tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHot Night at the Museum

Hot Night at the Museum


I am the museum director at a well known Virginia museum that specializes in depicting early American Colonial history. I started working at the museum in my 20's and now, in my early 40's, I am now head of the museum. Your normal perception of a museum director is someone who is short and pudgy. Contrary to that image, I've stayed a fit 5'7" virile male with a high sexual appetite.

The museum had just completed a new exhibit of very early American colonial life. The exhibit depicted an early settlement, with a town square replica, complete with a stock for punishing people who broke the rules. To give a little history, a stock is something where the person is bent over a wooden board with half-round cutouts for head and hands. Another board, with matching half –round cutouts, is locked over the top of the person's head and hands. It was usually set out in the town square so the offender would get the full effect of public humiliation, either verbal or physical.

It had been only a few days since the exhibit had opened and there was the initial opening day crowds for a new exhibit. I was pleased that the new exhibit was such a hit with patrons as a lot of time and energy had been invested in making the items in the exhibit as accurate as possible.

It was late on Friday afternoon as I was talking with the person at the information desk when a stunning blonde beauty approached. She was dressed in a button-down blouse and a knee-length full skirt. The skirt showed off a perfect pair of athletic legs, toned and muscular. These were a pair of legs that could wrap around you and hold on tight. I estimated that her breasts were about 36D and were further accented by hair long flowing hair down over some obvious nipple protrusions. Her blues and luscious lips were the finishing touch on a perfect body. I was nearly drooling over the sight of her as I watched her sign the guest book as Karen from a nearby city, then watched her sweet ass as she walked away.

As usual, I would take a slow walk through the museum, making sure all the exhibits stayed in good condition and also judge patron's reactions to the exhibits. I've found that I've been able to make the exhibits better by observing patron's reactions. Sometimes I will stop at a particular exhibit and offer historical background on the exhibit to the gathered crowd.

As I walked the museum this late afternoon, I caught numerous glimpses of Karen as she viewed the exhibits. Each time I saw her, I felt my dick start to get hard. The image of Karen just got me lusting after her more and more with each glimpse of her. I was almost at the point of going into my private office to jackoff.

When Karen had come in 30 minutes till closing time, I noted that she wanted to see everything. I knew that she really wouldn't be able to take in all the museum had to offer in that amount of time, and be able to get the full experience before closing time.

In the last few minutes before closing, I was ushering the last patrons out the door. Thinking that all had left, I dismissed the last of the staff and locked the door. As one last duty, I walked the museum to do a final check to make sure the museum was cleared of all patrons.

As I approached the new Early Colonial Times exhibit, I noticed that there was still one patron left. It was Karen and she was taking her time viewing the exhibit. When I approached her, she was a little startled but I reassured her that I was just checking to see how she liked the exhibit. As I gave her some background information on the exhibit, Karen started asking me questions about everything in the exhibit and I was more than happy to find more time to be close to her.

What caught her interest most seamed to be the replica stocks. She asked if they really did that back then, what constituted being put in the stocks, and what it was like for the person that was put in the stocks. I explained to Karen that in Colonial times, this was the form of punishment for all types of things, including infidelity. The exhibit had a mannequin of a woman, bent over, with her head and hands locked in the stock. There was a sign tacked to the stocks that indicated this woman was in stocks for infidelity.

I saw the look in her eyes like "I wonder what it would have been like to be locked into one of those things", so I volunteered to show her how it works.

Leading her into the display, I opened up the stock, pulled out the mannequin, and set it aside. I instructed Karen to place her head and hands in the openings. She was a little hesitant at first, but I assured her that I wouldn't let anything hurt her. She finally agreed and put her head and hands in the openings. I lowered the top arm of the stock over her head and hands, firmly securing them in place. Quietly, I locked it in place.

There were two leg manacles at her feet and I had he spread her legs so that I could also locked her feet into them. There is no way she can move now. Having made sure that Karen was fully restrained, I begin to describe what it was like for the person. As I am talking, I slowly circle the stocks, admiring Karen's nice ass and breasts that hung down in her bent over position. When I finished my narration, she tried to pull her head and arms out, only to find she couldn't. With her ankles restrained, Karen found she couldn't move her feet as well.

At first she was just a little annoyed. Soon she realized that I am taking my time at releasing her. Panic starts to set in and she begins to struggle more.

