tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHopeless Situation Ch. 06

Hopeless Situation Ch. 06


Who's to say how you should find the lifestyle that's right for you.

This is the final chapter in this six part story. I hope you enjoyed it, and I would love any feedback you have.

Thank you to slickNick2412 for his input and suggestions.


Pouring out another Scotch into the heavy crystal glass, Chris stood alone in his Study, his head throbbing from too much booze, too little sleep and worry about the woman laying upstairs, chained by her ankle to his bed, her back healing.

The past couple of nights he had fallen asleep drunk on the big leather Chesterfield, too ashamed to face her, his days spent trying to decide what to do.

Realising he was in love with his little captive, and probably had been since he had laid eyes on her sitting opposite him scared and unsure what was going to happen to her, had made him vulnerable.

He had thought that he owned her, but now he realised it was the other way round. She was the one that had control. Total control of his heart. It was a feeling he had never felt before, and it scared him.

He had hurt her, treated her no better than he would a slut, and now she must hate him, while he loved her with every fibre of his being.

If he kept her here, captive and secure, he would see the hate in her eyes when she looked at him, and that was something he didn't want to see. But if he let her go she would run straight to the Police, and his freedom and his life as he knew it would be forfeit.

A mess. A complete and utter mess.

And one of his own making.

Hearing the knock on the Study door he called out for whoever it was to enter. Looking up as he drained the glass of the amber liquid he watched as Dave came in and walked towards him.

"The Doctor's been to see her again and just left. He say's the wounds are healing and there shouldn't be any marks left once the welt's completely fade. Said to keep giving her the gentle sedative for another twenty four hours and then to start letting her up. You want to go up and see her yet?"


Settling down into a chair Dave looked up at his friend as he poured himself another drink.

"Look Chris, me and the staff didn't sign on as nurses, she's your woman, your problem, you go up and look after her. She needs her wounds tended to with the balm the Doctor left and it should be you doing it, not me."

Chris looked across the room at the man sitting scowling at him, "What do you mean? You've been putting balm on her wounds? Who told you that you could touch her or look at her body?" a possessive wave of anger started to flood his drink muddled and tired brain as he started to move towards Dave, his fist clenched.

"Whoa, slow down Chris. Who did you think was dealing with her while you sat here feeling sorry for yourself, getting drunk for the past two days? She needed to be looked after, and I haven't noticed you rushing up there to take care of her."

Stopping dead in his tracks, Chris stared at Dave, feeling more of a shit than he had before.

"You're right. It should have been me. I've been so scared to face her though. Has she said anything?"



"That she wants to go home."


Sitting on the side of the bed, the bottle of balm in one hand, the soaked cotton wool in the other, Chris gently dabbed at the couple of ugly red marks on her body that hadn't completely faded.

"How's that feel baby. A little better?"

Nodding her head as it lay on her folded arms, Rebecca lay there still and quiet as Chris tended to her back.

"You hungry? I can get the kitchen to rustle you up something if you want?"

This time a slight shake of her head told him no.

"Please baby you really should eat something. I can get them to scramble some eggs. You like eggs? I'll get them to do some and maybe a couple of slices of toast."

Chris looked down at her, his stomach knotted with worry. She had hardly eaten anything over the last few days that he had been with her, laying passively on her stomach, eyes closed as if she wanted to blot him out of her mind.

Putting the cotton wool down along with the bottle on the bedside table, he reached across to brush her hair, lank and dull as it lay against her face, tucking it behind her ear, and leaning forward whispered. "Baby I'm so sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me, I promise I'll never hurt you again."

Noticing the collar around her neck and the leather on her wrist, he reached up and started to undo the buckle at the back of her neck. "Let's get these off you."

Rebecca felt the leather as it slid from around her neck, the first time in three weeks her throat was not encased in the heavy collar. She felt her arm being moved and the cuff being removed, her Master's fingers rubbing gently along the inside of her wrist, and hearing a small grunt as he noticed the ring of red raw flesh where the cuffs had rubbed.

Strangely she felt more naked without the leather against her neck and wished it was back.

In a quiet voice full of shame and worry he murmured, "Please forgive me, I didn't want to hurt you like this." and taking the cotton wool started to apply the balm to her sore wrist, before moving around the bed and removing all the cuffs from her body,

As he removed the cuff at her ankle that chained her to the bed he heard her voice as it said the one thing that he thought he wanted to hear, but now really broke his heart.

"Please don't hurt me, I'll be good, I'll do anything you say, just please don't hurt me again." *

Rebecca sat at the dining table opposite her Master, the plate of food in front of her untouched. Wrapped up in his soft and fluffy towelling robe, this was the first time since that awful beating she had been allowed out of bed. Her skin where the leather belt had deeply bruised and hurt her now felt only a little sore in places, but the change that the beating had done was at a deeper level. Somewhere inside of her there had been a monumental shift, and now she sat opposite her Master, compliant and watchful. Her mind focused on the here and now, her past life put away in a compartment somewhere in her brain, accepting of her slavery to the handsome man sitting at the other end of the table, watching her with a worried expression on his face.

"Pick up the knife and fork Rebecca and eat some food."

Instinctively obeying his command she picked up the cutlery and started to eat. It felt a little strange sitting at the table, feeding herself for the first time in nearly a month.

Chris sat there watching her, wishing that the spark would return to her eyes that had been missing since that day he punished her for trying to escape.

At night he held her in his arms, stroking her back with his fingertips, as she lay silently passive, but he hadn't forced himself on her, and the need to feel himself joined to her, the need to feel her body responding to his was driving him insane.

