tagSci-Fi & FantasyHostile Ch. 08

Hostile Ch. 08



My wide eyes stared into hers for so long they hurt. Finally forced to blink, a wave of heady arousal flooded my body and I knew she could feel the result poking her in the stomach. I tried to hold back but her words inflamed my desires too much and I brought my lips to hers in a crushing kiss.

The first insistent kiss broke and was followed with slight nibbles and kisses across her jaw to her ear. While my lips were on her skin, I rolled her over on to her back and climbed between her legs, spreading them wide.

I did have the presence of mind to be very careful of her injured leg but I was having difficulty controlling myself. I kissed her again passionately as my cock rested against her pussy which was rapidly becoming warm and wet.

My control was slipping, the head of my penis rubbing up and down the length of her moist slit. Suddenly my brain registered that behind the excitement in her eyes was intense fear.

That look from her allowed me to regain control of my passion and I released my lock on her lips and drew back from her face. I looked down at her, her chest rising and falling rapidly, and I said quietly, "Alie, I'm sorry. I was just... very excited by what you said to me. Are you okay?"

The expression on Alie's face was such a jumble of emotions that I wasn't sure what she would say but her reply came quickly, "Jake... I do want it. Truly I do, but please go slow and be gentle. I am nervous..."

A small smile played across my face and I nodded happily. I didn't reply with words.

With my fingers running through her long coppery tresses, I kissed her gently and lovingly on the lips once, then covered the rest of her face in light kisses as well. To keep the fires of her arousal stoked while also slowing things down, I stilled my hips with my member settling comfortably along the length of her deliciously warm slit.

My mouth blazed a trail across her skin of nips, licks, and kisses that started at one ear and moved along the sensitive skin of her neck to the other ear before starting towards my intended target.

The first major stop was her nipples which were hard as diamonds. Alie sucked in her breath, then groaned in pleasure as I took one and then the other of her nipples into my mouth.

I elicited all manner of squeaks, moans, and groans from her as I rained kisses and nibbles all across her breasts, always returning to suck and lightly bite her nipples again and again.

At this point Alie's breathing was laboured and I could tell she was very aroused. I could feel her warmth and copious fluids leaking out around my penis as I worked to bring her pleasure.

A deep groan of protest issued from her lips as I pulled my penis back from the warmth of her labia but I continued my assault as planned.

With Alie's breasts now thoroughly worked over, my mouth moved off of the wondrous peaks to the fertile plains below. Lightly my lips and tongue trailed a circuitous route all across her tummy. My heart swelled when I heard the musical sound of her giggles mixed with shivers of pleasure.

Finally her giggling died away as my lips approached her mons, her shivers of anticipation increasing by the moment. My nostrils flared wide at the intoxicating scent of Alie's arousal as my lips began to fall relentlessly on her inner thighs and outer labia. Occasionally I would stop for a moment to brush my cheek against the downy softness of her red pubic curls.

Alie managed to find her voice in a sea of arousal and, in a strained and imploring tone, said, "Jake, stop teasing me... please. I need..." With that her voice trailed off into a series of moans as I gently placed kisses along the length of her moist slit.

Despite her wishes, I proceeded to move away from her pussy. I heard a frustrated groan once again burst from her but her heart wasn't in it.

My teasing lips and fingers trailed down the soft skin of her right leg and then back up her left. By the time my lips reached her inner thigh again, Alie was whispering, "Please," between each gasping breath.

Deciding she had endured my teasing for long enough, I plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her dripping pussy before running it the length of her labia. I captured her hard little clit between my lips and started sucking on it and flicking my tongue lightly across the surface. Alie simply exploded.

Her hands gripped my head tightly, pulling it hard into her pussy as her pent-up scream of passion filled the tent. Without seemingly any mind to her injuries, Alie's back arched high, her hips coming off the bed, as her body shuddered violently with the waves of pleasure echoing around inside her.

As the pleasure wracked her body relentlessly, I held on as best I could. My onslaught on her clitoris continued until she pushed me away from the tiny oversensitive organ.

At long last I moved back up her body. Alie looked glorious. Her skin flushed and her lovely hair was splayed all around her head, her chest continuing to heave as she desperately tried to regain her breath.

When Alie opened her eyes, she grabbed my head and pulled me in for a fierce kiss. After breaking the kiss she whispered, "Thank you so much Jake. That was amazing... again."

A bright smile split my lips and I whispered back, "Its my pleasure Alie. Are you ready?" To reinforce my question, I placed the now painfully hard tip of my cock at the entrance to her vagina.

Alie's eyes which had moments before held pure contentment, now flashed once again with fiery desire. A hoarse whisper escaped her lips, "Oh yes... please..."

Thankfully years of running through the woods had done away with Alie's hymen. However, hymen or not she was a virgin and immensely tight. I captured her lips in mine and very slowly eased the head of my cock inside her.

Alie broke the kiss to say quietly to me, "Jake, this feels so good... just keep going slow." Her message communicated, her lips tenderly took mine again as we sank into another long kiss.

