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It was the first of July. I was out back spray washing the patio chairs. Our daughter, two years of college completed, was sitting reading. Quiet. She had been quiet since she got home. We call her Fawn because when she was little she fell in love with the name Fawn and wanted to be called Fawn so we did. Still do. Everybody does.

I sat down at the table, resting, and Fawn said, "Mom, do you know any sane men? The kind that are rational. Somebody that can have a normal conversation. I'm looking for someone mature. All the men I meet seem to be half-wits. It's really discouraging. Most men can't seem to hold a normal conversation."

"I know a couple, maybe," I said. "I probably know a few. Actually I know a good number of men in that category."

She turned and looked at me and said, "Do you know any that doesn't try to get into a girl's pants every five minutes?"

I laughed. "Sorry I laughed Fawn. Been there, done that. You're a young, lithe, sexy woman and the men are going to be coming at you for some time. What you need is better social defenses and more social knowledge. Worked for me. When I was in that position I could let them in or turn them away and if I turned them away they went away happy and remembered the experience."

"Mom," she said. "Who do I learn that from?"

"The best person would be a man," I said. "One that doesn't see a girl that he might can get into her pants but a girl that happens to be wearing pants. In other words a man that respects you, and all girls, and everybody."

She said, "Do you know someone you might could recommend? Someone I could talk to and ask questions. When guys come on to me I don't know what to do. It's embarrassing. I mean if I said yes I wouldn't know what to do next."

"I know some like that," I said. "Men that have good instincts and know women. They can explain what men want and you'll know what to expect. They know how to seduce a woman and you'll know how to respond and seduce him back. They'll know what they want from a woman and you'll know what to give back.

"Different men have different needs or expectations but you have to learn that as you go. However, the men I know are older than college men. That doesn't mean they're old, just older. It wouldn't be college level conversation. It would be like talking to me."

"That's ok," Fawn said. "I like more mature men anyway. They don't act so nutty. I'm more comfortable. I hate to say this to my own mom but could you fix me up?"

Pausing for a bit I said, "Let me see what I can do."

A week later I went looking for Fawn and found her reading. I sat down and said, "Fawn, I found you someone. I only told him the bare minimums so you have to fill in what you want when you see him. Here's where you meet him and the time." I gave her a slip of paper. "Wear your silky soft red blouse. He'll find you. It's a very nice open lounge. Lots of tables spread around. Lots of private places."

Fawn took the slip and read it. Looking up she said, "Thanks mom. I really appreciate it."

"Glad to help," I said. "Go early so you can have some wine and relax so you won't be nervous."

Fawn got there early and got some nice red wine and found a single fairly private booth with high backs all by itself. She couldn't see the entrance but there were several so it didn't really matter. She brought along a paper from one of her professors she wanted to read and was slowly working through it. Getting engrossed in it she soon forgot everything but reading and the wine.

She noticed a pair of legs next to the table and a voice said, "Are you Fawn?" She looked up and he said, "Hi, I'm Doug. You have to be Fawn. You have on a red blouse."

Fawn looked at him for a moment and said, "Dad?"

He said, "No. I'm Doug. I'll be dad another time but for now I'm Doug. May I sit down? Are you having wine? Looks good. Would you like another?" He motioned to a waiter and pointed to the wine with two fingers raised before she could answer.

Momentarily losing her wit she said, "Sure. What are you doing here dad?"

"Doug," he said. "I go by Doug. For a long time. Why don't you say it once or twice. It'll be more familiar that way." He was smiling brightly and she was half smiling, eyebrows spread.

"Doug. I'm, uh,"

Doug stuck his hand across the table and said, "How do you do Fawn. It's a very nice pleasure to meet you. Your mom asked if I could maybe answer some questions you might have."

Fawn slowly stuck out her hand and they shook just as the waiter dropped off two glasses of wine. Doug took a good sip, smiled and looked right in her eyes. He said, "If I may suggest, take a breath or two and say 'Doug' and let's start again."

She took a couple of breaths and a sip of wine and said, "Dad, uh, Doug." Laughing delightfully she said, "Wow. You caught me off guard. I guess I'm a little lost in the moment. Do you know how hard it is to call you Doug?"