But sensing her fragile state of mind he refrained from taking her, wanting and waiting to see if the woman that he loved was completely healed, both physically and mentally.

"Rebecca, would you like to go out for a walk tonight in the grounds?"

"If you want to Master."

"No Rebecca, if you want to, not me. Would you like to go for a walk? It's a lovely night and the moon is bright and full. The rose bushes are in bloom down by the Gazebo, we can go there after dinner if you'd like?"

Green eyes quietly watched him, waiting for instructions.

Putting down his knife and fork he arose and walking around the table to her he took her hand in his and helped her to her feet. "Come on baby lets get some fresh air. We need to talk." *

The air was warm as they walked across the grass to a little area walled off by a high thick hedge, the smell of roses permeating the evening breeze. Sitting down on the bench under the Gazebo, Chris watched as Rebecca gracefully sank to her knees in front of him, positioning herself as he had taught her to do nearly four weeks before.

"Baby come up here and sit next to me on the bench."

Unfolding her body, she hesitantly sat next to him, hands on her thighs, face looking down, her legs apart, the towelling robe falling open from the belt downwards revealing her slender limbs and her sweet womanhood.

Picking up one of her hands in his, Chris quietly spoke, his heart beating rapidly as he started to explain to her what he had decided to do.

"Rebecca, I should never have done to you what I did. It was stupid and selfish. In the past I have always had like minded partners. Women who enjoyed the same sexual games and role playing that I do. Consensual sex slaves if you will.' Stroking the palm of her hand as he spoke, he tried to explain his actions. 'I had noticed you the few times I went to Bowman's offices, and I was attracted to you and your natural shyness, and when my men brought you to me that day I took advantage of the situation as my lust and my need to possess you took over any sense I should have had."

Lifting up her face with his finger under her chin and looking for any reaction, Chris saw none, just the gentle acceptance that she must listen. Slowly he let go and reaching down closed her thighs and towelling robe so she was covered.

"Baby I love you. I don't want to let you go, but I realise I have to. I've hurt you and broken your spirit and if I keep you here with me like this you will never get it back. Tomorrow Dave is going to take you home to your flat. Bowman is gone so you don't have a job. I've set it up for you to receive a monthly payment into your account which will allow you to live how ever you want. I realise that as soon as you go to the Police and tell them what has happened they will come for me. I accept that. But I want you to be happy. I'm so sorry I did this to you. I will always love you."

Bending his head down to hers he placed his mouth against her mouth and gently kissed her, a sweet and soft kiss, before rising to his feet and looking down. Tenderly he stroked her hair back behind her ear, then turned and left her sitting there alone, surrounded by the smell of roses. Free to do anything she wanted. No chains holding her captive, no leather binding her limbs, the freedom of decision.

Rebecca sat there in the gathering dark, under the ivy covered wrought iron structure, thinking and dwelling on her soon to be freedom.

After an hour she had come to a decision.


Chris sat on the couch, the glass of amber liquid balancing on his flat belly as he leaned back, his legs splayed out, and his mind numb with grief knowing that he would never see her again after tomorrow.

He looked up as she walked in through the open patio doors that led to the garden, and watched through sad eyes as she walked up in front of him, stopping between him and the coffee table.

He watched as slowly she untied the belt of the robe and reach up to slip the white fabric from her shoulders. The robe slid down her arms to a puddle around her feet on the floor, and she stood in front of him in all her glorious nakedness.

Gracefully kneeling down between his spread out knees she lifted her wrists towards him and looking him in the eye said in a clear strong voice. "Master your slave begs for him to bind her. For she consents to all her Master wants and needs and promises to be good. His little captive wishes to stay and serve and not be sent away."

Dumbfounded Chris just sat there at the lovely sight in front of him, kneeling still and quiet, her arms raised up towards him, crossed at the wrist in a gesture of servitude.

Gradually he leaned forward, placing the glass in his hand on the floor with trembling hands.

Taking her wrists in one of his, he held them together and whispered, "I accept your offer of servitude, but with some conditions. In our home and our bedroom we will be as Master and Slave, but I want you to be my full partner in life and be there on my arm to show off in public as my wife that I love and am proud of. I promise to love you and treat you with respect and never hurt you anymore than I know you want me to. Together we will bring each other pleasure and delight, and if ever you want to see your family they are welcome in our home and in our lives. Do you accept?"

Rebecca smiled up at Chris a big smile on her face, "Your little captive accepts Master, with all her heart."


Chris looked across the room, the noise of the party swirling around him, the drink in his hand empty, looking for her.

Suddenly he noticed her coming towards him, a fresh drink for him held in front of her, her swollen belly round and fertile under the silky dress with their second child.

Smiling down at her, he took the drink and curled his arm protectively around her waist pulling her to him before bending down and kissing her ear.

The wife of one of the men in the small group they were standing with suddenly spoke, looking down at Rebecca's ankle.

"My that's an unusual ankle bracelet you are wearing Mrs Landsman, where ever did you get one like that?"

Rebecca laughed, her eyes twinkling as she told the blonde women in front of her. "My husband had it specially made for me as a wedding present. I've never taken it off since he put it on me on our wedding night."

All eyes looked down at her shapely ankle encircled in the inch wide band of solid silver, closed with the small silver padlock.

"Oh my, it looks almost like a manacle."

"Yes many people say that, but I like to think of it as a gift of freedom."

Chris just smiled and patted her bottom with his hand, feeling the end of the butt plug he had placed there as they were getting ready to go out earlier.

The freedom to choose to stay is much more fun that the freedom to leave for some!

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