tagIncest/TabooHome Sweet Home Ch. 08

Home Sweet Home Ch. 08


Courtney sighed and choked down another mouthful of soup. Jon stood watching as Daphne was diligent in her task of nursing her back to health. It had been three weeks since Jon and Daphne sprung Courtney from her home and Jon had spent all his free time with them, or covering their tracks. Daphne smiled up at him and he leaned down and kissed her as Courtney shivered from another full stomach.

"I can't eat anymore, let me sleep." Courtney whined and Daphne set down the bowl and nodded. Courtney stood and held her stomach before curling up on the small sofa and pulled her only blanket over her.

"She's getting better." Daphne said and Jon nodded. "How are you doing?" Jon smiled down at her.

"It's been hard. Derrick's getting suspicious and Grant has stopped. We can relax and let some fresh air in." Jon said and Daphne looked around her small apartment and laughed. She had closed all the blinds, locked the doors and sealed the windows. She walked up to her kitchen window and pulled the blind open, letting the sun shine brightly into the room. Courtney groaned from the light and rolled over, drawing a small laugh from Jon. "You're definitely better. How do you feel?"

"Tired and sore." She grumbled and Jon walked over and sat her up.

"You're getting your muscles back is why you're sore." Courtney looked at the shag carpeting in defeat. She wouldn't be ready for Derrick's onslaught before he left. "Wipe that sorrow off your face. We're not done yet. Daph, get some steaks ready for tonight. We're having company." Jon said and stood. Courtney's eyes flared open.

"You don't mean that." Courtney replied and Jon laughed and looked down.

"Remember what happened the last time you said that?" Courtney looked away and nodded. She asked that and soon after found herself in the hands of two people governing her life. "Take this wonderful girl shopping. She needs clothes that actually fit her." Courtney looked down at the shirt she borrowed from Daphne and saw that her chest had returned and that her frame was indeed filling out. She wasn't back to her former weight but began beaming that she was starting to look like a woman.

"Do we want to knock his socks off or just startle him?" Daphne asked and Jon smiled as he handed over two hundred dollars.

"Surprise me." Daphne grinned and licked his lips and he licked hers in return. They laughed before he left.

"I never thought I'd see the day when Jon would finally settle." Courtney said as she watched him leave. Daphne smiled and sat down beside her friend and hugged her softly.

"I have you to thank for that. I never would have met him if it wasn't for you. Although I wish it had been under different circumstances." Courtney lowered her head and Daphne looked over.

"I'm so sorry. I never wanted anyone to get hurt because of me."

"There's that big heart again. That's what I love about you but you got to protect yourself too. Come on let's get you some clothes and some food for tonight." She replied and Courtney moaned in protest before Daphne drug her out the door.

"I don't think I can wear this." Courtney said as she looked herself over. She straightened out the tight, beige coloured dress that ended before her knees and Daphne grinned as she never could have picked a better outfit for her to wear.

"Yes you can. You look amazing. Derrick will be all over you. Hell I want to be all over you." Daphne replied and Courtney looked at her in confusion. "Jon brings out the worst in me. That man is walking hormones." Courtney laughed and once again pulled at the bottom of the dress as it began to ride up.

"That's putting it a different way." Courtney replied as Daphne sighed quietly and looked at her friend. "I can't do this Daphne. I can't face him." Courtney said as she fell to the floor. Daphne rushed over and helped her sit up as her first tears tickled down her face.

"You love Derrick don't you? You want to be with him right?" Courtney nodded and Daphne smiled and held her face. "Then you have to do this. Sure it may be painful sure you may cry before the night is over, but at least you got to see him again and tell him the truth." Courtney sighed deeply.

"He wouldn't believe me anyways." Courtney said and Daphne gripped her face harder and kissed her on the lips. Courtney's eyes flared open in surprise once Daphne pulled herself back grinning at her friend.

"Feel better?" Daphne asked and Courtney covered her mouth with her hand. "I thought so."

"Daphne, what's gotten into you?" Courtney asked in shock and Daphne laughed.

"I'm relaxing. Everyone has told me to." Courtney shook her head before looking away from Daphne's eyes. "Besides it's Jon's fault."

"Sure it is." Courtney replied and Daphne giggled. Courtney put her hand down and sighed deeply. "What if he won't listen to me?"