"Calm down Karen. The more you struggle, the harder it will be for me to set you free"

Coming from behind her, I reached under her and unbutton her blouse and pull it free from her skirt. Knowing that unbuttoning her blouse has nothing to do with getting her free, she begins to fight it but cannot do anything because the 'stocks' in the display were built as good as the real thing, not just a mock-up.

"You bastard!! Release me from this contraption at once!!!"

Releasing her right away is something I have no intention of doing, as I pull the bottom of her blouse up so I can reach her bra straps. I must release those creamy breasts, that Karen has been flaunting all afternoon, from their bra confinement.

Surveying the situation, I'm thinking I could just unhook her bra in back but that would just leave her bra partially blocking my view of her tits. Undoing the clasp, I pulled out my pocketknife and swiftly cut the shoulder straps. Reaching under her, I yank the bra free from her body and throw it to the floor. Her perfect breasts swing back and forth as Karen struggles to free herself. She begins to scream even more and beg to be released.

I have no intention of letting her loose so soon.

Sliding under her body, I have a perfect view of those luscious tits I've been dreaming about for the last hour. My hands reach up and mold my palms around each one, feeling the firmness of each. Her nipples are pointing at me, inviting me to taste them. Rolling her nipples between my fingers, they start to harden and lengthen. I must get a taste of those luscious tits.

As my lips rise to meet her nipples, my tongue reached out to flick the sensitive buds. Alternating between left and right, Karen's nipples glisten with moisture from my tongue. I am in heaven, as I latch on with my lips and suck each tit as if I were a baby suckling. There is no milk to be had but it feels wonderful to sucking her warm globes. Karen's screams have turned to whimpers; her body is responding to my suckling.

Enjoying her soft breasts and hard nipples for quite a while, my attention is now drawn to Karen's swaying legs. I know that I must enjoy the rest of her soon. Working my way out from underneath her, I stand behind her skirt covered ass. I have been admiring that sweet ass of hers for the more than an hour and now it's time I get a view of it.

Lifting up her skirt, I see her pantyhose encased legs. I can tell she is wearing a thong underneath. I've always felt that pantyhose slow me down when it comes to getting at sweet pussy so my pocket knife goes into action again, slicing her pantyhose, first down one leg, then the other. Her pantyhose are now in shreds at her ankles, her thong is the only thing covering her pussy.

Stepping back, I marvel at what a nice tight ass she has. After suckling her tits, her screams had become whimpers. Cutting her pantyhose away jolted her back to her senses and her pleading to be let go begin again. She is frightened at what she knows must surely be next. The tears are streaming down her face in a river.

Her screams are suddenly interrupted as she feels my fingers on her perfectly smooth thong covered mound. My finger tips trace her slit, pushing her thong between her moistening labia. Her body is responding again and Karen's screams are not as loud as they had been a few minutes ago.

I know my time has come to take things a step further. I discard my shoes, pants, and boxer shorts on the floor behind her, then step around to the front of the 'stocks'. Karen has been so focused on what has been going on behind the 'stocks' that she does not notice me step up on the box in front of the 'stocks'. My cock is already hard from having suckled hr breasts and viewed her sweet thong covered pussy.

She is rocked back into reality when I grab her hair and lift up on her head. In this position, her mouth is forced wide open. I take full advantage of it and thrust all 7 inches of my cock between her lips.

I savor the feeling of her hot, wet mouth on my cock. Her tongue involuntarily laps at the bulbous head. I have been thinking of how good it would feel to have those luscious lips wrapped around my cock and now that vision has become a reality.

I start out slow. I want to take my time feeling the sensation of my cock in her mouth. After a short time of letting her become accustomed, I shove my cock deeper into her mouth until my balls touch her chin and the head of my cock is starting to slide down her throat. There is panic in her eyes and her gag reflex provides a new stimulation to the head of my cock.

It has been a while since a woman has sucked my cock and I am enjoying every minute of it, especially since Karen's screams have now been muffled by my cock. I've been so horny, since I first saw her step through the door that I know I will not be able to last too long. True to my expectations, my balls tense up and I feel the surge of cum flowing up my cock shaft. The first spurt goes right down her throat, the second into her mouth so she can taste it, and the third sprays all over her face as I pull my cock out of her mouth.

She sputters from the thick cum in her mouth. All the thrashing around has left her worn out for the moment and Karen goes a little limp, thinking that the whole thing is over. Her face is quite a sight. Her jaw is sore from the face fucking and my cum is dripping down her face in rivulets. Little does she know that my fun has just begun.

