tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHopeless Situation Ch. 05

Hopeless Situation Ch. 05


What can tip a person over the edge? Possessiveness, Sex and love.

This is a six chapter story with a twist at the end. Please give feedback as I love to find out what appeals.

Thank you to slickNick2412 for his suggestions.


Chris sat in the Board Room of one of his legitimate businesses only half listening to the Company Secretary drone on with his End of Year Report, the mans nasal voice speaking in a steady monotone, running through the profits achieved over last years trading.

His mind kept playing back memories of the last couple of weeks. Memories of his little captive waiting back for him at his home meandered through his thoughts. The soft skin along her shoulder that he loved to kiss and bite as he moved deep within her body, watching her pulling and struggling at the leather restraints that held her still for him, her arms stretched tight, high above her head, pinned to the ends of the headboard of the big bed. He loved to watch her eyes as they stared up at him, deep green and sparkling with anger, as she tried so hard to stop her body responding to his deep and slow movements inside her, as he pushed her to orgasm against her will.

The other night he had placed the tight leather belt back around her waist as he bound her arms high behind her back, forearm to forearm, wrist to elbow, her chest and head low against the bed, her knees attached by short chains running from the straps around her thighs to the belt, causing her lovely bottom to raise high in the air. Unable to lower it or move to relieve the position she was in, he pounded into her, deep inside with a long slow steady rhythm as he worked her close to cumming, only to withdraw before she could reach release, and then starting again once her beautiful body kneeling in front of him had calmed down, pushing her once again closer and closer to the edge, but never allowing her get the relief her body screamed for.

He pictured her as he had left her this morning, wearing one of his shirts and nothing else, the sleeves rolled up on her graceful arms, the brown leather cuffs around her wrists in contrast to the crisp white cotton and the pale luminosity of her soft skin. Her lovely shapely legs poking out the bottom of the shirt as it reached half way down her thighs, covering his property from the eyes of his staff as she stood dutifully in the front hall of his mansion, watching him leave.

He loved to see her wear his clothes, his shirts, his tee shirts, his sweaters. Her sexy body drowned in his things, naked underneath, her lovely assets for his eyes only.

Dave had been given his instruction for the day with regards his little captive. When he was not there like today, she was allowed to be where ever she wanted now within the large mansion. The only stipulation was the long thin chain that ran from her ankle cuff, secured with a small padlock, to what ever heavy piece of furniture there was within the room she was in, allowing movement but no freedom.

The droning man's voice came to a stop and Chris realised that all eyes were on him from around the long highly polished wooden table, waiting for his comments. About what he had no idea, his mind having been on Rebecca, one hundred miles away, her lovely charms waiting for him.

"Yes well, Um, good, fine. That's OK." he mumbled, picking up the pen and tapping it distractedly on the report in front of him hoping he wasn't making too much of a fool of himself.

Since the night his men had brought the woman to him he had become obsessed with her, continually thinking about her, hating it when he had to leave his home and her presence, content sitting with her near him, her lovely body still and waiting just as he had taught her, within reach at his feet as he sat at his desk in his study working, or at the dining table, feeding her from his plate, her small mouth opening to take the food and drink, dependent on him in everyway.

And at night, her arms no longer secured, his naked body wrapped around hers, holding her tight against him after sex, he would ask whispered questions about herself, listening to her quiet replies, his little captive, the musky scent of sex surrounding them, helping him to drift off to sleep, the warmth of her body against his, calming and peaceful.

Suddenly the mobile in his suit pocket rang, and looking at the screen to check who was calling him, saw it was Dave, and murmuring his apologies to the men around the board room table, answered the call.

"Yeah, what's so important that you've called me during the meeting?"

Dave's deep voice rumbled across the line, making his body chill at the answer to his question.

"Your woman just did a runner, managed to get the chain unhooked from around the leg of the heavy couch in the small sitting room, and legged it out the window."

"How long ago?"

"No longer than ten minutes. I've got the men out searching for her. We'll get her, no problem. What do you want done with her until you get here?"

Looking up at the people sitting watching him, lined up along each side of the long table, he quietly replied, "Put the merchandise back in the basement room, and make sure it's secure. I'll be back in a few hours to deal with it. Keep me informed of any problems with delivery."

And with a flick of his wrist he turned off the device, putting it back in his pocket and standing up apologised to the group in front of him, "My apologies Gentlemen, but something has come up that needs my attention urgently. Thank you for your time, and effort over the past year, it's much appreciated." and grabbing up the report and papers from the desk hurriedly left the room, striding to the lift in the elegant hallway, jabbing the button impatiently and muttering to himself.

Chris was furious, how dare she try a stunt like that, didn't she know how much leeway he had allowed her over the past week, the ungrateful little bitch. He was going to kill her when he got his hands on his little captive, and she would learn her lesson the hard way.


Rebecca sobbed as she looked up at her wrists above her, the damn leather cuffs were cutting into her skin again and her shoulders ached. Scared she hung there waiting, knowing that she was going to be punished when he returned, but exactly how she had no idea, and that was what terrified her.

