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My father and I are as horny as fuck as we stand side by side, stark bollock naked and proudly stroking our hard throbbing cocks, while my equally naked mother crouches in front of us as if kneeling before an altar. It is my mother's birthday - I am too much of a gentleman to give away her age - and I have made the journey from my home in the city to celebrate the fact in one of my favourite places - my parents' bedroom. I also have a very special gift for her - my smooth young body.

"Now the party really begins," I say as I gaze down at the luscious tits and the gaping gash of my mother's awesome cunt from which I emerged twenty-three years earlier. I begin wanking my cock and glance at my father, noticing as I do that my mother - unsurprisingly - is having the same effect on him, too, as we stand either side of her, both of us on the horn with our juicy cocks naturally fully erect and swollen to their full lengths of just over seven inches. As the knob-head of my cock makes contact with that of my father, he leans across and kisses me hard on the lips, our mouths open as we explore inside them with our hot saliva-encrusted tongues. Below us, our rigid cocks are pulsating with a combination of life, lust and love, bobbing up and down along with our balls right in front of mom's eyes.

"Wow!" my mother exclaims excitedly, looking up at my father and I in the throes of our gay incestuous snog, then back down at our hard-ons as she takes hold of them in her hands, gazing at them transfixed with a captivated smile of anticipation on her beautiful face, "are these two nice big cocks for me?"

"Sure as fuck are," my father replies, as we break from the kiss. "Happy birthday, honey."

"Yeah, happy birthday mom," I rejoin, expressing again the greeting I have already given her on my arrival earlier.

"Thank you, darling, thank you, sweetheart," mom replies, addressing my father and I respectively.

"I hope you like your present, mom," I say as I hold my aroused prick directly in front of her face.

"It's beautiful, sweetheart," mom says, "the best present in the world any loving son could give his doting mother. And so big, too, just like your father."

"Thanks, mom," I answer, rather humbly, but nevertheless glowing inside with an immense feeling of pride. Dad has crouched down next to mom to get a good look at his son's stiff rod, too. I stand back to treat both my parents to an unobstructed view of their son's naked body, only too happy to expose myself to them. None of us have any inhibitions, it feels great standing there completely nude displaying the appendage to the very people that created it as I hold it in my hand just a couple of inches away from their faces.

I resume masturbating my hard cock in front of them, my own parents, my hand flying up and down the firm greasy shaft, my knob head peeping in and out of my foreskin, slick and slimy with beads of pre-cum.

"You like watching your horny son wanking, don't you, mom and dad?" I say.

A sharp intake of breath from my mother and a low whistle from my father are sufficient answers as I stand there before them revelling in my full frontal nudity and enjoying having them ogle my strong body as I proudly show off every inch of my bare flesh. It isn't the first time my parents have seen me in the nude and with a massive hard-on, of course, but they always make me feel like my prick is receiving its world premiere.

"Go ahead and suck it, honey," my father implores to my mother, "let me see you go down on our son's cock."

Dad grabs his digital camera and leans in close to take some photographs for his pornography collection as I point the thick rod closer towards mom's mouth. We have captured our kinky lifestyle many times on camera and, over the years, have built up a large collection of hardcore family albums of the three of us engaged in all kinds of sexual activity as well as plenty of cumshots. We are very comfortable in our shared nudity and before I leave for home after mom's birthday, we shall gather round the computer to have a good look at this latest depraved batch.

As dad snaps away, I peel back my foreskin as far as it will go, exposing the pink bulbous knob-head as round and fat as a beer can. Mom reaches her hands out and, placing them behind me, grabs my bare ass cheeks and digs her painted fingernails into the firm fleshy mounds. Her hands feel great as she touches up my ass, feeling all around the cheeks and running a forefinger along my crack before inserting it delicately into my anus. Mom deftly fingers my sweaty asshole for a moment or two, then draws me towards her, just as a large gob of pre-cum emerges from my piss slit and hangs languidly in the air. She opens her mouth and eagerly laps the juicy goo onto her tongue, savouring its salty masculine taste for a moment or two, then she quickly swallows the entire length of my stiff pole, taking it right to the back of her throat.

"Aaagh!" I cry as inch after inch of the elongated shaft becomes embedded in my mother's hot wet mouth, my pendulous balls slapping against her chin, "that feels so fucking great, mom, I really need a good blowjob. Don't stop."

