tagMind ControlHotel Ste. Dominique

Hotel Ste. Dominique


First Day

I awake in a huge warm bed with my pretty Lady cuddled tightly in my arms; her ass is pressed against my hard morning erection. Cupping her breast with my free hand, I massage her nipple by gently rubbing my palm over it until she moans and she too is awake arching her back, pushing her chest out against my hand and wriggling her ass tighter onto my cock. "I love you, Baby," I breath into her ear before kissing down her neck until I reach her shoulder to bite it while I pinch her nipple hard, rolling it between my finger tips. Zoe reaches behind herself and grabbing my cock she puts it to her wet cunt lips saying, "Fuck me Baby." She wets my throbbing cock head by rubbing it up and down her dripping wet slit then she places it over the entrance to her juicy hole and slides back and takes my thick cock deeply into herself with a satisfied sigh saying, "I think this is going to be a nice vacation."

Grabbing Zoe's hips I grind my cock as deep into her cunt as I can and hold it there as she moans and squirms on me. Then, slowly, I draw it out until just the head is in her pussy. I tease her with a few short strokes before driving home, deep, right to her cervix. "Fuck me Serge!" Zoe yells as she pushes her ass back at me for every thrust I give her. I reach around her and pinch both of her nipples as I feel myself starting to come. Zoe senses the moment and starts bucking on my cock harder and faster until I tense and my cock grows even larger just before it spasms once deep in her cunt then again and again driving her to come with me in waves of orgasm.

Calming down from our mutual orgasm, I pull out of her with a wet plop and, rolling onto my back, look around our room. It is round with our king sized bed placed near the centre. Looking up I see the pale blue sky of early morning through an open domed roof above us. Across from the foot of our bed there was no wall; the room simply becomes the balcony. There I see a table set for two with a pitcher of water dripping sweat it is so cold and two goblets.

SMACK on Zoe's bare ass, "Time to get up and enjoy paradise, Baby"

"MMMMM my pussy is sooo puffy," Zoe moans.

I rise, naked, from our bed knowing that I am as dressed as I will be that day and for the rest of our stay at the Hotel Ste. Dominique. My cock jewelry jingles and bounces against each other tapping sensuously against the under side of my still erect cock with every step I take as I stroll slowly out into the bright morning sun and onto the patio. Raising my arms above my head I stretch and greet the day while gazing at the view before me. I welcome the heat of the morning sun on my nude body. The soft tradewinds bring scents of gardenia and other lush tropical flowers as I look through the palm trees toward the ocean. It is a deep blue which pales to aqua then fades to the color of the white sandy beach as it laps gently at the shore.

"Some water Baby?" Zoe asks as she offers me a full goblet.

"This water tastes wonderful," she says as she sits with her legs spread wide and her arms on the back of the chair as she basks naked in the hot sun as well.

I'm thirsty and I take a long drink from the offered goblet. It tastes like fine wine and sends an erotic tingle through my body turning my erection into a diamond cutter. "MMM, where the hell did this "water" come from?" I ask.

"I don't care," my love says, "just put that gorgeous, hard cock into my cunt! I don't know why but I am suddenly so very, very horny this morning." Saying that she stands up from her chair and walks to the patio railing and, looking out at the ocean, spreads her legs; arching her back to show me her dewy wet pussy and wriggles her luscious ass invitingly at me. Throwing her long hair over a shoulder Zoe looks back towards me and says, "Pleases fuck me now, Baby, while we are here on our patio and might be seen by anybody walking by."

My raging hard cock sways heavily before me as I walk across the patio toward my Lady to rub myself on her slit before I enter her hungry, wet pussy.

"Oh, God, fuck me Serge!" Zoe yells as I push my throbbing cock into her from behind. I bury myself to the hilt and hold there while I look at my beautiful Lady's ass and over her back to the tropical vista beyond. I then pull my cock's bulbous head almost all the way out before plunging it hard into her again and again until we both come with loud moans and gasping pants.

Coming down from my orgasm I hear the sound of clapping and looking down from our patio I see a naked couple applauding our performance. The Lady's large tits shake and bounce between her arms, her nipples hugely erect, as she claps and her partner's cock is paying us homage by standing at full attention.

"Are you new to the Hotel Ste. Dominique?" the woman yells up at us.

"Yes," we both say at once, with what little breath we had left while blushing in our embarrassment.

"I loved watching your tits sway as your man pounded your pussy, Honey!"

