Hottest Shower


I went to college at a pretty small school. They did not have a lot of extra space, so they had make due with what space they had. For example, instead of having male and female dorm buildings, they just had male and female floors. There was a small gym near the dorms, that I would use on a pretty regular basis. The gym had separate male and female locker rooms, but they both adjoined to a common shower room. The showers had private doors, and were large enough that you could dress and undress inside them. Most of the time all you would see is another person walking to or from in a towel. I would normally wake-up around 5:30am to go the gym. This being a college, the gym would normally be a ghost town any time before 10am. Most days, I had the whole place to myself, but there were a few other early birds I would see there from time to time. One of whom, was Kim, a petite little brunette sophomore, who played on the soccer team.

Kim was only about 5'2", with nice little A cup tits. Most days she just stuck around the cardio equipment. We would say hi to each other when are paths crossed. On days that she would use the stair-stepper, I would be greeted to little glimpses of her ass with each step she took. For such a small girl, she had quite a nice round ass. I had often fantasized about "accidentally" walking in on her in shower. I really wanted to know if her ass looked as good outside of her little gym shorts. But in the end, I was a gentleman, and restrained myself.

One day it was only Kim and I in the gym. I was once again torturing myself by watching her on the stair-stepper. When I finished working out, Kim was just moving over to the treadmill. I went into the locker room, undressed, wrapped myself in a towel, and headed to the showers. I had plans to go to a club with some friends that evening, and I had classes all day, so I had to get myself completely ready to go out now. This meant taking care of a little needed man-scaping. I went into a shower stall, sat down on the bench, got out my razor, and started lathering my balls with shaving cream. To keep the shower from washing away the shaving cream, I filled up a cup with water to rinse my razor in. I turned off the shower, sat down, and got to work. My cock was already semi-hard from watching Kim earlier.

I was just about finished, when I heard somebody walk in room. A few moments later I see a flash of light, as the door to my stall opens. I look up and see Kim standing there with in only a towel on, and a look of surprise on her face. I am sitting on the bench with my freshly shaved sack and half a hard-on. Much to my surprise she did not close the door right away. She mumbled an apology, took a stepped back, then slowly closed the door.

She said through the door, "I am so sorry. The shower wasn't running so I thought it was empty."

I responded back with, "That is quite alright, it was my own fault for not properly latching the door."

I quickly tried to change the subject and asked her, "Your on the soccer team right? How is the team looking this year?"

I heard the worry go out of her voice as she answered me. I then heard her open the stall right next to mine, and turn the shower on. I stood up to turn my shower on, and noticed my half hard-on had turned into a full on erection. I wondered if she had seen it get fully erect, before closing the door.

We kept BS'ing across the stalls, about sports and our classes while waiting for the showers to warm-up. I told her that I don't normally shave at the gym, but today I had classes all day and plans to go out tonight.

Kim start apologizing again, saying, "I'm just so sorry, I just stood there and stared. I am so embarrassed. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I just sort of froze."

I decided to try to put her at ease, so I told her, "It's OK really. I mean it. To be completely honest, I've fantasized about what it would be like accidentally walk in on someone in these showers."


"Yeah and complete disclosure it was you who gave me that fantasy."

"Was that what you were thinking about, while staring at my ass, when I use the stair-climber?" she said jokingly.

"Was I that obvious?"

"Yeah, but I find it kind of cute. Most guys are big meat heads and won't leave me alone while I workout. That is why I come here so early."

"Well now I am the embarrassed one."

"Don't be. It is kind of nice to know your being admired, without being bothered. Plus now I've seen what keeps causing that bulge in your short when you are watching. And I must say it was quite a nice view"

Thinking this was a hint, I asked, "Would you care to join me at the club tonight, or maybe we can grab some dinner?"

"Sorry, I have practice and a team meeting tonight, maybe some other time."

"Well the invitation is open if you can make it."

Assuming she was not interested, my hard-on began subsided. I open into my bag to grab my soap. I let out an, "oh crap!"

"What's wrong?"

"I forget my shampoo." I answered.

"You can use some of mine, but you have to come over and get it."

I turned off my shower, wrapped the towel around myself, and went to her stall. I knocked lightly on the door, and she yelled out, "It's open!"

