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Hot Summer Swing


This is a story written for the Summer Lovin' Contest of 2011. Please enjoy, vote and comment on the story.


We were sunbathing in Jamaica, enjoying a drink and the serenity of a private, nude beach when a very attractive couple strolled toward us, claiming loungers next to ours. Carrie and I watched as they settled in, unpacking their beach bag and disrobing before lying down.

It was our first time visiting a nude beach, so naturally we were intrigued with how nonchalant people seemed to be with their nudity, not seeming a bit self conscious. The couple next to us were no different, never giving us a second glance as they removed their clothing. We were quite the opposite, very nervous about our nudity.

We consider ourselves to be a fairly attractive couple, in pretty good physical condition for a couple in our mid-thirties. Carrie is a very pretty redhead, standing five feet two inches tall, weighing about one hundred twenty pounds. Carrie's best asset is definitely her firm ass, well-rounded and muscular. She also has a great set of tits, a firm c-cup with small, erect nipples. I'm six feet tall, weigh around one hundred ninety pounds, with an average body. I'm not a muscular guy, but not overweight either. Carrie says I should be proud to display my average cock, but I find myself always comparing myself to others on the beach. It must be a guy thing, not wanting to be smaller than the next guy.

The couple next to us made us look very average. The woman was a blonde, tall, and tan with a nice hourglass figure, sporting very firm, natural tits. She was gorgeous, I'd definitely rate her a ten. Her mate was no slouch either. He was tall, muscular, handsome and hung. His cock was much larger than mine, Carrie noticed this immediately, staring at it. I'd say they were both in their mid-twenties. Neither of them were bashful about being naked and didn't seem friendly, not saying anything to us or even looking our way.

The couple got up after a bit and walked to the surf, holding hands. Carrie never took her eyes off them, staring at the guy's ass.

"See something you like?" I had to say, breaking her trance.

"Ah, no, why?" Carrie seemed nervous, like she thought I'd get jealous.

"Hey, look all you want darlin', it's hard not to," I said, my eyes following the lady, feeling a growing excitement between my legs.

I had to flip over on my stomach to hide my growing erection, Carrie not missing a thing.

"I see someone else likes what he sees too," she said, smiling.

I didn't take the bait and remained quiet, hiding behind my sunglasses. I noticed the couple walking back toward us, water dripping from them. Her nipples were very perky and her tits bounced naturally with each step. His cock swung from side to side, it's head tapping his thighs. It was larger soft than mine was hard. Carrie was practically drooling, staring at it noticeably. As they got closer, the man noticed her looking at him and winked, acknowledging her attention. I made eye contact with the woman too, she cracked a slight but obvious smile.

They slid back into their loungers, each on their backs. Her tits spread slightly to each side but her nipples pointed straight toward the sky. His cock lay flaccid, the head resting on his thigh, I'd guess he was at least eight inches long. Carrie was still staring at it, making me feel a bit small. I couldn't take my eyes off the woman's tits either, they were damn near perfect.

There were many naked people on the beach but neither of us were looking anywhere else, all of our attention on our neighbors. We were trying not to be too obvious but they could tell we were intrigued by them.

"Hello there, how are you folks?" asked the lady. "I'm Beth and this is Charles." She pointed to him. "We're from Australia."

"Hi, I'm Carrie, this is my husband Jim. We're from the New York City, pleased to meet you," Carrie said, sitting up eagerly.

"Hello Jim," Charles said, extending his arm, offering a hand shake.

I turned over and sat up, trying to conceal my cock and shook his hand. "Pleased to meet you Charles."

"Please just call me Chuck, all my friends do."

"OK, Chuck."

"We just got here, it's out first time on a nude beach so please forgive our stares," Carrie said.

"We've been here many times, stares are common and we're very comfortable naked," Beth said, looking over toward my crotch.

"You're both so attractive, no wonder you're comfortable," Carrie said, taking another peek at Chuck's big cock.

"So are you, you're a very sexy couple," Chuck said, returning Carrie's stares with his own at her tits.

We continued chatting, exchanging information about our jobs, education, ages and hobbies. They owned a grocery store chain in Australia and traveled around the world. We told them about Carrie's teaching and me being a stock trader. I started getting more comfortable around them, though still insecure about my size difference with Chuck. Nobody else seemed to notice, Beth even stole a few glances at me, seeming interested. Carrie was definitely interested in Chuck's monster meat and he knew it, sitting opposite her while talking, spreading his legs to give her full view.

