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Home Improvement - Jill's Story

byAnn Douglas©

The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by ABC - TV. This story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be considered a parody. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit will be made from the distribution of this story.


Jill Taylor savored the absolute quiet in the house as she sat at the dinner table going over her psychology notes for the exam she would be facing Monday morning. Normally on a Saturday afternoon, the Taylor household would be filled with the sounds of her three sons, not to mention the noise of her husband Tim's latest home improvement project. Under those conditions, studying would've been out of the question. So it was with great appreciation that she watched as Tim and his sidekick Al loaded Mark, Randy and Brad into the van and headed off to the woods for a weekend of camping.

The clock chimed one and Jill decided it was time for a break. Making herself a glass of ice tea, she moved over to the couch and stretched out her legs.

"All I need right now," Jill thought, "Is someone to massage my feet."

Almost as in answer, the doorbell rang and Jill put aside her cup of tea as she rose to answer it.

"Good Afternoon, Mrs. Taylor." The beautiful young woman said as Jill opened the door.

"Heidi!" Jill replied as she saw the young assistant from Tool Time standing in the doorway.

"I'm sorry to bother you on a Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Taylor." The dark haired girl said with a smile. "But this package came for Tim at the studio. I happened to stop by there because I forgot something yesterday and I saw it in the mail bin. Its the new powered tape measure he ordered and since he's been talking about it all week, I thought I'd drop it off on my way home."

"Why that's awfully nice of you, Heidi." Jill said as she took the small package. "But I'm afraid Tim took the boys camping for the weekend."

"Oh well," Heidi said. "At least it'll be waiting for him when he get home."

"Well as long as you're here, I was just taking a study break and having an ice tea." said Jill. "Would you like to join me?"

"Sure." Heidi said as she stepped inside.

As she walked by, Jill couldn't help but note how beautiful she was. Aside from a very pretty face, she had a body that just didn't quit. Her breasts were firm and full, her stomach flat, and her buns small and round. Her long brown hair hung loose across the low cut blouse she wore. The kind men loved because it game them an ample view of a woman's breasts.

In the last year or so, Jill had become increasingly aware that she was getting older and gaining weight as well as years. She no longer had the body she once did, not that she ever had a body anything like Heidi's.

"Lemon?" Jill asked as she poured the tea.

"Yes, please." Heidi replied as she looked around the living room. "You have a beautiful home, Mrs. Taylor."

"Why thank you." Jill responded. "And please call me Jill. Mrs. Taylor sounds so old."

"Ok, Jill." Heidi laughed as she took the tall glass.

"Do you enjoy working on Tool Time?" Jill asked, not knowing what else to say.

"Oh yes," The younger girl beamed. "Its a lot of fun, and Tim's a great boss. I was very lucky to get the job."

Jill took note of the inflection in Heidi's voice when she said her husband's name. The previous Tool Time girl had been fired after she came on to Tim one night when he was working late. Tim had laughed the incident off, but Jill had been shaken by it. She no longer thought of herself as sexy or even pretty. Tim didn't help matters any with all his jokes about her weight and how he'd soon have to build an addition onto the house so he'd have room to move around. Even their lovemaking had become pretty routine and dull. That was one of the reasons she had decided to go back to school, to recapture the self image she had once had.

"Oh, your studying psychology." Heidi noted as she saw the books spread out on the dinner table. "I minored in that when I was in college."

"You minored in psychology." Jill repeated, when she was really thinking, "You went to college?"

"Well I majored in business administration, and psychology seemed a good minor to go along with it." Heidi continued as she flipped through the open textbook.

"You have a degree in business and you're working on Tool Time?" Jill asked in disbelief.

"Well its not my great ambition, but it pays the bills. Its not that easy finding a good position in today's job market. So for now, if they want to pay me good money to smile and look nice standing next to the tools, well I'm not going to turn them down. Look how well Vanna White did just turning letters."

"I guess so," replied Jill. "Beauty and brains," She thought. "I should hate this girl but I don't, I envy her"

"In fact, I was amazed that the girl before me even quit." Heidi added.

"Well she really didn't quit." Jill said without thinking. "She made a grab for Tim one night and she was asked to leave."

No sooner had she said it then Jill was sorry she had. Was she that afraid that Heidi would also make a play for Tim. And if she did take him away, that Jill couldn't find anyone else who would want her.