"Then Derrick has moved on and you will have to do the same. The repercussions will ultimately settle into a swirling chaotic mess that neither of you will ever recover from because you two are meant for each other." Daphne replied and Courtney stiffened. "Too much?" Courtney was about to reply when the door opened to the apartment.

"Daphne." She whined and Daphne held her up. "I can't do this."

"You have to. This is your story. How do you want it to end?" Daphne replied and Courtney took in a deep breath.

"So who's this mystery person you've been running to so often? You vanish for a day and now you're completely taken by someone. I never thought I'd see the day." Derrick asked as he looked around the small apartment.

"What can I say, I find the best." Derrick laughed at Jon's reply as the door to the bedroom opened. Derrick's eyes widened as Daphne emerged from the room and walked sexily over and kissed Jon.

"There you are baby. I was wondering when you'd get here. The bbq is fired up, steaks on the counter." Daphne said and Derrick closed his mouth and sat down on the sofa. Jon kissed her again and stood by the door as Daphne looked to her bedroom. Courtney reluctantly emerged from the room and Derrick's eyes widened further as they stared at each other. An awkward, yet moving silence emerged as both didn't know what to say.

"I should have known you'd be here." Derrick said finally, glancing at Jon. "It all makes sense now. Guess I should have expected you would try to worm your way back into my life." Derrick said quickly.

"She was brought here by Daphne and I. After I punched Grant." Jon replied and Derrick smirked before turning his attention back to his once fiancée. Courtney stood in the doorway of the bedroom, unable to take another step. She wanted to run up and wrap her arms around him and beg for his forgiveness. She yearned to spill the truth to him and pray that he would understand but the anger in his eyes ordered her to stay where she stood.

"So what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you again?" Derrick announced and Courtney's tears brimmed.

"I want to say I'm sorry." Courtney said and Derrick crossed his arms and glared at her. She felt her knees weaken as Derrick licked his lips with anger.

"You did that." Derrick snapped, and Courtney took a step back. "You said you loved me and you left. You said you would be my everything and still you ran." He yelled.

"I had to!" Courtney screamed back, her tears beginning to fall. "Grant put me in a spot where either I suffered or you suffered. I chose myself."

"Like I would believe that." Derrick snorted and Jon quickly took Derrick's arm and dragged him outside with the steaks in his hand and a stack of papers under his arm. Jon slammed the sliding door once he got him outside and Courtney could be heard balling inside.

"I take back what I said about you being dense. You're just dumb." Jon growled and Derrick lowered hi s eyes. "Here's something for you to read." Jon threw the stapled stack of papers at him and Derrick stood and began reading all the work Jon had put into keeping Courtney hidden from her parents. Derrick slouched and slowly sat down as more proof of the depths that Grant attempted to travel made Derrick sick to his stomach.

"He tried arresting me and used his favours with the judge to push it if they caught us together." Derrick said and Jon nodded as he turned their steaks before lathering them in bbq sauce. "He went to disown Courtney and arrest me." He mumbled again and looked back inside as Daphne consoled her best friend.

"If he had, you'd be in jail for twenty five year man. Courtney was willing to sacrifice herself for you." Jon said and Derrick returned to the pages. He saw pictures of Courtney upon her arrival to Daphne's apartment. He gasped as the frail looking woman shown was a mere shadow of the woman he once knew.

"We've spent the last three weeks getting that girl back to health. You say she ran from you, please. You ran from her. She took the bullet for you and this is how you repay her?" Jon said and Derrick slouched in the plastic chair and stared at her through the sliding glass. "She bled her soul for you. I bled for her. Daphne has bled her accounts dry. The only one that hasn't helped is you."

"For someone who prides themselves on being a player, you're sure settling down." Derrick said and Jon shook his head before flipping the steaks.

"If that's what you think, you know nothing about me. You have until these steaks are finished before I send Courtney back home and to the psych ward." Jon added and Derrick stared out over the city momentarily before standing. Jon watched as he entered the apartment and stopped. Daphne stood from the sofa as Derrick looked at Courtney and saw the pain littered through her red eyes. He rushed to her and Daphne quickly left them as Derrick held her close.

