down her cheek she said, “Well, I’ve kept myself busy, that helped.”

Holly felt her brother’s hand gently touch her shoulder. She wanted to fall into his arms but had to focus on the road. Reaching a hand up, she took his hand, entwining her fingers into his. It was hard to imagine it was over twenty years since she touched him.

“Ricky, what happened to you?”

“I got arrested.”

“No Ricky, how did you go from an A student at college to being locked up in prison for what, fifteen years?”

“It was all so bad, that spring break when instead of coming home I went off to Florida with some friends.”


“Some people I knew, they were heading to Florida. They planned to do some partying so I joined in. I didn’t know about the drugs.”

“How could you not know?”

“I was stupid, I don’t know. One of the girls really came on to me, so I went. We got there, we partied, some of the guys disappeared for a while and then they came back.”

“You could have been hurt.”

“I know that, hell two of he girls died. When we all got arrested they were looking for someone to make a deal. I tried, but since I didn’t know anything I wasn’t any good to the police. In the end they just treated me like one of the others, as if I really knew something but wasn’t talking.”

“Why didn’t you let dad get a lawyer?”

“I saw their faces when they came to see me, how disappointed they were. Hell his business was down anyway and he’d have to mortgage the house and land just to put a good lawyer on retainer and who knows what it would costs. I did what the others did, got a public defender.”

“And went to prison.”

“Guess I picked the wrong friends.”

“How can you be so flippant about it?”

“Damn Holly, what else can I be? I was there and now I am out. It was a bad deal, real bad but remember, two girls died. She died.”

“Were you and her...”

“I thought we were, I mean after Christmas and us, well I met her and it took a while, but it started feeling... feeling... but she died.”

“Oh Ricky, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

They drove a while in silence, their fingers still entwined with each others. Holly glanced over at her brother and saw how his face had seemed to harden. His jaw was no longer smooth and rounded, it seemed more square. His skin was wrinkled and weathered and looking down she noticed a hint of a tattoo on his arm, his sleeve covering the rest.

“When did you get out?”

“Couple of years ago, I’d met a woman, actually on line. In the library we could use the computers and at one of the sites we were able to get to had some pen pal thing. I guess she had a thing for ex-cons but we got to writing, then she came by to visit. When I got out we moved in together.”

“You didn’t bring her?”

“Couldn’t afford the ticket, besides, I’m not sure how she would have done here. Let’s change the subject, hey what about you, I heard you got married.”

“Well, divorced now.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be. It was just one of those things, when our son Richard grew up we figured out we really had nothing in common. So I packed up, moved out and we’ve been friends ever since. Better friends than when we were married.”

“You didn’t finish college?”

“No, I got married in June and had Richard in October. He was a month or so premature I think, but you can still do the math.”

“So you got pregnant...”

“In the early spring. It was Amie’s brother. He had flunked out of college so he was living with his family looking for a job. I started dating him and one thing led to another and then the shotgun wedding. Well no shotgun but you know what I mean.”

“You named him Richard.”

“Yeah, after you. His dad’s name is Le Roy and I’m sorry one Le Roy Floy in this world is enough we certainly don’t need any Le Roy juniors running about.”

“Their last name is Floy?”

“Yeah, didn’t you know that, I mean Amie Floy that’s not too bad. Her mom and dad must have been drunk when they figured out his name. And let me tell you, Holly Floy is not all that good.

“Oh, we’re almost home. Look, Richard gets in late tonight but he’ll spend the night with his father. Both of them are pall bearers, we’ll meet them at the church before the service begins.”

“What time?” Ricky asked.

“Service starts at ten am; we need to be there no later than eight thirty. There is a viewing this afternoon and then I thought, you, mom and I could go to dinner. After the funeral there will be a big dinner with us, the Floys and several of mom’s friends. When do you go back?’

“The day after the funeral.”

“So soon?”

“Yeah, my job. It’s not real good, but I can’t afford to lose it.”

“Well, here we are,” Holly said, pulling into the driveway.

“So strange.”


