tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHotel Porter to Private Maid Ch. 04

Hotel Porter to Private Maid Ch. 04


I hung up the phone and remained motionless, stunned, shocked, nervous and excited. Gareth had just informed me that we were to go out tonight. He did not mention where we would be going, only that I would enjoy it. I was stunned because this never happened; I had asked earlier if we could go out. I had been cooped up for a couple of weeks now and a little bit of me was missing the outside world. The only person I saw was Mathew, apart from my time with Gareth.

I was shocked because it came out of the blue the plans for that evening had been changed. I was supposed to wait for Mathew to come up to the pent house, I was to be dressed in my uniform, and in my place by the lift, on my knees waiting for him.

I was nervous because as it dawned on me, I hadn't been seen by anyone apart from Gareth as my new self. What if people recognised me, what would people say if they new me as Alex and now they were looking at me as some sissy who liked to be called Alexis.

However fighting the nerves what made me excited was the unknowing of what it could be, what will we be doing, where will we be going. These questions and more went rushing through my mind, and soon the question led to thoughts, passionate thoughts, and scenes of me being used by Mathew in a new place, new surrounds, and new things for me to try.

I followed the orders given and was told only to wear my leather panties, wrist and ankle cuffs, leather corset, choker, and stockings with the tallest heels I could find. I was then to wear my full hair and make up, make sure I was clean and shaved all over, and cover my body with the white leather trench coat which was hanging in the wardrobe.

I had only seen this coat once, and didn't even think it would be part of my costume. I loved it, the leather was smooth and soft, it hugged my body as I slipped in to it. Those thoughts came back to me of all the things that Mathew had done to me, and hopefully will do to me again. I felt a rush of excitement through my body, and it went straight to my encased cock, which began slowly to grow. The chastity device hadn't been removed for a couple of days, and my build up was getting more and more intense and took me longer and longer to calm down. The tight grip around my cock and ball began to get tighter as I got firmer.

After the feeling went, I carried on getting ready and once I was I waited. Mathew had said to be ready for 10pm, which I was and which had long past as it was now approaching 11pm and still no sign of Mathew. As soon as the bell began to toll 11pm the lift door chimed and opened. I looked and there was Mathew, but not Mathew as I knew him. He was dressed differently. The suit was replaced, with leather chaps, he was wearing a leather jock strap, which I could see the pouch could be removed just by pulling the popper studs, he wore a leather vest, which somehow sculptured his already toned body, and draped over his shoulders was a long black leather jacket, his gloved hands held a lead, which he soon attached to my collar and yanked me down of my knees to the flood, he then bent down on one knee and held me pinned to the floor.

"I am going to take you tonight you fucking sissy, just like you asked. I am going to make you wish you had never asked to go out. I am going to show you how the world sees a sissy, whore like yourself." He whispered into my ear. His tone scared me, I tried to make a noise but couldn't. I was afraid now, what was he going to do with me.

"Sir I did not mean any disresp-..." before I could finish Mathew had gotten up and began to drag me by the lead and cut off my sentence.

"You will speak only when I tell you to speak for the rest of the evening. You will not protest or resist, you will do what I say straight away, or else you will face something far worse. Do you understand?" he asked firmly still pulling on the lead, but letting it slack so I could catch my breath and speak.

"Yes sir" I panted.

"Good. Now get up on your feet and get in that elevator" he said as the doors opened, I stepped in with him and remained silent. He hadn't asked me anything, so I dare not say anything. I notice him press the button for the basement. As the lift travelled down, I figured we would be going in the car, as the basement provided the parking for hotel guests. What was really bothering me, was Mathews attire. I had not known him to dress like this before, these new sights made me want him more, he seemed so powerful, so masterful. If he asked me to bend over and open my ass for him there and then I would, I was afraid not to.

There was nothing but silence on the journey down in the elevator, when the doors opened it made me jump, and I was gently pulled out by the lead and followed my master to a large black car, it had tinted windows and a man was waiting by the door, as soon as he saw Mathew and I he opened the back door and we climbed in. The driver moved quickly to the front of the car and got in.

"You know where to go Clive." Mathew said calmly "As discussed"

"Yes Sir" Clive returned and nodded and then a screen rose between the drive and passengers in the rear, it was then I felt the lead being tugged gently, I felt I was being pulled down. I went with it, until I found my head facing the leather pouch that contained Mathews cock. The cock I worshipped so much, the cock I devoured every night.

"Suck it bitch" he said, commandingly and gently pulled the material of the pouch away, letting the press studs pop and releasing the throbbing member which was hidden behind the leather. It began to rise as he spoke, and as I opened my mouth and licked the tip "Your going to need all the practice you can get for tonight" and with that his hand went to the back of my head and pushed my head and mouth down on his cock roughly and informingly. I nearly chocked by the shock, but didn't have much time as he began to fuck my face hard. His cock was like a jack hammer forcing its way down my throat, no sound could escape my lips.

"That's it you fucking bitch take my cock, all the way" he said every word with a thrust of his hips, his cock sliding in out of my mouth, leaving me only second to catch a quick gasp of air before being filled once more.

This merciless face fucking carried on and on until finally I felt Mathew cock throb "take every last drop down your cum hungry throat bitch" he shouted as he blew his load deep into my mouth, I swallowed it all every spurt I timed and swallowed, I didn't have chance to savour the taste, it was gone. "Clean me up fucking faggot" he commanded, which I did.

