tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Adventure

Homecoming Adventure


I loaded my laptop my back pack and a small suitcase into the backseat of my crew cab Tundra and walked back into the house. My wife Jenny was busy packing a lunch for me into a Tupperware container and had pulled a couple of energy drinks for the road. I was getting ready for a two week road trip to help my mother settle my grandmother's estate in Sacramento, California.

My grandmother had died almost a year ago, and the estate was finally being settled. Her house had been sold but there were family items that were saved for my mother, which were currently in storage. There were items of sentimental values and some family heirloom kind of things which was one of the reasons I was going. I have a truck and I am the only child of my parents. I also work as an insurance adjuster so I can do most of my work online and by cell phone, meaning I could take a two week trip and still stay gainfully employed.

I'm 27 years old and Jenny and I have been married for a little over three years. Jenny works at the bank and we have not started a family yet so, it's just the two of us. So far, it's a good life. We bought a small starter home, in a middle class neighborhood soon after we got married and, until children come along; we will be very comfortable living there. But, since Jenny and I live in Indianapolis and my mother and father live just outside St Louis, I could see several days of driving ahead.

I gave one last look around to see if I had forgotten anything and then hugged Jenny and gave her a kiss goodbye.

"Wish I didn't have to go," I said honestly.

"It's family. You really have no choice, and don't worry, I'll be fine. Call me every day though," she smiled.

One last kiss and I headed out the door, climbed into my truck and backed out of the drive. I aimed the Tundra towards the interstate and settled in for the long drive. Four maybe five hours to my parent's home, most of it expressway, which is an efficient but a boring way to travel. This was the first time I had been separated from Jenny since we had gotten married, and if fact was a nice change. My truck has satellite radio so I was able to stay connected to the world, at least as far as the news was concerned.

The miles actually passed more quickly than I had thought and before I thought it possible I saw the Gateway Arch rising from the horizon. I had spent the last few hours lost in thought about my father and mother, an unlikely couple at best. They were married when mom was 17 and I was born a year later. My father is 20 years older than her. No one ever said, but my mother's father died when she was just 15 and it made a terrible impact on her.

My mother is barely five feet tall and does not weigh more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. She always wore her light brown hair short and although she usually had a smile, she was not loud or boisterous, but more refined and genteel. My father, I always thought of as colorless and boring. An accountant for years, he had no interest in sports and never came to see me participate as a bench player in high school basket or in the track meets, where I was just average. He was maybe six foot tall and not thin but not fat, average would describe his appearance. We were never really close.

I turned north to the neighborhood where my parents lived and soon was driving down a street I knew very well. Three bedroom brick homes that are the signature home of many middle class families are the standard of the neighborhood. As I pulled into the driveway, I noted that not much had changed since I was last here a year ago. Lack of change is good sometimes.

I climbed out of the truck and stretched my cramped muscles as I walked to the door. It was unlocked as always, and I let myself in and walked towards the kitchen where I could hear someone humming a song. It was my mother, busily working at the counter, apparently fixing dinner.

"Hello mother."

She turned, and with a smile that lit up the room came towards me, hers arms outstretched. We hugged and laughed and smiled at each other the way family does when they have been separated for some time.

"Roger," she called, "our son is here."

I heard my father's voice from one of the bedrooms, "ok, I'll be right there."

I put my arm around my mother's shoulders and she slid her arm around my waist and we walked into the living room. She laid her head against me as we walked. She was clearly glad to see me. My father emerged from the hall way and I was somewhat shocked at his appearance. At sixty seven he was beginning to show his age. His hair was mostly grey and he walked with a slight shuffle. He had never been athletic, but now he just looked old.

"Good to see you," he said, "and thanks for doing this."

"No problem, it gives me a chance for a break from my normal routine," I answered. "Any excuse for a road trip is welcome."

My mother turned to return to the kitchen and over her shoulder said,"you two catch up while I finish dinner." With that she left us alone.

There was not much to say. My father and I have virtually nothing in common, but he is still my father. We talked a little, mostly about nothing until dinner was ready when we went into the dining room where mother was finishing setting the table. Nothing fancy, there were baked potatoes, salad and a filet for each of us. A bottle of red wine sat on the table. It was pleasant and unhurried, and we ate and chatted about small things, the news, the weather, but nothing significant. After dinner, my mother and I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher while my father sat in the living room and watched the news channel on cable. Around nine, my father excused himself and headed for bed. "Got work to do tomorrow," he explained. I noticed he went into the room that had always been his office but doubled as a guest room, rather than the master bedroom. I looked at my mother and raised my eyebrows in an unspoken question.

"He had prostate cancer over two years ago, and surgery was necessary. When he came home he was a restless sleeper so he moved into his office room so he wouldn't bother me, and has slept there ever since." She looked away. "It has not been easy."

"I'm sorry to hear that." I didn't know what else to say so I added, "it's 850 miles to Denver where I thought we might stay tomorrow, so we need an early start. Let's get to bed, ok?"

She nodded her head yes and we both got up. She went to the master bedroom and I went to my old room, which had changed very little since I was in college here. We had built what was essentially a small apartment in the basement, complete with a bathroom and a small kitchen. It even had an outside entrance which I had used as a student to keep from disturbing my parents when I came in very late. Someone, my mother I assumed, had put fresh sheets on the bed and it felt very much like I had never left.

