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Home Office Tryst


I walk through the front door of our home, and sigh as our broken-down air conditioner provides little relief from the sweltering heat of the hot summer's day. After spending a couple hours working in the garden, my short sun dress clings damply to my ample chest and hips, and a slight shine of perspiration gleams on the several inches of visible cleavage. Due to the heat, I went without a bra and panties that day, knowing they would only become sodden after a few hours in the sun in our front yard.

After pouring two glasses of ice cold lemonade, and taking a moment to quench my own thirst, I venture toward your office near the back of the house, overlooking the back yard. Padding quietly in my bare feet, you don't heat my approach, or look up from your computer screen where you are typing furiously away, slaving on the latest project for your demanding boss. I pause and watch for a few moments, leaning my curvaceous frame against the doorway, taking in every move of a muscle in your face as you glower over your work. I lick my lips as I watch a bead of sweat form on your brow, and wonder whether your cock is warm and heavy between your legs, grown with slight arousal as your mind races. I must have moaned softly as I bit my lip while contemplating the state of your manhood, because you suddenly turn your head to face me, a smile lighting up your face as you take me in.

"Is that smile for me, or the lemonade?" I ask.

"You... but the lemonade looks delicious too." you reply with a wink.

Walking towards you, I place the glass down on the desk beside you as you swivel your office chair around to face me. Looking into your eyes, I straddle you, sitting myself onto your lap and pressing my moist curves, barely covered by the thin material of my dress, against you. I lean in and kissed your neck, savouring the salty taste of your sweat on my tongue. You groan softly and begin to knead my heavy breasts through my light dress, quickly arousing my nipples between your finger tips. Unable to restrain myself, I push back off of your lap and sink to my knees between your thighs. Unable to wait for your to lift your butt off the chair so that I could pull off your light athletic shorts, I reach up your pant leg and grasp your achingly hard shaft in my hand, working it up and down.

"Oh my god you're so hard. I want to suck you off baby." I whimper.

"Oh yes. Put my cock in your mouth you gorgeous slut." you groan.

Pulling your dick out of one leg of your shorts, I immediately engulf it in my mouth, swirling my tongue and head around in circles, creating instant warmth and friction around the crown of your head. You gasp as I stroke the base of it in a fast moving fist, my hand bumping against my own lips as I begin to bob my head up and down in your lap, humming with pleasure. Feeling an orgasm begin to build far too quickly under my onslaught, you reach down, grasping me by the sides of my head, and pulling me bodily off of your erection. Tilting my head upwards, you lean down, kissing me deeply and smelling your own cock on my lips. You stand for a moment, and I take the hint, pulling your shorts down to your ankles and helping you to step out of them.

"I'm going to fuck your mouth." you say with lustful relish.

"Oh baby." I moan. "I want it all."

Keeping your grip on my head, you begin to plunge your manhood into my mouth with rhythmic thrusts, grunting each time you feel your tip bump into the constricting tightness of my throat. I cough slightly, but adjust the angle of my jaw and make no effort to slow or stop your pumping. I gag slightly as I swallow your dick into my throat for the first time, and you feel the muscles constrict around your head. You hold it deep for a moment before pulling back and driving in again, this time entering me more easily. You let one of your hands wander to my throat, and feel it expand each time to push deep inside me.

With one last powerful thrust, you hold my head down on your cock, my nose buried in your stomach. You hold me there until you feel my throat convulse repeatedly, and until my chest is heaving. Even so, I make no move to push you away, awaiting your decision to let me go. When you do, I come up gasping for air, a line of drool trailing from my lower lip to your shaft. You pat my head affectionately and your legs shudder as you ward off orgasm for the second time. With a sloppy wet grin from ear-to-ear, I push you back until you are one again sitting in front of me, watching as pull my sun dress off over my head before messily drooling thick saliva from my throat onto my chest between my breasts.

"I'm going to fuck you with my tits." I gasp, still smiling.

You can only grunt in response as I kneel naked and tall between your thighs and wrap your shaft between my heaving breasts. My nipples stand hard as diamonds as I use my saliva to lubricate your dick, and squeezing my tits together in my hands, I bounce my chest up and down, jerking you off with my cleavage. Slick and wet sounds fill the room as your cock pistons between my soft tits, and you begin to thrust in time with my bouncing. Your hands replace my own, squeezing my breasts together and pinching my nipples between your thumb and fore finger, causing me to arch my back in ecstasy. I moan with pleasure, and allow my right hand to drift between my soaking wet thighs, rubbing my clit furiously. Almost immediately, I find myself in the throes of a sobbing orgasm, quivering and unable to move while you relentlessly fuck my tits.

I as I come down from my orgasm, I collapse onto your stomach, my gasping lips kissing your chest and stomach while I whisper thanks and endearment. My lips work their way down to your cock again, this time bypassing your shaft in favour of sucking and licking your balls with abandon. Now it is your turn to writhe and whimper as my soft mouth spoils your heavily-laden balls with wet and sensual licks and kisses. I feel them begin to tighten against the base of your shaft, and know that your impending orgasm cannot be held back much longer. I grin up at you from beneath your throbbing shaft.

"I want your cum so badly baby." I breathe. "I want to taste it, and feel it all over my face."

"Oh I'm so ready to feed it all to you." you groan.

"Oh please give it to me." I beg as I begin to stroke your shaft in my hand, adding in sloppy licks and sucks on the head to keep it moist.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck you're going to get it." you manage to say between gasps for breath as you thrust your dick into my hand and mouth.

"Oh yes!" I plead, bobbing my head hard and fast on your dick several times, gagging myself on it. "Oh god please cum for me baby."

"I'm cumming!" you yell, as your seed begins to blast, thick and white, into the air.

Mistiming your first jet of cum, I catch it audibly on the forehead and nose, splattering across my face.

"Oh god yes! Cum all over me!" I moan as I open wide and aim your spurting cock at my mouth.

The second and third blasts are better aimed, and only a little splatters me lower lip and chin as I stick out my tongue to catch the remainder. Several move heavy shots spurt out onto my tongue, and as your explosions wane, I lean in to suck the last drops from your head. I whimper with pleasure as I taste you, and lean back to show you my treasure with cummy smile. Reaching out, you use your fingertips to scrape more cum from my face and offer it to me so that I can suck it from your fingers. Satisfied that I've got it all in my mouth, you give me a nod, and I swallow it all down with relish.

"Thanks so much for the cum, hunny." I whisper, standing naked before you and planting a sticky kiss on your cheek. "I hope that was a nice break from your work."

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