tagLoving WivesHotwife Ch. 02

Hotwife Ch. 02


I woke up the next day with the previous evening's events still in my head; Katie and I had fucked until the early hours after Tyler had left. Katie was already up, I was off all day but she had to go to work. I went downstairs where Katie was just about to leave.

She kissed me on the lips, "Morning babe, you hungry?", winking as she said this.

"Depends what you're offering?", I replied, smiling at her inference.

Katie just laughed and said that she had to go soon. We chatted about the night's activities and I asked her if she had been serious about seeing Tyler again today.

"Well, I got the feeling you enjoyed it, and I definitely did, I can't see why we don't take advantage of the situation while it lasts, if that's still okay with you?"

"Katie, you could come home every night dripping with another man's cum and I would be okay with it." I felt my cock stirring at the thought of this.

"Really? So it's not just Tyler's cum that you want? You're saying I can have whoever I want, without telling you first?"

Katie was getting horny as well and I held her tight against me, my solid cock pressing against her.

"Take it that as of now, you have my permission to fuck any guy you want, as long as you come back to me afterwards and there's no emotional involvement."

"Babe, I'll always come back to you; you're the one I love and I can't think of anything sexier than bringing you home a fresh pussy full of a stranger's cum and watching you eat it from inside me."

I was getting really turned on but as Katie had to go, I told her that we'd continue this conversation later, in bed.

"Can't wait," she said, kissing me again and probing my mouth with her tongue, before turning and leaving the house.

I spent all day feeling horny, images going through my head of Katie straddling my face and teasing the cum from her pussy and into my mouth. About 3pm, Katie rang me from work and said she'd be a bit late home as, because it was Friday, she was going to have a few drinks after work and would be home around 8. I told her to make sure she was good, she said 'always'. I wondered what she might be up to, it was unusual for her to stay later and this just had my mind racing again.

I settled down to wait for Katie to return and had a few beers, about half an hour before she was due home I received a media message on my mobile phone, it was from Katie's mobile and showed a close-up picture of a shaven pussy with what I presume was cum starting to leak out. I recognised the panties, which had been pulled to one side, as Katie's. Written below the photograph was one line; 'permission for two please'. She was such a slut! I tried calling her but the call was cut off and minutes later I got another message which said just 'patience, home soon'.

I had another couple of beers while I waited, to settle my nerves, or should I say, excitement. I heard the front door opening and in walked Katie, I could see she was a bit drunk and her cheeks were flushed. I went to kiss her but she just said, "Upstairs, on the bed."

I didn't argue, just took her hand and led her upstairs, where I got onto our bed, not even bothering to undress. Katie slipped out of her skirt and I saw she'd gone to work wearing stockings, which she kept on, along with her high heels.

"You did say you'd love me bringing you a creampie when I got home, well this time you get two," she said as she climbed on the bed and knelt above me, a knee either side of my head. I could see her panties were soaking and the smell was sex, without a doubt. I licked at the material and could taste cum mixed with her juices.

"Her you go babe, dinner time," she said as she pulled the gusset of her panties to one side. Her pussy lips and clit were swollen and there were drying remnants of sperm covering them, which I lovingly cleaned up. Katie watched me from above and then started to describe what had happened. Two of the younger guys in the office had been flirting with her in the bar close to her office and after she had a few drinks, she had ended up going back to the empty office and fucking them. She told me how she'd been bent over a desk while one fucked her from behind and she took the other in her mouth.

"Having two young studs using me like that was such a turn on, you don't mind do you babe?"

I just shook my head as I pushed my tongue into her pussy and tasted, for the second time in 24 hours, another man's cum inside my gorgeous wife. I didn't feel jealous at all, I loved that Katie was becoming such a slutty wife, the sluttier she acted the better, as far as I was concerned.

As I sucked and licked at her pussy, using my tongue to savour the taste of sticky sperm, Katie continued. The guy fucking her had came inside her and he and the other one swapped places. As the second guy got behind her she begged him to fuck her used pussy but he had refused, saying he wasn't into 'sloppy seconds'. Instead he bent down and began to tongue her ass, slipping one then two fingers into her as she sucked on his friends cock, which was beginning to harden.

Once he'd loosened her up, the guy had eased his cock up her ass and once she was used to his size, started to fuck her for all he was worth.

"It was so sexy, having my ass used purely for his pleasure and I was pleading with him to cum inside me. I know I'm such a whore but I love it." Katie was closing her eyes as she imagined the scene. "Here you go babe, a treat for the weekend."

She shifted her body slightly and her ass was above my mouth. I gently ran my tongue around it, rimming her before slipping it inside her (not so) tight hole. Straightaway I could tell she was telling the truth, her ass was looser than usual and I could taste the cum inside..

"You are such a cum slut, a dirty little fucker eating cum from your wife's ass," sighed Katie as she massaged her clit. "Go on, get your tongue in there, I want my ass cleaned of every last drop of mess. Tell me how much you love eating other men's sperm from your slutty wife."

"I love it, I want to be your cum slut, I want you to fuck every guy you fancy and bring me home their sloppy mess to clean up."

"Don't you worry, I have every intention of doing just that. From now on, you will only get to fuck me if someone else has fucked me beforehand and you have licked up every last drop, that'll give you the incentive to let your new slut wife shag whoever she wants."

"I don't need an incentive," I said, before getting back to my new role as a cum slut and making sure Katie was totally clean. Once I had licked and sucked her ass clean, I turned my attention back to her pussy, licking at her clit. Katie was near to orgasm and her talk became dirtier.

"You love it don't you? Maybe one day you'd like to get your cum straight from the source, a big fat, hard cock."

We had never discussed this before, I have always been straight (if eating other men's cum is 'straight') and had never considered sucking cock or anything else with another guy. That said, my cock throbbed in my jeans as Katie described how one day, whether I liked it or not, she would bring home a man for me to suck on and experience the sensation of cum spurting from his cock and down my throat.

Katie's talk was getting her off and as she told me how she'd kiss me after I sucked this mystery man, and taste his cum on my tongue, she orgasmed, her pussy flooding with more juices for me to savour. As I slowly finished licking at her, Katie moved off me and lay next to me.

"Sorry babe, I got distracted from what I was telling you, it was just the thought of you sucking cock, I never realised it would turn me on so much." Katie was rubbing on my cock, slipping her hand under the waistband of my jeans as she kissed me. "Would you do it for me honey, suck someone else's cock and swallow their cum?"

"I don't know, it's a horny thought but whether I'd do it for real, I'm not sure."

"Well, maybe I can have a word with Tyler, seeing as he's coming around again in an hour."

I looked at my sexy wife in shock, she'd already had two studs in her pussy and ass, fed the cum to her husband and yet sill she wanted more. I realised then how much I loved her and our new lifestyle.

(to be continued)

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