Home Invasion


"OHHHHhhhhh!!! Yeah baby! Take my load! TAKE MY LOAD!!!" he shouted.

Despite her best efforts to swallow the warm musky fluids that filled her mouth; Shelly still let some of the viscous fluid escape her lips and dribble down her chin. She began to gag and gasp but the man held her head firmly and she had to force herself to control her breathing so that she didn't coke. Rivulets of spunk ran from her nostrils as Sol's load backed up in her mouth and sinuses. Shelly swallowed as much as the semen as she could and finally gained control of her gag reflex. She slathered the man's cock and shifted her hand to his shaft and drained him of the last of his spend.

Sol's knees nearly buckled with the intensity of his orgasm and he let go of the girl's face and let her drain him; her pretty face was covered in semen; dribbles of the white creamy fluid ran from her nostrils and the corners of her mouth.

Shelly licked the man's penis clean and then spat the slowly deflating member out of her mouth; she swallowed the last of his ejaculate and then licked the dribble from her lips and wiped her face with her sleeve. The sleeve of her navy-blue school blazer was stained with silvery threads of drying semen. Shelly felt degraded but at the same time a little proud that she had performed so well and saved the lives of her mother and brother.

Michele heard the man who was forcing her daughter to fellate him moan in pleasure as he orgasmed. She realised her daughter had lost her innocence and had been degraded and sexually assaulted but least the criminals were not physically hurting her or her family other than the acts of sexual assault. She was now panting with long repressed lust as her well-lubricated vagina stretched around the long thick cock that was now slamming in and out of her. The walls of her vagina squeezed and convulsed in cadence with Dave's thrusts.

Dave was aware that woman was enjoying being fucked and he shifted his hands down to the top of her legs so that he could stroke and caress her pantyhose encased thighs and buttocks. He ground himself against her soft buttocks enjoying the feel of his scrotum rubbing on her satin panty clad arse. He could feel his orgasm rushing through him and squeezed the woman's thighs in a vice-like grip and pounded his spasming cock in and out of her quivering cunt.

Michele groaned in coerced pleasure as an orgasm shook her. It was her first coital invoked orgasm for many years and she had forgotten how intense the pleasure was. As Dave's hot semen filled her wet cunt wave after wave of sexual pleasure rippled through her body.

"Oh God forgive me that feels so good!" she moaned.

"Ohhhh yeah; so good!" Dave replied in unison as he drained himself inside the mature woman who bucked and writhed against his gushing cock.

Dave pulled the woman's soft buttocks into his groin and let his cock quiver and pulse inside her; he could feel her tight quim undulate around his shaft as she rode her climax along with his. Rivulets of his semen oozed from her cunt and soaked into her panties and pantyhose. He grasped the woman's body and quickly spun her around so that she lay beneath him; he knelt between her legs and slammed his cock back into her sopping cunt as he ejaculated the last of his spend deep inside her.

When Dave quickly pulled out of her and then spun her around, Michele instinctively raised her legs and drew him back into her. His pubis now ground against her clitty intensifying the last throes of her orgasm. She drummed her heels on his back and thrust her groin up to meet his and her nails raked at his shirt; she put her arms around his neck and pulled his face to hers. Dave bent down and kissed her, driving his tongue into her sweet wet mouth. She responded and slathered at his tongue. Dave tasted the sweetness of her mouth and scent of her perfume; he relished the feel of her hose-clad thighs on his body.

Michele realised that she behaving like a wanton slut in front of her children but couldn't control herself. The last of her orgasm wracked her body and she slowly recovered her composure. The man on top of her lay exhausted and spent as she rested her legs on his back and removed her arms from around his neck. He kissed her and then disentangled himself from her prone body; his cock slid out of her steaming cunt with audible plop and rivulets of semen gushed from her sex further soaking her panties and hose.

Dave knelt between Michele's legs gasping for breath; he wiped his cock on her skirt, gobbets of his semen glistening on the dark fabric. He got to his feet and put his cock away and zipped his fly.

Sol pulled up his pants; he stood in front of the teenage girl who silently sobbed as she sat on the couch and pulled down her skirt. Shelly's sobbing was a consequence of shame and guilt rather than any feelings of outrage. She wanted her mother and brother to think that she had been an unwilling participant in forced fellatio rather than a provocateur.