"That must've been terrible." Heidi said.

Jill just nodded.

Well I can assure you that you don't have to worry about that happening between me and Tim." Heidi said.

"Really." Jill replied unconvincingly as all her fears suddenly rolled out. "I can just ignore the fact that you're twice as beautiful as the girl you replaced. That you are already going out of your way to do little things for my husband. That he spends the day with you walking around in cut off shorts and a low tank top and then comes home to me. That he doesn't even look at me in desire anymore. His hot rod gets more attention."

If Jill had regretted her first comments, these were even worse. They had all just come blurting out. She felt like a fool.

"You shouldn't feel that way, you're a very attractive woman." Heidi said. "If Tim can't see that, well than he's not the man I thought he was. It doesn't matter if a woman gets a little older or puts on a few more pounds, it doesn't change who she is."

"You really don't have an interest in Tim?" Jill asked.

"Of course not, no interest at all."

"I wish I could believe that." Jill answered.

"Listen, I'm going to tell you something I really don't tell people. Most of them wouldn't understand, but I'm telling you because I think its the only way to convince you of what I'm saying."

Jill just look at her perplexed.

"Jill, I don't have any interest in Tim or any man. I'm a lesbian." Heidi said.

"A lesbian?" Jill repeated softly.

That's right, so you don't ever have to worry about Tim and me."

"I never would've guessed, I mean you don't look like one."

"What does a lesbian look like?" Heidi asked. "Ugly women with crew cuts and logger outfits. Bull dykes who hate men. Most people are so homophobic that all they see are the stereotypes."

"You're right, and Tim is one of them." Jill countered. "And I guess in a way so am I. I guess I expected a lesbian to be just like that."

"So I assume that you'll keep my secret." Heidi asked.

"Oh of course." Jill replied.

The two women drank the rest of their tea in silence. Jill couldn't keep her eyes off Heidi. Lesbian, the word brought up a multitude of images in her mind. She remembered all the jokes she had heard growing up. Living on military bases all her life, the image of homosexuals she got was far from positive. Even in college, there were a few girls that people whispered about, but Jill had never really known any of them.

Heidi finished her drink and placed the glass down on the table. She thanked Jill and said she should let Jill get back to her books. She started for the door when Jill spoke.

"Heidi, did you really mean it when you said I was pretty?"

"You mean did I say that as one woman saying it to make another feel good about her appearance," the younger woman replied. "Or did I say that as a lesbian who might find you desirable?"

"I guess that's exactly what I mean." Jill said, a little embarrassed to hear it put just that honestly.

"Well, I'll give you an honest answer." Heidi said as she took a few steps forward until she was only a few feet away from Jill. "As a woman, I find you very attractive. You're cute, articulate, and have an very good wit. I was never one for empty headed Barbie doll types. If I had the slightest thought that you might've been interested, I definitely would've made a pass at you. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes," Jill laughed, a wide smile on her face. A smile that had been too long absent.

"See, look at that." Heidi said in response to the smile. "How could anyone not think you were beautiful."

Jill turned beet red. The idea that another woman would find her beautiful in a sexual way both embarrassed and excited her.

"Well, I'd better go." Heidi said again.

"Wait," Jill exclaimed as she took a step closer. "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I can't imagine I'll ever be in the situation to say it again."

"What?" Heidi asked in curiosity, this time the wide smile was on her face.

"Whenever I seen a picture of two women who were, well you know..."

"Lesbians...dykes...women in comfortable shoes..." Heidi quipped.

"Yes," Jill continued, now even more embarrassed. "I've always wondered what it would be like... to kiss another woman."

"Is that all?" Heidi said.

Before Jill could say another word, Heidi stepped closer and moved her lips to Jill's. The softness of their touch sent a spark of excitement though the older woman. Closing her eyes, she felt the wetness of the younger girl's tongue press against her lips. She opened her mouth to admit it. Her own tongue reached out to caress it.

While she indulged in the heady sensation of the taboo kiss, Jill reached up and cupped Heidi's breast as so many boys had once done to her. Braless under the thin blouse, Jill could feel the warm softness and ran her fingers across Heidi's erect nipples. The erectness told her that Heidi was as excited as she was.

Finally the kiss ended and Heidi took a step back. She had been surprised when Jill had reached for her breast. Surprised, but pleased.