"Sure," he said. "It's as hard as it is for me to call you by your first name instead of Fawn. If you would like to give me a try tell me what you need and we'll go from there."

She smiled and took a couple sips of wine and said, "Ok Doug. Here's what I said to mom."

She took her time and explained the whole problem. She explained more extensively, more detailed. It was difficult but she got through it. When she was finished she nodded her head a couple of times and sipped some more wine. The waiter had replenished the wine.

The problem Doug recognized was someone trying to get into her pants every five minutes. Nobody probably has and she's probably developed a mental block. Now nobody would or it would be a problem for a long time. All the other things she mentioned seemed to radiate from that or a lack of life experiences. Same thing maybe.

"It describes exactly what your mom and I went through when we started out. I guess everybody has. You need to know all those little things. What they say, what you do. What you do, what they say. What you both say, what you both do. The difference between a good lover and a potential problem and how to handle it."

"Yes, exactly," she said. "Can you give me a couple of examples? It'll tell me we're on the same track."

"Sure. Never go somewhere with a guy if it's dark or no one else is around. Don't leave someplace with a guy alone. Stay there or get someone to go with you, unless you really know the guy and trust him. If you like a guy and you both want to have sex and he says he only goes bareback it means he won't use a condom. Don't have sex. Protect yourself from that guy. He's not a responsible person. You'll probably wind up with a medical problem. Tell him you're not a horse and he'll have to find some other filly. Be firm but nice. Am I in the ball park?"

"Yes dad, you are, uh Doug. That's exactly it. You seem comfortable talking about the intimate things with me. You sure it's not too personal for you?"

"Not at all," he said. "I have references. We could try. Start slow and see how it goes. As long as you're having fun, enjoying yourself, collecting the right information and not developing neurosis problems or becoming a chapter in somebody's book then I'm comfortable with it. If not, mom knows lots of other men. We might kibitz every now and then."

"Sounds great Doug," she said. "How would you like to start?"

"By ordering dinner," he said. "Mom said we should eat and have a late snack. I think she wants us to spend more time together. We can talk while we eat. The more we talk the smoother it'll be." The lounge wasn't busy and they ate and talked and had just a little more wine for about two hours and left a nice tip when they left.

Fawn had walked over through the park so 'Doug' drove them home. After parking in the garage and clicking the garage door back down he waited for her at the inside door. When she approached he slipped an arm around her waist. She looked in his eyes and after a moment he slipped his other arm around her waist and pulled her slowly in.

He kissed her forehead as her arms slid around his neck. Then he kissed her nose. Then he kissed her lips. He smiled and she smiled and he kissed her lips again with his mouth slightly open. While kissing he pulled her fully in and her arms tightened around his neck and they found each other's tongue.

He felt himself starting to come up and he pulled back slightly. She followed him so he reversed and went back in. Now their tongues got active and his hands went their trained way and she unconsciously started filing away the mating instincts of the male animal. He was already familiar with the mating instincts of the female animal.

Her mom was on the screened in porch so Fawn joined her. Her dad went off to his workshop. Between bits of a sandwich she said, "Did you have a good time?"

"Mom," Fawn said, "You sandbagged me. I was so surprised. I never expected dad to show up. You're a wicked woman."

"Yes, but did it work out," she said. "He seemed like the obvious choice and you two know each other so well I thought it would save a lot of time. How did it go. I don't want to pry but I want to pry."

Fawn thought for a few moments and said, "He kissed me. Well, we talked all through dinner and I found out a lot. It's stuff I wanted to know. Life experiences and expectations and stories and stuff."

"He kissed you. At the restaurant," she said.

"No. He kissed me in the garage," Fawn said. "It was a hot kiss. Full on. I almost broke his neck squeezing. I think I smashed my boobs. I'll have to check. My knees got a little weak. I'm still feeling nervous. Is he that way with you?"

"Always," she said. "Except when he's going golfing. Then it's peck and bye. Fawn, it sounds like you found your guy. I want you to be very comfortable with this. Anything you two do is fine with me. I'd love to listen and watch but I know it'll be better if you have your privacy. Go with what you feel like. He's going to be as nervous as you are. If you're sure of what you want, try to let him know. Tell him or show him. Above all, have fun and enjoy yourself."

