Home Invasion


Copyright© 2009 by Michele Nylons

This story is complete fiction and fantasy; the author does not condone non-censual sex but if you find non-censual sex and incest stimulating then read on.


Mike Stephens was eighteen years old; he lay in his bed slowly improving his erection as he listened to his mother clattering around the adjoining bedroom getting ready for work. He, his mother and his sister lived in a small house in a quiet suburb where he attended high school; his mother commuted to the city where she worked as a legal secretary six days a week. He had never known his father and his mother doted on him; he was a mommy's boy with few friends.

Mike reached under his bed and searched around until his fingers encountered the scrap of satin he was looking for. He pulled the piece of fabric from under his bed and bought it to his face. It was a pair of his mother's red satin panties; they were crusty with dried semen but they still held a scintilla of the aroma of his mother's sex; he put them to his face and scrambled around again under the bed until he found the other object he looking for. It was a pair of sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose; he sighed as he slid his cock inside one of the legs of the pantyhose and caressed the silky garment against his sensitive glans.

Suddenly his bedroom door flew open and Mike's twin sister stormed into the room. She stopped suddenly and stared at her brother lying naked on the bed with his mother's panties on his face and his penis encased in a pair of her pantyhose. She quickly reached behind her, slammed the door closed and locked it.

"For fuck sake Mike; how many times do I have to tell you to lock your fucking bedroom door when you're at it!" she laughed.

"If Mom caught you she'd have a blue fit!"

"Never mind about that Shelley; come and give me a hand with this will ya," Mike smiled back at his sister.

Michele Stephens, or Shelley to her friends, was dressed in her school uniform: pleated navy-blue shirt, the hem of which rested mid-thigh, white blouse, school tie, navy-blue blazer and black court shoes with a two-inch wedge heel. She wore expensive taupe sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose (the same brand Mike had draped over his cock) and white nylon bikini panties and matching bra. Her face was heavily made up with lashings of mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow; ruby-red lipstick and rouged cheeks. Bangles and bracelets glittered at her wrists, matching earrings dangled from her earlobes. Her long manicured fingernails were painted the same ruby red as her lips.

She was forever getting into trouble at school for flaunting the school dress code but as she was a straight A-student, and behaved herself she was given latitude and treated leniently. It also helped that most of the male teachers secretly had the hots for her.

Michele Stephens was an expert prick-tease. She deliberately dressed the way she did to get the male teachers and boy students randy for her. She flashed her legs and knickers whenever she got the chance and during the summer months she opened her blouse to show off her budding titties.

She had no intention of letting any of the males who lusted after her getting any further than a grope and maybe a little foreplay; she fully intended to keep her virginity for the right man, who, provided he had the right prospects, she would marry and let him deflower her on their wedding night.

Not that she didn't like sex. About a year ago she had caught him masturbating into her panties in the bathroom. She had found dried semen stains on her underwear and pantyhose previously to this incident and she was intelligent enough to know that the culprit could only be her brother. She didn't ridicule or blackmail her brother; she made a deal with him instead.

She would give him her discarded nylons and panties for him to use for his masturbatory fantasies so long as they kept the secret to themselves. A few weeks later, after constant begging and whining she had finally agreed to masturbate her brother. She set the ground rules, which they both agreed to. There would be absolutely no penetration! She would not fellate him nor would he get to perform cunnilingus on her. There would be no kissing. In fact; they would never touch each other intimately flesh to flesh.

She would masturbate him only if he had a nylon stocking or a pair of panties covering his penis and he would masturbate her but only through the fabric of her underwear. This way they justified it to themselves that they were not committing incest; they were simply gratifying each other.

"You've only got a couple of minutes before you have to get up for school and Mom's in the next room," Shelley grinned mischievously at her brother.

Shelley was getting a little wet watching her brother stroke his long thick cock and she decided that she could risk spending a few minutes in his room before school. She sauntered over to his bed and took his tumescent penis in her hand and began to stoke it lightly with her fingers; she ran a red fingernail around the corona of his glans and giggled as his whole body shuddered. The stocking wrapped around Mike's phallus was wet with pre-seminal fluid where it stretched over his glans.

