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My wife Nancy and I are from the same small town in rural Texas. We grew up together but didn't interact much as she was part of the popular crowd and I was more of a social loner. We went to the same university and during our senior year we ended up in a class together. Because of that, we started spending time together and suddenly we were dating.

Unlike Nancy who was an honor role student throughout high school, I was a real slacker. Besides sports the rest of my time was spent hanging out with several close friends and drinking beer. I barely made it into college but once there something seemed to click and I buckled down hard. The result was becoming an honors grad in engineering and a healthy slate of offers for employment.

Nancy and I graduated together then were married over the summer. At the same time, we moved to a large city where I started work for an international oil & gas company while Nancy took a job working for a non-profit organization. Coming from the country, we were a bit wowed by city life but being dual incomes with no kids left us in pretty good financial shape and we were able to make friends enjoy the social scene. Nancy's job required lots of participation in receptions and fund raising activities. As a result, she quickly honed her fashion skills and social graces. Not to say they weren't already good since she had been in one of the leading sororities in college but the job polished them off nicely. She was also able to coach me and I became more confident and outgoing as well.

I was fortunate that my hard work did not go unnoticed and after two years I was given a very rare opportunity for an expat assignment in the Middle East. It was not a great location but it was one of those opportunities you don't turn down. So, at 24 years old Nancy and I left Texas for the first time and set up house on foreign soil. It was a bit daunting at first but the company treated us exceptionally well. We had a villa with a maid and a car and driver too. Nancy couldn't work due to visa restrictions but she soon connected with other expat women, both American and other nationalities, and stayed busy. The thing she liked best to do was to plan trips within the region and Europe. We would usually go during long weekends or when traveling back and forth to Texas on annual leave. During the last four months Nancy returned to Texas to give birth to Kyle, our son.

After two years in the assignment, we were transferred to Asia. It was further from home but in a much more foreign friendly location. Nancy joined me after I had the house set-up with our newborn. I worked hard and we lived the good life. Before long, she was pregnant again and gave birth to our daughter Hannah. She had more faith in the hospitals this time so she stayed with me to deliver.

We stayed almost three years in the assignment before I was transferred to a very nice management job back in Texas. We were sad in many ways to leave but both felt it was the right time too.

Now with some savings built up and a much higher salary we were able to buy a nice house in a great neighborhood. Kyle was now three and Hannah almost two. Nancy didn't want to return to work until Hannah was five so she settled in as a housewife. Of course, now she didn't have the maid or driver so all of the work fell on her. Still, she accepted it with a positive attitude and found a woman who would come in mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays allowing her to get out a bit for personal time.

One of her joys is working out and staying in shape. She was religious, almost driven, after she had our daughter and was down to within five pounds of her high school weight within three months. I thought she looked fantastic but she was relentless in her determination to get back to what she called "normal". It took another two months but she finally got there. Since then, she would fluctuate up a couple pounds then work back down but was always very close to "normal".

As Christmas approached, we started getting a lot of pressure from our families to spend time with them in our hometown. We weren't adverse to visiting nut wondered if there was enough to do to keep from getting bored. With our travels and experiences the hometown life seemed a distant memory. However, when Nancy let slip that I had over a month of built up vacation the pressure got any stronger. Finally, we negotiated a deal where we would arrive on December 15th, which was my birthday, and stay until the 2nd of the following year. Word spread fast among Nancy's friends as she soon was receiving calls and emails about getting together.

Like I said previously, Nancy was part of the "in crowd" in high school. She was a cheerleader and was voted most attractive. She is 5'7" tall and weighs 125 pounds with long legs and very sensitive B-cup breasts with tiny nipples. Her hair is black and she has dark brown eyes that light up when she smiles. Topping it off is full luscious lips and cute dimples in her cheeks. While I love her breasts and the way she squirms when they are played with, I think her best feature is her long legs and tight butt.