The next afternoon, Saturday, her mom was off at a function and her dad was reading and relaxing after working outside. Fawn came back from the gym, dropped her bag, and sat down on the sofa with him. He put his arm around her and she slid over and snuggled in. They talked for about half an hour and he said, "How would you like a very nice orgasm?"

"Really," she said.

"Sure. It's quiet, lights are low, nice time, be fun," he said.

"I just got back from the gym and, uh, I should get a shower," she said.

"You're just wonderful like you are," he said. "A shower will be a lot more fun afterwards."

She turned and looked in his eyes and nodded 'yes' a couple of times.

He said, "Let's try this. Slip forward to the edge. Put your feet up on the sofa and face the other end." She did. "Just fall backwards and turn towards me." She did.

He slipped an arm around her shoulder and down her back. She slipped an arm around his waist and the other around his shoulder and got comfortable. Her breasts were against his chest. It was the perfect lovers kissing position you see in movies. Her lips were right at his. His right arm and hand was completely free and her lower hip was against his thigh. Everything was close.

Fawn had on her gym shorts, loose, with a pull over top. A few buttons up high. He bent slightly and kissed her all over her face slowly and down her chin and a little on the neck. Working back to her lips he wet his and pressed in softly and held it for a few seconds. Slipping his tongue in between her lips he found hers and softly flicked it, exploring occasionally.

He had his free hand on her back, just above her bun dip. It was bare skin. He slipped his fingers in her pants and teased the top of the buns, running his fingertips back and forth, slipping a finger just down inside the bun dip when he went near it. This brought some nice moans and she got a little tighter around his waist and in his mouth with her tongue.

After about five minutes he moved his hand, still just inside her pants, up on top of her hip and teased there, dipping back over on her buns and up over and down towards her crotch, not very far. Sometimes she stopped kissing and put her head against his chest, breathing a little hard, then back to kissing. He let his hand filter down to her lower stomach and finger touched down to her pubic hair. He could feel her squeeze and push just that little bit.

He spread his fingers a little more and pushed down under her panties right over her clit. She stopped kissing and took a big breath. At the same time she lifted her upper leg and planted her foot and pushed against his hand. She let out a wonderful sounding, "Ohhhhhhhhh." She had her eyes closed and mouth open and he held her closer.

His hand was in a sea of pubic hair. She seemed to have it all. He wanted to run his hand on down and under to see but this was not the time. He started playing through that lovely soft valley of hair with his fingers feeling what he had never felt before. It didn't seem to be trimmed even for swim suits. He was thrilled.

She was slowly working with him to get his fingers on her clit. Her hips pushing out into his hand. He dropped his fingers in through the soft hair and felt the impressions he was looking for. He got on either side of her clit, down in the top of her folds and went looking for the nib. His fingers pulled at the skin just above the nib and worked it up and down, fucking her clit with her hood.

She was back to kissing, still breathing kind of irregular and he said, "Is it ok if I get some lubrication?" She nodded several times and he moved down through her bush to the bottom of her pussy. Slipping a finger in and down he found good lubrication. He pulled out and up to coat the clit and hood. He did this three times, pushing the hood up and coating the tip of the clit. He wasn't sure how far he went in her vagina if he did at all.

He started fucking her clit with the hood again. Much smoother now. She was forceful with her hip movements and he rode with her picking up speed a very small amount. It was a perfect body merge between them and worked well for both.

It wasn't long before she started a low groan that grew in volume. She started holding him tighter and buried her head and face in his chest. She dropped her leg down closing her valley and pulling it back. She had his hand trapped there trying to get him to stop but he had enough room for his finger movement and he went a little faster every few moments.

She pulled her stomach in tight, closing all her muscles like a steel vise. She closed her throat, trying to let out guttural sounds at the same time. Raising her leg again she pushed against his hand very erratically until she collapsed.