We talked off and on throughout the afternoon until around dinner time. We all said our goodbyes and agreed to meet again the next day, same time, same place. Carrie and I dressed before leaving the beach, Chuck and Beth strutted away naked.

We got back to the room, I was so horny from looking at naked women strutting up and down the beach all day, I had to have sex.

"I'm taking a shower, then let's go get a bite to eat," Carrie said, stripping her clothes off on her way to the bathroom.

I waited to hear the water running, then the shower curtain close. Then I slid into the shower, joining her. I grabbed the soap and went right for her tits, lathering them up well before sliding the bar of soap between her legs. I parted her folds, rubbing between them with the edge of the bar, paying special attention to her clitoris. Carrie reached back and stroked my erection with both hands.

We rinsed off and hurried to the bedroom. Carrie pushed me down on the bed and attacked my cock. She slurped and slid up and down my cock, moaning as she twisted and stroked while she sucked.

"I bet you're thinking about Chuck's cock, aren't you?" We loved pillow talk.

She only moaned more, lathering my shaft with her thick saliva, drooling and slurping like never before.

"You'd like to fuck his big cock, I know you would. I'd like to see you fuck him." I moaned, grunted and thrust my cock upward as I held her head, forcing my cock in until she gagged.

I lifted her head from my cock, it popped from her mouth, saliva all over her face and my cock. I sat and pushed her down, sliding up between her legs, plunging into her dripping pussy.

"You'd love that big cock, filling you."

"Yes, I would, I'd love it," she moaned, her head tilted back, eyes closed.

"How bad do you want it?"

"I want it bad, I want to fuck him." She tensed, her body quivered, she gripped my hips tight and held me deep inside. Her pussy contracted and splashed my cock with her release, oozing around my cock. "I really want to fuck that monster cock, I've never seen anything like it."

I tensed, flooded with desire, my cock swelled, I exploded. My hot cum shot from my shaft, splashing Carrie's pussy full of cum, followed by many more eruptions, all strong and forceful, my body tight as I held my breath.

"Yes, fill me with you hot cum, just like Chuck would!"

"Oh fuck yes." I continued pumping my sperm into her until my cock jerked for the final time, emptying me, filling her.

I collapsed onto Carrie, my body limp, covering her. Our bodies were hot and sweaty, sticking to each other. I rolled off, both of us relaxed, staring at the ceiling.

"Did you mean what you said?" Carrie asked.

"About what?"

"You know, about wanting me to fuck Chuck."

"How do you feel? We always talk about others while we have sex but never do anything. I figure it just turned us both on."

"Oh, OK, I just never know with you, whether you're serious or not," Carrie said, acting a little sheepish.

"If you're interested in actually do it, I'd be willing to explore that possibility," I said. Carrie smiled and rolled her eyes, I could almost see what she was thinking.

"I'm sure they don't do that kind of thing anyway."

"They just might surprise you, we'll see," I said.

A few days passed, we became good friends with them, spending a lot of time on the beach and joining them for dinner. The ladies seemed to be getting close, Chuck and I were also bonding. We all flirted and joked about our sexual fantasies, none of us really broaching the subject of doing something together.

One the fourth day, we went out to dinner, followed by a trip to a local dance club with outside seating. It was an open air club with seating inside and out. We gathered around a table, seated boy-girl, boy-girl. The drinks were flowing freely as we eventually danced with opposite spouses, innocently at first.

"Hey, you're a great dancer," Beth said in my ear, as we danced. "You know what they say about good dancers."

"No, what do they say about good dancers? And you're a great dancer yourself."

"They say if you're a good dancer, you're a good fuck," she said with a wide smile.

"Well, I'm not sure what to say about that," I said, hoping for a forward advance.

"You don't have to say anything." She ran her hand along my thigh. "I might like you to do something to me though."

"What would your husband think?" I asked.

"I think he'd like to be preoccupied with you little wife. He likes her, he told me."

"She's sure in awe over him," I replied.

"Yeah, he's got quite a shlong. He knows how to use it too. But you're no slouch yourself, you're a very sexy, attractive man," she said.