"Um, er thank you," Zoe murmurs.

"We'll be seeing more of you and your lover later I'm sure," the Lady purrs before she turns and continues strolling along the beach with her partner with his hard bouncing cock proudly showing the way.

My cock slips out of Zoe's wet pussy as she turns to put her slim arms around my neck and sighing she says, "Let's go and explore our new paradise."

"Yes, lets," I reply as I walk to the table and pour each of us each a fresh goblet of water from the pitcher that is still, strangely, cold. We then walk hand in hand back into our suite to find... Luxury.


Our bed chamber walls are lined with white marble pillars holding up an ornate domed roof which is open to the sky in its centre. The marble floor is covered with thick Persian carpets. In front of us is our King sized bed with its tall mahogany headboard following the curve of the back wall leaving space enough behind it to form a sort of hallway. To the left of the bed where a dresser should have been nestled between two pillars is an elegant table with a large mirror above it. On our right are wide stairs leading down to the main floor of our suite. We look behind the bed's headboard to find two open archways.

The first archway we enter leads to a huge closet filled with, not clothes, but erotic costumes of leather, spandex, and gossamer thin silks and lace. There are drawers filled with sex toys and racks holding all manner of restraints.

"Well, at least we finally found a dresser of sorts; it seems like nude people don't need a place for clothes," I quip to Zoe's amusement.

The second archway leads to a bathroom. And yes there is a bath in there; across the huge room a small swimming pool is sunk into the floor out on its own balcony. On one side of the balcony there is a huge shower area without any glass walls; just there, in the open with shower heads everywhere. There is a soft couch on the other side positioned to look out onto the balcony's bath and into the shower. "Are you feeling sweaty Baby?" I ask as I step toward the shower.

"Yes, let's have a shower and then we have to look downstairs!" she says as she joins my side. Reaching for my now, seemingly, permanently hard cock she purrs, "I do so love to play with soap." With her hand still on my hard erection we both turn and look for the taps. Not seeing any controls Zoe drags me by my stiff cock deeper into the shower area.

As we approach the centre of the shower it comes on automatically. I cringe expecting the usual cold first blast, but the water comes out warm. We are hit from four sides by a virtual torrent of water. Surprisingly not a jet hits our faces no matter how we turn. I say, "It would be nice if the water was a little hotter," and it was. "MMMM, this thing is voice controlled, Zoe."

Zoe's eyes light up like beacons as she quietly orders, "Cold only, please!" The water turns cold instantly. Shivering I jump out of the shower to look back to see my Norwegian Ice Queen do a pirouette in the freezing spray before she smirks at me and says, "Back to warm, please".

Walking back into the now hot shower I notice that my cock is still rock hard and pointing almost straight up even after being hit by what was, to all effects, ice water. "Will this thing ever go down?" I ask.

"I hope not," Zoe purrs in response as she uses the soap on my raging hardon. Taking the hint I make sure that she in turn has the cleanest tits and clit as ever I could.

Later, as we relax drying in the morning sun on the bathroom's balcony, sipping yet more cold water from a jug that, miraculously, was on the table between the two lounge chairs I say, "Baby, my cock seems to be permanently hard; if this keeps up I'll never get my cock ring off and I can't go out in public like this."

"Well...... the only other man we've seen had a huge hardon too, Baby. And that ring looks so nice on you. It makes your hardon so much larger, as well!"

"OK; if we see another dude walk past our suite with a diamond cutter I won't worry. I'll just have to wave it about like the rest then, I guess."

"Don't worry, Baby, let's take our water with us while we check out the main floor of this beautiful suite. Be careful not to bump that gorgeous cock into a wall or something, OK?"

"Yes, Baby," I respond. Almost too quickly, I think.


We walk to the head of the stairs to find that the steps down are cut from the volcanic rock that seems to make up this part of our suite. With me following and watching her beautiful ass sway with each step we descend to the main floor to discover another huge round sumptuous room decorated in a bright, vibrant, Caribbean style. The whole front of the suite that faces the ocean is open; the room once again becomes... patio.

At the bottom of the steps Zoe stops and without looking back at me holds out her right hand, open at cock height, waiting for me to join her. I feel compelled to step forward and position my cock into her soft palm so that she can grab hold of my seemingly endless erection.