"I hope that was all you expected." Heidi said.

"Yes it was." Jill replied breathlessly.

"Well, I guess its really time for me to go now." Heidi repeated.

Jill didn't reply as the dark haired woman turned and headed for the door. She had gone so far as to open it when Jill finally spoke.

"I'd really like you to stay, Heidi." She said with firm conviction.

Taking the younger woman's hand in her own, Jill led Heidi up the stairs to her bedroom. Her heart was racing and her skin felt warm all over. Part of her felt a little guilty about what she was doing, but a larger part of her wanted it to happen. All thoughts of Tim and the boys had been banished from her mind. All she knew at this moment was that she was with someone who felt she was desirable. That it was another woman just filled a secret long buried fantasy.

No sooner had they entered the bedroom when Jill turned and kissed Heidi. This time she was the aggressor. As long as she didn't stop to think about what she was doing, she wouldn't have second thoughts. She again reached for Heidi's large breasts, sliding her hands across them.

Heidi broke the kiss and sat Jill down on the bed. Then with slow, deliberate movements, she began to unbutton her blouse. Jill watched fascinated as the view of Heidi's bosom grew larger and larger until she opened the blouse and the plentiful mounds fell free.

Her aureole were almost two inches across and stood out as dark circles against her creamy white skin. Her nipples were thick like the nipples of a baby bottle, just begging to be sucked.

She reached up and ran her long fingers across each breast, rubbing her thumbs across the nipples. Then she pulled one breast up as far as she could and reached out with her tongue. She was just able to caress her own nipple. Then she repeated the action with her other breast.

"Do you like?" She asked.

"Oh yes..." Jill said softly.

Heidi now undid the belt on her jeans and let them drop to the floor. Stepping out of them, she reached down and slipped off the small white panties she wore. Jill looked down at the small patch of pubic hair, it was obvious she trimmed it regularly. Jill had many times tasted the juices of her own pussy, be it on her fingers after masturbation or on Tim's cock after intercourse. She wondered how different Heidi would taste. So wrapped up in the building lust with now filled her, Jill never considered the idea of not eating out Heidi. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

"Now its your turn?" Heidi said.

Jill stood up and reached behind her to undo the zipper of her dress. As it dropped, she wished she had a prettier bra on. She had a few really exotic ones, but they were buried in the bottom of her underwear draw. They had been for a long time.

Opening the clasp of her bra, Jill hesitated for a moment. Not out of embarrassment, but from the thought that they would pale next to Heidi's.

"I'm afraid they haven't held up as much as I wished they had." Jill said as she opened the undergarment.

"They, like you are beautiful." Heidi replied as she stepped over to Jill and placed a hand on each breast. Then she bent over and planted a kiss on each nipple, running her tongue across it as she did.

Jill sighed, it felt so wet and soft. Tim could never suck her breasts without using his teeth - like they were a meal to be devoured.

Heidi reached down and slid off Jill's panties. Unlike her own tightly trimmed hair, Jill had a wild bush that spread all over her crotch. Tim truly hated going down her, so there wasn't really any reason to cut it.

Now both women were totally naked and Heidi held Jill tight against her. Their breasts pressed against one another as Heidi kissed Jill lightly and nibbled at her ear.

"Are you sure you're comfortable about this?" She whispered as she caressed Jill's body.

"Yes." Jill whispered back.

Heidi kissed her again, harder this time. Her hands rubbed up against Jill's large ass, playing with the large mounds of flesh. Sliding upward, her fingers glided against her moist pussy, stopping to rub against her clit and her opening.

"You know what would be great." Heidi said as she nibbled on Jill's neck. "If we took a shower together."

'That's a great idea!" Jill exclaimed as she broke the embrace and pulled Heidi to the master bathroom. "And you're not going to believe this shower."

Jill was right about the shower, Heidi couldn't believe it. It was big enough for four people. It had four showerheads at different heights and even a bench built into the wall if you wanted to sit in the shower. There was piped in music from a speaker built into the ceiling and an assortment of hand rails for balance. Tim had built it for her birthday last year, then they had used it together exactly twice. After that it was off to the next project. Sometimes Jill thought Tim had a better orgasm when he completed a project that when he fucked her.

