Honey for the Bee


Chapter 1 - Be my girl

It's the summer holidays. You are shopping in town when you bump into Tina, a stunning, ceramic beauty from college. She's no more than 19, dressed to kill and groomed to Olympic standards. You fancy her like chronic. You all do. But unlike your mates you've not a had a significant girlfriend since Kim. You've been deprived of nookey. Tina politely acknowledges you speaking in a low sexy whisper. She's wearing an expensive, well fitting mini dress and posses a pair of lips that could suck the chrome plate off a bumper. You nervously engage her in conversation.

'Hello, what are you doing?'

She smiles at you vacantly. 'I've just bought a new swimming costume, wanna see?'

You'd prefer sex but to develop the relationship you nod enthusiastically and your cock stirs in your pants as if awakening from a deep sleep. With beautifully manicured hands with long nails in a luscious pink she opens the carrier bag and proudly shows you her purchase. It's a sexy bikini top and matching briefs in a dazzling polar white.

'It's very sexy,' you say. 'I bet it looks terrific on. Are you going on holiday or...?' Your voice trails and Tina smiles warmly.

You've always had a thing about women's swimming costumes and as you wonder if it would fit your cock stiffens. Tina doesn't notice but seems to read your mind and holds the bikini and briefs against you. Shoppers nearby watch with amusement and you blush profusely.

'Come round tomorrow, the forecast is lovely and I'll show you what it looks on.'

Your pulse races and your heart pounds frantically. You're honoured. 'Where do you live?' you ask.

You didn't know the house but knew her road. Everyone did. The locals call it "Millionaires Row" on account of it being the home of stockbrokers and dot com millionaires. Full of palatial houses with expensive cars and landscaped gardens. You never dreamt she lived there - sexy, beautiful, bright and wealthy, this is your lucky day. Eagerly you agree.

The following day Tina, dressed in a tiny mini skirt flippantly whisks you through her house, your mouth wide open, to a magnificent indoor pool. You're in a state of shock, you never realised she lived in such an amazing house with a pool that resembled a private members spa. You feel like a pauper and to make matters worse you hadn't bought your swimming trunks.

The pool is breathtaking - almost full size and built inside a luxurious conservatory surrounded by glass and potted plants. The roof, also glass, slides back for sunny days. And Tina is right the weather is fabulous, the suns shining and you're already feeling hot and sticky.

'Pour yourself a drink while I slip into this,' she waggles her new tiny white bikini round a finger and disappears behind a door. You rub your hands jubilantly and spot the mouth-watering jug of punch. You pour yourself a tall glass. You've no idea what it is but it tastes deliciously alcoholic.

You're having your second as Tina bursts dramatically through the door in high heels and her "to die for" new two piece. She looks sensational and extremely pretty.

'What do you think?' she cry's, 'fancy a swim?'

You study her slim subtle body and how her bikini moulds itself to her body leaving nothing to your imagination. Her legs look incredibly long, her waist tiny and her tits, full and firm.

'It's great,' you say dribbling your punch already feeling light-headed, 'but I can't join you I've nothing to wear.'

Tina smirks and parades provocatively in front of you, swinging her hips, stretching her long willowy legs like a catwalk model.

'I'm sorry, darling how remiss of me I should have said about our pool. Don't worry I'm sure I've something suitable.' She turns on her heels and rummages in a nearby cupboard, bending at the waist causing her bikini briefs to stretch taught across her curvy bottom so the crack between her cheeks is delightfully visible. She knows you're watching and wiggles her shapely hips tantalisingly, the tie on her bikini top swaying across her perfectly formed shoulders.

'Yes... here we are, wear this swimsuit. It's shape enhancing and very accommodating.'

She says it as if that made it alright and held the bubblegum pink costume out proudly stretching it this way and that as if proving a point. She studies it as if for the first time and looks at you estimating your size. 'I'm sure it will fit. You'll love this type as it has a tummy control panel and it's made of power mesh, Lycra and Elsatine.'

You laugh nervously. 'Is it yours?'

Tina looks awkward but manages a rather odd nod and avoids looking you in the eye. You find her reaction strange.

'Hmm! Nice but I can't wear that. It's for girls. ...Haven't you got anything else?'

She doesn't even look again. 'No, nothing,' she says sternly fingering the waistband of her briefs. 'Don't you want to swim with me?'