"Oh, Serge, this is heaven," Zoe sighs as she leads me by my hard cock to the centre of the room and turns full circle dragging me round by my cock as she takes in everything. Finally she stops to look across the patio and the sandy beach at the calm bay framed by its two rugged headlands.

The entire room seemed to be carved out of volcanic rock making it look like a designer's idea of a cave. To our left, where the stairs are, is the feature wall with a waterfall which splashes from ledge to ledge to land in a large raised pool; the overflow from this pool goes out to fill yet another huge in ground Jacuzzi on the patio. Two long bamboo couches face each other in front of the pool with an oversized ottoman between them. On our right is a bamboo and glass dining table, half in the suite and half on the patio, with seating for eight. Behind us we see, on one side of an arched doorway, a complete bar and on the other a full kitchen; both with island counters and stools. Through the open archway is a huge bath chamber, looking like yet another open fronted cave, complete with toilet, bidet, vanity, and a large in floor pool on its own patio. Looking at the bathroom I try to ask whether there are any doors in this resort, but find that I can't speak.

"Oh, it's so hot here," Zoe says as she releases my cock and walks about the room saying, "Let's cool off in the waterfall pool, Baby."

"Yes lets." I am curious as to why I find myself able to talk now that she has let loose of my cock.

We walk toward the pool and hand in hand step over the raised top and sink into its deep cooling waters. My whole body feels like it is being immersed in club soda. Curious I move over to the waterfall, and sticking out my tongue, I taste the water.

"This tastes just like the water in the jugs we've been finding about the suite."

"MMMMM, this water feels wonderful and I'm starting to feel so horny. Are you?"

"OOOH, yes, Baby. I may have a permanent hardon, but, yes you're right. I'm becoming very horny too and I want to fuck your gorgeous cunt right now! But first I want you to sit up on the edge so I can lick that beautiful clit of yours."

Smiling and looking deep into my eyes Zoe moves to the edge of the pool and sitting out of the water with her back against the volcanic wall she spreads her legs wide. "Lick my cunt Lover!"

Needing no further urging I move between her legs and start licking the inside of one thigh then the other; moving slowly up until my tongue is near her wet cunt lips. Teasingly I lick around her wet pussy and clit, not coming too near, but oh so close.

"Make me cum, Serge!" Zoe yells as she starts to pant, "I need to cum, now!"

I feel her hands on the back of my head forcing my mouth deeper into her pussy. I resist her urgent grasp on my head for a few seconds more as I lick gently up and down the outside of her swollen cunt lips. Finally her wet lips part and I taste her sweet pussy juices as they flow out of her and down my chin. I can't lick them up fast enough. Putting my whole mouth into her crotch I suck her labia deep into me drinking her nectar and exposing her engorged clit for my eager tongue. As I slowly lick Zoe's clit I move my hands off of her thighs and slide them up her soft body to reach for her tits and find her erect nipples which I pinch hard. Each time I squeeze a nipple Zoe's clit vibrates on my tongue proving that this Lady is hardwired from tit to clit.

Sensing that Zoe is close to orgasm I work harder on her pussy and tits until she cums in a great shudder and convulsion that nearly drops her back into the water taking me with her.

"Ohhhh, Baby, how do you DO that to me?" Zoe sighs as she slides back into the invigorating water. "I need to fuck you now. I want your cock deep inside me!"

Zoe turns me by my shoulders and has me sit chest deep on the bench that runs around the pool. She then turns her back to me and sits on my lap while she reaches between her legs to guide my still hard erection into her cunt. She moans out a long hissing "Yesssssss!" as she lowers herself onto me and starts to ride my cock, moving her pussy up and down my wet shaft. I can feel the tip of my cock touch bottom with each downward push she makes as she grinds her ass into me. Zoe fucks herself on my cock faster and faster as she nears orgasm. I reach my arms around her body and finding her nipples again I squeeze and pinch them while I hum in her ear, "Cum for me, Baby," driving her wild. Water is splashing everywhere as we both orgasm at the same time. My cock swells just before I shoot my load deep into Zoe's cunt and sensing this she cums on my cock with a loud moan.

"Oh Zoe we've only been up for an hour and I've forgot how many time you've cum. Let's go out onto the patio and dry off in the sun," I whisper in my Lady's ear.

"Seven times, I think, Baby. You go on ahead; my legs aren't working right now. I'll be there in a minute."

Lifting her off my hard cock I turn and lower her onto the bench in the pool while I kiss her face and nuzzle down her neck and tits to suck on a nipple.