During the ravishing of the mother and daughter by his brother and friend, Leon had taken great delight in watching the action. He was now sporting a huge erection and was keen to use it. Remarkably, he noticed that the teenage boy tied to the chair was also exhibiting a large bulge in his pants.

As Sol and Dave dressed themselves and the two Michele's guiltily sat in silence adjusting their clothing Leon had an evil though.

"Hey guys; check this out! The young fellow here has a hard on!" he sniggered.

"I'll be buggered; the young buck's got the hots for mommy and sister!" Sol laughed.

"Well why don't we grant him his wish," Dave sniggered, and began to untie the youth.

Mike Stephens shook his head in horror at what the criminals were proposing; it was one thing to share the occasional 'pony-ride' with his sister; but to be forced to perform sex acts with his family in front of these thugs was utterly degrading. The problem was that he was utterly turned on; the sight of his mother enjoying being fucked by the escapee and his sister milking the other brute with her mouth had excited more than anything he had ever seen.

Mother and daughter paled at the suggestion that they should engage in sexual activity with Mike, forced or otherwise. Shelly had masturbated her brother plenty of times but no one knew about it except the two of them. Both women cowered down into their seats and began to sob.

"Well I'll tell you what; I hope he's hot for mommy because I want the girl next!" Lean snarled and stalked over to where Shelly sat quivering in fear on the couch.

Dave held the knife to the teenage boy's throat.

"Drop your pants kid!" he threatened.

Mike had no choice but to comply and shucked out of his school uniform pants; his erection bulged in his Y-fronts.

Shelly tried to scream as Leon approached her unbuckling his pants but she realised that this would only cause more violence. She set her resolve and opened her mouth as the man approached her expecting that he would force her to fellate him as the man named Sol had.

"Fuck that; I want some pussy!" Leon growled, and before Shelly could react he grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs up high in the air.

Shelly screamed in unison with her mother and Dave reacted by bringing the knife back to the teenage boy's throat.

"Shut the fuck up!" he snarled and both women stifled their protests.

Leon spun Shelly around so that she lying on the couch with her legs high in the air and her skirt rucked around her waist. She began to quietly sob as Leon ran a hand up and down her silken legs. He loved the feel of her silky hose and pulled one her calves to his groin and rubbed his cock on her ankle and leg leaving silvery trails of pre-seminal fluid on her stockings.

Despite the absurdity of the situation Mikes cock began to quiver in excitement as he watched what the man was doing to his sister.

"The boy wants some," Dave leered.

"You a virgin?" he hissed in Mike's ear.

Mike nodded in response.

"Well I believe it's only fair that mommy help you out and be the first," Dave laughed.

Both Michele and her son balked but when Dave frog-marched the boy over to where his mother sat on the overstuffed chair she realised that the men were dead serious.

"You fuck him or I do," Dave whispered.

"During my time inside I got quite a taste for young arse; so you decide!"

Michele knew that what the men wanted her to do was the ultimate taboo but she was not going to let this man bugger her only son.

"Mike; I'm going to do what these men want, but remember I'm only doing it to save you from an even more revolting and debasing act," Michele whispered; her heavily made-up face showing her deep concern.

Mike nodded and hung his head but secretly, in the deep dark recesses of his mind, he was extremely aroused at the thought of fucking his mother.

Meanwhile Leon had climbed on the couch and was furiously rubbing his cock against Shelly's nylon-encased thighs. He then lowered himself so that his cock was rubbing against the gusset of her panties; Shelly's labia opened in response to the stimulation and Leon was excited as he felt the folds of the teenage girl's open like a flower and envelop his cock through the layers of nylon panty and hose.

Shelly blushed as she realised her body was reacting the same as when her brother mounted her for a 'pony-ride' and her sex began to moisten. Leon dry humped the girl and was delighted when he sensed her vaginal juices were soaking into her underwear.

Dave stood behind Mike brandishing the knife menacingly and Michele realised it was time to commit the most heinous of sins but she had no choice.

"Stand still Mike and just let mommy do what she has to ok?" she whispered and Mike nodded his consent.

