tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Ch. 07

Homecoming Ch. 07


Our extended family has developed an interesting relationship over the past 9-months. Lynn and her 18-year old daughter Sara moved into our home after being friends for 12 years. Kim, my daughter is also 18, and Kyle is 20. Our stories continue in this Chapter 8 of the series.

Bright and early the Tuesday after Memorial Day, I rousted everyone out of their sleep fairly early. I wanted to get on the water by 7:00 am. Sara was the first up, rushing to get a shower and ready for the day. She ran into Kim's room, pounced on the bed, and shook Kim from her sleep. "Come on Kimmy," she challenged. "It's going to be a great day," she continued. "Think of what we are going to do," she exclaimed. Like a kid with something new, she was full of excitement.

"Daddy, do you think someone will see us," she asked erupting into the kitchen. "I am so wet just thinking about it, I am getting crazy fucking horny," she finished, caressing her mound softly. Dressed in a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top with no bra, she looked terrific. My cock chubbed looking at her.

"Baby, would you like Daddy to have a quick snack before the others get around?" I asked. Her eyes sparkled.

"Oh God Daddy, I would love it," she burst out. She quickly reached to her shorts, pulled the string to loosen the waist. "Where would you like me?" she queried.

"Jump on the table at my place," I laughed. "Where else would I sit to have a snack."

Sara stepped to my end of the table, dropped her shorts quickly. She turned away from me, slowly sliding her thumbs under the waist band of her panties, and seductively pushed the colorful bright red panties down her shapely thighs. She shifted her weight, first to one foot and then the other, swaying her ass back and forth. Standing tall, she did not bend her knees, but bent at the waist. I could see her cunt framed by her ass peeking back at me. I lightly swatted her shapely ass. "Tease," I exclaimed. "I'm hungry, on the table," I commanded her.

Turning quickly, Sara placed her hands on the table's edge, hopped up easily to place her naked cheeks on the table. She scooted back slightly, allowing her pussy to be just inches from the table's edge. "Daddy, your snack before breakfast is ready," she whispered huskily.

I sat down in my chair, rolling up to the table. I reached to her knees, pushing them apart gently. There, before me was a young, freshly showered pussy. Her cunt lips glistened with moisture. I could see a hint of her clit protruding from between her labia. "Yes baby girl, I do want a snack," I told her. I had to reach to adjust my growing cock. I pushed her back, forcing her to place her elbows on the table, but allowing her to watch me intently.

I reached under her legs, lifting them over my shoulders. I pulled myself forward, inhaling her muskiness. I anticipated her taste. Shifting slightly, her right hand grabbed the back of my head, pulling me forward into her pussy. "God Daddy, eat me!" she exclaimed. Both surprised, and pleased, I dove into her waiting cunt. I sucked her clit quickly into my mouth, teeth grabbing it firmly. My tongue began a quick assault on her sensitive bud. Her hips jumped into my face. She ground my face tightly between her cunt lips. "Oh Daddy," she growled. I bit more firmly down on her clit, pulling to back away from her body, continuing to suck hard and flick it with my tongue. Her head back, eyes tightly closed, she focused on her clit. Her ass cheeks flexed, relaxed, flexed, and relaxed again. Her humping motions shook the table.

I released her clit, lowered my face to drive my tongue deeply into her hole. Penetrating as deep as I could, I slithered my tongue up her crack, softly between her cunt lips. I flattened her clit against her body as my tongue slid over her. My tongue reached her pubic hair. Hesitating, I plunged back down to her hole, forcing my tongue to penetrate her completely, rapidly. Over and over, my tongue reached into her cunt. Her hips arched into my face as she pulled on the back of my head. Her breathing was coming in short, quick gasps. She was muttering to herself.

"Suck me Daddy! Yes Daddy! Fuck me with your tongue! Oh fuck oh fuck!" she continued.

I was only too happy to oblige. Her body was begging for climax. I needed to make her cum. Releasing her thigh, I reached up between her legs under my chin. Aiming two fingers, I drove them deep into her cunt as I attacked her clit. "Daddy!" she screamed. I pumped my fingers hard and quick into her wet cunt.

Sara released my head, forced her hand up under her tank top, exposing a tit for my view. She grabbed the nipple, squeezing hard. She pulled the nipple, extending it from her tit, twisting, pulling. Sara moaned deeply. I could feel her need. I could see her biting her lower lip, sucking it into her mouth. I sucked her clit harder. I held it firmly between my teeth, flicking my tongue hard and long over it in my mouth. Her body responded quickly. Short, quick little humps of her hips against my face. Her body grew tense, rigid. I could sense her orgasm approaching.

