tagIncest/TabooHot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 02

Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark Ch. 02


If you enjoy this story please revisit my previous submissions "Naughty High Class Mom pt. 1&2. Thank You, hotteeat60.

Background In The White Trash Trailer Park:

Let me start by saying conceitedly that I am every man's lust filled fantasy. My name is Kelly. I'm an 18 year old bikini and lingerie model with a perfect body. That's right, I said perfect. I stand 5' 9" tall and weigh a slender 105 lbs. My

I grew up in the trashiest of white trailer parks in the south. There wasn't a guy in the trailer park that hadn't fucked a least one relative his sister, mother or daughter. If you saw the movie Deliverance you know just what I'm talking about. Although I detested everything about growing up and living in this foul place, where the only thing people look forward to is the weekly welfare check, it is where I learned to fuck and use my perfect 32D-22-33 body to get anything I wanted.

I knew I had a body designed for fucking and I also knew that I could use it to my advantage and make a lot of money with it. Modeling not only provided me with a nice income it also had much- much more benefits. I loved being a bikini and lingerie model, with all the benefits that came with having a real hot body, such as all the sinful attention and traveling. But what I really loved were the men I met that provided me all the materialistic things a girl could want.

In the first chapter you learned about my friend Betsey and the wild fuck she had with my red-neck step dad Earl. Betsey was 18 at the time she fucked Earl. She and I were cheerleaders together at the same high school. Although she's two years older then me she looks more like she's about 12. Betsy is 5'8" tall and weighs 95 pounds. She has freckles all over her pale skin and a skinny girlish figure which is more like a boy. Her skinny measurements are 31AA-22-32. She doesn't have any tits. It's just a flat chest with two little pink nipples that stick out like erasers.

Earl had moved in with her mamma and one day she caught him fucking her Grandma. That was when she learned that this scrawny, skinny, short redneck had a giant fucking cock. This was how Earl managed to go from one trailer to the next without ever having to worry about a job or being taken care of. Not only did he have a 12 inch cock, but he also had the ability to fuck for hours, and cum in buckets, again and again, before he was finished. This was something that made him arrogant. He knew that all women craved a chance to fuck his great big cock, so if he got tired of being in one trailer for to long, he just packed up and moved to the next one. He knew that there was always one dumb woman that was eager to provide a place for him as long as they got to fuck that monster cock.

For years I had heard all of the rumors about Earl having a huge cock. Everybody knew him as the scrawny guy with the big temper and the biggest cock. The moment Betsey told me about the two of them fucking together and the nasty way it all happened in his pick-up truck I knew I had to fuck him myself.

The Action Begins!

It all started when Earl and my mother got married one night while they were both drunk. He moved in on my 18th birthday. We were alone together in the trailer a lot while my mother was at work. While my mother was at work as a waitress at the truck stop in town Earl just sat at home doing nothing except watching tv and drinking beer. When I would get home from cheerleading practice Earl would always be sitting in the couch watching tv, drinking a beer. We didn't speak to each other because I detested the kind of guy Earl was. I thought he was really grimy and so scrawny and thin. I also didn't like him because he was such a lowlife and a leech. But that didn't stop me from thinking about that monster cock I heard about, and I knew the way he looked at me, he was thinking that exact same things!

The moment I came in the trailer I could feel his eyes burning through my short cheerleading outfit. I had to admit that I was loving every torturous minute of driving my new step-daddy crazy as I walked into the room from time to time in my short naughty cheerleader outfit and high heels. What I especially liked, was knowing that my step daddy had a massive cock that he would love to fuck into me with. During the next two weeks I knew I was in every dark nasty thought Earl had about fucking and I was also going insane thinking of all the wild naughty things I wanted to do to his great big tireless cock.

After hearing all of those hot stories from my friend Betsy about the way they fucked and Earl's giant tireless cock, I was going wild to fuck him myself. After two weeks of teasing I was going crazy and it was finally my turn to fuck on that great big cock that I had heard so many stories about and that was ripping my own mother's pussy apart every night. One morning I heard my mother tell Earl that she had an appointment at the Welfare office after work and wouldn't be home until 6pm. After hearing that I decided to play hooky and stay home from school. I said to my self slyly, 'Now it's my chance to fuck and suck that great big cock I heard so much about.'