Michele reached out and took her son's erect penis in her hand; she lightly raked her painted fingernails along the shaft and watched him shudder as waves of pleasure swept over him. Mike groaned and his mother gripped his tumescent penis and began to stroke him earnestly.

"Oh god mom; I'm sorry but that feels so good!" Mike moaned.

"Fuck this!" Dave growled, "You're trying to get him off with a wank. You better fuck him right now you bitch!"

Michele was dismayed that her plan had been discovered. She had hoped to bring her son to orgasm by masturbation and forgo the indignity of having have sex with him. Michele resigned herself to her fate.

"Ok Mike I'm going to scrunch back on the chair and I want you to kneel on the floor between my legs ok?" Michele whispered to her son.

Mike nodded and when his mother lay back and lifted her skirt he smiled inwardly to himself. He kneeled between her legs and put his cock on her sex and began to hump his mother through her panties. Michele lifted her legs and enveloped her teenage son and pulled him to her body. She could feel his hard cock through her panties and, God help her, if she didn't start to secrete vaginal juices again.

Mike began to frantically hump his mother, feeling the folds of her sex around his cock just like his sister's had been this morning. He grunted and panted as he dry humped his mother and she held him locked to her body by her strong thighs and calves. The feel of her gossamer nylons on his bare skin was highly arousing and if he hadn't blown a load earlier this morning into his sister's underwear he would almost certainly have come by now.

"Fuck this I want to see some penetration!" Dave snarled, waving the knife around.

Michele tentatively reached down and took her son's penis in her hand.

"Ok Mike; we have to do this because these men are making us do it; be brave," she smiled into her son's face trying to ease his guilt.

She guided her son's erection through the layers of satin and nylon until his glans nestled in the crease of her labia. Her cunt still wet from the fucking she had just received opened easily and her son's penis slid inside her right up to the hilt. Mike couldn't continue the charade any longer and began to rut away between his mother's legs. He crushed his lips against hers and slid his tongue into her mouth, savouring the taste of her lipstick and the smell of her perfume.

Michele was shocked by her son's actions but she rationalised it as the act of a frightened boy. She lifted her legs up and locked her high-heels behind her son's back and fucked him back; kissing him with heat and fervour. She figured that she should make him come quickly to get the degrading act over with as soon as possible.

Mike took his mother's response as consent and tore open her satin blouse and plucked her large soft white breast from the cups of her satin bra. He tweaked a raspberry-coloured nipple between his fingers and then suckled the other one, gnawing and slobbering at her breast.

Michele was genuinely shocked; the little bugger was taking liberties and obviously enjoying himself. There was nothing she could do now however and decided that her son was going to have some explaining to do if they survived the day. She resigned herself to the situation; she was acutely aware that her son had a rather magnificent long thick cock that was stimulating her rather agreeably. She lifted his face from her breast and back to her mouth and kissed him passionately as she bucked away underneath him.

Mike moved his hands down to his mother's thighs and stroked them; revelling in the feel of her soft warm skin sheathed in the diaphanous nylons. He slid his hands under her buttocks and squeezed them through her panties as he bucked and fucked and humped his mother, feeling an intense orgasm building up.

Michele let her son fuck her and his cock stimulated her vagina whilst his pubis ground into her stimulating her clitoris; she hung on to him with her legs locked around his waist and arms around his neck. She rode him as he rode her. Mother and son rutted like animals as they simultaneously orgasmed.

"OHHHhhhh Mommy that is just so goooooooooood!!!" Mike squealed as his cock pulsed and sprayed jets of hot semen deep inside his mother.

"Oh baby; yessssssssss!!!" Michele hissed in her son's ear as she felt him flood her cunt with hot spunk and her vaginal walls spasmed and milked him as she came.

"Oh fucking great; what a turn-on!" Sol cheered mother and son on.

Sol had kicked off his pants and was stroking his cock as he watched mother and son fuck each other with obvious relish whilst Leon ravaged her daughter in the same room.

He pulled Mike off his mother and the last of Mike's emission sprayed over his mother's legs. Sol quickly replaced Mike between his mother's legs and began to fuck the plump woman with vigour. Michele wrapped her legs around him and fucked him back; as her orgasm continued to pulsate through her body. She viciously pulled his face down to hers and smashed her lips against his as she humped at the newly inserted cock.

