tagBDSMHot, Wet Naked

Hot, Wet Naked


It was dark.

I was naked.

Cuffs surrounded my wrists and ankles.

Chains were holding my arms above my head, and my legs out to each side.

Silently, a piece of fabric covered my eyes. I could smell the cologne he had been wearing on the cloth.

A finger slowly trailed down my face, to my chin.

There were eyes watching me, I could feel them.

A pain at my nipple made me gasp. Fingers pulled and twisted it.

As suddenly as they had appeared, they were gone.

I tried to get my breath back to normal, but no sooner had someone switched my lower back with a light chip. I gasped as it happened again And again.

I lost count of how many time I was hit. My lower back and arse were stinging. Then suddenly it wasn't. A cool gel was slathered over the light pain, making me gasp again.

Then I was left alone.

The heat around me rose so suddenly, that I knew I wasn't alone anymore. Fingers roughly filled my sopping cunt. I could smell my sex fill the space around me feel it running down my thigh.

There was a gentle laugh behind me, as hands gently pulled my hips back.

I could feel male hardness behind me, while the fingers teased me mercilessly.

Then they were gone. The fingers.

The hardness was still there, then suddenly it was in me, in my cunt.

It filled me unlike any other I had ever felt.

So big, so hard. I could tell he was long, he was also thick. I cried in unrestrained joy as he slid in and out of me. The man at my front unlocked my legs, and pulled them up around him as the man behind me fucked me hard.

Then he was gone. I groaned at the loss, only to scream as a new cock filled me, it wasn't as long as the first, but it was thicker. Too thick.

I cried, begging them to release me, to stop.

Then slowly, it stopped hurting. He was in.

Then he wasn't. He slid in, again stretching me. There was no time to adjust to his girth, he fucked me with a tempo only he knew. Sometimes it was fast, sometimes slow.

By the time I was used to it, there was something pushing at my arse.

I couldn't speak, I couldn't struggle, I could only move with them.

Slowly the cock behind me entered, and there was only the sounds of two men breathing heavily and my own laboured breath. The guy behind me had his hands holding the guy in front of me close, and the same for him. I was squashed in between the two guys, flash against hot sweaty flesh, legs wrapped around a hot sweaty waist, hard, wet cocks slid in and out of my holes.

I was just along for the ride, and what a ride.

Then the movements of the guy behind me changed.

No longer smooth or fluid, he sped up, going harder and deeper than he had previously.

He was close, I could feel him lose control and he came, his spunk filled my arse, and out, down my thighs.

His cock kept pumping till he was done, and he collapsed against me.

The other man kept going, pounding away at my pussy, till I almost couldn't feel him, only the movement.

Eventually he had to cum, and he did, in a cry. He sank deep into me, and sprayed deep.

It was over, they had both come deep in me, and were satisfied.

But they didn't release me. Instead they used the switch again. My back, by butt, my pussy.

Again and again they hit me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

It ripped through me, shivers up my spine,

It hadn't subsided when another ripped through me, and another, it was almost a continuous orgasm.

I couldn't take it any more.

They had to stop.

Please stop, my mind screamed.

"Pirate," one word ripped itself from my throat, and it was over.

The safe word stopped everything.

They dropped the switches, and tended to me. One held me while the other released my wrists.

The blindfold was removed and suddenly there was light everywhere. I closed my eyes, it was too much.

"It's alright, rest, Kat, rest."

The voices told me to rest and I did. I was slipping into sweet oblivion, knowing that they would take care of me.

"She took nearly half an hour of punishment, how is that possible?"

"Stubbornness." He laughed. "Damn girl never changes"

I slept.

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