Of course you do and if the truth is to be told wearing her sexy costume is strangely appealing yet you don't want her to know that. She's the type of girl that likes her men to be men - therefore wearing a ladies swimming costume will do nothing for your already fragile masculinity.

Speechless you nod as she wraps her slender naked arms around your waist. You feel her warm, soft skin and smell her sexy perfume. She smiles flashing her pearly white teeth and gives you an affectionate kiss on the lips. Then she ushers you into the changing room from where she came.

Inside you see her clothes and more importantly her lacy white lingerie lying neatly on a bench. Your cock stiffens as she makes you stand in the middle of the floor as she undresses you. She takes everything off, one after another, as if unwrapping you, until there you are, stark bollock naked with an erection on the front of you like a stubby pencil. In some ways, you feel uncomfortable standing there in a strange house, but what came next is so indescribably delicious, you could put up with it anytime. She takes your tiny erection in one warm hand and gives you a long, deep, hot kiss. You melt and feel faint. You haven't got a large cock, but what you've got could have harpooned a walrus. You feel like a lucky boy.

'Look,' she says soothingly, 'I understand your reluctance but I'm alone in this big house, my parents are out and I know they would be furious if you swam naked. So how about it?'

You smirk and reluctantly take the swimming costume from her, your hands trembling slightly, your throat dry. She turns and rummages in another cupboard. 'Oh! And look darling, here's a matching crochet fringed sarong too.'

You're not really looking - The swimsuit is amazing and feels ridiculously expensive. The tag says 'Go Gay' which makes you smile to yourself. With a plunge neck and tiny straps you assume its more for show than serious swimming. You guess it's a size too small as to get it over your hips you have to heave it skywards with all your might. The industrial-strength material, strains apart but doesn't misshapen. You take a deep breath and concentrate on the task as Tina looks on approvingly. After a few seconds pleased with your progress she scoops up the sarong and skips back to the pool stopping momentarily to blow you a kiss before disappearing behind the door.

'See you in a minute,' she chimes.

It's a struggle but once you've got the costume to your waist you wiggle a bit to get it too your chest then pull the first tiny strap over your shoulder. Tiny it may be but its as taught as a wire on a suspension bridge and capable of supporting as much. You feel your chest concave and... Hold on! You stop and realise perhaps you're behaving rather too eager. Boys don't wear girls swimming costumes. You think for a moment and though the costume turns you on you don't want to put off Tina who's obviously feeling up for it. Then you have it - There's no need to pull it any further and with carefully rolling the swimsuit looks like an unbelievably tight pair of trunks that even Harry Houdini couldn't break free from. Pleased with your handiwork you bundle your clothes into a heap, place them next to hers and step cautiously on your toes back into the pool, your eyes watering with every step.

Tina is waiting patiently; relaxing on a cushioned lounger, drink in hand, sunglasses on head.

'No, no, no darling... You can't wear the suit like that, you'll ruin it.' She tuts disapprovingly and shakes her head violently, 'and you certainly can't swim topless. What will the neighbours think?'

Before you can argue, she's up and her manicured hands are once again around your waist tugging at the stretchy costume. Soon, with a little effort, the maximum-security chastity belt is up around your chest. 'Oh!' You gasp as the gusset immediately compacts your tiny cock into pulp like a car crusher and you feel faint. Your hip bones bruise from the bone-mashing costume, your circulation feels cut and your torso is deadened of all feeling. You wince and pluck the costume from between your arse cheeks but the overall effect is nothing short of miraculous. Trussed up like an overripe bondage queen you look down at your feminised form. What you see is a an amazing surprises. With slight padding the underwired breasts give you an enviable figure but rather than be horrified it really turns you on.

You're now feeling quite drunk and giddy, you're unsure if it's the alcoholic punch or the costume but a strange thing happens - a deliciously warm glow spirals within you. 'Ooh!' you gasp, it feels lovely despite doubting you can sit let alone swim. '

Strap by strap Tina manhandles them over each shoulder. It's quite a struggle and as she snaps the final innocent looking strap in place you feel totally emansicated.

'Mmm,' You murmur as your mind wanders and your hands roam all over your body exploring your smooth gusset and flat tummy. Are these a few of the discomforts borne by the average female trying to look as good as she can and to hell with the consequences? Surely not... Yet it does feel incredibly good.

