tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Ch. 03

Homecoming Ch. 03


After having just fucked my daughter Kim, I am struck how beautiful both girls are. Sara, Kim’s best friend, had continued to be patient with me. “Make yourself cum for us” I tell Sara. “We want to watch”.

“Really Dad” stated Sara. “I will”. Sara rolled to her back. I moved away from Kim and get on the opposite side of Sara. Sara, eyes closed, is lost to us at the moment. Her hands are caressing her cunt. Her fingers on one hand have opened her cunt lips, exposing her clit for view. The other fingers are raking over the firm little bud, quickly. Her cunt glistens with wetness. Her fingers dip into her hole and quickly come back to her clit. Sara looks at me “Dad, do you like what you see? Do you want to put you big cock in my tight pussy? Do you want to fuck me Daddy? Oh God Daddy, it feels so good. I want you Daddy!” she says and stares directly into my eyes, licking her lips. My cock hardens!

Sara’s breath quickens. Kim and I watch her intently. “Stroke her leg gently Kim” I tell her. We each begin to caress Sara. I lean forward to take a nipple between my lips. I suck it deep into my mouth. A moan escapes Sara’s lips.

“Yes Dad, suck my tits” whispers Sara. My hand reaches for her tit, enveloping it, squeezing slightly to raise the nipple up firmly. I flick my tongue over the taunt nipple, wetting her nipple with my saliva. I blow cool breath across her nipple. It hardens, nipple rising off the mound of flesh.

“Mmmmmmm” moans Sara. “God I love my tits sucked. Bite my tit Daddy” she continues. I clamp my teeth down on her nipple, nipping harder than expected. Sara’s body jerks, reacting to my nip of pain.

“Sorry hon” I tell her. “Kim, suck the other tit with me. Let’s help Sara reach an orgasm” I continue. Kim, lust in her eyes, moves forward, lowers her mouth to the other tit. Giving Kim a quick kiss on the top of her head, I lower my mouth to Sara’s tit again. I suck as much of her pert little tit in my mouth as I can. I pull back with the nipple tightly between my teeth. I watch Kim suck Sara’s nipple and tit into her mouth.

Kim pulls back. “Daddy, her tits are so soft” she states. We continue to suck her tits gently. Sara is reaching a point of orgasm.

“Sara, put you hands under your butt, lift your ass a little. Let Kim and I finish your orgasm” I tell her. Quickly, Kim and I reach to Sara’s cunt. It is extremely wet. “Put two fingers in her cunt Baby” I tell Kim. I begin to finger her clit. We continue to suck Sara’s tits, while fingering her pussy to orgasm. Sara’s body is responding rapidly to our masturbation of her cunt. Breath shortens, rapid intakes, exhales of breath. Her head, tilted back hard into the pillows, arches her shoulders from the bed, raising tits to our lips. Knees raised and spread wide, feet flat on the bed, her body is ready to cum. Her hips arch upward to meet my finger flicking rapidly and hard over the exposed clit. Kim’s fingers are buried deep in her pussy, pumping fast.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh my God, make me cum” Sara screams. Her breathing now is shallow, fast, hissing, gasping for air. “Don’t stop” is the last thing Sara screams at us.

Her body arches high, starts bucking against our hands, tenses, and she cums hard. With cumming, Sara’s body drops back to the bed. We continue our assault on her cunt. Slower, gently, we continue our play with her cunt, bringing her down from her bodies high slowly.

My cock has continued to grow, becoming rigid against her leg. Her hand has grasped my cock, tugging on it when the thought crossed her mind. I now need to bury my cock down her throat. I want to feel her transfer her orgasm’s intensity into sucking my cock. I move to my knees beside her head. I direct my meat into her mouth. Her eyes open, tongue slips from her between her lips to the head of my cock. Her hand reaches to grasp it, and pulls it to her tongue and mouth. She opens wide, I slowly begin to insert my cock into her.

