The wedding ceremonies had drawn to a close. All the guests were safely in their own homes and it seemed as if Greece itself sighed happily in a drunken stupor. But the night had just begun for the two newlyweds.

Ares, still dressed in his white suit put his arms around his golden bride. He rest his head on top of hers as she looked silently out the window, her eyes fixed on the cosmos outside. Shawn smiled and relaxed her body into his, at last feeling like his other half. She sighed happily and closed her eyes as she felt his light kisses grace upon her skin. With a slight turn of her neck, she found herself pressed against her husband as he delivered more kisses onto her offered neck.

Seeing the opportunity, Ares took Shawn into his arms and swept her off her feet. He looked into her eyes and saw only pools of passion gazing back at him. With a victorious grin, he kissed her passionately and walked over to the bed. He placed her down softly and stepped back to take her in. The instant his hands left her body she let out a disappointed sigh. He smiled as he saw his bride staring at him with undisguised want.

He crawled into bed and laid on top of her. He smiled mischievously before kissing along the plunging neckline of her black wedding dress. She arched her back gracefully, allowing more of her skin to be accessed. Ares allowed his hands to go to her back, but he stopped as he heard her excited sigh.

"What is it, Shawn? Is that what you want?" he asked softly.

She nodded, her mind flooded with heated thoughts.

He smiled once again and said, "I want to hear what you want, my love."

Shawn shook her head and tried to find her voice.

"Tell me what you want or I will stop all together."

She whispered, "I want you to make me your wife."

A dark chuckle came out of his body. "How will I make you my wife?"

She looked into his eyes, passion and excitement clouding her vision. She opened her mouth to speak, but found no words could come out.

His hands proceeded to unbutton her very simple back, allowing her dress to fall off perfectly. He pulled it off and for the first time saw her naked form -- as perfect and beautiful as he thought it would be. Expertly, he kissed each of her nipples, just letting a soft moan come out of her body. He ran his fingers down her sides, making her squirm in excitement.

Ares, much to Shawn's disappointment, stood up and backed away from the bed. Much to her amazement, his clothing just disappeared off his body and he stood before her, baring his manhood. Suddenly, she was nervous at the sight of his naked body. The artists had rightly shown a god's endowment, but she wasn't sure how to take it.

As if he knew what she was thinking, he climbed on top of her once again, drinking in the feeling of his skin pressed against hers. "I promise you will be fine, my queen." He kissed her on the lips lovingly and felt her body relax under him. He smiled and slowly spread her legs for his entrance.

Ares positioned himself, but stopped and looked at his wife once more. He had many women in his life, but none looked like her, save the unconquerable Aphrodite. She looked up at him and smiled through her nervousness and said, "I love you."

With one sigh, he slowly entered her, loving her sounds of pleasure. When at last he was completely inside her, he paused and kissed her with love. Then, just as slowly, he pulled out, only to go back in once more. Shawn never showed a sign of pain, only sheer pleasure. Ares took this as a sign to keep going, and so he did.

He had been with many women, but not like this. She seemed to be made for him, her moans only exciting him even more. Her movements instinctively what he craved. He found himself in the world that he only imagined he put his lovers into. Looking down from his pleasure, he saw Shawn writhing underneath him, crying out in joy.

Suddenly, his vision clouded and he let out a cry of pleasure. Underneath him, she was also letting out screams of joy. He felt his climax coming and embraced it to share with his wife. When it hit, he filled her with his wedding gift as her body squeezed him dry. He kissed her without abandon, giving himself entirely to this woman that he had only known for a year of his eternal life.

Lost in the pleasure, Shawn allowed him to lovingly throw himself at her. She sat in amazement and pleasure at that fact that he did not go soft inside her like Hercules had not long ago. She wrapped her legs around him in a hug that held them as one perfect being.

She looked into his eyes, reason slowly returning. She smiled and said, "Ares, I know we promised each other a lot of things today, but there is one more thing that I would like to offer."

After slowly sliding out of her, he lay beside her and nodded. "What is it?"

Shawn crawled out of the bed and knelt at the foot, in front of him with nothing to hide. "My King, you have chosen me to be your Queen and there is only one way that I can repay you."

Liking where this was going, Ares smiled and said, "Continue."

She bowed her head and said proudly, "I would like to serve you in any way that your other slaves cannot. I wish to be the slave of your will and your heart."

He sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to put his hand under her chin. He raised her head so she could see the excited grin on his face. "I accept your offer, my little one." In an instant, a collar appeared around her neck with a chain holding her to Ares. "You are now mine and mine alone through the chains of marriage and devotion forever."

He stood up and brought her to her feet as well. He took her left hand into his and held the chain with his right hand. "No opposition or temptation will ever come between us again." With one last devious smile, he kissed her passionately once more and laid her back down onto the bed. This would be one vacation he would never forget. One vacation he would never allow to end!

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