'My God!' Tina gasps, 'you look amazing. You look absolutely fabulous. The suit is so flattering. You've such a flat tummy and beautiful long legs. Come here darling, give me a hug.'

You walk towards her unable to stop shaking your hips from side to side in an exaggerated swagger. You catch your reflection in a window and smile to yourself. God! you do look good. It creates quite an illusion and despite the strong stretchy material it clings to your body like a second skin yet looks light and fragile as if it could be torn off with a strong hand from an over zealous admirer. Oh! The thought makes your cock judder in its tight cocoon as if gripped by a powerful force. You shake your head to clear your thoughts.

'Your skin is so soft.' Tina says rubbing her hands over your slender shoulders. 'Your skin is so smooth its like a babies.' Her hands slowly descend down your back over your rounded bottom. 'Your butt is so taut - like a succulent peach fleshy and firm...' She giggles. 'Ripe and ready to eat.' Her hands stroke the stretched Lycra and her fingernails tickle your thigh. 'Sweetie, can I ask you a personal question.'

You nod.

'Do you shave or wax?'

You manage a girlish giggle and shake your head.

'Oh, darling you're so lucky you've got this summers luminous look. Tell me you're secret. Do you exfoliate everyday, soak in coconut milk regularly, moisturise or cream?

You begin to blush. 'No, don't be daft of course not. I'm a guy we don't do that.'

'Mmm!' she purrs like a cat, unconvinced. 'But you're different, you're not like an ordinary guy, are you?'

'I don't know what you mean,' you say feeling awkward, wishing you hadn't agreed to wear the sexy swimsuit.

'Oh! Darling I think you do. A boy like you with such a sexy feminine figure can't be real. Here, put these on and show me your legs in all their glory.'

She kicks off her high-heeled shoes and hands them to you and inexplicably you bend at the waist (with some difficulty I might add) and slip them on your feet.

Immediately propelled forward you sway unsteadily for a moment then getting your balance strut about the pool like some beach babe. Tina loves it clapping and suggesting ways for you to limply hold your hand and sway your hips.

You love it too and just as you begin to feel more confident - She notices the tiny bulge in your groin.

'Oh baby! How cute. Isn't it the sweetest thing.' She points to the tiny mound in your groin. 'It's hardly noticeable. It looks like a girls.'

'That's not fair,' you hiss, 'I'm cold and this suit is splitting me apart.'

'Oh! Poor baby come here.' she says sweetly.

You melt and step gingerly forward.

'Look, see,' she takes your hand and rubs it gently over her own briefs and feminine mound. You gasp at her forwardness as you feel her bush through the bikini.

'Now lets compare.' She then puts your hand gently over your own groin. You pull it away shyly but she keeps hers in place firmly cupping your cock massaging it gently through the Lycra. You feel the heat emanating from her soft hand and almost immediately your cock begins to twitch and harden despite the almost unbearable tightness of the costume.

'Oh darling I see you do enjoy wearing my sexy tight costume. Let's be girls together. We will have such fun.'

With your squished cock in her hand you raise your eyes as if in prayer. Its then you notice the roof or lack of it. While you'd been changing Tina had pressed a button and sent the roof of the pool sliding back and the water is now bathed in bright sunlight. It's hot, you're hot and Tina stretches out on a sun lounger with another two tall glasses of punch.

'Come darling, come and lay down with me, let's be girls together. I'll show you how to worship your own body. I've made us both another drink. They're lovely. Bit strong but lovely.'

She's right, you've never tasted such an alcoholic drink and before long you begin to relax under the influence. But you've a worry - the alcohol may spoil your performance later if, as you hope, Tina wants you to use your cock. She seems unconcerned and hands you a pair of contemporary bridge sunglasses and coats your lips with a sun protector.

After a few minutes you feel the sun begin to burn.

'Be a love and rub, this oil into my back.' She asks.

You happily oblige. 'I thought we where going swimming?' you ask as you rub her beautiful shoulders the oil glistening on her skin.

'We are - I just thought we could top up our tans before the others get here.'

You freeze. 'Others.' You say. 'You never said anything about others coming.'

'You never asked.' she giggles, 'but don't worry it's just Clare, Lucy and Kim from college.'

'B, B, but you stammer. They'll laugh at me wearing this swimsuit. And Kim, of all people. You know we went out together and she always teased me as weedy.'

'No they won't. Darling you look lovely. If anything they'll be jealous.'

