Hot Tub

bySamantha Hamilton©

I stand shivering against the cool November nighttime, gazing upon the waning full moon. My nude body is covered only in goose bumps, as I turn ready to immerse myself in the hot tub bubbling its invitation on the other side of the redwood deck from where I am standing. The darkness veils my nakedness, although there is no one else to see me.

Submerging myself in the 105 degrees water takes a few minutes, the scalding water in direct contrast to the chilled air around me, and my own lowered body temperature. Once settled, I am very comfortable and start to relax against the soothing jets of water pounding against my back. My tired muscles sigh in ecstasy as the warmth spreads deep into their fibers, releasing built up tension from the long day’s journey, and I feel as though I am floating across the star-lit night sky. A cool breeze whispers across my face.

Closing my eyes, I relax and lie still in the moment, soaking in miles of my isolated thoughts As always when I am alone, my thoughts turn to him, remembering the last time we were together, the way he made love to me, the pleasure of it making me cry out in animal passion. I picture his lean masculine body, and remember the feeling of his skin, tan from the sun's summer kisses, against my naked body.

The steam rising from the hot tub meeting the cool nocturnal air begins to take form. Suddenly, like Neptune emerging from the sea, his vivid image is standing erect before me. I become lost in the depths of his green eyes as he gazes down upon me, and I no longer am aware of my surroundings. I rise to meet his embrace, and he picks me up like a child, raising me up over him. Looking down, his eyes are as luminous as the moon overhead, and I can see the entire galaxy reflected in them.

Slowly he lowers me until our lips meet, his tongue begins probing mine. Wrapping my legs around his waist, and my arms around his neck, I suck on his tongue as though it would give me sustenance. He holds me, cupping the cheeks of my buttocks, then following the curves of my body with one hand up to the back of my head.

I can feel the chill-filled night-air cooling my backside, but the front of my body is on fire from the passion I feel for this man. His warm embrace, and fiery caresses demonstrates his return ardor for me. He grabs a handful of my damp hair, and pulls back my head exposing my neck to his mouth, and begins to nibble on the side of it, just below my ear. Then my ear becomes a target for his tongue. I begin to squirm as he pulls my head back even further so my back is arched, and his tongue blazes a trail to my breasts capturing a nipple in between his lips. My nipples react and become hard little marbles, aching for more attention.

Unlocking my legs from his waist, I slide down the length of his well-muscled body and stand on a ledge in the tub. His tongue, lips and teeth continue to tease first one, then the other of my breasts, sending erogenous vibrations throughout my body, like ripples moving across still water.

An inferno of passion begins to rage between my legs, as his talented tongue slowly continues its journey down the distance of my body towards it. A primal moan escapes from deep inside me as he finds the center of my womanhood. First teasing it with his tongue, then sucking gently at first, then harder. His tongue begins to probe deeper into me, my legs open wider to give him better access to the folds where my swollen clit is now emerging in excitement. I cling to him, holding the back of his head for balance as his tongue causes intense waves of pleasure to race over me, and an orgasm cascades over and from me, like a waterfall, drenching his face. He hungrily laps all the sweet juice he can capture flowing down from between my legs.

He stands upright, and I begin to trace the fine hairline from his taunt belly downward with my tongue, then kneel to take his swollen cock into my mouth, circling the head of it with my tongue, then probing the opening slit, and down the length of it, finally taking first one, then the other of his taunt balls carefully into my mouth and gently sucking on them. As I begin to lightly stroke the sensitive underside of his balls with one finger, a fierce groan escapes from within him, and he begins to quiver from my attention.

Abruptly, he pulls me to my feet and turns me around. Lifting the hair from the nape of my neck he begins to caress it with his tongue as he bends me forward. I grab the edge of the hot tub as he enters me from behind, and with one deep thrust he is buried completely within me. He begins to drive himself into me rhythmically, faster and faster, turning the hot water around us into a raging sea of passion until suddenly, he can hold back his own orgasm no longer, and explodes his hot fluid deep inside me. I collapse onto my knees, still holding on to the side of the hot tub, like a survivor from a shipwreck holding onto a life raft.

When I can raise my head and turn around, the mist has cleared…and I am alone…with only the moon as witness to my passion.

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