As far my looks go, I'm 5'11" with an average build. A bit balding on top too. I know I married above my station and always figured that Nancy had selected me as much for my career prospects as my looks.

The departure day came quickly and we were headed west in our SUV loaded with baby stuff and Christmas presents. Halfway there, with the kids sleeping, I let Nancy drive while I poured myself a whiskey on ice.

"Is that necessary?" Nancy asked with a look of disapproval.

"Can't help it. I'm my father's son." I replied.

"Don't get hammered before we get there." She commanded. "It's your birthday after all."

"I won't. Besides I want to find your cheerleader outfit." I told her. I had been teasing her that I always wanted to make love to her while she was in her uniform and was determined to find it.

"If you're lucky." She said with a smile.

Sex with Nancy has always been incredible although kids have a way of making things difficult. I wasn't deeply experienced when we started dating having been with only three other women but I knew she was a rare find. The most important part was that she truly enjoyed sex herself. Also, she had an active and playful mind and didn't mind when I tried things like blindfolding her or tying her up.

I had queried Nancy often about her past experience and she said I was her second. Her first was a relationship in her sophomore and junior years in college. She wouldn't go into too many specifics but piecing things together it seemed like they had spent most of the two years in bed. As far as high school. She said that some boys had gotten into her bra and a maybe someone had put his hands in her panties but nothing further. She wouldn't give specifics on names however so I was left to guess based on my memories of that time.

We hit her parents place at 4:30 PM just as the light was fading. We were staying there because they had a larger place with a small guest room over a detached garage that would provide some privacy and keep her parents from being awakened by crying children. Of course there were hugs and kisses all around but the attention was quickly focused on the kids and I was more or less pushed to the background.

"Your folks are coming at 6:00 PM." Her mom announced.

At 5:00 PM her best friend Susie arrived. After cooing over the kids, Susie and Nancy retreated to a corner and started a lively discussion. Susie was a very cute blonde. She was a bit shorter and slightly heavier than Nancy with larger breasts. In my high school days I had masturbated many times thinking about her and was for some reason pleased that she had held up well. Susie was recently divorced with one child, a seven year old boy. Nancy and Susie had stayed in contact over the years using email and Skype when we were out of the country to stay connected.

Susie left just as my parents and Nancy's sister and husband arrived. Her sister was three years older and had three kids ranging from eleven to six. She had stayed in town and married her high school sweetheart who farmed. Again, there was the round of hugs and kisses then we sat down to a nice dinner. While my parents were drinkers, Nancy's parents were good Baptists so we had nothing with dinner. I found myself thinking it was fortunate that Nancy had not followed this strict rule.

With five kids the dinner was mostly a free-for-all. Still it was enjoyable getting caught up. We finished and had my birthday cake and then Nancy's sister left followed soon by my parents.

"We're supposed to go to Susie's at 10:00 PM." My wife said to me as she finished helping her mother clean.

"Why? What about the kids." I asked.

"To visit and mom is watching the kids." She explained.

"Oh, I see." I replied not wanting to go but not wanting to be a downer either.

Nancy spent 30 minutes primping and then we were on our way. The good thing about small towns is even though it can be long distances between places no traffic lights and little traffic makes it seem very short.

When we pulled up there were at least a dozen cars parked around Susie's house.

"I thought it was just Susie?" I said.

"Just a few others." She replied getting out of the car and practically running to the door.

As we stepped inside to something of a roar, I could see that it was more than just a few. There was a full party going on. Nancy was getting hugs from everyone, male and female. I have a thing about being too close to people so I stayed on the fringe selectively shaking hands and giving nods and waves to others.

Of course I knew almost everyone there after all I had lived there for 18 years. Still, in many ways they seemed distant to me. None of them were people I would consider myself close to. I had a beer shoved in my hand, which seemed like a very good idea, and I started a discussion with two old football teammates. Neither had left town and were working in agriculture like most. We were running out of things to talk about until we hit on the local football team. I can't say I was really that interested but it did keep things moving. Along the way, another beer found its way in my hand and I worked on it.