Stepping around the backside of the 'stocks', I get to see that sweet as of hers again. This time, I intend to see her pussy without it being covered up. Looking at my pocket knife, I consider using it to remove the thong but change my mind. I am just too impatient to see her sweet pussy to spend the time cutting it off her. With one hand on each side of her thong, I pull in opposite directions in one quick motion and the thong comes apart easily, falling to the floor in a shredded mess.

Her pussy is so inviting. It is shaved completely, almost as if she had known I was going to fuck her. My ripping her thong off has brought her back to reality again and she starts pleading to be let go. As my fingers brush her pussy lips, she jerks at the touch, squirming to get away from my hand. All of her efforts are to no avail, as my fingers play with her pussy as if it I were playing an instrument. I feel a slight moistness, as her pussy begins to betray what her body really wants, even though her mind is saying it wants no part of this. He labia gets puffy from the stimulation.

Positioning my head between her legs, my tongue darts out to take a taste of her pussy. She jerks again. As my tongue darts back and forth between her pussy lips, her pussy becomes even more moist and her screams and pleading have died down, being replaced by whimpers and moans. As my tongue laps across her clit, her moans increase and her body is beginning to move so that her pussy makes better contact with my mouth. Her juices are flowing freely now and I can tell she is close to cumming. I speed up my efforts and just at the moment she starts to shudder, my mouth locks onto her clit bud and sucks for all it's worth. Her body responds in massive orgasm convulsion, and her juices gush all over my face. Her screams have resumed but now they are screams of exquisite pleasure, that resound throughout the entire museum.

By this time, my cock has come back to life and is fully hard and ready to go again.

Giving Karen little time to recover, I stand behind her with the head of my cock poised at the entrance to her cunt. I tease the opening with my bulbous cockhead, asking her if she would like me would like to fuck her. I can tell her mind is reeling from the stimulation so far and is about to give in to the desires of her body. Finally, she whimpers "yes".

I ask her again, "Do you want me to fuck you?" Finally she screams out "YESSSSS, FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCCCCK MEEEE!!!". With that, I forcefully drive my cock into her channel all the way until my balls slap her pussy lips. Her scream of pleasure is stifled by the wind being temporarily knocked out of her by the force of my lunge. Her pussy is already hot and slick from when I licked it to orgasm but clamps down on my cock like a vise, refusing to let go. When her pussy muscles release their grip, I withdraw almost all the way then drive hard and furious into her cunt.

Even though she is firmly secured in the stocks, there is still enough room for her body to swing back and forth from my cock pounding into her cunt. My hands maul her breasts and pinching her nipples between my fingers. Her already sensitive cunt soon starts to go into multiple orgasmic spasms, rippling along the length of my cock. Since I've already cum once, I am able to take my time fucking Karen for quite a while. Karen's body is sweating and shaking profusely. The sweat from my forehead is dripping onto her back, forming a small river down her back and into the crack of her ass, coating my cock as it pounds into her ravaged pussy.

Finally, I can take no more. My balls tighten up and I feel the surge of cum shot through my cock. Karen's incessant screams of pleasure mix with my vocal bellow, signaling my release as my cock again releases a spray of sperm, coating her fertile insides in sticky globs.

Quickly pulling out of her pussy, I shove my cock into her sweat lubricated ass, shoving my cock all the way in one thrust. The force of my cock shoving into her ass drives the wind out of her lungs again and she feels two more shots of searing cum fill her rectum. Even though she has experienced multiple orgasms already, the slam into her ass is the last straw and she experiences the most massive orgasm she has ever known. Her body shakes so hard it threatens to tear her entire body apart and her screams of pleasure are loud enough to be heard outside the museum.

My body falls on top of hers, my cock still impaling her, her body trembling for what seems like eternity. It is a number of minutes before I can recover enough to stand back up again. As my cock starts to soften, it falls out of her ass in a squishy plop and I fall sitting on the floor, recovering from an intensely wonderful fuck.

Getting up, I unlock the stocks and Karen crumples into my arms in a limp mass. There is cum on her face and cum dripping from her pussy and ass. After 10 minutes, she is composed enough to fix her skirt and blouse. Her shredded pantyhose and thong are just left lying on the floor. Unlocking the door, I watch her exit and head down the street on wobbly legs. She has a tired smile on her face.

Just as I am about to shut the door she turns and asks "What time does the museum close tomorrow?"

(If you liked the story, let me know. I would love to hear from you, and maybe we could exchange emails on common interests)

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