“Kim, eat Sara’s pussy. Be gentle with her, make her cum again” I tell Kim. She moves down between Sara’s legs. Kim lowers her face to Sara’s cunt, tongue begins to play with the lips of her cunt. Sara groans loudly. Kim’s fingers find her hole, and two enter her cunt. Sara’s other hand reaches for Kim, grabbing a handful of hair and pulls her face into her arching hips and cunt. Deep guttural groans are heard from inside of Sara. She pulls hard on my cock, mouth wide, enveloping my cock with her lips. I push forward, watching my cock slide down her soft throat. Deeper, I push my hips, my cock slides down her throat, its size stretching her mouth wide. She gobbles more, pushes back on my body until the head clears her lips. She quickly licks her lips, reaches to my ass, and pulls me forward, driving my cock down her throat again. Her tongue is doing marvelous things to my cock as it is buried in her throat.

Kim is sucking hard on her pussy now. I can see her face tight against Sara’s pussy. Rapid movements side to side, Sara’s body reacting to the play on her clit. Kim sucks Sara’s clit into her mouth, pulling it between her teeth, sucking hard. Flicking over the stretched clit, Kim is raising the level of pleasure. Sara is close to cumming again. “Make her cum Baby” I tell Kim. Kim looks into my eyes. I lean over Sara to Kim. Kim stops momentarily, raises her head to meet my lips. I kiss her deeply. I lick my lips, tasting Sara. “Finish her Babe. Make her cum hard.” I tell her.

Kim drops again to Sara’s pussy. With new vigor, she attacks Sara’s clit. I drive my cock into Sara’s mouth. My nuts are now hitting Sara on her forehead. I begin to fuck her face. Long strokes, she slobbers on my cock, pulling me hard forward to her mouth. She stops sucking on my cock, holding me deep in her throat. Suddenly, she pushes my body back, arching her head. Her focus in now Kim intently lapping her cunt. Both hands grasp Kim’s head. “Oh shit! Oh God! Don’t stop Kimmy” groans Sara.

With two fingers buried in Sara’s cunt, Kim sticks the third at the opening of her ass. With quick movement, Kim’s finger tip disappears into Sara’s ass. Sara screams loudly, a deep growl of pure lust that just says I am yours, fuck me. Sara is bucking hard, Kim is holding on to her cunt with her mouth. Suddenly, Sara’s body tenses, and quickly relaxes. She has reached her second orgasm. Kim continues her lapping of Sara’s cunt, now hot in her own right.

Kim moves quickly to plant her cunt on Sara’s face. They are now deep in a 69, faces buried, sucking wildly on each others clit. I watch, arousal growing. I want to taste Sara. “Kim, let me taste her” I tell her. Kim raises her head, allowing me room to lean down and taste Sara’s cunt. Wet from cumming and such deep finger fucking, I bury my face to her hole, forcing my tongue as deep as I can into her body. I move to suck her clit into my mouth. I bite gently, nipping, sucking the clit into my mouth. Stretching, pulling and attacking her clit, I push her toward cumming again. Kim is watching intently, her face flush with her own orgasm approaching. I reach to her tits, pulling the nipple gently. Her tits are fantastic, firm, pointed, with nipples the size of erasers, sticking up from her tit. I release my hold on Sara’s clit, and push Kim’s face back down into Sara’s pussy.

Within minutes, both girls cum again. Panting, screaming, bodies arch into one another. The girls turn together, tits softly mashed together, kissing gently. Kim, on top, grinds her pussy against Sara’s. They play, I watch. I move to between their legs, and see both pussies pressed tightly together. I reach my hand to them, Inserting a finger in each cunt. Momentarily, I pump my fingers hard and fast. Both girls are grunting with my finger fucking. My cock spasms, I need to fuck one of these soft, wet, tight cunts.

I have continued to stroke my cock slowly watching the girls. It is now time for Sara to mount and ride my cock. “Sara, come here. Bring that beautiful pussy of yours’ here. I have a cock that wants to make her stretch” I tell her. With a look of pure lust, she moves quickly to me.

