tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHot Sex in a Blizzard Ch. 02

Hot Sex in a Blizzard Ch. 02


I woke up and before my eyes opened I knew that my cock was being expertly sucked. I opened my eyes to see Janine kneeling between my legs and her head was bobbing up and on my cock.

"I love waking up this way, Jan."

I checked my watch and saw I had been asleep about five minutes. Janine must have slept no longer than ten minutes.

She stood up, sporting a solid erection and then she sat on the couch beside me. The deposit of cum I left on her upper nylon stocking had thoroughly soaked into the stocking top and was visible as a wet spot with no white stuff showing.

Janine took my hand and placed it on the wet spot, "You were a naughty boy leaving your semen on my stocking. What were you doing, marking your territory?" she said, smiling.

"I didn't know how long you would be asleep, and my balls were about to explode. So I jacked off and the dark band of your stocking made an erotic setting for my cum. If I had a camera, I'd have taken a picture."

Her face lit up and she planted a quick kiss on my lips. "I like men with dirty minds," she said. "What other dirty things are in your mind?"

"Nothing too way out. I just want a blowjob from you. Suck and swallow. After that I want to fuck that bubble butt of yours."

"Oh, Jimbo! Are you reading my mind?"

I laughed out loud.

It was my turn to lie in the center of the bed with my legs spread wide. Janine was standing at the foot of the bed, staring at my crotch. She was stroking her erect penis very, very slowly. The head of her cock emerged from its covering skin on the downstroke of her hand, and made tiny, wet "tick" sound when the loose foreskin was fully retracted. Her cock head was pink. Her precum gave the pink head of her cock a high shine. My mouth watered for it.

My own cock was leaking the clear fluid of high sexual arousal; it had trickled down the length of my shaft and left a wet trail that disappeared into the dark, wild growth of my pubic hair.

Janine crept up between my legs and she stopped when she reached my crotch. She gripped my cock in one hand and held my balls in a gentle grip with the other. Her face dipped down into my pubic hair and I heard the breath rushing into her nose as she sniffed around in my crotch. She licked my balls and licked between my sack and my thighs. "God, Jimbo, she said, I do so love your animal smell!"

As she sniffed and licked my crotch, she gradually wiggled around until she had bent herself into sort of "U" shape. It brought her legs into an easy view for me while at the same time her head was facing me just as if she was blowing me while on her knees. She was still wearing her high heels. I moved my hand over and stroked the sheer nylon on her leg. I felt dampness on the dark top of her stocking possessively, knowing it was what was left of the deposit of semen I had left there earlier.

Then I felt Janine's mouth engulf my cock and I turned my attention to the blowjob. She had taken in the whole length of my shaft; her nose was deep in my pubic bush. And then her head moved up on my shaft. If I hadn't just shot a load on her stocking-top, I might have filled her mouth with goo almost immediately.

Her mouth felt so smooth as it moved up and down on my shaft. She gave a very wet blowjob, even wetter than than the BJs my wife gave me. I watched her pretty pace as she performed oral service.

Jan moved her mouth lower and sucked my balls, one at a time; with one nut in her mouth she moved back a little, stretching my sack. Her sloe eyes had smiled lewdly. I made little moans of pleasure. She paused in her oral ministrations, picked something off her tongue, and wiped it onto my leg. I looked and saw it was a pubic hair.

Janine hauled my legs up behind my knees and pushed them back until my knees were almost touching my shoulders. My ass hole was fully exposed; Jan gazed at it briefly, then lowered he head to it. She moved around into a kneeling position between my legs, lowered her head and began licking my asshole.

She licked not only my asshole but the area between my hole and my balls; and the balls, too. She continued licking for quite a while and it became obvious that she was getting more pleasure out of it than I was. Mostly her tongue licked and licked and licked my anal opening. She had me on cloud nine.

I lay on the bed, eyes closed, lost in the pleasure of my asshole being licked, she paused for a moment; I looked and saw she had the lube in her hand. A few moments later I felt her insert a finger into me. "Ahh, yeah," I breathed.

She urged my legs back down, but kept her finger deep within my asshole.

Jan took my hard penis into her mouth and began sucking it slowly and steadily Her finger moved into and out of my anal sphincter. The finger added just a little extra pleasure to the blowjob.

My orgasm arrived suddenly and it was one of the most intense. I grunted an cried out; my body arched off the bed, supported only by my shoulders and my feet. Janine said, "Mm," with each spurt of cum into her mouth. A sheen of sweat covered my body.

Janine was crawling up to me, grinning. She held my head up from its recumbent position, then opened her mouth so I could see inside. Her tongue was completely submerged under my thick, white semen. Janine held my head so my ear was pressed to her throat. She swallowed and I heard a "quirt" sound. She looked at me and we both grinned.

We went to the sitting room and turned on the TV. Over a drink we watched the news of the blizzard; the flights were all still canceled.

We turned the TV off and kissed and felt and fingered each other. After some time, we moved back to the bed.

Janine had me lay on my back. She got the lube and worked some in her ass. She coated my stiff shaft from top to bottom, straddled me, and eased herself down.

There was some resistance and then I felt the head of my penis slip past her anal ring. She held steady for a moment. Her cock was deflated to a wrinkled stub. She lowered herself cautiously until my cock was in her ass as deep as possible. She paused again and then, slowly, she began to ride.

The grip of her asshole as it slid up and down the full length of my shaft was an exquisite pleasure. Janine's face reflected her own pleasure; her fat cock began to swell to its dull hardness.

Janine took her cock in hand and began masturbating. The wet, shiny head of her cock appeared and disappeared as the movement of her hand pulled the foreskin back and forth.

Her ass slid up and down at a steady rate while her jackoff hand gradually picked up speed. As she humped up and down on my cock, a clip on her garter belt snapped off. Jam ignored it as if it hadn't happened; I found it extremely erotic.

Jan had been riding my cock for a good while. I could feel the beginnings of my next orgasm beginning to form.

The Jan stopped riding me with my cock buried deer into her hole. Her hand held her cock pointed at me and I saw a large white drop pulse from her piss slit and fall into my pubic hair. Right behind that was a heavy white rope of crossdresser semen. The leading end of it hit my upper lip with astonishing force. Absently, I licked it away.

When her second spurt of semen landed on my chin, I felt her anal ring squeeze my shaft tightly. I went over the edge and started squirting my own cum deep into her ass.

After we finished cumming and were breathing normally, Janine climbed off and hurried to the bathroom. I lay in bed bathed in a warm glow. I propped up on my elbows and looked over my torso. It was covered with a pattern of streaks and drops of Janine's semen. She had shot quite a load.

I took a towel, wiped Jan's cum off my body, then got out of bed and poured out two drinks.

Janine emerged from the bathroom wearing a happy smile. "I had to sit and let your load drain from my ass. Oh, Jim, was that a good fuck or what?"

"Yeah, it was," I said, staring at the white drop that left a wet trail on her stocking, halfway to her knee.

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