"MMMMM, Serge that was wonderful," Zoe says as she pushes her chest out to present the other nipple for my warm mouth's attention.


Stepping out of the waterfall pool, I look back at my lover to see her dip her hands into the water and, cupping some water in each, raise them up to drip a small stream over her still very pointy nipples, as she looks me in the eye. Sighing in a contented purring voice Zoe says," I'm going to love this vacation, Baby."

I'm humming to myself as I pad, naked, onto the sunny patio to hold my hands together above my head and present my nude body to the heat of the day again.

The patio is huge with potted palms and exotic plants everywhere. The Jacuzzi is to my left and the large dining table is to my right. In front there is a small table with two chairs with yet another sweating jug of cold water sitting between two goblets.

As I pour myself a drink I sense Zoe move up behind me to wrap her arms around me; cupping my cock and balls. "Mmmmmmm, Baby," I hum. "Nice view, eh?"

"Yessss," she hisses as she grabs a goblet to take a long drink of water.

"I'm just a little concerned about being in public with this permanent hardon, though, Zoe," I say as we rest on some lounge chairs taking in the view.

"OK, Serge, if we see at least two guys walking the beach with erections will you quit worrying?"


Our patio is separated from the beach by a low rock wall and a small tropical garden. We can see people all up and down the beach and, yes, every man I see has a full erection.

Jumping up from her chair Zoe yells, "Right, then, let's go for a swim in the bay, Serge!" Standing Zoe turns and holds out her open hand again. I rise and step forward until my cock touches her palm. She grabs my stiff cock and starts to walk toward the water with my cock held firmly in her hand. I seem to have no choice but to follow.

Zoe leads me by my cock down the beach towards the water. She struts with her chest thrust out proudly showing off her bare tits to the sun and for all to see. Her clit jewelry makes small tinkling sounds with each step until we reach the waterline where she lets go of my cock and runs into the ocean. I fell free to move again and chase in after my beautiful Woman, splashing and teasing her as we play in the warm Caribbean water.

Later as we walk back up the beach toward our suite we meet our first nude couple. A beautiful blonde woman is leading her partner down the beach by his cock. She stops in front of Zoe and greets her, "Oh, Hello, you two look new here."

"Yes we are, how can you tell?" Zoe replies.

"You haven't got full tans yet, Cheri. My name is Yvonne, by the way, and my Man is called Joseph," she says as she lets go of his very substantial hardon to shake Zoe's hand. "My, your man has some interesting jewelry on his cock. And you; you're pierced as well. How decadent this is."

"Yes he does." Zoe reaches over and jingles one cock ring against the other making them tinkle under my near vertical hardon. "My name is Zoe and this is Serge. Would you like to join us on our patio? It's just up the beach."

Yvonne smiles at Zoe, "That would be wonderful," and puts out her right hand at cock height. Joseph walks forward and puts his cock into the palm of her hand. She grabs hold of his long cock as she joins Zoe to walk towards our suite with Joseph following; led by his Lady's hand. I walk behind watching the ladies thinking how bizarre this whole first morning is turning out to be.

Catching up to the Ladies and Joseph I hear Yvonne say to Zoe, "Nobody's told you about the water and its side effects yet, have they."

"No. Is there a problem?"

Yvonne laughs so loudly and long that she has to stop walking. "No problem whatsoever, Lady!" she yells then leans over to whisper in Zoe's ear.

"No way!"

"Try it," Yvonne says, and then continues with, "There's more, oh, so much more."

"OK." Zoe stops walking and holds out her right hand at cock height.

I can't resist; I am compelled to step forward and position my cock in the palm of her hand. Feeling my penus touch her palm she closes her small hand around my cock trapping me. I feel that I want to tell to her my thoughts about this strange new phenomenon but I cannot talk; I am mute.

"Told you," Yvonne says as she continues on toward our patio leading Joseph by his cock.

"Very interesting," Zoe thinks to herself as she catches up with our new friends while dragging me along by my cock as if I was on a leash.

Reaching our patio Yvonne releases Joseph's cock and suggests Zoe do the same with me saying, "It's best to let them free every now and then," with a giggle. I find that our small table now has four chairs and there is a larger jug of water with four goblets. Yvonne, noticing my confused look, stands up and looking at Joseph says, "Maybe you should start telling them the real story, Dear, while I mix something a little stronger than this wonderful water for Zoe and her Man."

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