"Well come on bother; don't be one way about this," Shelley said and took her brother's hand and placed it under her skirt.

Mike slid his hand up his sister's pantyhosed thighs, relishing the feel of the sleek nylon on her coltish legs.

"Don't fucking ladder my nylons," she half-heartedly berated him shifting his hand from her thigh to her pubic mound.

She opened her stance so that her brother could get uninterrupted access to her pubis. Mike slid a finger along the crotch of Shelley's nylon panties; he could hear the faint hiss of her panties rubbing against the gusset of her pantyhose. Shelley always wore her panties over her pantyhose. He slid his finger inside her labia and felt the wetness of her sex. He expertly found her clitty and began to grind his finger against it through the fabric of her hose and knickers.

"OOOhhhhh!!!" Michele groaned and gripped her brother's penis and began to wank it fervently.

"OOOhhhhh!!! Yes Sis!!!!"

"Have we got time for a pony-ride?" he asked mischievously

Shelley's heavily-made up eyes glittered with lust.

"You naughty boy! Ok; but let's make it quick!" Shelly said, pulling the pre-cum stained stocking off her brother's penis.

Shelly crawled onto her brother's bed, hiked up her skirt, straddled Mike's naked body and lowered her panty encased crotch onto her brother's rampant penis. She began to rock back and forward, enveloping Mike's erection in the folds of her labia through the material of her panties and hose.

Shelly and Mike had invented the 'pony-ride' as a means of mutual masturbation that did not involve any penetration or flesh to flesh contact. It was their favourite pastime but quite dangerous as they could be caught more easily than if they just stroked each other.

Shelly mashed her pubis against her brother's hard cock until she felt his glans nestle against her clitty and then she began to quickly rock backwards and forwards to stimulate herself. Mike held his sister by the waist and pulled her body down on his rampant penis and groaned as he felt his orgasm wrack his body. He flooded his sister's panties with hot semen and Shelly could feel her panties and the gusset of her pantyhose soak up brother's juices as her own orgasm exploded.

Mike ran his hands along Shelly's smooth thighs as he pushed up with his groin forcing his cock inside the folds of his sister's sperm soaked cunt; only the fabric of her panties prevented him from penetrating her virgin pussy. Shelly wriggled her hips causing her brother's cock to stimulate her engorged clitty; she bought a hand up to her mouth and bit it to suppress a scream of pleasure. She didn't want her mother, in the adjoining bedroom, to hear them.

In the next room Mrs Michele Stephens, Michele and Mike's mother, was finishing getting dressed for work. She slid her feet into a pair of sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and pulled them up her long, well-defined legs; she eased out the wrinkles and pulled them tight and snug over her full-cut satin panties. She pulled down the hem of her dark business suit skirt so that it rested just above her knees and straightened it. She slid her feet into a pair of black high-heel pumps and checked her makeup a final time in the vanity mirror.

Michele was in her mid forties and a little plump but still attractive. She wore her hair in a bob; she coloured it brunette and had put discreet crimson highlights through it. Like her daughter she wore very heavy makeup; black mascara and eyeliner, blue and pink eyeshadow, rouged cheeks and plum-red lipstick, one shade darker that her daughter's. Her nails were long and painted to match her lipstick and she wore silver drop earrings and a matching necklace and bracelets. She picked up another silver bracelet and clipped it around her ankle.

She pulled the suit jacket over the mauve silk blouse that she had chosen to wear to work today and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She was aware that she had great legs and large breasts but she was a little dismayed at the slight paunch at her belly.

"Eat less; exercise more!" she berated herself and smiled.

She knew that she was still attractive; most of the single men at the office, and some of the married ones as well, had hit on her. Michele rejected their advances; she had not entered into a sexual relationship since her husband had left her fifteen years ago. With Her children would graduate this year and it wouldn't be long before she was an 'empty-nester' and she could stop working all hours god sends to support her kids and then she could go looking for a good man.

She sighed; smoothed her skirt again, picked up her handbag and exited her bedroom. She ran into her daughter who was just coming out of Mike's bedroom.