"That's it, honey," my father says, "suck it hard."

Mom doesn't need any encouragement, she is the world's number one cock-sucker and as if to prove me right on that fact, she continues sucking and licking along the rim of my cock for ten minutes or more, during which time I feel like I am on another planet, as if preparing me for all the fucking that is to follow.

"Yeah, suck me off, mom. Take your birthday present all the way in. You like your horny son's big cock in your mouth, don't you?" I ask dirtily as she continues coating the thick rod with reams of her warm saliva. The fact that it is my own mother sucking my rod while my father watches only intensifies the pleasure and I know that when the time arrives, I will blow a huge load to make mom and dad even more proud of me than they already are.

"Mmmm!" is all mom can manage in reply, not bad considering she has a mouthful of her own son's cock. Mom has a large arsenal of sexual tricks available to ensure mazimum enjoyment as she continues to suck like there is no tomorrow. Every man loves having his cock sucked but not many get to have it sucked by their own adoring cock-loving mother, I shouldn't think. Or maybe they do, given the wide range of perverse and kinky sexual lifestyles multiplied by the number of people there are who love sex, about ninety-nine per cent of the world's population, I should think.

"Happy birthday, mom," I say for the third time that evening. "I'm glad you're enjoying your present."

"Mmmm!" is all mom manages again and dad and I both smile at each other.

"She's loving it, son," dad says, still snapping photographs like there is no tomorrow, "she's never happier than when she's got a nice big cock in her mouth, especially when its yours."

My parents and I are, as you have by now probably gathered, exceptionally close and have a very special understanding with each other but I won't bore you with all the details of the long conversations and soul searching we went through prior to getting down to business as some autobiographies do. Suffice to say that it all started just after my eighteenth birthday when mom and dad came home early from work one day and caught me masturbating. Instead of reacting with horror as I had expected, they were completely understanding and ... well, one thing led to another and before we knew it our incestuous - and, I might add, bisexual - lifestyle was born.

I am an only child and, naturally, I love and care for mom and dad very much indeed, even though I no longer live with them, having left home three years ago to pursue a career as an accountant in the city. While I continued to live at home, however, mom, dad and I did many threesomes. Our sex drives were and are very strong and every day became a great day for sex, our regular taboo sessions too many to count, always once a day, sometimes twice, as we explored together our sexuality to its full potential. As well as being my parents, soul mates and best friends, mom and dad have remained my lovers to this very day and I try to get home as often as my job in the city allows to enjoy with them some really hot sex ...


Mom's latest birthday is not going to be an exception as dad snaps some more shots of my cock deep in mom's mouth and then puts the camera down and reaches a hand round behind me and begins stroking my ass as he looks down at mom sucking hard on my rigid horn.

"Go down on his balls, honey," dad says, standing up and moving round behind me, "take them into your hot face hole."

Mom lets my cock fall out of her mouth with a small pop to comply with dad's request and holds it up against my midriff. She doesn't waste a second as she starts to slurp her tongue across my extraordinarily large testicles, tasting and licking the sweat from them. Mom is just as accomplished at licking balls as she is sucking cock. She twirls one of my heavy nut sacks around with her tongue for a few minutes and then the other before finally cramming the whole of my scrotum into her mouth in its entirety.

"Ah, mom!" I exclaim, "that is fucking fantastic. You like your son's big balls in your mouth, don't you, eh?"

"She certainly does," says dad, taking some more snaps and tugging at his cock and answering for her since mom is too busy to reply, her mind on other things with a mouthful of my cum producers, "that looks better than anything you see in porn films."

It is truly wonderful to be back now where I belong in the sanctuary of my parents' bedroom. There is no way I would miss my mother's birthday and as well as getting my cock sucked by mom, I am eagerly looking forward, after three months away, to licking and stretching her steaming cunt-hole again as I slam my obscenely long shclong deep into it to give her another nice hard mother/son fucking which she both needs and deserves before profusely flooding her fanny with a hot stream of her offspring's sex juice.

My mother is looking forward to it, too, I can guarantee. She loves it when her own son fucks her and I cum in her cunt. We are both happily anticipating it more than ever after my having spent such a long time away. My father and I are determined, therefore, to give my mother a birthday treat she will never forget with lots of cunt licking, cock sucking and ass rimming thrown in for good measure.

