tagIncest/TabooHomecoming: Kyle Arrives Late Today

Homecoming: Kyle Arrives Late Today


The rest of Thursday evening evaporated quickly. Kim and I watched as Sara made love to her mom with the strap-on. It was erotic to say the least. Sara took time to make mom beg for her cock, lustfully wanting to match the aggression displayed by Sara. Her mind was totally on sex, its’ pleasures, and its’ trappings. She kept telling her mom to imagine it was Kyle’s cock between her legs as she drilled the 7 inch dildo deep into her pussy. Mom must have cum 3-4 times just from fucking alone, not counting the two from earlier activities.

Afterwards, laying quietly together, Sara focused on Kyle, and her plan for seducing him. “Daddy, tomorrow before Kyle gets home for Christmas break, we need to rent a movie. It has to be action packed, some scary parts, and one that the whole family will enjoy watching,” she said. With release of the ring movies, we selected the second release with the pretense that we could all go and see the 3rd and final release over the holidays.

Friday morning, I could not resist the temptation of going to Sara’s room before breakfast. I had spent a restless night, replaying Sara fucking her mom over in my head. I awoke with a hard-on, and began stroking him immediately. Lynn was waking, I kissed her on the tit, flicked her nipple with my tongue, and held her close. “I need to go fuck Sara,” I told her. “Any objections?”

“None babe,” she replied.

As I walked down the hallway to Sara’s room, I could not help but to stroke my cock. I could not decide what I wanted to do to her, fuck her beautiful ass, have her ride me and grind her hips down on my shaft, or have her on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. He got harder in my short walk.

As I opened the door to her room, she lay on her side facing the far wall, sleeping quietly, breathing softly, deeply. I crept across the room quietly, not wanting to wake her. I slipped into her bed with minimal noise, sliding close to her. My hand reached to caress her back softly. Sliding my hand under her night shirt, I rubbed her back gently, feeling the softness of her skin. I snuggled my crotch against her ass, letting my cock give heat to her as it nuzzled between the cheeks of her ass. Without panties on, her globes were soft, warm. I snuggled close. As I massaged her neck, she stirred, moaning softly. She flattened and rolled to her stomach. My hand traveled up and down her body length now, caressing softly. I caressed the cheeks of her ass, allowing my fingers to travel down her crack, teasing. Her legs parted slightly. I pressed my fingers down into the hollow between her legs and ass. Finding her slit, I lightly probed her pussy. She squirmed gently.

I leaned to kiss her shoulder, caressing my hand back up her torso with more emphasis, squeezing her flesh, rubbing flat, and repeating. My hand traveled up her body, reaching her neck. My finger tips extended into her hair, gently massaging her scalp. She reached down her body, finding my cock at attention at her side. She grasp it gently, wrapping her fingers around its girth. She moaned again. I rubbed her back for several more minutes, each time fondling her ass, reaching into her crack, fingers probing her slit. She tilted her ass off the bed, opening her pussy for my fingers.

I slowly slid my index finger deep into her pussy. Her breathing stopped as she arched her hips to allow deep penetration. Cupping her cheek, I buried my finger deep and started pumping it in and out quickly. I inserted a second finger, forcing their way in, twisting sharply, and withdrawing. With my fingers buried deep, I started opening and closing my fingers randomly, quickly. She was getting very wet. I pushed her shoulder up, allowing me to lick the side of her tit. I nuzzled more, turning her body to her side. I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I withdrew my fingers, reached to her front side, raised her top leg, and reached my fingers back to her pussy. As I inserted my fingers, my thumb rubbed on her swollen clit. Her body jerked as contact was made. She gasped as I flicked her clit and buried my fingers. Leaning before her, I sucked her tit into my mouth, holding her stiff nipple between my teeth. I flicked it back and forth quickly, nipping gently. I released the one nipple, licked her softness, and made my way to her other tit, squashed on the bed. My tongue extended, licking the nipple. I blew across her nipple, the cool breath causing the nipple to stiffen before my eyes. Goose bumps formed on the side of her nipple and tit. Her arm pulled tight against her body, covering the tit and nipple to hide it from my cool breath. She moaned, and giggled.

“Good morning Daddy,” she exclaimed. I drove my fingers deep in her pussy. Her mouth opened wide, not able to say anything more until she recovered from my penetration of her pussy. Her head arched back, she groaned deeply. “Um, Daddy, you know what I like,” she whispered softly. She reached her top hand to the back of my head, pulling me tight against her firm, hard nippled tits. “Bite my titties Daddy,” she said softly. “Fuck me with your fingers,” she continued. “God Daddy, it feels so good!”