Being inside Alie felt better than anything I had ever experienced. I wasn't sure how long I would last but I was trying my best to keep control.

I began rocking my hips slowly and purposefully, drawing back slightly before pushing forward. With each thrust I sank a little deeper into Alie and, her lips breaking free of mine once more, she started whimpering in pleasure.

When I finally thrust the last half inch of my penis deep inside her, I felt the head hit the depths of her vagina. This bump into her cervix elicited a high squeak followed by a deep moan from Alie.

After only a moment of hesitation I began slowly sliding my full length in and out of her impossibly tight depths. Gradually we began to move with a rhythm, Alie thrusting her hips back against me as I bottomed out on each stroke.

Alie's whole body was aglow with pleasure and I could tell she was close once again to toppling over the edge and into the rapture of her orgasm. She found her voice and her composure just long enough to look deep into my eyes and whisper, "Please Jake, I need you. Harder..."

Her impassioned plea was irresistible and as the words left her lips I immediately began thrusting harder and deeper into her. I realized at this pace I wouldn't last long at all but I could feel her pleasure rising along with mine.

For a time, the intensity of the sensations stole Alie's her voice, her lips moving soundlessly. When she finally hit her peak, however, an ear-piercing wail erupted from her and her body began shuddering.

At nearly the same moment I felt my own climax flood over me and with one final deep thrust, I began pouring my cum deep inside her. Waves of ecstasy washed over me repeatedly, each one causing me to groan out Alie's name.

Finally spent, I lay on Alie's chest with my head resting between her breasts.

We lay like that for a long time, recovering from our sexual bliss.

A broad smile graced my face when I finally looked up at her. However, my smile disappeared immediately as I saw tears streaming down her face.

Confused, I asked with concern, "Alie, are you okay?"

I am convinced that her smile in that moment could have reignited a dead star, even moist as it was. Her voice was small and shaky as she replied, "That was the most wonderful experience in my life. Thank you so much for showing me, for making me feel all those amazing things. I... I... don't know the words to tell you how grateful I am."

Once again she embraced me in a long, gentle, loving kiss and we stayed in that kiss until we were forced to break it to catch our breath.


Alie felt pure pleasure, her whole body still tingling in the aftermath of Jake's attentions. She wrapped herself around Jake as much as she could and cuddled close, planting yet another gentle kiss on his lips.

Yet, the uneasiness that had been slowly growing in her mind over the past few days was becoming more and more insistent. That part of her seemed intent on placing all of Jake's actions within the context of what Alie had known about men before Jake's arrival. Despite this, Alie was still able to quell those thoughts and push them to the back of her mind for the time being.

Alie's eyes fluttered closed, for just a moment she was contented and at ease. Then her eyes flew open again and she looked searchingly at Jake's face. He was quiet and seemed happy.

After a long time studying his face, Alie asked slowly and quietly with a touch of fear in her voice, "Jake, when you were explaining sex to me you mentioned that it is the way men and women make babies. Am I going to have a baby now, after we had sex?"

Jake's hand raised to her face and his fingers gently began tracing her features. Despite her concern, the gentle action made Alie's heart skip a beat. His voice was even and comforting as he replied, "No. While what we did has the potential to make a baby under the right circumstances, I am not able to start a baby growing inside you right now. All children are implanted with a small device that is designed to prevent accidental pregnancy. In men it stops sperm from being ejaculated, so my semen has no sperm in it."

Jake hesitated for just a moment before asking, "Alie, were you born on this planet or did you crash here with your mother?"

"My mother told me I was born on the Tau Ceti colony. I was 2 years old when we crashed here. Why do you ask?"

"Well, since you were not born here. You also have a device, two actually, that stop your eggs from moving to your womb and stop any sperm from making their way to an egg. So, no, we did not make a baby."

Alie contemplated the information quietly for a long time before asking, "If we ever wanted to make a baby, is there a way we could?"

Jake smiled at her happily and replied, "Yes. The machine at the head of the bed here that I have been using to check your condition, it is called a Medical Status Monitor or MSM. Mostly it is just used to scan the body and present information about what it finds but it also has a few other functions. It is capable of turning off the devices in both of us if we so desire, in the future."

Alie just nodded with a small smile. She wasn't sure if she wanted a baby but for some reason it was a comforting thought to know she could have one with Jake if they both wanted to in the future.

Once again relaxed, Alie was drifting off when Jake moved off the bed. She growled in protest as he left her side, "Hey, come back. You're warm."

Jake did return but he had a small wash basin and a cloth. Alie continued to be amazed at Jake's thoughtfulness. "Thank you," she said quietly as Jake began to wash the sweat from her body. When he spread her legs slightly and gently washed the remnants of their sex from her, Alie gasped at the feeling of the cold cloth.

When he finished he placed the wash basin aside and asked Alie to sit on the edge of the bed. She moved as he asked and looked up at the man expectantly.

"It is time to see how well your leg has healed. I want you to try walking for me Alie," Jake said with a tone of encouragement.

Jake took hold of Alie's hands and helped her to a standing position with her weight on her good leg, her left foot just resting on the ground.