Dad is wanking his cock with one hand while touching me up the ass with the other. His strong hand is surprisingly gentle as it roams across my naked butt cheeks, his fingers exploring in-between my thin narrow ass crack and then snaking between my legs to grope my balls and my prick as mom momentarily comes up for air. Dad eventually stops feeling up my ass and kneels down again in front of me to get a closer look as my balls once again become encapsulated inside mom's divine mouth, my cock up against her nose smearing it with more beads of pre-cum, then dad quickly inclines his head and gobbles my cock into his mouth, enveloping it completely.

"Oh mom, oh dad," I whimper, placing my hands on their heads as the thrill of it all overwhelms me, "I love you both so much."

Mom relinquishes my balls long enough to reply that she and dad love me too, then she goes back to slopping her tongue around the sweaty mass of my humungous bollocks while dad is still happily blow-jobbing my cock, their mouths and tongues continuing to work their magic and sending me into paroxysms of delight. My entire genitalia has now disappeared from view with my balls in mom's mouth and my cock in dad's, truly a magnificent scene and one that will provide me with plenty of masturbatory fantasies in the future on those rare occasions when I am on heat and on my own.

After a good ten minutes or so of being simultaneously licked and sucked by my parents, mom suddenly removes her mouth from my balls and smiles up at me. "Stand back, sweetheart," she says, "I want to get a better look at my present. You too, darling," she adds, glancing at dad.

Dad has been sucking my cock all the while that mom has been licking my balls but he lets it fall out of his mouth to comply with mom's request, standing up and moving back along the wall. I move alongside him as we let our arms fall to our sides as we stand there with our fuck poles standing rigidly to attention, pointing up from our naked bodies towards the ceiling, our balls filled with cum. Both dad and I are thoroughly enjoying showcasing our athletic bodies to my gorgeous cock-hungry mother, letting her get a good look at the two big father and son penises and our dangling testicles. My father and I both start to masturbate, the heads of our uncircumcised cocks popping in and out of our foreskins as we pleasure ourselves, mine nice and wet and sticky as are my balls from having spent so long inside my parents' mouths.

"Such lovely presents for my birthday," mom says, licking her lips and reaching for the camera to take a couple of snaps, "now turn round and let me see my husband and son's beautiful asses," she commands, after having done with inspecting our pricks. My father and I look knowingly at each other as we turn our backs to my mother to display to her our firm naked buttocks. The exhibitionistic side of our get-togethers is, as you may have gathered, just as important as the sex itself, the visual delights of our naked bodies all part and parcel of the enjoyment of what many would consider to be an extremely perverse lifestyle - but anyone thinking along those lines can go and take a long run on a short pier. As consenting adults, it's up to us what we do and no concern of anybody else's.

I look over my shoulder and smile down at my mother who is still crouched on her knees, her eyes taking in the full roundness of my ass and my father's ass, too. I cannot speak for him but I am really enjoying, not for the first time, showing my bare backside off to my mother, the well-rounded cheeks separated by my exceptionally long slit of an ass crack. "Like what you see, mom?" I ask.

"Sure do, sweetheart," my mother replies, as she moves in with the camera close behind my ass to snap some close-ups for the pornographic family album as if she hasn't got enough of my naked body already, "you have an amazing peachy bum."

"You tell me that all the time, mom," I reply, now grinning broadly and thinking back to all our previous threesomes which always run more or less along the same lines but which we never cease to enjoy. "It's the only one I have and which you and dad made for me, just like my cock."

Our conversations, when we are naked and horny and getting into the stride of another hot threesome, are like a little mind game that we play every time. Dad is smiling over his shoulder as he looks down at his wife ogling his son's ass.

"You should know your mom has a big male ass fetish by now, son," my father says, as if unaware that I am fully converscent with that fact. "It really turns her on seeing our bare asses."

"Yes," says mom, "and I also want to see you kiss while I play with them."

Dad and I exchange yet more knowing glances as he puts an arm around my shoulders and draws me towards him. Mom begins to stick her fingers up our asses as dad and I join our mouths together to enjoy a long hot oncestuous father and son snog.