"Is your brother up yet?" she smiled at her daughter.

"Oh yes; he's up Mom," Shelly giggled and turned on her heels and skipped down the corridor to her own room.

Michele shook her head, totally unaware of her daughter's double entendre; 'at least they get on together and don't fight' she thought to herself. Just as Shelly disappeared inside her room Michele noticed that the back of her daughter's uniform skirt was caught in the waistband of her bikini panties. She bet Mike would tease her about that later. She knocked softly on her son's bedroom door.

"Get up sleepyhead; time for school," she called through the closed door.

Mike finished wiping his cock with his mother's panties and got out of bed. He waited a few minutes for his erection to subside and then padded down the corridor to the bathroom. After he peed he rummaged around in the laundry basket but was disappointed to find that neither his mother nor his sister had left any soiled underwear in there for him.

In her bedroom Shelly changed out of her semen stained panties and pantyhose and pulled on a clean pair of taupe pantyhose and a pair of satin bikini panties over her hose. She noticed that the rear of her skirt had been caught in the waistband of her panties and she silently rebuked herself. She hoped her mother didn't suspect what she and her brother had been up to.

Fifteen minutes later mother, daughter and son were finishing a hurried breakfast and getting ready to leave the house. It was then that the three criminals burst into the house.

Dave and Leon were brothers and they had escaped from prison the previous evening along with their friend Sol. They had been evading the police all night and had finally hidden in the backyard of the suburban house that they had just broken into. Their plan was to get some food and hold up until dark and then steal money and a car from the occupants and get as far away as possible. The plan was amended as soon as the criminals laid their eyes on the two Micheles.

The escapees had been locked up for over three years and when they saw the mother and daughter they knew that they just had to have them whatever the consequences.

Dave and Leon stormed into the kitchen while Sol double-locked the doors to the house and pulled all the curtains closed. He then checked all of the rooms in the house to make sure that no one else was at home. Mother and daughter were about to scream in unison when Leon grabbed a carving knife off the counter and held it to Mike's throat.

"Anyone makes a noise and the boy gets it!" he hissed.

Michele and Shelly both stifled their screams and closed their mouths.

"Anyone else at home?" Leon asked.

All three captives silently shook their heads.

Leon dragged Mike into the darkened lounge and Dave pushed Michele and Shelly after them. Sol joined them and closed the lounge room door and switched on the lights. Sol had found a hank of clothesline whilst he had searched the house and he tied the teenage boy to a wooden chair. He's found Shelly's discarded pantyhose on the floor of her bedroom and he stuffed them into Mike's mouth to gag him.

Sol wasted no time and grabbed hold of Shelly and threw her on the couch. Her skirt hiked up exposing her white satin panties and the sheer gusset of her pantyhose.

Leon held the knife under Mike's chin.

"Anyone resists and the boy gets his throat cut," he threatened.

Sol dropped his pants and his huge cock bobbed in the air in front of Shelly's shocked face. Michele moaned.

"Please don't; not my daughter, please!" she begged.

"Shut the fuck up!" Dave said and pushed her over towards a large overstuffed armchair.

Shelly opened her mouth to scream and Sol grabbed her head and forced his cock into her open mouth.

"If you bite it; I'll cut your brother's cock off!" he growled.

In a reflex action Shelly closed her mouth over the long hard cock and Sol held her head still as he fucked her face. Shelly was surprised that the man's phallus didn't taste as disgusting as she though it would. It was spongy and the fluid that was leaking from the eye of the glans was actually a little sweet. If fellating this man would save her brother's life so be it! She began to suck on Sol's engorged penis and lick his glans with her tongue. She bought up a hand gently stroked his balls.

Sol let go of the teenage girl's head and let her suck on his cock. She was sitting in the chair with her legs spread wide giving him a great view up her skirt. He admired her legs and the mound of her pubis. He knew that he was going to come soon but it didn't matter; they had all day, and he was definitely going to get a piece of this girl's pussy before he left.

