Home Invasion


For all the people who bitch and moan, this is a STORY it is a work of fiction for people who enjoy this type of fantasy it is not me condoning rape or anything of that nature so STFU, if you don't like it then don't read it.


He could feel his heart beating rapidly as he entered the cramped apartment the debris of a busy life littering the floor. He had been watching the building for more then a week and all three of the renters who currently lived in the building were supposed to be gone on vacation. Or so he had thought. But now that he had broken inside he could hear singing muffled by the sound of running water coming from the bathroom in the master bedroom. What he had planned as a simple robbery was quickly escalating to something else, and though he couldn't risk her catching him, he couldn't seem to leave either.

He snuck through the apartment ignoring obvious items which loomed out of the dark room around him. A TV, a laptop and other such items, all easily steal able, lined the room around him but now that he knew she was here alone, it was all that he was interested in. After all the other items would still be there when he was done.

A sliver of light shone like a beacon through the dark apartment beckoning him closer and he moved through it stepping carefully through the cluttered room. The sound of running water and muffled singing emerged through the narrow slit in the door and he moved closer pressing his eye to the narrow crack.

A beautiful girl stood under the stream of hot water, her hands running up and down her body, lathering the exposed skin in her soaps bubbly embrace, completely oblivious as he watched. At a little over 5'6" she was lean and fit, pert breasts standing proudly on her chest with a long mane of dark brown hair cascading down her back. She hummed a little tune as she carefully shaved her vagina, leaving it clean and smooth. Something about the attention she was paying to the tender area seemed to arouse her because, setting down the razor, she started rubbing her slit and before long her fingers disappeared inside.

Standing in the darkened room outside he watched unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of her lush body as she pleasured herself before him unaware of the effect it was having on him and the cost it would have on her shortly, his own hand slipping down the front of his pants, grasping his cock, which hardened as he watched her masturbate.

Thinking that she was alone in the building she made no efforts to contain herself, her moans filling the bathroom and easily over powering the sounds of the running water still emanating from the shower around her, as she stimulated the sensitive nub, one hand reaching up to fondle her breast she quickly reached orgasm her back arching, her eyes closed in pleasure. Finishing she rinsed off quickly shutting off the water and stepping out into the darkened room, her eyes widened and she squealed in surprise as his dark figure, illuminated by the light streaming from the bathroom, darted forward.

He grabbed her, his hands slipping slightly on her skin still wet from the shower, and threw her down onto the ground. Cursing loudly as one of her knees caught him in the chest in her effort to free herself from his hands which gripped her sensitive skin like iron bands restraining her no matter how hard she struggled. His cock hardened in his pants while she struggled, her breasts bounced up and down with her furious effort as she fought against him, but years of intense workouts had hardened his body and she was no match for him and he easily over powered her and in no time at all she was at his mercy.

"Shut up you slut!" he hissed at her trying to muffle the sounds of their struggles for while there was no one around it was better safe then sorry.

"Get the fuck off me!" she cried out "Help! Please someone help me!" she screamed her words filling the otherwise empty building in vain.

"Scream as much as you want, your neighbors are on vacation, like you were supposed to be, and there is no one around to hear you." He laughed maliciously a cruel smile filling his face has he contemplated what he was going to do with her now that she was helpless before him.

She redoubled her efforts, trying to escape him. He crouched down on top of her, using his weight to pin her to the ground. His crotch rubbed against her as she fought, and even through he was still wearing pants he was sure she could feel his erection straining against his pants pressing against her tight slit, desperately trying to enter her.

He grabbed a fist full of her hair and jerked her head back roughly, eliciting a pained grunt as her head snapped back their eyes to meeting, even in the darkness of the barely lit room with only the light from the bathroom to illuminate them he could see the fear in her eyes, and something else... lust perhaps? With deft hands he undid his pants letting them drop to the floor in a pile. Her eyes widened as she took in the size of his member but she had only a moment before he shoved it roughly between her unwilling lips. Ramming his cock as far into her throat as he could he smiled wickedly as she gagged on his rock hard shaft, one hand forcing her had up and down on his cock he pinched her nose shut so she had to keep her mouth open. Enjoying the crude sound her slurping on his cock he reached down giving himself access to the bear flesh of her chest gripped her breast with his other hand and begun kneading it roughly.