"I love this!" Heidi said as she turned on al four showers. "It feels great!"

Jill joined her in the shower and was instantly in her arms. They kissed for a few minutes, rubbing their hands over each other, letting the hot water cover their bodies. They each covered their hands with liquid soap from the wall mounted dispenser and soaped up each other's body.

Heidi's hands slid across Jill's body, playing with her breasts, pulling them to her mouth. This time she took her time, playing with each nipple with both her fingers and tongue. Jill closed her eyes, letting herself drift in delight. It felt so good.

They soon changed places and Jill took one on of her new lover's large nipples into her mouth. Never could she imagine that she would be sucking on another woman's breasts and loving it. She tried to imitate Heidi's actions but she knew she couldn't do her the same justice. But Heidi didn't seem to mind based on the look of bliss on her face. She laughed as the water dripped down her body and offered Jill her other breast. Eagerly, Jill shifted her mouth to it.

After a little while, Heidi eased Jill to a sitting position on the bench. Spreading her legs, the younger woman dropped to her knees and began to kiss her way up Jill's thighs. Reaching her pubic mound, she covered it with kisses and then spread it open with her fingers.

The twin sensations of the warm water hitting against her body and the touch of Heidi's talented tongue was enough to almost send Jill into instant orgasm. It had been years since anyone had touched her in such a way.

Feeling the shudder that passed though Jill's body, Heidi pushed her tongue deep inside Jill. At the same time, she pushed her face tighter against her mound. It wouldn't take long she knew, Jill had waited too long for this. She continued to lick away with all her energy, rubbing against her clit with her finger as she did. Jill was beyond talking now, but Heidi could measure her response by the quickness of her breath.

When Jill finally came it was explosive. Her body quaked with passion and Heidi took a powerful grip on her legs and held her waiting mouth and tongue firm. Jill also had a firm grip on the back of her head and was also holding it in place.

The sweetness of Jill's cum delighted Heidi as it slid across her tongue and into her mouth. It was made even more delightful by the knowledge that this was the first time she had given it to another woman.

Finally Jill's exhausted form stopped shaking and she laid back against the tile wall. Heidi laid at her feet, her head resting against her mound, watching the shower water wash her lover clean.

Minutes passed, then Jill said.

"Now its my time, but lets move to the bed. I want to let your juices cover my face, not just wash away."

Heidi just smiled at Jill's enthusiasm. There was nothing like the passion of a woman who had decided that you were the one she wanted to give her virginity to. In a way, prior to today, she had been as much a virgin as she had been before her first man.

Dropping onto the bed, wet and naked, Jill motioned for Heidi to lay on top of her.

"Don't worry about getting the sheets wet!" She exclaimed. "Before we're done I want them soaked and not just with water!"

"Yes, indeed." Heidi thought as she laid atop Jill. "The passion of a virgin!"

Jill wasted no time, running her hands down to between her lover's legs and slipping two fingers into her very wet pussy. Heidi followed suite and the two began to frigg each other, even as their mouths again met.

Deprived of the cleansing water of the shower, their bodies began to cover with sweat. Each now had three fingers in the other, their hands covered with the a woman's nectar.

"Turn around," Jill said, "I need to taste you. I can't wait any longer."

Heidi quickly complied and Jill found her mouth inches from the pussy of another woman. The scent of her sex was overpowering, and to her delight she learned with her first lick that the taste was indeed different. Heidi lowered her pelvis, so that Jill could have easier access to her wet cunt. She gave Jill free reign, allowing her to set the pace of her actions.

Slowly at first, Jill licked her lover, exploring her womanhood, savoring her taste. Then she began to quicken the pace until she reached a rhythm that sent little ripples throughout Heidi's body. As they slowly built in intensity, Heidi knew they would eventually lead to orgasm.

Satisfied that Jill was comfortable and well on her way, Heidi turned her attentions back to the now saturated mound before her own mouth. Parting Jill's lips, she quickly went to work and expertly matched Jill's rhythm. Their entire bodies were in sync as they heaved and sweated in a building passion. Every once in a while, Heidi would pause for a few moments, she didn't want Jill to come before she did. It wasn't that she was afraid that if she came first that Jill wouldn't have the energy to finish her off, just that she would be disappointed is she couldn't. She could always fake an orgasm, but it was a lot harder to fool another woman than a man.

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