tagSci-Fi & FantasyHostile Ch. 07

Hostile Ch. 07



I had been wholly unable to resist the sight of moisture leaking from her pussy, I had felt an undeniable urge to taste Alie and pleasure her. I had been proud I was able to bring her such ecstasy but now...

Now she lay unconscious and I felt slight concern. I knew it was not unheard of, for people to be rendered unconscious by sex but she was weak. Worry lined my face, unsure if something more serious had happened.

Suddenly her eyes popped open again, probably only 30 seconds from when she passed out but a relieved sigh escaped my lips nonetheless and I smiled happily at her.

She stared me with a look I honestly couldn't identify and she whispered, "That was... amazing. What happened to me?"

A small grin grew on my lips and I replied, "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think you passed out Alie."

"Passed out?"

"Yes, it is almost the same as falling asleep but it happens suddenly and usually for other reasons."

Alie nodded slightly in understanding and watched me closely through hooded eyes for a few minutes. I could tell she was contemplating something.

Meanwhile, I had to do something about my raging erection that was now causing a deep ache low in my belly. As I moved to walk outside I heard her say, "I want to see it."

I turned and looked at her with a slightly puzzled expression and asked, "What do you want to see Alie?"

She gestured with one hand at me and said quietly, "Your... uh... your..." Her voice faded away and I raised an eyebrow at her. She blushed and then forced out, "Your penis, I want to see you... relieve it."

I stood still and watched her for a moment with only slight surprise. She had asked before but I wasn't sure if she really wanted to see.

I nodded and crawled back onto the bed, laying beside her. My eyes met hers and my hand began drifting toward my swollen cock. I desperately wanted to ask her if she wanted to touch me but I knew that I had already taken many liberties with a young woman whose trust of me was probably tenuous and who had little experience in sex.

With my gaze now drifting over the swell of Alie's breasts and the peaks of her nipples, to the soft curly hair of her mons, I slowly stroked my erection, knowing that I wouldn't last very long with my state of extreme arousal.

I was getting close when I finally realized that perhaps it would be best if this experience be educational as well as pleasurable.

My eyes slid back up to hers. I could see a storm of desire brewing within again as she glanced back and forth between my face and my erect member. Quietly I heard her ask, "Why does looking at it make me feel warm and tingly?"

"I think, even though you have never seen one before, your body may instinctively know what a man's penis is for... perhaps that is why you are warm and tingly?"

As Alie nodded in understanding I could see she was still unsure. I decided to proceed with my explanation.

I used my hand to draw back my foreskin and indicated to the swollen purple end, quietly explaining, "This is the head of my penis, it is very sensitive."

"The skin I drew back over the head is called the foreskin, it is to protect the head."

I slid my hand down my dick and continued, "This is the shaft, and the base. These areas are sensitive as well but not as much as the head."

My voice was starting to grow hoarse as her eyes stared so intently at my member, her face a mask of arousal and curiosity. Her rapt attention to my penis caused me great arousal, almost as if she actually were touching it.

Before I could say a word, she reached out her hand and gripped the head of my erection. Her touch was gentle and very arousing. A shudder flowed through my body and I was barely able to hold back from covering her hands in my seed.

Her eyes stared into mine, as if asking approval, and I whispered in a strained voice, "Alie... I will not be able to hold on much longer. When a man reaches orgasm, a thick white fluid called semen comes out of his penis. You don't have to do this but... it feels so good."

I saw a twinkle in her eye and a slight grin touch the corners of her mouth. She moved my hand away and stroked me very slowly and gently, watching my face.

I couldn't take it, it was just too much after the events of the day. A deep groan issued from my lips as I gripped the sheets and thrust my hips up towards her wonderful touch. A torrent of my semen blasted from my cock and landed on her forearm, then another landed on her stomach, with the rest puddling on my abdomen after she let go of me in shock.

With my eyes closed and my breathing rapid, I heard a delighted giggle. I opened one eye and glanced at Alie. She was examining the sticky white fluid on her skin, rolling it around with her finger. With a groan I watched as she lifted her finger to her lips and tasted my semen. She seemed to consider for a moment before a slight grin reappeared on her face.

I whispered, "Thank you Alie, that was wonderful."

Her eyes swept towards mine and she blushed prettily as she saw me watching her.

"I liked doing that. I was a little scared when your... uh... semen shot out but I liked it."

I couldn't find my voice again. Not yet, I was too shocked and sated. While I lay there silently trying to find words, Alie was contemplating.

Before I regained my speech she continued, speaking rapidly, "I have enjoyed what you have shown me of sex so far. Jake... if you want to, I would like it if you would show me the rest. Everything. I have never known the kind of feelings that you have been showing me and everything you have done makes me feel closer to... I was so..."

She couldn't finish, it just seemed like her confidence faltered and she looked away from me. Seeing that Alie's lower lip was quivering, I carefully pulled her close to me, no mind to the mess I was making.

Alie found her voice again and continued, "Jake, it feels so good to be here with you. I was alone for so long and just talking to you, feeling your arms around me... it is so wonderful."

Words spilled from her lips and tears from her eyes, releasing some of the pain from her years of loneliness.

I smiled brightly at her and said, "Alie, I am so glad you are okay. I was so worried when I brought you back here that I would lose you before I even got to know you. I too feel wonderful being here with you."

We laid together that way, silently, for a time and soon Alie had drifted off into a comfortable sleep.

I rose slowly off of the bed, aware that a few things needed to be done.

I switched on the MSM and adjusted its position slightly. It showed Alie's vital signs were good, which I was happy with as it had been a fairly active day for her. I punched in a series of commands on its touch screen and it performed a detailed scan of her leg. Thankfully there was no sign of infection in the wounds and they were healing nicely. From the information presented it looked as though I could remove the stitches and get her walking again soon. Turning off the MSM, my thoughts turned to other tasks.