“Yeah,” Ricky replied, “so much has changed, but this all looks the same.”

Holly opened the trunk, grabbed a bag and led Ricky into the house. He followed her in carrying his other bag.

“Oh, we're both in our old rooms,” Holly said as they entered the door.

“Okay, that’s nice.”

The viewing later that evening was somber and uneventful as was dinner. Emotionally and physically drained, everyone went straight to bed once they got home. By the next morning as they prepared to go to the funeral the frantic pace had calmed some and Holly let herself believe things were going to be fine.

Things were fine until a few minutes before the funeral started when she spotted her son and called him over to introduce him to her brother Ricky. As the two men shook hands she suddenly saw what she had never dared to believe. Why hadn’t she seen it before? If not years ago, she should have seen it when she saw Ricky at the airport. The two men shaking hands before her, except for the difference in age, looked identical.

Holly suddenly felt dizzy and her vision seemed to be going black. She felt herself beginning to fall then suddenly was sitting in a chair with her brother and son sitting on either side of her.

“What happened?”

“You nearly fainted, must be all the stress,” her brother said.

“You okay mom?” Richard asked.

“I think so, yeah I just felt so dizzy then. You better go Richard, find your dad and the other pall bearers.”

“You’re sure you're okay.”

“Of course, you go now. Find your dad.”

As her son left she looked over at Ricky and started crying. He helped her stand up and headed over to where their mother was seated. In a few minutes the service began.

Holly made it thought the funeral, the graveside services and the dinner without any other problems. She rode home with her mother and brother. Rather than her son sleeping on the couch, she asked Le Roy if Richard could stay with him again, so it was just the three of them. They spent a few minutes puttering around, cleaning up around the house and then once again all three headed to their rooms.

After getting ready for bed Holly walked over to the door into Ricky’s and peeked through the keyhole. He was in his bed reading a book. Trying to be as quiet as possible, Holly grasped the doorknob, turned it and gently pulled on the door. It didn’t move. Figuring it was locked she went over to her drawer where she used to hide the key and pulled it open. The key was there, right where she left it nearly twenty three years earlier.

Slipping the key into the keyhole, she unlocked the door and opened it, immediately noticing the shelves no longer blocked the doorway. Looking over to the bed, she saw her brother looking at her over his reading glasses.

“The shelves are gone,” Ricky said to her.

“Yes, Richard sometimes used this room, so mom kind of redecorated. She didn’t change my room, everything is just the same.”

“Is that good or bad?”

Ignoring his question she took a deep breath and asked, “Ricky, since your flight doesn’t leave until the afternoon I wonder if you could do something for me in the morning?”

“Sure, what is it you want done?”

“Could you go for a blood test?”

“A blood test?”

“You see I already have some of the paperwork but...”

“Holly, was Richard really born prematurely?”

“I don’t know, not for sure.”

“So February, March, April,” he was counting on his fingers as he spoke, “May, June, July, August, September and October.”

“Oh Ricky, I’m so sorry. I really didn’t know, I didn’t dare think of it, it’s just that today when I saw you together, I just realized… I think, I think...” she burst into tears.

Dropping his book Ricky jumped up and moved over to Holly wrapping his arms around her. He held her while she cried on his shoulder, as she mumbled trying to explain and as she cried some more.

“Holly, it’s okay, it’s going to be okay,” he said, holding her face in his hands and looking into her eyes. “It’s okay.” He then kissed her lightly on the mouth.

They stood, looking into each other’s eyes and then Ricky slowly tilted his head to the right and kissed her again, this time letting his tongue slip through his lips onto hers. She opened her mouth and let her tongue meet his.

As they continued kissing Holly felt Ricky’s fingers unbuttoning her nightshirt, so she let her arms down and the nightshirt slipped off. Breaking from their kiss, Holly bent over, pulled off her panties and climbed into bed. She then watched Ricky pull off his underwear and move toward her.

Suddenly it was like twenty three years ago, yet it was so very different. The overpowering need and urgency wasn’t there, it was a more comfortable desire, not a searing flame, more a warming ember as Holly felt Ricky slowly kiss her all over her face and then down her neck. He gently cupped her breasts that now sagged a bit and moved his mouth over her nipple, sucking it, drawing it into his mouth.