"I'm sorry Derrick. I'm so sorry." Courtney blubbered out and Derrick kissed the top of her head and held her close. "I thought I did the right thing. I wanted to keep you safe." Derrick lifted her chin and stared into her teary hazel eyes and kissed her lightly. She stiffened as he touched her lips and pulled away, not wanting to feel more pain. "You deserve so much better than me."

"You're the best thing for me." Derrick answered and Courtney looked into his eyes. "Jon's right. I've never been there for you like you've been there for me."

"You saved me from the thieves at the mall." Courtney replied and Derrick smiled as he took her hands in his.

"Other than that I've never been there. That's going to change. We are going to stand together and take on whatever comes our way. I love you." Derrick said and Courtney's eyes opened with his words. Derrick pulled a gold necklace from under his shirt and Courtney stared at the ring that was once hers. She looked away from the ring, feeling unworthy to look at it. "I've saved this hoping that you would take it back." He took off the necklace and held out the ring.

"Dear god do I ever want to but." Courtney said as he took her hand and slipped the ring back on. She stared at the diamond and sighed deeply before sniffling. "Derrick I." He hushed her and smiled as he lifted her hand and kissed the top.

"I asked you to marry me. I am devoted to you and only you. My heart will be for you. My love will be in you forever." Derrick said and Courtney once again burst into tears. She dove into his embrace and they fell back onto the sofa. They kissed warmly and a light sniffle brought them back to reality. They looked over and saw a teary eyed Daphne in Jon's arms. Derrick slowly sat up and Courtney winced from his touch.

"Sorry, I'm a little stiff from walking around today. Jon demanded that I go shopping for clothes and apparently this dress." Courtney said and Derrick looked her over and smiled.

"You look great in it." He replied and Courtney beamed. Daphne smiled as Courtney stopped crying and Jon rushed outside to take the steaks. He brought them in and sighed before dropping them on the kitchen counter.

"Overdone." He growled as he threw the charred meat away. "To the bar?" He asked as he took his wallet from the counter.

"I need a shower if we're going anywhere." Courtney protested and Daphne motioned for her to go ahead. Courtney stood and Derrick watched her hips sway as she walked, her confidence slowly coming back. "You're staring again."

"Busted!" Jon shouted and Daphne laughed while Derrick smirked and winked at Courtney. She blushed and closed the door to the bathroom and quickly started the shower.

"That was very sweet Derrick." Daphne said and Derrick looked at her and shrugged. "Where did you come up with that line?"

"Honestly, it's the chorus of Courtney's favourite song, slightly altered." Derrick replied and the faint sound of Courtney singing came.

"She's got a beautiful voice." Daphne said. "We joked around but I've never heard her sing. Kinda operaish though."

"It's the song." Derrick replied and Jon coughed before motioning to the bathroom door.

"Go get her Derrick. We'll meet you downstairs. I'm sure Daphne doesn't mind if they share some quality time together. I mean we've already broken it in quite well."

"Jon!" Daphne blushed and both men laughed. "He doesn't need to hear that."

"What does it matter? He's seen you naked and at your best." Jon replied and Derrick's eyes widened before he shook his head.

"Go get her." Daphne sighed before putting her shoes on. "Just lock it when you leave." Derrick nodded and once they left he let out a deep breath before heading to the bathroom. He opened the door and Courtney shivered.

"Daph, what's wrong?" Derrick smirked as he could see her silhouette through the flowery curtain. He instantly became aroused and once he stripped, his cock slapped against his stomach. He slid into the shower and held his breath as Courtney rinsed out the last of the shampoo. He held her elbows in her hair and Courtney's eyes shot open.

"What are you?" Derrick pressed his lips against hers and both moaned deeply as their kiss lengthened. Derrick turned her and pressed her against the shower wall, and Courtney gasped as she felt his arousal pressed against her ass. "We don't have time."

"But I want you so damn bad." Derrick growled. Courtney sighed as she looked back and saw the raw desire in his eyes.

"They're waiting for us." Courtney giggled as she pushed back when Derrick began kissing the base of her neck. She moaned as he slid his hands around her and grabbed her tits, rolling her nipples with his fingers.

"They're downstairs. We have enough time my sweet." Derrick whispered huskily in her ear. Courtney shivered from his touch and looked back and grinned. She bent over slightly, offering herself.