When I opened the door there was Kim, sitting on the bench shaving her pussy. Her body was amazing. She was so petite, she maybe weighted 95 pounds, with perfectly shaped A cups tits, and a nice even tan all over. I instantly felt my cock starting push against the towel around my waist. As I stood there like an idiot, she told me to close the door. I stepped in and closed the door behind me.

She gave a little smile and said, "I figured this way we are even now."

She then stood up and started rinsing her pussy off in the shower. When she was done, she grabbed the shampoo and said, "This is expensive stuff, and I don't want you using too much. Come over here and I'll wash your hair for you."

My cock got so hard that it pulled the towel off from around my waist. I took a couple of steps forward, and got under the shower to get my hair wet. Kim was too short to reach the top of my head, so I leaned over, and she began massaging the shampoo into my hair. The feel of her petite little fingers running through my hair just put me at complete ease. To help her get my whole head, I sat down on the bench. She stood between my legs and continued massaging my head. The whole time her tits where right at my eye level. When she finished, I got up and rinsed my hair in the shower.

Kim handed me her loofah and asked, "Would you mind getting my back for me?" When she turned around I finally got to see that ass I had been dreaming about, and I must say it looked even better than I imaged. It was round and fit her body perfectly. I started scrubbing her back, trying to go as slow as possible, so I could keep looking at her ass. I didn't stop when I got to her lower back. I kept scrubbing that beautiful ass. Watching it bounce right back after each stroke. Once I finished soaping up her ass, I started to reach around and began running the loofah across her flat hard stomach. She took a step back and her ass pressed against swollen member. At this point I dropped the loofah, and just started caressing her breast. I pulled her closer so my cock was resting between her checks. She was so petite that the head of my cock was all the way up at the middle of her back.

Kim reached back, wrapped her hand around my cock, and began slowly stroking it. I leaned down and started kissing her neck, before running my hand all the way down her body, and into her crouch. I began rubbing her clit while she continued to stroke my cock. After a bit she turned around and we began kissing while we both kept stroking the other one. She grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled me towards her while she took a couple of steps back. She then sat down on the bench and began sucking my cock. She would take my cock all the way down her throat. Then lick it up and down while playing with my cleanly shaved balls.

I was so turned on that stated to feel the urge to cum. I grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her back from my dick. She was now leaving back against the wall. I got down on my knees and gave the outside of her pussy a couple of light kisses. Just trying to tease her. After 6 or 7 kisses, she grabbed my head, and pushed me down on her clit. I began licking and flicking her clit with my tongue. I spread her lips apart and started to work my tongue around the outside of her vagina. She was so wet that her juices started dripping off the end of my tongue. I made my way back to her clit and began fingering her pussy. She was so tight that I could only fit one finger inside of her. Her hips started wiggling back and forth, so I kept licking her clit and fingering her pussy. It didn't take long for her to start cumming. I could feel her whole body shake as she pressed my head into her crouch.

Kim then stood up turned me around and sat me down on the bench. She gave my cock a couple of good licks to get it wet, and straddled my lap. She started to lower herself onto my cock. She was so tight that she would have to lower herself just a little bit, then come back up. Then go back down a little further the next time. After what seemed like ages, she finally made it all the way down. We just sat there for a moment, with my cock all the way inside her kissing. Then she push me back against the wall and began riding me. I watched as my cock was going in and out of her tight little pussy. I could feel it hugging my shaft each time she went back down. It took everything I had not to cum each time she came down. I wrapped my arms around her body and began squeezing her perfect little ass. I pulled her close so that are entire upper bodies were rubbing against each other.

Kim started kissing my neck and made her way up to my ear, where she whispered, "I'm on the pill. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your hot load fill my little pussy."

This got me so hot that I picked her up with my cock still inside her, and pressed her back against the opposite wall. She wrapped her legs around me, while I held her up and pounded away at her pussy. I started to feel the load on my balls making its way to my shaft.

Kim started moaning softly an whispering in my ear, "Oh god, I'm going to cum! Fuck me harder, harder, harder! Come on baby, give me that big load."

I gave her two more big thrusts, before blowing my load inside her. As I was shooting my load in her pussy, she began to cum. She would moan and her body would shake, with each pulse of cum streaming out of my cock.

Completely spent, I sat back down on the bench, with her still on my lap. We sat there on the bench just kissing. A few minutes later we heard someone come in the room and start showering. We quickly washed ourselves before heading back to our respective locker rooms to get dressed.

We ended up dating for about a year, before she got a scholarship to play soccer for a division 1 school.

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