During the past two weeks I would always catch Earl staring at me and stripping me with his lust crazed eyes whenever I walked into the room with my white high heel pumps and short cheerleader uniform on while he was drinking a beer watching TV while my mother was at work. I could see the burning hunger in his eyes and knew he was imaging fucking me deep and hard with his great big cock. It didn't matter to Earl that I was his new step daughter; all that mattered to him was that I was so fucking hot and that it gave him a giant hard on every time I was in the room. Earl was no different then any other guy when I was in their presence. Like I said my body commanded attention.

My skinny milky white body and my long thin legs topped off by my sexy- firm 32D tits were to much of a distraction for any guy, especially a guy like Earl that lived to have his 12 inch cock pleased on a daily basis. The look of my large round tits which looked huge on my thin small frame with those huge one inch nipples that pointed up to the sky, made every man drool, and frustratingly wish that they were fucking me. I thoroughly enjoyed turning my step father on, knowing that he imagined fucking me with his great big cock. This really excited me. I began to think, If he only knew that I was secretly going crazy and couldn't wait to fuck him and that great big cock of his, especially hearing all of the wild stories about his monster cock from Betsey.'

I remember fucking some of the guys on the football team after games that I cheered at. It was laughable that these steroid giants with arms and legs as big as tree trunks who stood over 6'5" had these tiny little cocks that were about the size of my thumb. As they fucked into me with their poor excuse for a cock attached to their hulk like frames, I would imagine that it was my step dad Earl who was fucking into me and stretching me as wide as a car tire with his great big monster cock. This was the only way I could get off, because there dicks were so puny. The hilarious thing was that when I began to shudder and cum as I imagined Earl and I fucking, they were gloating thinking it was the way their cock and the way they were fucking me that was getting me off so good. Instead it was me thinking of my big cocked step daddy Earl, and all the sexy ways he would use his big cock on me.

Earl was watching the Jerry Springer show; which is the show of choice in every trailer park, because most of the shows are about trailer park white trash life. I was in my room, but I could easily here the TV. The show was a typical Springer topic: this one was about under age girls that sleep with their mother's boyfriends or step dads. I was feeling really horny and after hearing those stories from Betsy and other rumors about Earl's great big cock and knowing all the women including my friend Betsey that fucked him I decided to tease him myself.

I quickly put on my tight frayed sinful Daisy Duke shorts without any panties on. If I bent a certain way my pussy lips would be exposed because of the tears in the frail material. I then put on a clingy white transparent halter top without a bra on. The thin material did nothing to hide my firm 32D tits; in fact the material enhanced how nude I was underneath. I was so turned on by the idea of fucking Earl and that huge cock that I had heard so much about, that my dark brown inch long nipples were as hard as rocks as they poked through the thin material obscenely. When my inch long nipples are rock hard, all attention is drawn to them.

I knew this would turn Earl on seeing my big brown turned on nipples and my large tits through the sheer material. I then stepped into a pair of my size 10 classic black high heel pumps. The sexy dress high heels combined with the ultra-tight shorts and see- through white blouse made me look like the ultimate white trash trailer slut. I knew the high heels would make me a lot taller then my step dad, and this made me feel even sexier. I then put my hair into two pony tails then put on some eye liner to make me look even naughtier. I finished my trashy look with bright red lipstick, then went to the fridge and took out a cold beer. When I came out into the living room the slow clicking of my high heels on the hard wood floor drowned out the sound of the TV and got Earls attention real quick. Earl looked away from the TV and fixed his eyes on me from head to toe and I could see the hunger and lust for me building in his eyes instantly.

I came to the side of the sofa so that Earl could have a real nice view of my long thin legs as I stood tall in my black high heel pumps. First I took a sip of the beer then bent at the waist to hand it to him as I said in a sexy voice, "I thought it was getting hot in here Daddy so I brought this for the heat." As I leaned forward it caused my shorts to rise up and expose the bottoms of my pure white sexy ass cheeks to him.