"Almost Daddy! Don't stop! Yes," she bellowed. Her hips started thrashing my face, humping my tongue as I buried it deep into her hole. I sucked her flowing juices into my mouth.

"Baby, let's see if it fits," I said. Quickly, I stood, pulled her ass to the edge of the table. I dropped my shorts, freeing my cock. I directed it quickly to her hot box. Sliding it between her lips, I rubbed it top to bottom several times, coating his massive head. Finding her hole, I drove forward. Swiftly, I pumped several times until my cock was buried balls deep in her tight pussy. I grabbed her legs, pulling them tight against my stomach. I had total access to her cunt. I fucked with abandon. I hammered her sweet cunt. My thoughts during the night had left my cock hungry for pussy. My balls had worked overtime. I now had to unload into her. I hammered hard, deep. The table was rocking with my thrusts.

"Yes Daddy, yes daddy!" she repeated over and over. I fucked her hard with long, demanding strokes. I could feel my orgasm approaching.

"Oh God Baby," I stuttered. Pulling her tight against me, filling her hole with my cock, I erupted from deep within my crotch. "Oh fuck Baby," I growled. Squirt and squirt of cum traveled from my balls, out my cock, into her waiting cunt. I held firmly against her, slowly letting my cock subside. Our orgasms had excited our bodies. Now, we quietly let our breathing return to normal. My cock began to deflate, slipping out of her cunt.

"Good morning," exclaimed Lynn. "I see you two did not waste any time this morning," she continued. She was grinning from ear to ear. She reached to slap my ass as she walked by.

"Good morning," I said meekly.

"Morning mom," Sara chimed. "Daddy sucked my cunt to a great orgasm," she explained. "I was just returning the favor," she said as she laughed. Hopping off the table, she grabbed her clothes and headed toward the bathroom.

"Well," Lynn said. "Will you be any good in an hour or so," she laughed.

"We may need to have Kyle take the first fuck on the boat," I responded. "I know that it will take some time to get the ol' boy back up," I continued.

Within minutes, everyone made it to the kitchen. Each had showered, dressed causally, dressed in clothes that were sexy, easy to get on and off, and were in a mindset to have some fun.

Lynn fixed a quick breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. "Need some strength," she quipped.

Sara was glowing. "Daddy already had breakfast," she boasted. Looking to me, she had to explain our early fuck. I actually think I blushed.

"Couldn't wait," I tried to explain. I dreamed all night about fucking. "I had a hard-on that was for the record books," I laughed.

"And I was so horny," volunteered Sara. "I did not even hesitate when Daddy asked for breakfast!"

"So," I continued. "Our arrangement on the boat and shore will change this morning. Kyle, Mom, and Kim will take the boat. Sara and I will man the trail," I explained.

We ate quickly. As we finished breakfast, I grabbed the digital camcorder. "Don't want to miss any action we may see," I told the group.

Walking out to the dock, we talked about how far the boat should be offshore. I also instructed them to position the boat with the bow away from shore, to pull the canvass sides of the boat up enclosing the front-end of the boat, and to use the long bench seat that was horizontal with the back of the boat. The participants line of sight would be best if this seat were used.

"It is important to keep the walkie talkie open and listen for our messages," I instructed. "And even more importantly, exaggerate all emotions, be loud, and have fun," I said. "Be very loud and descriptive!"

With that, I fired up the engine, backed the boat away from the dock, and we headed off to the far side of the lake. It did not take more than 20 minutes to reach our destination. Nudging up to the bank, Sara and I jumped ashore. We headed up the bank. Sara took the north end of the stretch of trail, I headed 200 feet south. We hid in the trees and underbrush. Quietly, we waited.

Kyle maneuvered the boat just off the shore as instructed, heading the bow to the center of the lake. Enclosing the front-end of the boat, it hid the deck from onlookers that could pass. Kyle, being brave, settled the boat just 25-30 feet from shore. The trail crested above the anchored boat, up 20 feet elevation above the shoreline. Any unsuspecting participants would have a great view.

Kyle was horny! A big surprise I guess. With all the discussion that morning, I could also feel the desire returning to my cock as well. Getting on the walkie talkie, I told the participants to get after it. I could hear voices off in the distance, but could not tell if it was mixed company or adults and kids. We would have to wait and see. The hike to our location was nearly 3-miles in either direction so I thought we would have to have avid hikers. At a elevation of 9000 feet, breathing is still required, and with thinner air, not lots of people would take the hike around the lake. No other access is available to this location unless you hike or boat.