I undressed and jumped into the shower, finished quickly, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to bed. I like to sleep naked, without the constraints of pajamas or anything with elastic. I turned out the light and eased into bed, ready to slip into slumber when I heard a sound at the entrance to my room. In this room, there is a tiny light with a sensor that comes on when it gets dark, so if in the middle of the night nature calls, there is a safe path to the bathroom.

By the dim light I could see my mother peering into the room. She was wearing a long white bathrobe and looked like she had just gotten out of the shower herself.


"Yes," she answered, "are you still awake?"

"Yes, anything wrong?"

She padded quietly across the small room and sat down on the edge of the bed. I could smell the scent of soap and shampoo.

"I just wanted to see if you needed anything."

"No, I'm good, looking forward to getting on the road tomorrow."

"Thank you for doing this, I appreciate it more than you can know."

I put my arm around her waist and she turned so she could lie beside me, her head on my shoulder. I gently rubbed her back up to her neck, where I reached under her short air and gently massaged the back of her neck.

"Do you mind if I snuggle with you for a little while, it's been so long since I have seen you?"

"Of course not, I love having you here."

With that she moved enough to get under the single blanket that I was using. She resumed her place with her head on my shoulder and her arm across my chest. I could feel her white terry cloth robe on my body. I turned my head and kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm sorry things are not going well for you, but we'll have a two week break to cheer you up."

With that she buried her face in my neck and kissed me gently, while squeezing me across the chest in a warm hug. At the same time I felt her bare leg cross mine as she held me in a horizontal embrace. I could tell her robe had parted somewhat and I could feel the center of her chest pressing against me. I heard her give a contented little sigh.

This comfortable closeness was beginning to have an effect on me. I felt the beginnings of an erection and surprisingly, I was not bothered by it at all. It all seemed pretty natural. She began to absentmindedly move the tips of her fingers in tiny circles on my chest. My erection continued to grow. Her hand was dangerously close to the tip of my now hardening cock. She seemed totally unaware of my condition.

I shifted her body until her weight to rest on the top of my thigh. I slipped my hand under the edge of her robe and rubbed her bare back. I slid my hand down until I felt the curve of the top of her ass. She was not wearing panties, or anything else under the robe.

I turned my head slightly and could barely make out the features of her face. Her eyes seemed to be closed and I thought I could detect a look of pure contentment. I heard her sigh.

She raised her head slightly to look at me. "I've missed you so much. I know you have your own life now, but you were always my closest friend along with being my son. Thank you again for doing this." With that, she kissed me gently on the lips, and then hugged me tighter.

I moved my other hand under the robe and slid it down so I now had an ass cheek in each hand. I flexed my arms and spread the robe even wider. She snuggled down on my chest and I could feel her breasts mashed against me. I pulled her tight against my leg.

I could feel the heat and moisture from the junction of where her legs met. She suddenly pressed her lips against mine and kissed me with a passion I did not know existed in my mother. Her tongue was fighting with mine as my hands caressed her body.

She suddenly sat straight up I watched as she struggled with her robe. Finally she shrugged it off and threw it on the floor.

"That was just in the way." She said, and then fell forward on me again, her mouth searching for mine.

I lifted her body and moved it to center it over me. She spread her legs and I lowered her against my body. I pulled her tight against me and I felt her pussy pressing onto the side of my cock. I began to move her back and forth, letting her pussy slide along my cock. She began to breathe heavily. My breathing was also becoming labored.

"I know this is wrong but please don't stop."

At this point, there was no way I could stop. She pushed her hand between our bodies and found what she wanted. She wrapped her hand around my cock and I felt electricity run through my body. She rose up and began to rub the head along her well lubricated slit. Then, without warning, she rose up further, guided my cock to her moist opening and then impaled herself on it. She bounced once, twice and then a third time, grunting each time. She was so tight; it was not until the third bounce that I knew I was all the way inside.

She began to ride me furiously, softly moaning all the while. With one hand on the top of each of her thighs, I began to thrust upwards, hard.

I moved my hands and began to twist and squeeze her nipples, then pulling her to me where I kissed her in another passionate display of pure sexuality. I knew I could not last much longer before I filled her with my semen, but it didn't matter because at that instant she mashed herself against me.

"I'm cumming."

It was nothing more than a whisper, but I heard her.

"oh, awwwwwwg, yes."

Then it was my turn. She squeezed her legs together and I felt one discharge after another of my sperm, filling her sweet pussy with my substance. With each spasm my entire body shuddered. I had never had an orgasm that powerful and long lasting as I did then.

With my body trembling, I turned us both sideways, still inserted inside her. I kissed her softly, and she kissed me back.

"Wow." Was all I could say.

"Same here."

"Stay here tonight."

"I can't, but we will have two weeks to get acquainted again."

I knew she was right. She moved until my still semi-hard cock withdrew from her. She then climbed across me, picked up her robe and put it back on and softly walked across the room. When she arrived at the door she turned, looked my way, blew me a kiss and then was gone, leaving me to my thoughts.

I knew I should feel guilty, but I didn't, instead I felt a sense of excitement knowing that I was about to embark on an adventure, like nothing I had ever done before. With that, I turned over and drifted into slumber.

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where is this going

I like what I read and was surprised by how fast Mom came into the son's bedroom and gave him permission to fuck her. Will you add chapters 2 through 4 to the story?
If you do expand the story can youmore...

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