Dave threw Michele onto the armchair and pulled her into a kneeling position with her back to him; without any ceremony he pushed her forward so that she had to hold onto the back of the chair to maintain her balance. He kicked her legs open and lifted her skirt and positioned himself between her legs. Michele was sobbing but he payed no attention as he unzipped his fly and began to rub his erect phallus on her buttocks and thighs.

Michele cringed when she felt the man's penis rubbing against her rear; it had been over fifteen years since she had let a man put his sex organs near hers but she knew exactly what this man was doing. She knew that to offer resistance would only endanger the lives of her son and daughter. Although she couldn't see it happening; she was aware that the other man was assaulting Shelly. Maybe if she complied they would leave her daughter alone and concentrate on her? She knew this was a vain hope but she was prepared to do anything to save her children.

Dave was in rush to fuck the podgy but attractive woman he had bent over in front of him; he hadn't had sex with a woman for so long and the way the woman was dressed in her business suit with her heavy makeup and perfume was very arousing. She looked and dressed very similar to one of the prison's psychologists; whom the inmates often fantasised about when they masturbated. He was sure the bitch dressed that way just to get the inmates excited.

Dave tore open the gusset of Michele's pantyhose and pushed his cock inside the hole and rubbed it against her satin panties relishing the feel of the slinky garment against his throbbing penis. He grabbed the woman by the hips and slid his cock inside the leg opening of her knickers and pushed the glans of his penis inside the lips of her labia. He pushed forward whilst pulling the woman's buttocks back against him and slowly impaled her on his cock.

Michele gasped as the man's engorged phallus pushed its way inside her and filled her vagina; she had forgotten what it was like to have a man's cock inside her body but she was glad that the man was leaking copious amounts of pre-seminal fluid otherwise the discomfort she felt would be downright agony. She felt the man grip her hips and slowly being to fuck her with long slow strokes.

Michele's body responded to the stimulus and she began to ooze vaginal secretions which eased the passage of the man's cock as it thrust in and out of her vagina. She shuddered with an amalgamation of disgust and arousal as she realised that despite the situation, long dormant feelings of sexual excitement were emanating from her sex and through her body. She groaned and pushed back against the man who was forcefully taking her. She hoped her son and daughter realised she was capitulating only to save them from the brigands who had invaded her house.

Meanwhile Shelly was suckling on Sol's cock; she had learned how to regulate her breathing as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Although she didn't like what the man was forcing her to she did wonder why the girls at school made such a fuss about fellating their boyfriend's; saying it was disgusting and that they only did it to keep their boyfriend's happy. There really wasn't much to it once you got the breathing right: clamp your lips on the shaft and bob your head back and forth whilst your tongue licked and slavered at the man's glans. To Shelly it was not really different to masturbating her brother except the man's cock was in her mouth and not her hand.

Shelly was happy to suck as many cocks as she had to, to keep her family safe; as long as they didn't fuck her she could live with the indignity. She was vaguely aware that her mother was being assaulted on the chair across from her; she could hear the slapping noises as the man pounded his cock in and out of her mother's cunt and his groin slapped against her mother's buttocks, but she realised her mother was not resisting only to save her and her brother from danger.

Shelly stroked Sol's scrotum in order to encourage his orgasm; she had never done this for her brother and the hairy sack with the two firm testes felt strange. She knew that boys likes girls to do this and she was also aware that if she yanked or squeezed the man's scrotum she could cause him excruciating pain and she would have done so except for her responsibility for the safety of her brother. So Shelly concentrated on fellating the escapee so that she could get the ordeal over with as soon as possible.

Shelly felt Sol's long hard cock begin to pulse in her mouth and his hands flew to her head and pushed her face into his groin; she knew what was about to happen, she had bought her brother to orgasm plenty of times and knew that this man's cock was about to disgorge his load of semen. She could feel the man's scrotum contract as she gently caressed it and then his cock began to convulse. Shelly prepared herself for the flood of semen that was about to fill her mouth but she did not anticipate the volume.

Sol moaned as he erupted into the young girl's mouth; she was still stroking his scrotal sack and her lips and tongue slavered at his shaft and head; he held her head in his hands and fucked her face.

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