He caressed her up and down softly for a while then slowly pulled his hand out and put it around her shoulder. He put his head back and closed his eyes. When they roused themselves she went off to take a shower and get dressed and he did too. Her mom got back and all three went out to dinner and had an exceptionally wonderful time.


Other than setting up fawn and her father I generally left them in private, except asking about her surprise at the lounge. That was a lot of fun for me. Doug and I keep each other up to date. It seemed to be working. She was more open and alive.

She had a kind of a down level about her and that's disappeared. We've spent time with her talking and asking and answering questions. We're careful to do that one on one so she can get different views. Doug is quietly progressing along with her private areas of concern and I tend to give them as much time and privacy as I can. It's important.


Saturday, raining, lazy day. Fawn's mom was off to help one of her long time college friends in preps for her daughter's wedding. Doug was up in the kitchen getting coffee, still in his pajamas. Fawn came in for the same thing, still in her pajamas.

"Hi," he said. She looked luscious. Always did. "Any plans for today?"

"No, none," she said. "Will mom be ok in this rain, driving?"

"Bill picked her up. He's driving," he said. "He's a good driver. They'll be fine. They probably won't be back until tomorrow, usually about mid-day."

There was something in what her dad just said but she didn't say anything about it. She went over and put her arms around his neck and kissing him said. "You are a very sexy man Doug."

"And you are a very sexy woman fawn," he said. "I don't have on those thick jeans I had on the other day and you're going to cause one of those sexual things very shortly."

"I'm glad I can do that. It's very comforting," she said. She pressed in and kissed him while he filled her valley, so to speak.

"While not trying to suggest anything in particular we could have a sexual adventure if you would like," he said.

"I think that's why I'm holding on and kissing you," she said. "You seem to be able to get me interested and breathless. Did you have anything in mind?"

"Well," he said. "We could do a teaser up and we could do a teaser down. We could do something men really like or we could do something women really like. I could get you extraordinarily excited with a large orgasm to finish. We have the sofa, our king sized bed or your king sized bed. If you like you could set some limitations, rules."

"Oh, My bed please," Fawn said. "I'd really like to have memories of you there with me. What if I picked more than one thing?"

"Pick one or all. Whatever you're comfortable with. Some of these married sex things can get very erotic. Keep that in mind. You'll get use to those. Just takes time, and fun. Also, I don't want to accidentally get you pregnant."

"OK," she said. "Remember all those things you suggested and start at the top. I'll let you know if it gets to be too much or something I'm not ready for yet. And mom started me on the pill many moons ago. You can let go whenever you want."

"Nice to know," he said. "When you're ready lead the way."

"Doug, you mentioned that mom might not be back until tomorrow, around mid-day. Can I ask what that means?"

"Bill is a friend of hers from college," he said. "They were lovers before we met. When it's convenient he picks her up and they spend the night together and she's back the next day, usually mid-day."

"Mom's having an affair. I never knew that," she said, smiling. "And it's ok with you?"

"Fawn, they're not having an affair," he said. "They're just having sex, enjoying each other. Sure it's ok with me. We follow the guidelines. It's fine. No problem. I'll explain the guidelines. It's ok. You'll be fine with it too. Don't let it become a thing. We don't want to invade their privacy."

Finishing their coffee he followed her to her bedroom. It was softly lighted with the side table lights. The bed was mostly made but bare from half way up to the headboard. The pillows were fluffy and neat. She went around and climbed on the far side, he climbed on the near side.

She had on pj tops, buttoned, and short pj bottoms. No bra. No panties. He had on pj tops, buttoned, and long pj bottoms. No t-shirt. No shorts.

Fawn said, "What guidelines?"

He undid her top button and kissed across her breasts, pulling the top down on each side as he went but not all the way down to her nipples. She closed her eyes and wet her lips and breathed deeply. He said, "No particular order but first, 'don't catch anything'." He slid a hand up under her top and roamed around in each direction without touching her breasts. Then he skimmed along the bottom of each a few times.

Breaking a fairly passionate kiss he said, "It's a responsibility to yourself and your family to take all measures to be sure you don't." He moved about a quarter of his body on hers as she folded over fully on her back. He unbuttoned two more buttons and slid a leg over between hers, filling her valley.

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