He continued downward as she opened her legs feeling him kiss her stomach, then through her pubic hair. His tongue slid down her thigh and then over to her lips. Ricky moved slowly, exploring familiar territory that was changed, similar, but also new to him. Holly felt his tongue enter her and move around inside her and she knew he was savoring her taste. Wondering if it had changed any over the years, she began to move her hips, pushing up to him.

His tongue moved to her clit and slowly began to circle. Holly savored the sensation, feeling the pleasure building inside her. She reached her hand down and gently nudged his head away whispering, “I want to feel you inside me now,” as he looked up at her.

Holly watched him move up over her as she took his cock with one hand, pulled her lips apart with the other and then guided him into her. The then moved together, slowly, lovingly drawing the pleasure out of each sensation. As Ricky thrust deep inside his sister she felt herself filled with him and with each thrust she got closer and closer.

Her orgasm came on slowly, wrapping around herself as she wrapped around him, her legs clenching at his ass, pulling him into her. At just the right moment he thrust as deeply as he could and remained, letting her pussy convulse around him. Only after the last of her pulsations subsided did Holly feel him begin to move again.

She now could feel his strength as he pushed into her, the length and girth of him filling her and the pulling away to fill her again. His arms trembled and she could hear his breathing increasing. Feeling his balls bounce against her with each of his thrusts she wanted to reach around and gently grasp them but before she could move he moaned and arched his back, coming inside her. For a moment he held himself above her, braced on his arms, his eyes closed, his face contorted in ecstasy. He then collapsed upon her and Holly felt her brother’s weight pressing on her breasts, his cock just beginning to soften inside her.

Ricky slid over beside his sister and then kissed her face over her eyes, then down to her mouth. As she kissed him back, she could feel his soft, wet cock limply resting on her thigh. Reaching down and taking it in her hand she whispered, “Oh Ricky, it was so good.”

She slept with her brother for the last time that night. The next morning she drove Ricky to the clinic and gave them copies of some blood work she had from her son. The clinic there had to send the samples and information off for the testing so it would be several days before they got the final word back.

“Holly, I’m going to see if I can’t delay my flight for a day or two,” Ricky said as they drove back from the clinic.

“But what about your job.”

“They can do okay for a few days, I just scheduled the flight earlier because I thought I’d need to get away. Now I’d like to stick around and get to know Richard a little better, uncle to nephew, if it’s okay with you.”

“I think that would be nice Ricky. But please, regardless what the blood test tells us...”

“I know, I know, I won’t tell him. It will be our little secret.”

“Le Roy was such a good dad, I’d hate to do anything to mess that up.”

“Don’t worry, I’m Uncle Ricky.”

“Thank you Ricky, I love you,” she said reaching over and taking her brother’s hand.

I love you too sis.”

Ricky caught the later flight home and when the mail came several days later he took the envelope marked personal and confidential. Reading the results of the tests he knew they confirmed what he knew ever since he saw Richard. A tear rolled down over his cheek as he slipped the paper back into the envelope and ran them both through the shredder.

Back home Holly was getting ready for bed. Her suitcase was partially packed so she could get an early start the next day. With Ricky gone, Richard was back in the room in Holly mother’s house. They planned to load up the car by nine and head out toward his college shortly afterwards. From there it was a short drive to where Holly lived.

Holly was about to turn off the light when she heard a noise from Richard’s room. She moved over to the door and peeked through the keyhole. Richard was naked, sitting on the edge of his bed with his legs spread wide open. His cock was fully erect, curving upward and leaning a bit, looking so much like Ricky’s cock, perhaps a bit longer, but thinner.

She continued watching as he wrapped his fingers around his shaft and began stroking. Slipping her hand into her panties, she slid her fingers down her slit and slipped them into her pussy wetting them. Moving them up to her clit she began circling slowly, matching the rhythm of her son’s strokes up and down his cock.


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