I focused on her clit. I needed to get her past the morning delay in cumming. I wanted her body to feel the passion, the lust, the love I had for her. Now on a mission, I gently played with her clit as I kissed and sucked on her tits. I nipped at the hard little nubs, extending from the soft flesh of her teenage mounds. So firm, so taunt, the reached up, pointing to the sky. I licked, covering the nipple with wetness, and lightly blew cool air across her nipple, watching it stiffen even more. She squirmed. I continued my assault on her pussy, my fingers buried deep in her cunt. I retreated, pulling my fingers out, flicking her sex button with my middle finger. I raked it with my fingernail lightly, causing her hips to arch. With her reaction, I knew her climax was just minutes away. I focused my finger to tease nothing but her clit, sliding it quickly back and forth across the hardening bud. Her breath was now coming in quick bursts, eyes closed tightly, body arching to meet my finger.

“Daddy, don’t stop,” she hoarsely said. “Make me cum!”

I continued play with her clit. Quickly, I buried two fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy. Caught by surprise, a guttural moan escaped her lips. “Oh fuck,” she said. I again focused on her clit, rubbing firmly, back and forth, fast. Her body tensed, arching upward. I held her down with my palm on her pubic area. I brought my hand flat on her mound, adding pressure to her pussy. My finger tip raked over her clit, flicking it back and forth quickly. Labored breathing, body tensing, arching, she came hard. She pulled me tight to her breasts. Her hips bucked on my fingers as I inserted two deep into her cunt. I pounded her sweet pussy for several minutes, letting her slowly regain senses, feeling the pleasure of my fingers inserting, retreating from her pussy.

“What a way to wake up,” she exclaimed. Her hand reached for my cock. Hard, extending from my body, it was not hard to find. Pre-cum glistened on the head. She rubbed her finger in it, and sucked her finger quickly. She slid closer to my body, licking my nipples, kissing, massaging my balls. She took my nipple into her delicate mouth, sucking gently. She kissed her way down to my cock. “Good morning big daddy,” she told my cock. Extending her tongue, she licked down the entire side of my cock, washing my balls. She sucked my nut into her mouth. I groaned audibly.

“That’s it Baby, suck Daddy’s cock,” I whispered softly. She propped her body up on her knees, leaning over to suck my cock deeply into her mouth. I watched as she sucked inch after inch into her mouth, extending deep into her throat. “You are the best cocksucker honey,” I moaned. She pumped my cock with her hand, squeezing any fluids from deep in my cock to her waiting throat. She retreated, licking the head, sucking on the slit, and driving her mouth down on me again. She devoured my cock with a vengeance. Sucking hard, she tried to drain me of my cum.

Sara’s door opened, Kim strutted in. She was stroking the strap-on Sara had used on her last evening. Walking briskly to the edge of the bed, she grabbed Sara’s hips, pulling her back towards her. Kim reached between her legs, inserted fingers into her cunt, soaking her fingers with Sara’s juices. She stroked the cock attached to her body. Lubricating it thoroughly, she stepped to Sara’s ass, pointed the head to her pussy, and pushed gently. Sara settled back on the cock entering her pussy. Kim reached to each hip, grabbing her hip bones, pulling herself deep into Sara’s cunt.

“MMmm good morning,” she simply said. With that, she started rapid movements with her hips, driving the cock in and out of Sara’s cunt. Sara started sucking my cock with abandon, driving her hips back against Kim’s cock rapidly. She grabbed my balls, milking them, churning my cum, driving my body toward exploding, sending cum deep into her throat. She pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Kim, fuck me! God it feels so good!” she said. “Cum for me Daddy,” she continued. With that, she sucked my cock deep into her throat. Watching Kim fuck her, I knew my orgasm would quickly arrive. My nuts tightened. My cock swelled even larger. I had only cumming on my mind. Sara was sucking my cock deep into her throat, retreating and biting his head, and massaging my balls with her hands. She wanted to drain all my cum from my body.

I grabbed the back of Sara’s head, tangling my fingers in her hair. I pushed her down hard on my cock, wanting to force every inch deep into her face and throat. Holding her there, forcing my cock deep, I started cumming, shooting rope after rope of cum deep in her throat. She hungrily sucked me, extracting all the cum she could get from my deflating cock.

“God baby, do you like my cock?” Kim was shouting at Sara. She was pounding her cock hard and fast into Sara’s cunt. As it rubbed on her, Kim was approaching her own orgasm. Sara leaned down, resting her face on my stomach, tits pressed against my cock and balls. Sara reached between her legs, and started fingering her clit rapidily. Within seconds, Sara started cumming.