I collected a washcloth and some cool water in a basin and washed the cum off of Alie and myself, her eyes fluttering open for just a moment before she drifted off once more.

I grabbed a few ration bars, which I now truly hated, and a few bottles of water and climbed back into the bed with Alie. I woke her gently and smiled at her as she blinked rapidly.

We shared our nutritious but unappealing meal quietly, though we occasionally glanced at each other with a contented smile.

After the meal I helped Alie outside to relieve herself before returning to bed, cuddling close together.


Alie was happy. More than that, she felt like she was floating. Jake had been so wonderful to her and she was enjoying spending time with him, even if it meant being stuck in the tent and mostly in bed.

Still, over the past few days she had begun to feel a strange uneasiness in the back of her mind. For now, it was easily shoved aside but each time it seemed slightly harder to do.

With a start Alie realized that despite her own realization a few days prior that her injuries were a result of a Jungle Lion attack, she hadn't told Jake. It was amazing to her that she had neglected to tell him.

Alie's head had been tucked into Jake's chest, cuddling close to him. She drew back and looked up into his face. Her words came slowly at first, "Jake, I have something I need to talk to you about."

"Go ahead Alie," was his reply with a contented smile.

"I can't believe I didn't tell you this before. I... uh, I suppose the memories just came back slowly. I remember most of the day of the attack now."

"Oh... Alie, as long as you know it wasn't me then I am happy. You don't need to relive it if you don't want to."

Alie smiled happily at him but replied, "You should know."

She sat with a focused look on her face for a moment, collecting her thoughts, before beginning, "I was hunting with my longbow that morning, the one my mother made for me. I had plenty of meat from my previous hunts and lots of fish as well. I just wanted to hunt to clear my mind.

The animal I hunted is what my mother and I referred to as a Gebin. They are small furry blue creatures. They are a treat for me, roasted Gebin has been my favourite meal for as long as I can remember.

Shortly after I climbed up on top of the cliff at the pool I spotted one and circled around to get a shot. I downed it quickly, leaned my bow against a tree, and went to retrieve my kill. But..."

Alie visibly shuddered as her mind's eye showed her the face of the Jungle Lion, fierce and terrifying. Her whole body continued shaking slightly but as a tear rolled down her cheek she forced out, "I ran... a Jungle Lion, huge beast... I ran from him. I should have been more collected and tried to get back to my bow but I just panicked. I ran for my life. I thought I would get away, the Jungle Lions hate water and I was so close. I actually got one foot in the river when he got me. I felt his claws... rip down my leg and I collapsed into the river."

Alie's hands were clutching the wounds on her thigh and tears still flooded down her face. Jake held her close and kissed the tears off her cheeks.

She then turned to Jake and, like the sun burning through the clouds on a rainy day, a bright smile lit her face and she whispered, "That is all I remember, until you. You were there, you saved me Jake. You saved me."

There were no more words as Alie pulled Jake in for a long and passionate kiss. She strung one kiss after another for many minutes before finally burying her face back in Jake's chest, feeling secure and warm in his embrace.

Jake finally spoke up, being largely silent for her story and the aftermath, "Alie, I am so sorry you went through such a horrible experience. I am so glad I arrived at the pool when I did. I can't stand the thought of you dying; not then, not ever. If you want, you will never have to hunt alone again. I can keep you safe Alie. We can keep each other safe."

Jake's words put Alie totally at ease and in moments she had fallen off to sleep for the night with Jake following close behind.

The next day seemed to be once again fairly normal for the only two humans on the planet.

Alie and Jake talked and relaxed for most of the day, Jake's thoughts occupied by plans to get Alie walking again and likely integrating their two camps. He would move his things to her camp and decide how to proceed once he had discussed the matter with Alie.

Late in the day, just when Alie truly believed the day would hold no surprises, Jake sat down beside her and explained, "Alie, we need to remove your stitches now. The wounds have healed well and leaving them in any longer could cause them to be too hard to take out. Are you ready?"

"Is it going to hurt?" Alie asked, slightly nervous.

"Maybe a little bit, not too bad. I will be gentle."

Alie chuckled and replied, "You always are. Its strange how completely different you are from what little I knew of men. I am... very glad."

Jake just grinned at her and sat beside her with a few basic supplies. He began by cleaning the area of her thigh with an antiseptic. The process for removing the stitches was simple but repetitive. Each stitch was lifted using forceps and cut with small scissors, once cut the stitch was carefully pulled out by the knot.

The process took a long time as Jake was gentle and careful and there were a great many stitches. Occasionally Alie would bite her lip or squeak softly as a stitch was removed but the procedure was largely painless.

When the last stitch was removed from her leg, Alie leaned over and kissed Jake lightly on the lips. She might be new to the idea of kissing on the lips but she loved doing it and Jake seemed just as enthusiastic.

Jake reminded her softly that he still needed to remove the ones in her forehead in a few minutes. Before he could do that he needed to clean the leg once more and bandage it as many tiny wounds were now open from where he had removed the stitches.

Repeating the process for the wound on Alie's forehead was more painful as the skin of her face was more sensitive but it was over quickly with only a few stitches to remove. To finish up, Jake placed a bandage on her forehead and a gentle kiss on her lips.

Alie watched Jake stash the supplies before climbing back into bed, she thanked him again and, as she had grown to love doing, she cuddled into him with her head on his chest and they slipped off to sleep to end yet another day in the tent.


As I woke on the eighth day since Alie was attacked, I opened my eyes to see Alie's smiling face watching me happily. Before I could even blink the sleep out of my eyes and focus, she excitedly whispered, "Today, I want you to teach me everything else there is to know about sex. I want your penis in my vagina!"

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