I was enjoying the way his eyes slowly scanned my body, slowly and deliberately going from my high heels then up my long legs and ass and heard him moan approvingly, "Ummmmm….yeah…I've been thinking bout you and that sexy young body for a long time Kelly." He added heatedly, "Your mama told me you is 18, but you look a lot older baby, and I'll bet you act a lot older too."

After he thoroughly took in the site of my big braless tits, my firm ass and long sexy legs and my high heels he said thanks for the beer. I then said disappointedly, "What no kiss baby?"

Earl then stood and with a sly smirk said, "Well excuse me sexy. Seeing you look so fucking naughty and so hot almost made me forget my manners for a second baby".

My new step Daddy then putdown his beer and I immediately put my arms around his neck and said firmly, "Now that that old bitch is out of the house all day, we can celebrate my 18th birthday that you missed by fucking all day Earl….. Would you like to fuck this sexy 18 year old pussy all day baby…Does that sound good baby? ...Cause I've been thinking about fucking that great big cock of yours for weeks now, and now that I'm legal I want to fuck it and blow it all day baby."

We then began kissing crazily for the next twenty minutes. As soon as our mouths met our tongues began twisting violently over each others as his dirty white trash hands began running up and down my long thin legs. He then began playing with my turned on ass through those torn shorts which caused me to moan like crazy. It was so sexy and naughty to be kissing my mothers 55 year old husband as I stood seven inches taller then him in my high heel pumps. Earl was working me up real good. He was driving me wild as we kissed and as his dirty hands desperately played with every inch of my sexy 18 year old body.

After a few minutes one of his hands went in through the frayed tears in my ultra tight shorts and began toying and fingering my already wet pussy. My hands began rubbing Earl's huge cock through his pants. "Oh fuck!" I said out loud, disbelieving the enormous bulge I was wildly rubbing. Even with all the rumors and stories I heard, I just couldn't believe what I was feeling! I thought to myself, "Oh god, Betsy wasn't kidding when she said Earl had a massive cock." It easily felt ten times bigger then all of the other boys I've fucked. What Earl lacked in height and looks and being so scrawny, he more then made up for it with that huge fucking bulge in his pants! This confirmed all the shrieking that came from my mothers' bedroom.

Before he kissed me again he said arrogantly, "When you gots yourself a twelve inch cock, you don't have to work none baby".

I began to think, "God he's fucking right. Having a cock this huge in a trailer park full of white trash sluts is a full time job."

After our twenty- minute naughty kiss we then went to the sofa and I sat on my step fathers lap. As the back- to- back Jerry Springer show played in the background we began kissing and feeling each other up slowly as chants of JERRY-JERRY- were heard on the TV. I was surprised how different Earl was from all the other guys I was fucking. They would have ripped my cloths off in five seconds, but Earl was working me real slow, and it was getting hotter by the second. He knew there was no rush to fuck. My mother was working and we had all day to play with each other. He knew the fuck would come later. As we played with each other this way we were slowly building up to what was going to be a real sexy hot fuck. Between our naughty kisses we went back to half watching the TV, then we would flick our tongues at each other for a few minutes then go back to watch the trailer park trash. It was so hot playing with each other teasingly, knowing we were working towards a wild fuck.

We repeated this sexy hot play over and over for an hour. It was getting me so fucking hot and worked up. I didn't care that he was married to my mother, or that she was out slaving away at the truck stop for a few measly tips; I just wanted to fuck him and turn on his great big white trash cock like Betsey and all of the hundreds of women who craved his monster cock. We were really getting into it and as we kissed I could feel his huge cock pulsing against my burning ass and it was driving me crazy.

He then began sucking my swollen nipples through my tight sheer blouse and actually made me come. As Earl sucked my huge inch long nipples he said excitedly, "Fuck, these are bigger then breast feeders' baby, the ones still giving milk, and I've sucked on a ton of those."

I could tell that Earl knew how to fuck. It was obvious that having such a big cock gave him plenty of opportunity to fuck, and with a lot of fucking came a lot of experience, and I new that that twelve inch cock had a lot of experience. During the next commercial my step father had me stand and grabbed my zipper and tore down my tight Daisy Duke shorts. I bent my knee and lifted one high heel as my big cocked step dad slipped one side of my hot shorts off then I planted my high heel back down on the floor and lifted the other pump as he slid my shorts off and then threw then on the other side of the room.