On the boat, the three of them, although nervous, started their play. Mom jumped to kiss Kyle passionately. She was wet, had been wet from the minute she saw me fucking Sara earlier that morning. As she kissed Kyle, she reached to his cock, stroking him firmly in his shorts. "Make it grow for Mommy, Baby," she whispered. She reached to the bottom of the leg of his shorts, slipped her hand up under the leg, under his briefs to grab a ball sac. Squeezing she got his attention. Kyle moaned loudly.

"Oh fuck Mom," voiced Kyle. Mom kneeled down, pulling his shorts down with her. Kyle's cock sprung free. Grabbing the base, Lynn sucked the head of his massive cock between her lips. Sucking hard, she slowly engulfed his tool, sliding down the shaft deliberately, tasting every inch. Kyle's hands rested on her shoulders. Gently, he reached to her head, and slowly pulled her head toward his groin. "Suck me mom! Drain my cum! Swallow it!" he said. Arching his hips into her face, he slid his monster cock down her throat.

Kim was watching the show intently. She reached down the front of her shorts, grazing her fingers across her cunt lips. Her finger snaked itself into the soft, wet canal of her slit. Using her nail, she raked across her clit. Extending her finger, she gathered wetness and smeared it across her clit. She would make herself cum while watching mom and her brother for the next several minutes.

I heard voices approaching my hidden position. Within minutes, they would pass me and reach the overlook. Would they realize what show was available? Would they stay and watch?

Kim backed to the seat, stepped up on the seat cushion, and sat down on the top of the back cushion. Her hand was hidden from view, but her arm was visible as it disappeared down the front of her shorts. Her cunt was getting wetter with each flick of her clit.

"I'm getting fucking wet," she huskily whispered to her boatmates. With her eyes shut tightly, she focused on making herself cum. Faster, harder, she flicked her clit. Quickly, she reached to her cunt, driving two fingers deep into her pussy. Her legs spread wide, her hand and fingers pounding her wet cunt.

Kyle was watching Kim. He was fucking Lynn's face harder, driving every inch of his massive cock down her throat. Lynn was wild eyed, hungrily sucking, impaling her face. She needed cock. She needed to cum.

Our hikers were directly even with me. I observed two females. As they continued up the trail, they continued their intense discussion on environmental issues. I guessed they were in their late 30's, maybe early 40's. They were dressed in hiking clothes, and neither stood out as raving beauties. Average looking, between 5'6"-5'8" tall, they continued their hike. As they approached the crest of the trail, they could hear muffled moans, but could not hear distinct voices. No hesitation occurred at all as they reached, and passed over the crest of the trail. They continued their quick pace. All was quiet along the trail.

Minutes passed. Sara's voice came over the walkie talkie. Two hikers, early 30's, one male, one female. All was quiet. I could hear them approaching the crest of the trail. As they reached the crest, they slowed to glance over the lake. With binoculars, they were viewing the scenery on the horizon. They stood momentarily to gather in the view. The young man started down the trail toward me again. The young lady was frozen in place. As he headed down the trail, the young man looked back over his shoulder. The young lady was frantically waving him back to her. "Quiet," she whispered loudly. "Quiet," she repeated. The young man stopped, glanced out between the trees. Seeing nothing, he started the 10-paces back to her position.

"Look, right down by the waters edge," whispered the girl. "A boat is there," she again whispered. She just stood, looking through her binoculars.

"Jill, what is it," asked the young man as he approached her position.

"Quiet! Look!" she said again.

Quickly, the young man found the scene below them. "Jesus Christ," the young man said. "They're fucking!" he exclaimed.

"Ben, be quiet," Jill said. Both stood shoulder to shoulder, quietly watching the scene below.

By this time, the session on the boat was getting into high gear. Lynn was still clothed, Kim was masturbating herself, and Kyle was jamming his cock down Lynn's throat.

"Show time," I whispered into the walkie talkie. The message was loud and clear to the boat. Moving to look at the water on each side of the boat to make sure no one was approaching, Kyle stripped off his clothes.

"Mom, take your clothes off!" Kyle said loudly. Lynn started stripping as well.

"If I have to, so does Kim!" emphasized Lynn. "Daughter, remove your clothes too," she grunted loudly.

Kim jumped from the seat, stood next to Lynn and matched discarded clothing piece for piece with Lynn.

"Let's hurry kids," Lynn said loudly. "Don't want anybody catching mom fucking her kids," she continued.

Both Jill and Ben looked at each other. "They're family," Jill said quietly.

"Let's stay a minute," whispered Ben.