The song finished and we returned back to the table. Chuck and Carrie were already seated, chatting about something. They were sitting closer together, laughing and touching each other innocently, she touched his shoulder, he her knee.

As we joined them, Beth scooted her chair closer to mine, catching Carrie's attention.

Chuck excused himself, saying her needed to use the bathroom and get another drink. Carrie's eyes followed him until he was out of sight.

"You seem to be attracted to my husband," Beth said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just enjoying our friendship. You're both so nice."

"Come on girl, I wasn't born yesterday. Do you have the hots for my husband?"

"Oh, God no. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to act that way," Carrie said, tensing and nervous with the accusation.

"Damn Carrie, it's fine. I like your husband too, we're cool with it. My husband has the hots for you too."

"No way. What would he see in me?"

"A sexy, beautiful woman with a great personality," she said.

It's almost as if they forgot I was sitting there, listening to the entire conversation. I have to admit, just the thought of Carrie with Chuck had my cock swelling.

"If it's any consolation, I have the hots for Jim too. He's pretty fucking sexy. I wouldn't mind having a little taste of what he has to offer," Beth said, surprising the shit out of me. My cock twitched in anticipation, a tent formed in my pants.

"Let's see what Chuck has to say when he gets back." Beth said.

"No, don't say anything, you'll embarrass me." Carrie shifted in her chair, moving it a little further from where Chuck had been sitting.

Chuck returned and sat down, unaware of our little conversation. Beth couldn't keep it to herself long, fidgeting, trying not to say something too quickly.

"Hey Chuck, don't you think Carrie is just adorable?" Beth said, glancing over toward her, looking her up and down.

"Damn, of course. Jim is one hell of a lucky man. Of course, I am to have you too Beth."

"I think Carrie really likes you, but she won't say anything to you. Should we tell them?" Beth asked, shrugging her shoulders, looking at each of us.

"Sure, it might be a good time to say something, if you don't think it would scare them off," he said.

"OK, here it is. We both like you two, a lot. We have been with a few other couples, sexually. You might say we're part-time swingers. We only do this once in a while, only on vacation and only with people we're extremely attracted to. We first did this a few years back and have only repeated it twice. Chuck and I have been talking about the possibility of doing it with you two if the timing was right and you were both interested. So, no pressure from us, but we'd like to leave our options open with you, if you would like to pursue something," Beth said, practically all in one breath. "In short, we'd love to have sex with you."

We just stared at them, speechless, each of us with our mouths slightly open. I could tell that Carrie was uncomfortable, but interested, as we had already talked about this earlier.

"Well, to be honest, Jim and I just had a conversation about this. We are both attracted to you, but haven't ever done anything like this. We're just not sure how this would affect our relationship," Beth said, looking at me. "We're happily married and don't want to do anything that would hurt our relationship."

"We think you're a sexy, young couple and agreed if anything were to happen, we'd both be for it," I added, dipping my shoulders sheepishly as I looked at Carrie. I didn't want to be too forward and appear too anxious. I also felt a slight pang of jealousy, thinking about another man being with Carrie. It didn't help, him having that monster between his legs, again, just my insecurity.

"We're all in agreement then, whatever happens, happens. I'm excited!" Beth said, showing a huge smile, sliding her hand along my thigh.

Chuck slid his chair closer to Carrie again, Beth did the same, decreasing the distance between us. I couldn't help notice Carrie checking out the bulge in Chuck's pants, even though she'd already seen it may times, just never hard. Maybe that's what she was wondering, how big he'd get when hard.

Beth moved her hand further up my thigh, looking into my eyes. "Are you really attracted to me Jim? I'd really like to fuck you."

"Are you kidding? You're beautiful." My eyes focused on her plunging neckline, her natural tits topped by her perky nipples, outlined against the thin material of her dress. My cock grew as I thought about sucking them. Her tits were a little larger than Carries, but just as firm.

"Thank you Jim, I'm very attracted to you. I bet you're great in bed and can't wait to find out." Her hand slid further, grazing my cock. She looked at my crotch, noticed my growing excitement, her eyes got bigger.

I glanced over toward Carrie and Chuck, they were lost in their own conversation, his hand on her knee, her hand covering it. I wished I could hear what they were talking about, they were speaking softly with the music drowning them out completely. She seemed content and comfortable, occasionally glancing my way as if looking for some kind of sign. For some reason, I was more concerned with her happiness than my own, knowing she could call this off at any second for any reason. That's just how she was, anything could set her off and change plans in an instant.