Looking over at Nancy she had a group of six girls around her talking their heads off. Susie and Kathleen had held up pretty well but the rest were showing some miles. I wondered if it was due to kids or just laziness.

In the rest of the room, besides the two guys trying to talk to me, were ten odd other people, all drinking, three who were paired up or trying to be. Suddenly, a thought hit my head that both puzzled and distressed me. I realized that after all I had accomplished since high school and how little this group had that the same old dynamics were playing out. I was the social misfit. I might be able to travel the globe and give senior level presentations to executives but here in my home town I was a fish out of water. At the same time, I realized that Nancy had stepped back in time or never left. She was still the social butterfly able to attract and hold people attention. My realization actually made me snicker to myself which brought odd looks from the two guys.

They say knowledge is power and my clarity also brought a feeling of acceptance and relaxation. After all, why did I care what these people thought? In a couple weeks I would be back in my world. I decided then to treat it all like a game and be an active player.

Forcing my attitude to change, I feigned a sincere interest in the lives of my conversation partners. Almost immediately, they perked up like someone for the first time was showing any interest in their situation. Our more lively conversation attracted several others to join including a petite brunette whose face I recognized but whose name I couldn't place.

I expected people to want to know about our travels but instead found that this was not the case. What they wanted to talk about was their own lives and since I was ten years out of touch I provided a great opportunity to do so. I learned about kids, marriages, deaths, divorces, scandals and triumphs. I also realized how much work it is to be a conversationalist when you don't have a sincere interest. Maybe I was being cynical but I wanted to get through this visit without going crazy and this approach provided an avenue. It helped too that I was being given beer every time the bottle got half empty.

Glancing towards Nancy, I saw that the crowd of girls had dispersed and she was now with Susie and Greg Carruthers. Greg was the male Nancy equivalent in high school. A sports star and lady's man in the high school days, he had gone off to college on a football scholarship but quit after a couple years and returned to work for his father. Although a bit heavier he had more or less stayed in shape. He was also one of the guys I suspected of having spent some time fondling Nancy. While I was too far away to hear them talk, the smiles on their faces let me know they were enjoying the conversation.

"Did you and Nancy like living overseas?" The slender brunette asked.

"Yes, very much." I replied a bit startled that she had asked and still wondering who she was.

"I wish I could do that." She offered.

"It's an interesting world out there; you just have to give things a try." I said cringing at the condescending sound of my own words.

"Greg would never leave." She replied while smiling.

"Well he is in a good situation with his dad's business why should he give that up?" One of the men in the group replied to her defensively.

I inferred from the conversation that she must be Greg Carruther's wife.

"Tell me about your family." I asked her intentionally trying to make it an open ended question.

"We have three little girls." She told me.

"Oh, that's very nice." I replied.

"All cute as hell." The Greg defender added.

"Nancy hasn't changed at all. She is still so pretty." Greg's wife said.

"Yes, she is. I'm very lucky." I answered realizing it was one of the few sincere statements I had made that night.

"Oh, I think she is lucky too! She has a family and gets to see the world too. Y'all are like legends." She said.

"Thanks I guess." I said with a laugh which made the others laugh and her to blush slightly.

As the effects of the beer settled in, I was happy to let others pick up the conversation while I listened and nodded appropriately. The group had moved so I could now look across and see Susie, Greg and Nancy talking. Occasionally others would join and then leave after a few minutes.

Susie left Greg and Nancy alone while she stepped into the kitchen to pour some wine and I saw her wink at Nancy. The wink could have been for a million reasons but in my mind it gave proof positive that Nancy and Greg had a past. I wondered how far it had gone? Kissing maybe? Did he fondle her breasts? Is he the one that had touched her between her legs? Was there even more she hadn't admitted?