What was he going to do to her?

She knew she had to have made that attempt at escape, she had bided her time and taken the chance when it came. She had been so close to totally getting away, if only the stupid long chain that was attached even now to her right ankle hadn't got tangled on the tree as she climbed over the brick wall at the perimeter of the grounds, she would have reached the little lane running along the side of the estate and waved down a car and reached freedom.

But here she hung, back where she started, only now she had more knowledge of what could be in store for her, and her body trembled at the thought of just what might happen when he got back.

Minutes passed like hours as she stood, body stretched and taut, her mouth dry with fear and that awful rubber taste of the gag in her mouth. It had been pushed in by the muscular bald man called Dave, before he had stepped back from chaining her up, his deep voice rumbling as he spoke.

"That was a very silly thing to do Miss. The boss is not going to be too happy with you when he returns. I suggest you try to get your strength together and contemplate your mistake while you wait." With that he left, locking the big metal door and leaving her alone, petrified about when the man she had to call her Master returned, and what he would do to her.


Chris slammed the door of the car and strode up the steps to the front door, striding through as it was opened from inside by a member of his staff before he even reached it.

His temper had steadily increased on the journey home, his chauffeur sensing the anger emanating from his boss had wisely kept quiet, driving as fast as he could back to the mansion, the sleek black car heavy with brooding atmosphere.

Occasionally the phone in the car would ring and Chris grunted into it as he received updates from Dave, finally finding that his little slave had been caught, tangled up and unable to move, halfway over the high perimeter wall. That stupid bitch, she could have killed herself. When he got back she was going to be taught a lesson she wouldn't forget. He had been too soft with her these last weeks, but that would change. She obviously hadn't learnt her place in the scheme of things, and now she was going to pay.

Bowman had been tracked down, living in a flat somewhere in the South of Spain with his secretary. Not his own flat, but a rented one. His stolen money no doubt paying for the flat, as well as Bowman's and his secretary's good life in the sun. Well he was going to extract not only the punishment for trying to make a bolt for freedom from his little captives hide, but the restitution of his missing money too.

She won't be able to sit down for weeks once he had finished with her.

Stopping in the hall next to Dave he asked, "She's down there as instructed?"

"Yeah, hanging waiting for you Boss."

"Good because when I finish with her she'll rue the day she was born."

His friend and employee placed a restraining hand on his arm as he went to move towards the basement door, his dark brown eyes worried. "Listen Boss, just a word of warning; take a few minutes to calm down before you go to her. You need to be in control of your temper when you deal with her, or you'll really do some damage, and that's not right in my mind."

Chris snarled back at his friend. "It's none of your damn business."

"Yes it is. She ran because she's scared and wants what you took away from her, her freedom. I know you like to have your little pets, and I've never judged you on it, but this one is different, this one was innocent and you've pulled her from everything she's ever known into uncertainty and captivity against her will. If you hurt her so bad because you're in a snit at her running she'll close in on herself, and lose the spark that attracts you to her."

"I don't need your advice Dave, now let go of my arm and leave me to deal with my property as I see fit."

Unlocking and pulling open the wooden door, he stormed down the stairs into the basement, his temper even higher at the words his friend had said. Walking down past the wine cellar to the metal door at the end of the dark corridor he reached out and turned the key, his heart pounding in his chest, his teeth gritted in his jaw, the muscle there twitching as his rage increased.


Rebecca heard the lock in the door turn and started to shake even more, watching the door as it slammed open, banging back as it hit the concrete wall with a crash. In he strode and slammed the door shut, turning to lock it from the inside, before facing her as she hung there helpless in the face of his obvious fury.

"You little bitch," he gritted out between clenched teeth, striding up to her and staring down into her shocked and wide green eyes.

"You disobedient, ungrateful, conniving little bitch. Try running did you? Thought you could leave me did you? Well my little cunt remember what I told you that first day. Be good and you will be rewarded, displease me in any way and you will be punished. Obviously you didn't pay enough attention to that lesson so I am going to have to beat it into you."

Squeaking through the gag, her body shaking in terror, Rebecca watched him remove his suit jacket and hang it over the back of the chair in the corner of the room. Standing in front of her he removed his tie and undid the top couple of buttons of his shirt.

"You look a little overdressed my love, here let me help you out of my shirt your wearing." And reaching up he ripped it open, exposing the front of her naked body, taut from standing with her arms raised up, her small breasts high, her nipples hard from the cold of the room and fright.

Removing his cuff links and putting them in his jacket pocket he started to roll up the sleeves of his shirt whilst walking around behind her. Unable to move her head enough to follow his movement, Rebecca started to turn her body to the side, using her toes as they touched the floor to swing her round.

"Uh Uh, my pet, you keep facing forward I think."

Suddenly she felt a hand on her ankle as it was pulled out and anchored to a ring on the floor by the cuff around it. As her other ankle was pulled out and secured the weight on her wrists increased, her cuffs cutting in harder, her arms and body stretched even tauter, every muscle pulling tight. The pain and terror throbbed inside her head, and a cold sweat broke out along her nerve ends.