The girls all arrive together clutching swimming bags. And she's right, they where jealous. They didn't recognise you at first but they gave you suspicious catty glances.

'Aren't you the guy with no knob?' Lucy asks winking at Kim.

You shake your head vigorously and Tina comes to your aid.

'He's got a knob it's just very small.' Tina points to the feminine mound where your cock is and the girls all laugh.

Ok so they joke, who wouldn't, but after a while and a few more drinks they relax and behave quite sweetly to you. They treat you like one of the girls even contemplating you on your swim suit and how it flatters your figure in some way or other.

Soon they change and as you all bask on sun loungers dressed in itsy-bitsy bikinis and swimsuits you feel surprisingly comfortable and at ease. The level of agony inflicted by the swimsuit is even becoming bearable. You feel like the luckiest boy at college, as you look at all the gorgeous girls around you. Clare's wearing a stunning white and pink flowered tankini top with matching high leg bikini briefs, Kim is wearing a black ruched side swimsuit and Lucy is wearing a fuchsia coloured underwired bikini top and plain high leg bikini briefs. You'd never been surrounded by some many luscious babes wearing so little. You wish your mates could see you now... then on second thoughts as your costume works between your arse cheeks threatening to cut you in two like a block of cheese with a wire you think otherwise. You don't feel very masculine, in fact you feel positively girly. How can you be manly dressed in the tight pink costume so rather than fight it you begin to relax and think of yourself as a young girl. Like any teenager stretched out on the comfy lounger you look down at your feminised figure. Your cocks vanished; your legs seem to stretch out endlessly, your hips womanly, waist tiny and your stomach flat. Suddenly you realise how you easily could be mistaken as one of the girls. Tina sits next to you and starts rubbing oil into your back careful not to get it on the tiny straps.

Kim watches intently, 'You love wearing that suit, don't you? She asks. You feel your face turn beetroot red.

'Err, no,' you say unconvincingly.

Kim laughs sensing your unease but she doesn't seem bothered. 'With a hot little body like yours it deserves to be shown off.'

Clare laughs. 'Isn't he a darling. I wish my legs where long, silky and smooth like yours.' She slides sylph-like off her lounger and rubs her supple hands along your legs up your thighs towards your bum.

'Mmm,' she purrs rubbing your peachy arse with the palm of her hand. 'You're a dazzler you should be a model. I bet you'd break many a mans heart.'

They talk about boyfriends and after a while the conversation turns to your name.

'I mean your name isn't a bad name,' Lucy says doubtfully, 'but perhaps we should call you something a little more pretty, feminine, cute. In short, a more girly like name.'

'How about sissy,' Kim proposes. 'or fairy? Or what about faggot?'

'Shut up, Kim,' Tina shouts. 'You're not being helpful. What about "Honey" - short and to the point and with just a hint of mystery. After all, with your long legs, curvy figure and beautiful hair you're a girl and no mistake. There isn't a man that wouldn't take you in their arms and give you a thorough seeing to given half the chance. You look like a stunning beach babe, a cute bubbly girl who likes her drink, men and sex.' Tina says cheerfully. 'Girls blood coarse through your veins. A beautiful girl in a beautiful swim suit, eager for fun, romance and adventure.'

The girls all laugh and you try to relax as they all pamper you.

Lucy not wanting to miss out joins in and gently brushes your hair with her brush. 'I should introduce you to my sister she designs and makes swim suits and is always looking for the right model.'

'Stop teasing him,' Tina says massaging your back even harder, he can't help looking like a girl.'

You blush and Tina is quick to pounce. 'I bet you look stunning in seamed stockings, high heels and a little black number.' The girls all laugh.

'I see him more as a mini-dress kind of girl.' chirps Clare.

'Stop it, stop it!' you say. But secretly you don't want them to stop and as Tina massages your shoulders, Kim fondles your bum, Clare manicures your nails and Lucy combs your hair you listen in a dream like state, your little cock hardening as they discuss what you'd look like in sexy lingerie, evening wear and party wear. They talk animatedly about clothes as if you're a child's dolly swapping outfits on you at random; tight lace panties, frilly cami-knickers, fancy bras, tights, fish-net stockings - it's heaven. They even talk about sex and how the shorter skirt allows quicker action. On and on they talk.

'I don't wear panties when I'm on a promise,' adds Clare merrily.

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