The conversation in the group drifted into a distant background noise as I started and contemplated the various scenarios. My skin felt flushed not from jealousy but rather from a strange curiosity. A need to know but not knowing how I would ever truly know for certain. When Nancy used her hand to flick her hair off her shoulder in an obvious sign of flirtation I felt my cock stirring in my jeans.

I had a sudden need to get some fresh air so I went out into the back yard where there was a small group smoking in the 50 degree air. I joined them in their discussion while positioning myself to keep an eye on Nancy. Susie had left them alone and for the next fifteen minutes, they kept up a conversation with lots of smiling. Several times Greg leaned down to say something to her in way that seemed intended not to be heard by others. This only fueled my suspicions. Finally, a several others joined up which stopped their apparent intimate discussion.

It wasn't long after that the crowd began thinning and when I stepped back inside and made eye contact with Nancy she nodded letting me know she was ready to leave. We said our goodbyes agreeing to get together over the next couple weeks then headed out in the car.

"I'm horny." Nancy said reaching over and rubbing my leg. It wasn't unheard of for her to do this but still it was rare.

"If you want some tonight sweetie you'll have to find your cheerleader outfit." I replied suspecting what had made her horny but not wanting to force the issue.

"I'll find it." She replied with a half-drunken grin.

"Did you have fun?" I asked fishing.

"Yes, did you?" She replied.

"It was nice catching up with some of the people." I said giving a politically correct answer.

Soon, we were at her parent's house and checking on the kids who were staying in the main house.

"Go get in bed and I'll be there soon." Nancy commanded with a wicked grin.

I went to the guest house and got undressed but stayed at the window wanting to see her strut across the yard in the cold air wearing her outfit. It seemed to take forever and just when I was about to get in bed I saw the backdoor open and Nancy step outside. She looked awesome and exactly as I remembered her in the uniform, even wearing the shoes. As she started towards the stairs I saw her stop, take her phone out and then begin to type something. She stood in the cold air exchanging messages for several minutes before she put her phone away. Of course, in my state I knew it was Greg probably sending dirty messages.

I was lying on the bed with the sheet across my waist when she opened the door.

"Beautiful." Was all I said.

Nancy started to get in bed when I stopped her.

"Do some cheers for me first." I demanded.

"No baby, I need it." She whined.

"Cheers first." I replied holding fast.

With a smile and roll of her eyes she stepped back and in good form started yelling out a cheer. It was actually impressive and I let her finish the whole thing. Again, she tried to get in bed.

"Another." I said.

This time without arguing she started her cheer but this time I got out of bed causing her to stop.

"Keep going sweetie." I told her.

When she started again I got behind her and started licking her calf which again made her stop.

"Be still." I said.

She followed my command and stayed still her legs spread about two feet as I licked up each calf, then up her thighs before pulling her skirt up to kiss her ass through the bottoms.

"Oh baby." She moaned.

Then, I stood nude behind her and put my head in the crook of her neck while my hands fondled her legs, tummy and breasts through the outfit.

"How many boys jacked off thinking about fucking you while you were wearing this?" I asked intentionally being provocative.

"Probably none." She answered as she panted.

"All of them.' I corrected her.

"You too?" she asked.

"Especially me." I replied honestly.

I kept my left hand on her breasts but snaked my right under the skirt and into her bottoms. I thought to myself how many boys and men had seen these bottoms when she did her jumps and knew that thin fabric hid a beautiful treasure. Rubbing around but not touching her slit she was quickly writhing against me trying to push against my dick.

"How many boys had their hands in here?" I asked truly wanting to know.

"None." She answered between breaths.

"Don't lie." I scolded.

"Fuck me please." She whined using a word that she almost never used.

Her use of the f word made my dick grow an extra inch but I held myself back trying to use her vulnerability to get information.

"Not until you tell me." I demanded.

"Baby don't. You're being mean." She exclaimed.

"Tell me." I repeated my hand getting closer then backing away.

"Greg." She finally said after a long silence.

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