"Then take me Derrick, remind me what it's like to have your big dick in me. Show me how much you love me." Courtney said, nearly panting with excitement. Derrick grinned as he slid in and pressed his cock against her opening. Courtney spread her legs as wide as she could in the shower and leaned forward, giving him full access to her. He slid in and both moaned loudly. "Dear god I miss this. Screw being nice, come on big man. Fuck me."

"I love it when you talk dirty." Derrick growled and started slamming into her. Courtney screamed with each thrust, her body vividly remembering what Derrick could do to her. Derrick moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of burying his dick deep into his cousin.

"Well come on my stud, drive your hard cock into my pussy. Fuck I want to see it." She panted before Derrick pulled out and spun her. Courtney braced herself as Derrick rammed back inside and pulled her back slightly, giving her the sight she wanted. Her eyes widened and her jaw fell slack as she saw his glistening cock diving into her steamy depths.

"Fuck that's hot." Derrick groaned in agreement as they both watched their work. "So hot, I'm cumming. Oh god so good. I never thought." Courtney moaned out before screaming. Derrick slowed as her pussy spasmed around him, milking it. Her hips began rolling instinctively and Derrick quickly returned to his torrid pace. Courtney began sliding on the watery tub and Derrick scooped her up and pinned her to the shower wall. She quickly wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held on as Derrick grinned.

"Ever done this before?" He asked as he had complete control over her. He slid his dick in and out and Courtney let out small screams with each thrust.

"No, but I love it!" She screamed and Derrick did his best to plunge his cock into her. Her left foot flicked water against the curtain as Derrick rammed himself balls deep into her, drawing out deep moans and screams with each drive. "Derrick I hate to be a burden but we got..."

"I'm so close." Derrick growled and Courtney had forgotten his tell tale when he was near. Her pleasure climbed alarmingly and she felt her body shudder, another orgasm threatening. Derrick pumped deep several times before slamming as deep as he could and unloaded into her. His last thrust forced Courtney's head back and she banged it off the wall. Derrick groaned loudly while Courtney screamed into his shoulder as his hot seed filled her. Courtney shivered in his arms as her love for her man had broken from the cage she had imprisoned it in. She pressed her lips hard against his, still shaking from her orgasmic high. Their tongues danced together and neither wanted the moment to end.

"Will you two hurry up. There's plenty of time later for mini Derrick to get front line action." Jon shouted and Derrick blushed while Courtney rubbed the back of her head. He set her back on her shaky feet and Courtney felt his cum leaking down the side of her leg. She reached down and scooped some with two fingers and licked them clean, staring into Derrick's eyes. He moaned quietly and she grinned.

"Just as perfect as I remember." She whispered and Derrick felt his cock twitch. Courtney saw the same twitch and giggled before turning around. "Down boy. I'm feeling much better and we have lost time to make up. Four months worth." Derrick grinned as they quickly washed.

They couldn't believe their good fortunes. Their world was finally slowing from the deathly flat spin to a pleasurable cyclone that neither wanted to end. And they had their best friends to thank. Jon led the way into the bar and as soon as he entered the bar erupted, his name being chanted. Jon raised his hands skyward as he made his way through the crowd. Daphne shook her head as they followed and sat down. Two lusciously curved redhead twins dressed in only their bras and shorts came up and ran their hands along Jon's shoulders, whispering sweet fantasies into his ears. Daphne glared evilly at them and Jon grinned before shooing them away.

"I guess my reputation precedes me." Jon said and Daphne gripped his hand and got his full attention.

"And it's about to precede you out the door and into the eternal dog pound." Her temper flared as Jon sighed and stood from the table. He went to the bar and ordered food and drinks while Daphne sat at the table fuming. "I knew he was going to be a handful." He sat back down beside her and lost his smile.

"Sorry. I told them to back off and that I was taken. Those two will spread the word." He took Daphne's hand and kissed her cheek before the lights to the stage lit up.

"Welcome to karaoke night. We're doing a special contest tonight. We have a top musician in the house tonight and if anyone can get his approval, your table gets their meals and drinks for free." The young owner announced and the bar erupted with confident women and men but few actually took to the challenge. Daphne smirked at Courtney and she instantly shook her head.

"Come on girl you got a great voice." Daphne said and Courtney sighed and looked at Derrick. He grinned and she slouched before standing and putting her name on the list. She came back as their food was brought and Courtney groaned when a plate of fries was put in front of her.

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