I was gasping and panting as my tongue licked and cleaned Mathews cock, I was then pulled away and Mathew fastened the pouch back in place. Nothing else was said for 30 minutes until the car stopped. The driver got out and opened the door for them, Mathew got out first and pulled on the lead, I followed and looked around. The clod night air hit my face, I didn't know what to expect when I got out. I looked around and saw that we were at an old derelict building, the windows where boarded up, the place looked run down, but I could hear music thumping loudly from below.

"You best do me proud tonight bitch, or I will leave you here" he whispered in my ear and led the way to a door, where he knocked and it was soon opened by another man dressed in just a leather thong and leather straps across his chiselled body.

"836" Mathew said, and the man nodded and closed the door behind him and led them the way. He opened a large door and inside was a room of men of all shapes and sizes, dressed in various leather attire, the music was blaring out, some where on their knees servicing I could only guess their masters and sirs. The open world of the underground sex scene was indeed very open and very public.

They moved through the crowd Mathew was nodding to people as he went, and I felt that people where watching me, I still had my coat on, but people instantly recognised my collar and lead and knew that I belonged to Mathew. I got all excited at being the centre of attention for the few that watched us. We approached a bar, but this bar didn't not sell drugs it was a cloakroom.

"Remove your coat. Let them see what a little whore you are" he said and I obeyed removing the coat and handing it to the old man behind the counter. I was then lead away as we walked through the busy crowd, I felt hands touching me, pinching me, one guy even slapped my ass hard. I heard the whistles and the moans of approval; I heard the comments that made me feel like such a slut.

"I'd give anything to fuck that piece of skirt....."

"Hey baby how about you let my cock split you in two...."

"Such a pretty little fuck pig..."

I was lead to a door, my excitement growing and the pain in my crotch was now mind numbing. I was taken up a short flight of stairs and through the door; I was led round the corner and then suddenly stopped in my tracks. Mathew held out a handkerchief which inside contained a small bottle of some liquid, and he grabbed my face and poured the liquid into my mouth.

"Swallow it, it will make the night so much easier for you" Mathews tone was now of that of the caring one I had known. The liquid tasted sweet like honey and I was pulled gently on with my journey. A couple of minutes my head started to spin a little and I felt dizzy, my eyes where going blurring but I could hear everything as clear as crystal.

"This is room 836. It is your room, and this will be where you entertain for the rest of the evening." Mathew said and led me to a bed which he positioned me on all fours, cuffed my hand and feet down. Placed a spreader between my legs and put a blindfold over my eyes. I then felt something tied around my waist and pulled me up so I couldn't collapse, I was fixed in this position, I couldn't get away, I couldn't move, and now an o-ring was being put in my mouth and I couldn't close my mouth.

I was then left alone, I could hear the music clearly, it was loud, the base was thumping, as the song came to end there was silence. The silence seemed to last for hours, my waiting for Mathew seemed to be longer. Then I heard his voice, but it was not speaking to me.

"Gentleman, please can I draw your attention to the screens, here you will see a sissy, a slut, a god damn whore who has come here just for you, the room is 836 and she is all yours for the next hour". The crowd murmured, some cheered some whistled.

The screens showed me, in the position I was in, I was on public display, I was being filmed, I was going to be shown to the whole building I was tonight's entertainment, in my moments of thinking I heard voices, cheers, I felt hands touch me, stroke me.

"I'm going to be the first to fuck that hot mouth..." a deep voice from the gathering crowd, and he wasted no time, with in seconds my mouth was full with this strangers cock, attacking my throat just like Mathew had done in the car.

Another person behind gripped the waist band of my panties and yanked them down, and slapped my ass hard a couple of times. "Man we need to bring some colour to those cheeks" he said and slapped her harder over and over again. The pain stung and then melted away, what ever Mathew had given me, seemed to make me hornier than ever, wanting this to happen, the cock in her mouth was no close to exploding, I could tell from the noises the owner was making and the swelling, and my mouth was once again filled with hot thick cum.

He pulled out and squirted the rest on my face, wiping his cock over my perfectly applied make up, I didn't have long to wait before another was replaced and likewise fucked my mouth with no care or thought. The guy behind me had stopped spanking me, and now a tongue was buried deep in my ass getting me nice and wet. It was taken away and soon filled with a massive sized cut cock. I have no idea of its actual size, only that it hurt, a lot.

In, out it rammed it self back and forth over and over again, splitting me into. Noises of the men showed their enjoyment and pleasure. The man fucking my ass, soon came with an almighty thrust, shooting load after load deep inside me, when he had finished he pulled out "Man what a fuck, this whore sure wants your cock in her" he said and slapped my ass and walked away, I felt empty but not for long I was soon filled again and again.

All my fuckings had been broadcasts to the entire building; people kept coming in both senses of the word. The hour seemed to be the longest in my lifetime, and only when did the last guy cum in my ass, did I hear the voice "this is what you get when you want to go outside, this is what you wanted, remember you are mine"

It was Mathew, and I was his I ached, I couldn't move, my ass was in agony, my mouth and throat felt like I had swallowed razor blades, my cock ached. Then I remember nothing, I woke up back in my pent house, Mathew by my side naked, his cock throbbing with him commanding me to jack him off.

I took his cock in my hand and wanked it gently "That's it hun, your so good, oh yes" he said softly and then changed his position and fired his hot sweet load over my face. He then moved to my encased and restricted cock and undid the chastity belt, he grabbed my cock and gently rubbed it, I came in seconds all over my naked body and then fell asleep, used, abused and madly in love with Mathew.

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