"Such lovely asses," mom says, kissing our cheeks in turn as dad and I continue to kiss each other's mouths, tasting our hot tongues. "Bend over, sweetheart", mom continues, "your asshole needs a good lick."

I lean forward slightly and clasp my right cheek, pulling it to one side and treating mom to a view of my exposed hole, the hole that my father's cock will enter before the party is over as mine will enter his.

"Have a good look, mom," I say, "feast your eyes on your son's tight fuck hole."

I grab hold of my left cheek as well and open up the hole completely, spreading my cheeks and prizing them apart as far as is humanly possible, my anus twitching with excitement.

"Beautiful," my mother breathes as her eyes take the view in. "Wink it for me, sweetheart."

I do as she asks, working my ass muscles in and out as my father moves round to get a good look, too, as if it is the first time he and mum are being treated to a view of their son's exposed asshole.

"Beautiful," says dad, "just ripe for a good rimming."

"And fucking," mom replies.

Mom hands dad the camera and he immediately snaps several shots of my gaping wide-open asshole as I spread my cheeks as wide as I can to give both my parents an unobstructed view of my inner sanctum. Mom stretches out her tongue and sends it deep into my rectum, breaking all of society's rules as she licks her son's tight bottom.

"Fucking hell!" dad says, delightedly, checking the screen at the back of the camera, "these shots will look great, son, once I've got them up on the screen and enlarged and formatted them. Your mom and I will be able to see all the details of your asshole and your nice firm cheeks, as well."

Before I have time to reply and let dad know how excited that makes me, he stops photographing and sticks his tongue into my hole, taking over from mom for several minutes before handing my hole back to her. My parents then take it in turns to probe my asshole with their hot tongues, sending glorious tickling sensations deep into my anus.

As mom and dad come up for air, I let go of my hold on my buns and allow them to come together again but not for long. Without saying a word, I lie down on the bed and throw my legs over my shoulders, clasping my buns and prizing them apart again. Dad resumes licking my asshole as mom climbs over me and lowers her cunt to my mouth. As I start to work my tongue up and down the moistening groove, dad alternately licks my asshole and then mom's. Mom is in ecstasy as the tongues of her husband and son work their magic on her asshole and cunt simultaneously ...


Dad eventually stops licking us and begins taking more photographs of me exploring mom's cunt. After a good five minuteor so of this, I stand up, turn round and reach down to take mom's magnificent firm breasts in each hand, kneading and playing with them and then I draw mom to her feet. Mom pushes her tits hard against my chest as my cock rams up the outside of her cunt, my balls tickled by her pubic hairs. We fold ourselves into each other's arms and commence to kiss passionately, tasting each other's tongues as we swirl them around inside each other's mouths.

Dad takes some more photographs of his wife and son's long taboo kiss and then as soon as we break free, I lower my mouth onto her tits, sucking each one in turn as if trying to decide which of them is the tastiest, even though, of course, this is not the first time and I have lost count now of the number of times I have sucked and licked mom's tits. I simply adore nursing on them.

"That's it, sweetheart," mom says, "suck your mommy's big titties."

Dad moves round in front of us, wanking his cock as he watches me munch on mom's tits, running my tongue hungrily over the erect nipples for all I am worth. He leans in and begins to nurse on his wife's left tit while I carry on going to town on my mother's right, cramming as much of it as I can into my mouth and savouring the taste of her large dark aureoles and firm erect nipples. Dad is doing exactly the same with her left as one of his hands comes round and once again he begins touching me up my ass while I tug on my cock, enjoying the sensations coursing through it, the calm before the storm of my approaching orgasm.

Mom is loving every minute of having her tremendous tits sucked by both her husband and her son. I suppose having their tits licked and sucked by two men at once is something every woman enjoys when she is the only female in a hot horny threesome -- that's if they get the chance - but, for mom, the fact that the guys slurping their tongues around her tits are her own son and husband make it all the more exciting and horny for her, and dad and I, too, of course, than would otherwise have been the case. I have sucked the tits and licked the pussies and asses of several female acquaintances of mine back in the city and even though I know I'm biased because she's my mother, I can truthfully say that none compare with the succulent tits, juicy cunt and curvaceous ass of the gorgeous sexy lady who is my very own mom.

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