Chris could hear her whimpers behind the gag, but he was too far gone to care, his anger that she would try to leave him had taken over all reason, and though not normally a sadistic man, all he could think about was teaching her that she was his, and that he would show her what it meant to try to escape him.

Rebecca heard him rummaging on the table behind her, looking for something, and then felt him pull the collar of the shirt behind her neck down, before feeling the cold metal as it cut through the fabric.

Bit by bit Chris cut away the shirt from her body, until she was left completely naked, apart from the collar of leather she still wore around her neck, and the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Standing still behind her he undid the buckle of his belt and slid the expensive strip of black leather through his trouser loops that held it around his lean waist, until is was completely free. Curling the buckle into his palm he made a fist, leaving the hard thick leather length snaking down by his side.

Positioning himself slightly to the left of the beautiful sight of her long slim back as it tapered down to the soft mounds of her behind, stretched and quivering in fear before him he raised up his arm and brought the leather belt down with a blinding force against her buttocks, watching as they jumped in pain as the hard strip of leather bit into her soft flesh leaving a red weal in its place.

A high pitched scream, muffled by the gag erupted from her throat and her body jerked in her chains.

Lifting up his arm again he hit a second time, not allowing her to catch her breath, the belt slapping hard against the skin of her bottom where the most sensitive skin met the top of her thigh.

Throwing back her head in pain, the tears started to flow in earnest, her nose gasping for air, as her lungs restricted by her hanging position failing to get enough in to them to allow her to release the tension and the agony her nerve ending were feeling each and every time the leather connected with her skin in hard and heavy thwacks.

On and on the beating went, the belt sometimes hitting her back, sometimes her buttocks and sometimes the backs of her thighs, landing on already bruised and burning skin, each hit bringing white hot bursts of agony.

On and on it went, without a break, until slowly she retreated into her head where nothing could touch her, and no pain could find her until blackness took her and she no longer cared.


"Oh sweet Jesus what have you done to her!" Dave exclaimed as he watched Chris carry the naked and unconscious woman in his arms up the stairs, her head dropping back, the gag still in her mouth.

"She passed out, get me some ointment for the wounds, and call the Doctor, the one that we use for any discrete stuff."

"You fucking prick, I told you not to hurt her too much. What were you thinking?"

"Fuck off Dave and get the Doctor, Now." Chris roared as he took the stairs two at a time, running down the upstairs hall to his bedroom to place her gently face down on the bed that they now shared and he thought of as their bed, their room. All his anger at her now dissipated, shocked at how he had lost control.

Looking down at the back of the naked woman that he had just beaten, sprawled unconscious on the bed, the bright red welts criss crossing every piece of skin from her neck down to her knees, he sank down to sit on the side of the bed next to her.

Lifting a shaking hand up to remove the gag from around her head, he leant slowly forward and kissed her damp sweat soaked hair as he murmured to the unconscious woman. "Forgive me baby, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you so badly. I don't want to lose you."

Just then Dave came barrelling through the door, and Chris grabbed the side of the duvet she was laying on and discretely tried to cover Rebecca up.

"Here you are you Prick; I found this in the first aid box. I think this will help, or you can wait for the Doctor to get here. He said he'll be here in twenty minutes."

Chris looked at the jar of ointment in his hand, not really comprehending what it was, and without looking up at his friend said in a quiet voice.

"I think I've fallen in love with her."

"Well of course you have you stupid Prick. Anyone of us could see that over a week ago."

"I've really fucked up haven't I?"

"Yeah you have." Dave sat down on the chair at the end of the room. "I know you have your games you like to play Chris, but they are usually between you and consenting women who know what to expect, but she was an innocent, drawn into this against her will. That other one a couple of years ago was no innocent, she knew what she was doing, and consented to becoming a full time slave. Rebecca didn't and you took her away from her life and everything that mattered to her. You can't do that and not have to deal with the consequences. You treated her like a toy and now you've broken her. You're going to have to decide what to do next, because, mark my word Chris, she'll make a bolt for it again next time she can. Especially now you've beaten her to a pulp."

"And what do I do now Dave? Let her go? I can't do that. I love her, besides she'll go straight to the Police and even my influence there might not save me."

"Chris it's a chance you're going to have to take. If you keep her you're going to have to keep her under stricter conditions than you have for the past weeks. Letting her have as much freedom as you did is asking for trouble. It seemed as if you were trying to have a mixture of a lover and a totally unwilling captive as a sex slave. It didn't work. You either have her one way or another, and at this point of time I think the lover option has flown out the window."

A groaning sound rose from Rebecca's mouth, low and deep.

Dave stood up and walked over to Chris, placing his hand on his friends shoulder.

"Think about it Chris. One way or another you are going to have to make a decision on this, and either way one of you is going to lose their freedom. Kidnapping, rape and slavery is not a slap on the wrist type of crime."

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by Anonymous02/16/18

"Kidnapping, rape and slavery is not a slap on the wrist type of crime."

Let's hope he pays the full price. I'm looking forward to it.

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