With Jake releasing her hands but hovering close to her, Alie shifted her weight to her left leg. She felt stiffness and aching pain in her thigh but no sharp or overwhelming pain. Gingerly she took a step, and then another, and another.

Over the course of the next few hours Alie walked back and forth the length of the tent repeatedly, her limp decreasing with each pass until finally her leg became too tired to do it anymore and she had to rest. Alie was physically and emotionally exhausted from the painful effort but happy with the result. She could walk again, even if only for short distances.

After some time to rest, Jake helped Alie outside, this time offering a shoulder as support. Once outside, Alie took a short detour to relieve her bladder before rejoining Jake, both of them continuing down to the lake to bathe.

Jake removed Alie's bandages before they entered the water, deciding they had been on long enough and the areas should be rinsed.

Alie tied her hair up out of the way as she decided it did not need to be washed today.

After wading waist deep into the water, Jake began washing Alie's body with a bar of soap he had brought down from the tent. As always, his touch was gentle and caressing as he washed her. Alie protested that she could wash herself but Jake simply replied, "I really enjoy doing it for you... and I like to think you enjoy it as well."

Alie blushed lightly and replied quietly, "Yes, I suppose I do. I get to wash you after though."

Jake grinned at her and said, "You can wash me any time you like Alie."

This, of course, earned another blush from Alie.

Despite the intimate act of washing, their sexual activity early in the morning seemed to keep both of them somewhat at bay. Alie did gasp when Jake took his time washing between her legs and Jake groaned when Alie took her time grasping his penis and washing his balls but these touches did not progress beyond teasing.

By the time Jake and Alie returned to the tent she was truly exhausted and her leg ached badly. She curled up in the bed, the pain in her leg keeping sleep from instantly taking her.

Jake must have seen her discomfort because he whispered in her ear for her to roll onto her stomach. Once Alie had positioned herself as he asked, Jake began a deep massage of the muscles of her left thigh.

The moment Alie realized what he was doing for her, she whispered her sincere thanks.

Alie felt Jake work her injured thigh and it felt like heaven as the sore muscles relaxed, the tension easing away. When Jake's hands finally moved away from her leg she thought he was done.

Then she felt the warmth of his hands massaging her back and she realized she was in for a long and relaxing afternoon.

Jake explained, "Walking with a limp as you are puts a lot of stress on the other muscles in your body and even spending so much time cooped up in bed makes your muscles tense. So just relax and let me take care of you."

When he finally finished over an hour later, despite it being only late afternoon, Alie was tired and the utter relaxation that came from the meticulous work of Jake's hands caused her to fall off into a deep sleep.

Alie awoke to darkness all around her. Horrible nightmares had plagued her sleep, nightmares of Jake violently raping and beating her over and over. Dark memories of these dreams found a foul partner in the growing sense of unease that had plagued her for the past several days to produce terror and panic in her mind. She had to get away. Her poisonous state of mind tainted all her experiences with Jake, twisting them into memories of subjugation and abuse. She had to get home.

Despite her injury, Alie was still a very agile young woman and she was able to creep off the bed and out of the tent without making a sound, grabbing a light along the way. She left the sleeping form of Jake on the bed without looking back.

Luckily for Alie, it was a clear and bright night. She wouldn't even need the light until she got to the path through the forest.

As she walked away from the tent she was limping heavily but her panic had adrenaline pouring through her veins, making her ignorant to the pain for the time being.

Alie slowly, quietly worked her way around Barrier lake to the path through the forest that led home.

By the time Alie reached the path she was feeling the familiar sense of exhaustion. Despite this, her mind remained determined and locked into its state of fear. She would make it home or die trying.

Alie activated the small hand-held, battery operated lantern and began working her way down the path through the woods. The obstacles she had placed along the path were challenging in her state but she kept up a steady pace. That is, until she faced the makeshift rock wall she had built. Normally it would have been an easy matter for her to scale it but she was drained and hobbled by her weak and painful left leg.

Slowly, painstakingly she worked her way over to the other side of the wall. Once there, however, she could hardly stand.

Alie's mind, still beset by memories of her awful nightmares which had seemed as real to her as any experience in her life, was now further bombarded by images of a Jungle Lion happening upon her in the dark, on the path, with her body so weak she couldn't fight back. Repeatedly in her mind's eye she was brutally torn apart by the creature's claws and fangs.

Fresh doses of adrenaline fueled her determination. She began moving forward again, her limp now very bad as the pain in her thigh worsened.

Each obstacle along the path became more difficult to overcome but overcome them she did, her determination was her only source of strength but it was unwavering.

Finally, she worked her way over the fallen logs at the end of the path. She switched off the light in her hand, now able to see well again.

Alie began slowly moving across the clearing towards the river. As she was crossing the shallows, Alie lost her precarious balance. She fell hard onto the wet rocks.

Somehow, the fall did not injure her but she was no longer able to get up. Alie gathered every ounce of willpower she had left and began crawling out of the water and up incline to her camp.

Fading quickly, Alie just managed to crawl inside her shelter and collapse on her bed before losing consciousness.

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