Once my shorts were off Earl had me lean forward and began slapping my ass which caused me to moan, "Ohhhhh fuuuuck." He then began licking my long hanging pussy lips and asshole from behind as I moaned throaty, "Oh yessssss baby….Oh fuck that feels so fucking good lover."

We were both groaning like two wild animals as Earl played with my turned on fuck lips. I was moaning crazily, "Ohhhh baby …that feels soooo fucking sexy…I love the way you're playing with my pussy baby…Oh fuck, you know exactly how to turn a pussy on Earl."

I was going delirious by the way my new step dad was playing with me. I couldn't get over how good he was at using those grimy fingers of his. He had an amazing way of pulling on my fuck lips then running them through his thumb and index finger while he massaged my engorged swollen clit. Earl may have a huge cock, but his fingers definitely knew how to work a young pussy too. He wasn't in a rush to fuck like all the boys my age I was fucking were. I knew my step-daddy loving taking his time and learning everything about my 18 year old pussy so that he could make it his. This was how an experienced guy with a big cock turned on all his girls: and let me tell you Earl was really fucking me up-I was going insane!

My ass and pussy were getting a delicious tongue fucking. Earl was doing things with his mouth and hands to my turned pussy that no boy my age ever has. I looked back and snarled, "Oh fuck you dirty bastard, I should have you put in jail for fuckin my ass and pussy so good Earl". He then spanked my ass a few times which caused me to moan and almost cum, "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuck baby, I purred."

He then laughed in a sinister way and as he fucked away at my burning pussy and ass with his fingers and tongue he snarled, "Would you rather have me in jail baby, or do you want me getting your hot teenage pussy all worked up and ready to fuck my big twelve inch cock, you fucking sexy teaser you?"

As I panted with lust, I said in a throaty voice, "Oh fuck yeah baby, get me ready for that great big twelve inch hardon, but first let me get that big cock of yours really wet with my mouth, and let me show you how good I am at blowing you daddy….I want to suck all over it so bad baby." I added heatedly, "I've wanted to blow that great big cock of yours for weeks now lover…..Let me show you how good I am at blowing that huge cock of yours Earl…Let me suck it like no other trailer park slut ever has baby."

At that point my new step father ripped off his cloths and out sprung the biggest cock I have ever seen. He said it was twelve inches, but compared to all of the boys I fucked it looked more like 15! What made it look even more menacing was that it seemed so out of proportion to his skinny 95lb, 5'4"body. Here was this skinny guy who was as thin as a toothpick who had this enormous cock sticking out from his body like a tree trunk! As my step daddy leaned back into the couch sipping his beer I just stared in a trance for over five minutes at his giant cock, just marveling at its enormous size. As it waved menacingly in the air I just groaned, "ohhhh fuck," as I took in the freakish sight.

As I looked on lustfully at his enormous cock Earl just grinned confidently. I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying this special moment when every women witness the biggest cock she would ever fuck towering wildly and angrily before her. After this five minute lust filled display I went wild kissing and licking every beautiful inch of his huge cock.

As I licked it I looked up and said heatedly, "Sooooooo fucking big baby…… Ohhhh baby your cock is sooooo fucking big." I was amazed at how little I was able to take in my hands and mouth. Even with my mouth open wide I could just barely get his big cock head and about an inch more into it. I was able to swallow every guy I have ever blown whole, but I was trying desperately to get my mouth over the head of Earl's great big cock.

At one point I looked up and teased, "Do you like the way your teenage step daughter is sucking you huge cock Earl? …. do ya baby? …. do ya hah? ….Ummmmm….fuck…. you sure do baby… Oh yeah you like having this hot 18 year old mouth all over your huge cock, kissing it…ummmmm…licking it….ummmmm making love to it…oh fuck yeah… I could tell you do baby."

He then grabbed me by the hair and we met in a vicious tongue kiss. The taste of beer on his breath and me being only 18 made this white trash trailer screen so nasty!

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