He laughed as she moaned around the cock filling her mouth her eyes closed in what was either shame or desire, or perhaps some combination of the two.

He pushed her down onto her back admiring the way her desperate breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall quickly. Her legs had parted just enough to give him a perfect view of the smooth slit of her freshly shaven pussy.

He sat astride her stomach pinning her to the ground again while still allowing him total access to her body. He took his time, allowing his hands to roam down the shapely valley of her breasts and back between her legs as she fought to free herself. He traced his finger along the outline of her slit and smiled to himself as he felt the moisture already gathering there.

"Wow you really do like this!" he said

She protested loudly but wasn't able to look him in the eyes, her face rapidly filling with color as she looked down.

He slid his first two fingers inside of her allowing her own moisture to lubricate the entry of his fingers. She moaned at the intrusion her hips rising slightly off the ground to meet his thrust. he thrust in and out the wet sound of his fingers pounding on her bare skin filling the room, he felt the muscles of her pussy contracting around his fingers and she moaned loudly her back arching as she cummed on his fingers.

Pulling his fingers back out of her tight pussy he shoved them into her mouth forcing her to taste her own cum, her face flushed with embracement but she licked his fingers obediently her position under him offering her no way to escape his wrath should she disobey.

Rolling off of her he laughed as she jumped to her feet, trying again to escape, but again she only made it a few steps before he caught her again, throwing her down on to the bed. While the game of cat and mouse was a great deal of fun he was done playing.

He pounced on her, wrestling her legs open he lined up the tip of his cock and slammed it into her. She grunted loudly at the forceful intrusion the head of his cock slamming into her cervix, filling her entire pussy. He groaned as the slick hot walls of her cunt gripped his cock, squeezing it tightly with every thrust as he rammed into her without mercy their bodies locked in a spooning position the whole of her body open to his touch.

Pulling out momentarily he flipped her face down into the bed before climbing back on top of her and entering her from behind. One hand slipped under her body griping one of her breasts while the other went down between her legs and finding her clit began stimulating it roughly. The combination of her prior struggles and his superior weight and strength inhibited her efforts at escape but she tried none the less to buck him off succeeding in only adding to the force of his thrusts as he pounded into her. As each thrust came down he felt her hips rise to meet them, while at first this seemed to merely be coincidence, a byproduct from her efforts to escape, but they continued until it became clear that she was seeking added stimulation and he obliged increasing the force of his thrusts.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head sideways pressing his lips against hers, his stubble cutting roughly into the tender skin of her cheek. He was surprised when after only token resistance she allowed his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it lightly, her own wrapping around his as they pulled them back and forth between their mouths.

He could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching and picked up his pace slamming down into her like a jack hammer each thrust rocking the bed and forcing a grunt of effort from him and a moan of restrained pleasure from her. Her struggles had ceased once she had realized that she was helpless before his will and just hoped he wouldn't hurt her.

After being silent for most of the ordeal she spoke finely. "Please..." she pleaded "Don't cum inside me; I'm not on birth control."

He moved at a feverish pace his cock pounding into her as hard and as fast as he could, the sounds of their coupling filling the apartment. The end in sight he sunk his cock as far and as deep into her as he could, and griped her tightly by the hips, securing his cock inside as she struggled furiously to remove it. She moaned pitifully as the hot splash of his cum filled inside of her pussy as he emptied load after load.

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by SeekerOfDesires04/28/18

Classic rape

I can't count the number of times I've jacked off to this.

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by Anonymous08/29/17


I don't condone rape but stories of breeding women against their will makes me so hard.

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by Anonymous08/28/17

Chapter 2

Make her give birth to his baby and then have him give her another one.

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