With that, they crept down closer to the rock formation a few feet below the trail. Here, they were out of sight of the trail as well. They leaned against a large boulder, propping their elbows near the top for stability. Hidden from view, they set themselves up to watch the show.

"Look at that cock," whispered Jill. "Ben, look at the size of his cock," emphasized Jill.

"I'm looking at the girls cunt," replied Ben. "Look at her body," he continued. He reached to adjust his growing cock in his shorts.

By now, naked and ready for sex, the three voyeurs started their show. Lynn took charge. "Kyle, come suck my pussy," she instructed. "While he eats me, suck his cock Kim," she continued. She moved to lie on the seat, spreading her legs wide. Kyle crawled down between her legs, driving two fingers deep into her wet cunt. "Oh fuck," screamed Lynn. Kyle attached his lips to her glistening clit. He continued to hammer her cunt with his fingers. She bucked against his face.

"Spread you legs big brother," Kim said loudly. Lying on her back, she slid between his legs. She reached for his cock and slid it down her throat. She reached her free hand to her cunt, burying fingertips between the lips of her cunt, and driving them knuckle deep into her wet hole.

Jill and Ben watched without a word or sound. I whispered for Sara to move closer to the hikers, but very quietly. I moved forward between the trees stealthily. "Holy shit," voiced Jill. I got within 20 feet of our hikers, set the digital on some outcropping, adjusted the view to encompass the scene, pressed the fade button, and hit record. The view framed our hikers. I prayed for play. Hopefully, they would perform for us.

Ben, struck by Kim's beauty, could not take his eyes from her body. "That girl is fucking beautiful," he whispered. "Her cunt is soaking wet!" he continued. He moaned under his breath, but still audible. He reached to Jill slowly, directly to her ass. He began to massage softly. Jill ground her mound against the rock gently.

Lynn started thrashing Kyle's face. Her hips were pumping hard. Her orgasm was approaching quickly. Driving her hips high, she came. "Eat mommy!" she grunted loudly. Kyle sucked her clit deep into his mouth, flicking her clit hard, rapid, and continuously. "Oh fuck!" shouted Lynn. Kyle drove his cock totally down Kim's throat. She was locked against his pubs.

"Jesus," exclaimed our female hiker. "She got that monster completely down her throat!" she hoarsely said.

"I am going to cum in my pants," Ben said. "Where did she put all that meat?" he rasped. They just looked at each other quickly, and back to our voyeurs.

When they got back to focusing on our group, they were all parting, standing, and changing positions. Kim reached underneath the seat and pulled out a large strapon, handing it quickly to mom. "Do me Mom," she commanded. She placed herself on the seat, lifting her ass up high while placing her tits, chest, and chin on the seat. Seconds passed, but Lynn got the strapon in place, stepped to the seat. Placing the head of the plastic cock at her exposed cunt, Lynn pushed forward hard. Kim grunted several times while driving her ass back towards Lynn. Buried deep, Lynn's hips mashed against Kim's ass. Lynn humped quickly, driving her cock in and out of Kim. Vocal, the girls were making a hell of a racket.

"Who's your mommy?" grunted Lynn. "Yeah, baby, cum for momma!" she continued.

Kyle moved behind Lynn. Reaching his hand out, he slapped her ass. The smack could be heard clearly by our hikers. Fisting his cock, he moved behind Lynn. Slowly he reached to Lynn, pushing his fingers into her flooded cunt. He pumped her vigorously, slamming his fingers deep. He grabbed his cock, placing its' head at her hole. Pushing forward slightly, the head popped through the opening. He slammed forward, driving his cock balls deep in a single thrust. His driving forward impaled both women, driving his cock deep, and in turn, driving the plastic cock deep into Kim.

"Feels like I am fucking both of you!" grunted Kyle. Kyle retreated, and hammered forward hard. Quickly a rhythm was garnered. Hips slapping, cunts being deeply penetrated, the trio fucked like demons for the pleasure of our hikers. "Who's your son, Mommy?" Kyle voiced loudly. Grabbing her hips, he hammered her cunt unmercifully. The scene below permeated the air around us, within both visual and hearing distance.

I looked back to our hikers. Jill had reached to Ben's crotch, massaging his cock through his shorts. Breathing was shallow, urgent. "I need that cock," whispered Jill. "Oh fuck Ben, I want that monster cock," she continued. Her eyes closed, she spread her legs wide as his fingers unbuttoned her shorts. He slid his fingers down her mound, reaching her cunt. "Yes," she growled. She pumped his cock hard. He stood, pulling her to her feet, pushed her shorts and panties to her ankles.

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