Dave laughed and tied Mike back into to the chair; his cock slowly deflating and leaking drops of semen on the floor. Then he turned around to see what Leon was up to; he was horny as hell again and wanted to get himself a piece of either the mother or daughter.

Leon was writhing away on top of the struggling teenage girl; he'd tore off her panties and torn open the crotch of her pantyhose and his cock was jammed against the girl's virgin pussy.

Shelly's cunt was slick with juices from her own secretions and Leon's pre-seminal fluid and as Leon pushed his iron-hard cock slowly into the teenage virgin he deflowered her, slowly tearing her hymen. Shelly was surprised that she felt so little pain but what she didn't know was that all that 'pony-riding' with her brother had been tearing and stretching her hymen little by little over the last few months so very little of her hymen remained when Leon penetrated her.

When she experienced a cock inside her for the first time in her life Shelly wondered why she had ever decided to save her virginity for marriage. The feeling of the penis inside her was quite satisfying and when Leon's pubis slammed against hers and he began to hump away at her, his pubis stimulated her swollen clitty and she found herself enjoying being fucked for the first time. Shelly was pragmatic enough to realise that now that her virginity had been taken from her and the three men intended to repeatedly take her and her mother she might as well capitulate.

She looked over Leon's shoulder and saw that Sol had replaced her brother between her mother's legs and was rutting away excitedly while her mother bucked and humped underneath him, her legs locked around him and her heels drummed on his back as her orgasm continued to rage through her. Shelly copied her mother's actions and lifted her legs up allowing Leon to fully penetrate her.

Leon was a little surprised when the teenage girl lifted her legs to allow him better access to her pussy but ever the opportunist he took hold of her ankles and lifted them over his shoulders, he kissed her nylon-sheathed calves as his engorged penis slid in and out of her tight virginal pussy and then lowered his face to hers and was rewarded with a series of deep sloppy kisses.

Dave was now the only escapee not getting any action and he was horny as hell; he moved over to the armchair and took hold Michele's hand and put it on his cock. She instinctively took hold of his penis and began to stroke him but he was not satisfied with that. He took hold of her hair and pulled her face away from Sol's and proffered his engorged penis to the plump mature woman who was being ravished by his jailhouse pal. Michele accepted the offering and her lipstick smeared his glans and shaft as she swallowed the proffered appendage.

Sol was a little disappointed that the woman was no longer kissing him; but watching her fellate Dave added to his excitement and he felt another orgasm building. He exploded inside the woman and felt her cunt spasm around his cock as she came with him. She slathered and sucked at Dave's cock and he too erupted, filling her mouth with his seed.

Leon and Shelly were concentrating on their own desires as they both approached orgasm; Shelly was very excited, she had experienced clitoral orgasms before but having her cunt filled with hard cock added a new dimension to the sexual delight she was experiencing. Her cunt was sopping wet with vaginal juices and when the man rutting at her body exploded inside her, her own orgasm was invoked. She writhed and moaned as the most terrific orgasm she had ever experienced shook her body.

Leon howled as his cock convulsed inside the young girl; her pussy milked him of his seed and he pounded away at her as her body writhed beneath him and her cunt quivered and shuddered in the throes of her climax.

Mother and daughter abandoned any pretence of reluctance and gave way to their carnal desires as the three home invaders repeatedly ravaged them both over the remaining hours of daylight. Michael was cut loose from the chair and allowed to fuck his sister later that afternoon as the three escapees looked on whilst forcing Michele to watch. Michele's suspicion was raised as she watched her son and daughter fuck each other with unrepressed enthusiasm and her mind drifted back to when she saw Shelly leaving her brother's bedroom this morning with her skirt stuck in the back of her panties.

By the time the criminals left the Stephens' house mother and daughter were dressed only in their lingerie and high-heels, their pantyhose torn to tatters, their knickers ripped open at the crotch, their makeup smeared over their faces and their faces, bodies and hair sticky with drying semen.

The three escapees were disappointed to find that Michele Stephens did not own a car so they stole one from off the street. They also found only a small amount of cash in the house. Michele Stephens' promised the escapees that that they would not report the home invasion; they did not want to have to explain to the authorities how they had capitulated to hours of torrid sex and incest. She made her children swear their secrecy as well.

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