“Fuck me Kim, fuck me hard!” exclaimed Sara. Kim slammed the strap-on cock hard into her willing pussy as she came, faster, deeper with each stroke. Sara collapsed on me, pulling off Kim’s cock. Kim reached to her pussy, fingered herself quickly, finishing her orgasm. Growing weak kneed, she thrust herself on the bed next to me. She continued to stroke her plastic cock.

“That was great,” said Lynn. Looking to the doorway, we found Lynn was sitting in the side chair, filming our escapade with the digital camera. “We will get to look at this again,” she continued. “Kim fucking Sara like that was fucking hot!” she breathed. She growled out loud, and started laughing.

She joined us on the bed. I noticed that four of us, all large people, were tightly squeezed together on a queen sized bed. “That’s twice girls,” I said. “Mom has had to watch us fuck! Let’s take her back to our room and give her a good hard fucking” I continued.

“Yes,” chimed the girls. They jumped up, grabbed Lynn’s hands, and started pulling her up from the bed. They headed out the door and down the hallway. Having just spent myself, I again realized that another cock in the mix might be a blessing. I followed, my dangling cock leading the way.

By the time I reached the bedroom, Kim was laying on top of Lynn, her cock buried deep in Lynn’s cunt. Lynn had wrapped her legs around Kim’s waist, taking the cock deep into her pussy. With the bodies pressed tightly together, their tits mashed flat, they were kissing passionately, tongues tasting deeply. Sara was sitting beside them, playing with her wet pussy, inserting fingers, and sucking them into her mouth. This time, she offered her fingers to her mom, inserting both fingers in her mouth as she licked the juices from her fingers.

Kim pounded Lynn’s pussy hard with her cock. Lynn was lost in her need to cum. “Oh baby, fuck momma! Yeah baby, drive your cock in me!, she whispered. Kim pounded her hips hard against Lynn, driving the small plastic cock as deep as it would go. Sara, moving down their bodies and over between the pair of legs, stuck her fingers deep in her own cunt. Quickly, she reached to Lynn’s ass, rimmed the hole, and forced two fingers into her mom’s ass. “Oh fuck!” grunted Lynn loudly. Both holes were being fucked at the same time. Sara leaned to kiss and lick Kim’s ass while she hammered her mom’s ass with her fingers.

I approached Sara, watching her beautiful ass. I reached to her, slapped her cheek gently. Moving my hand over her globe, I inserted two fingers in her cunt. Wet, sloppy from cumming, she soaked my fingers. Removing my fingers, I rimmed her asshole. With urgency, Sara slammed backwards, trying to capture my fingers in her ass. I obliged. I drove my fingers deep in her ass and started pumping hard. Sara came almost instantly. She stopped movement, allowing full power of the orgasm to rip through her body. With it subsiding, she started hammering both Lynn and Kim with renewed vigor.

I stepped back, and started stroking my cock, wanting to fill a pussy with cum. I watched the scene before me, listening to the grunts, moans, and muffled sounds that filled the room. My cock grew harder.

Lynn’s body arched, humped both Kim’s cock buried in her pussy, and Sara’s fingers buried in her ass. She tensed, and started bucking hard as she reached her orgasm. Nothing was said, wetness flooded her pussy and ran down her slit, moistening Sara’s fingers as they pumped in and out of her ass, slowing now to allow removal. Shallow breathing was returning to normal. Kim kissed Lynn again gently, sucking her lower lip gently. Lynn’s arms flopped on the bed beside them. “I’ve been royally fucked,” she exclaimed.

“I get the first shower,” I chuckled.

“Not so fast buster, your started this,” Lynn said. “Finish it!”

“Girls, get to the showers,” I told them, reaching to swat their buts lightly. They jumped up and headed toward their rooms. “What would the lady of the house like?” I queried.

“Give me a real big cock,” she replied. “I need one that will fill me with cum!”

“I would be more than happy to oblige,” I told her. “But first, I need to eat some great pussy!” I continued. I crawled between her legs, knowing that her clit would be easy to make cum a second time. I leaned forward, sucking her clit between my teeth, flicking my tongue across the bud, pressing it to my teeth for added pressure and pleasure.

Times like this only one cock is needed I thought to myself as I buried my face in her wet cunt.

Later, we showered, and got a late start on the day. Kyle’s plane arrived at 4:30 p.m. and we needed to be waiting for him. The next weeks were going to be interesting.

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