Beth's hand continued caressing my thigh, her little finger sliding along my growing erection. My hand was on her thigh as well, though I had wished I could get my hands on her tits. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible in public so I just stared at them. Beth smiled and tugged her top down a bit and bent over, revealing a little more cleavage. Her nipples were almost popping out over the top of her neckline.

"You've seen me naked, there won't be any surprises," she said, breaking my trance. "I don't know why you're so interested in my tits. It must be a guy thing, they're just tits."

"Oh, I'm sorry." I looked up into her eyes, trying not to look back down. Her tits were just so magnificent, I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

"Don't be, I'm glad you like them. Why don't we get out of here, maybe go back to our place and have a drink." She reached for her purse, signaling to Chuck that it was time to go. "You can do more than just look at them when we get to our place."

"OK, we'll follow you in our car," I said. I started to stand before the other two even knew our intentions, catching their attention.

"Awe, I was hoping I could ride with you and Carrie could go with Chuck," Beth pouted, her lower lip jutting out a bit.

"It's up to Carrie, you'll have to ask her."

"Hey Carrie, would you mind if I borrowed your husband to drive me home? Chuck could drive you too," Beth said.

"Sure. We're all going to your place now?" Carrie asked. "So soon?"

"We'd like to, but it's up to you," Beth said. "We can stay here longer if you'd prefer."

"Let's go." Carrie stood, taking Chuck's hand and followed us to our cars. "I'd prefer some place quieter and a bit more private."

I drove our car, Beth slid into the passenger seat. Chuck drove their car with Carrie sliding in next to him. They led the way, I followed closely as Beth slid closer to me, her hand moving up my thigh, grazing my growing erection. Her hand traced my shaft as it swelled. I wished I could have gotten my hands on her tits, but I had to drive. Beth unbuckled my trousers, unzipped my fly and pulled my cock free with little effort, practically in one motion.

"You have a beautiful cock," she whispered. Her head dropped into my lap, the head of my cock disappeared in her mouth. Her tongue caressed and wrapped around the head, my balls nestled in in her palm. "Mmmm," she moaned, slurping as she slowly rose and fell.

"Oh God, that feels so fucking good." I could hardly keep my eyes on the road. She took my entire cock into her mouth, her tongue lashing at my balls. "You have to stop that, we'll crash."

She lifted off, my cock popped from her mouth as her saliva soaked my groin.

"If I have to," she pouted. "I was just getting started."

She attempted to stuff my hard cock back into my underwear, unable to buckle my pants as my cock stood straight up. I just left it until we arrived at their place. I tried to keep an eye on what was happening in the other car but couldn't see much, Carrie's head never disappeared so Chuck didn't get the same treatment I did. Beth continued fondling me until we arrived.

Chuck was the first to get out, adjusting himself, zipping up his fly. I guess something did happen! We all went in, Chuck took orders and made drinks for everyone as we settled into the living room, each seated with the others spouse. It wasn't long before Beth was back at my crotch, freeing my cock, fondling it with both hands.

I think Carrie was a little afraid to pursue Chuck, probably thinking I'd get jealous. I was really curious to see just how big he got and how Carrie would react. Beth never gave it a second thought, her sights set on me, not wasting any time getting down to action. Chuck kissed Carrie, his hand massaged her tits. Their kiss intensified, he dipped his hand beneath the material.

I couldn't resist Beth's tits any longer, diving my hand into her cleavage, getting a handful and rolling her nipple between my thumb and index finger. Damn, she had full, soft tits. They were firm but not hard. My cock throbbed as she stroked me and I fondled her tit, locked in an embrace, our tongues tangling.

Chuck had Carrie's tits free, pulling them over the top of her neckline, sucking them as her hand stroked his cock on the outside of his trousers. I could see her apprehension as his cock grew, her eyes told the story. Chuck unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly, giving her full access to his growing monster. I had to look as she pulled him free, he was only semi-erect, but still a lot bigger than me, laying on it's side semi-erect. She gripped his cock, stroking it as he sucked her tit. I could hear her moans from across the room. I'm not sure if she was moaning in anticipation or from his sucking her tits, but she was in her special place, unaware of her surroundings, caught in the moment.

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