“Yes Daddy, I want to fuck that cock of yours” she states. She quickly climbs over me, and puts the head of my cock against her pussy. She starts down, retreats, and drives her body down again. She is soaking wet, slippery, and so soft. Her cunt grips my cock tightly. I watch her lips refuse to release my cock as she pulls up off me. And then, down hard she grinds her body against me. Leaning forward, hands beside my chest, she begins to hump my cock with abandon. My hands grab her hips, and pull her down on me. Deeper we drive my cock into her. Finally totally buried in her cunt, she rotates her ass on me, grins, and begins to fuck me hard. “Oh God Dad, fuck my pussy!” she screams.

We now begin to fuck like demons. Hard, grunting, bodies slamming together, we fuck. Her hips arch up off my legs, ass tilting, rubbing her clit on my cock. And slams down hard, impaling herself on my cock. “Sara, I want you doggie style!” I tell her. She slides off me. I roll to the edge of the bed, get up and stand next to the bed, my engorged cock straight out from my body. “Here Sara, hands and knees on the edge of the bed” I state.

Sara moves quickly to the edge of the bed, ass positioned directly in front of me. I spread her legs, direct my cock to her pussy opening, and slowly push the head in her. I place my hands on each hip, and begin a rocking motion that will drive my cock deep into her body. Slowly, I insert all 9 ½ inches into her, my hips tightly pressed against her ass. I push her head down to a pillow, chest flat on the bed. “Now baby girl, I am going to fuck your brains out” I tell her. “Ready?” I questioned as I pull back and begin to slam my hips against her ass repeatedly, hard, and deep. Our bodies are making slapping sounds, hitting so hard together. My cock is deep in her now. Piston like, full stroke, full speed, I continue to slam her with my cock. She starts screaming into her pillow.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck me!” she screams. Kim has moved to Sara’s head, with her knees spread wide, pussy open directly in front of Sara’s face.

“Eat me Sara” Kim commands. Sara reaches to Kim, and pulls her pussy to her face. I am hammering her pussy with reckless abandon, driving her body forward, and pulling it back. She has a hard time staying in Kim’s pussy. Kim assists Sara, fingering her clit while Sara forces her tongue into her cunt when she can. She reaches to Kim forcing her hand deep into Kim’s cunt. Sara now begins to fuck Kim as well, hard, hand slapping against her cunt lips with every thrust.

I feel my nuts tighten, and know I will be soon exploding cum deep into Sara’s pussy. “Ok baby girl, Dad is going to cum!” I scream at her.

“Yes Daddy, fuck me, cum in me now” replies Sara.

Teeth clinched tightly, body slamming hard against Sara’s ass, I begin to cum. I keep hammering hard into Sara’s pussy, emptying my cock. I pull her tight against my thighs, stopping movement. I feel the spurts of cum into her body. Exhausted, I push forward, pushing Kim slightly back, Sara lands, tits firmly in Kim’s cunt. My cock, deflating now, is still deep in Sara’s cunt. I sprawl on Sara’s back, playfully pushing my hips forward, pulling back, making my cock pump her pussy a few more times. Slowly, I pull my cock from her pussy, and flop to my back. Long, soft, wet, my cock flops across my leg.

“Daddy, can I suck your cock?” Kim asks.

“Me too Daddy” chimes Sara.

I grin ear to ear. “Ladies, you both can share” I tell them. They scramble to position themselves between my legs. They take turns sucking my soft cock into their mouths, and licking my balls.

Drained, sweaty, and tired, I suggest a shower. “I get to wash each of you” I tell them. Giggling, they break for the shower!!

“Me first” yells Kim.

“Not this time” retorts Sara. “You had yours’ first already!” she said with a laugh.

I watch these two beautiful girls head to the shower. Tall, athletic, and fully fucked, these girls can turn any head they want. And they choose me. I swear, he chubbed again.

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