tagLoving WivesHotwife Ch. 03

Hotwife Ch. 03


Not that Katie had needed much cleaning after the attention of my tongue, we both went for a shower and then downstairs for a couple of drinks before Tyler arrived. I was still reeling at what a horny bitch my wife had turned into; Tyler would be her fourth cock of the day!

Tyler arrived shortly after 9 pm and Katie introduced him to me. He was as attractive as she had described and seemed very confident, he certainly wasn't showing any nerves at meeting the husband of the woman he had fucked the day before.

"So what's the plan?" he asked us.

Katie answered, "I thought we could have a couple of drinks and then go upstairs, I quite fancy having two studs use me, its been at least 6 hours since that last happened."

Tyler looked at me in surprise, "Is she serious?"

"Yep, since meeting you this wife of mine has become addicted to cock, can't say I'm complaining though."

We sat down and had a few drinks, I was on a chair while Katie sat next to Tyler on the sofa. As we talked, she was rubbing his thigh and I could see an impressive looking bulge appearing between his legs. Her hand moved over it and stroked his cock through his jeans, causing Tyler to lean into her neck and kiss it.

Katie turned her head and kissed him full on the lips while I watched, mesmerised at the sight of my wife groping and kissing this handsome black man, right in front of me.

Katie broke off the kiss and whispered into Tyler's ear. She later told me that she had told him she was gagging for his cock again but would love to have me suck it to full hardness before he fucked her. Tyler had initially been unsure but Katie had convinced him, telling her that a 'BJ was a BJ', irrespective of who was giving it. Tyler had eventually agreed.

As I watched them whispering to each other I grew harder by the minute, wondering what my sexy wife was planning.

Katie started to undo Tyler's jeans and reached inside to pull out his thick cock. It didn't seem to be fully erect, but even so I was impressed at his length and thickness.

Looking across at me she said, "How would you like to see me impaled on this monster?"

As I watched her slowly masturbate him, I imagined what she had asked and realised that there was nothing more that I would like to see than Tyler's cock invading my wife's juicy pussy.

"I want you to fuck him babe, take that thick cock in your pussy, ass, I don't care, just let me watch him use you."

Katie smiled and said, "No problem babe, but first you have to come here and get him hard for me, make his cock as thick as it can be to stretch your wife's dirty, juicy cunt."

I looked at Tyler, he just gave a small nod, indicating he was okay with what she was asking. I moved over to the sofa and knelt in front of Tyler. I had never been so close to another man's cock and yet I felt my mouth watering at the sight of it.

"Go on, just take him in the mouth, taste his pre-cum, feel those massive cum filled balls which will soon be filling me with their creamy load," Katie encouraged.

I didn't need the encouragement, I couldn't wait to service this beautiful cock. I licked at his purple helmet and as Katie had said, could taste his pre-cum seeping out. Tyler just closed his eyes and Katie kissed his full lips; I could see their tongues darting into each others mouth as I looked up at them. I sucked and licked down his shaft until I got to his shaven balls, which I alternated between sucking, causing Tyler to groan in pleasure.

I don't know what possessed me but having given his balls the attention, I lowered my head further, towards his tight ass. As I looked upwards, I could see that Katie was watching.

"That's it babe, tongue my lover's ass, show him that you're a total male slut."

I rimmed Tyler's tight hole, then pushed my tongue inside.

"That's it slut, push it inside, lick my ass," breathed Tyler, as he lifted himself slightly to allow me more access to him. Katie had stood up, removed her gown and pulling her knickers to one side, she straddled Tyler as I tongued him. There I was, on my knees between a black guy's legs, my tongue up him while my wife slid up and down his now massive cock. Katie was snogging Tyler but would occasionally turn to look down at me.

"Suck his balls, tease his creamy cum into your dirty wife's pussy. You like it babe? I do, I love Ty's thick cock stretching me, filling me with his size."

I done as I was told, licking his shaven sack and sucking one, then another, of his swollen balls into my mouth.

"Ride my cock bitch!" cried out Tyler. His hands were on her waist, lifting her up and slamming her down onto his cock. "I'm gonna cum you horny bitch, get that husband of yours to get his tongue back inside me."

Without waiting for Katie to ask, I slid my tongue back into Tyler's ass. Suddenly his hands were on the back of my head, pulling me into him, forcing my tongue deep into his tight hole. I could feel my own pre-cum leaking from my solid cock; my mind raced as I pictured this scene, one that in my horniest thoughts I could never have imagined taking place.

"Yes, yes, that's it you fucking pair of whores, I'm gonna cum!"

"That's it Tyler, fill me with your seed, pump your spunk into my unprotected pussy," yelled Katie. "Come on babe, tongue his ass, make him cum and give me a black baby!"

I knew Katie was on the pill but despite this, the filthiness of what she was saying drove me on. I felt Tyler's buttocks clench and my tongue was squeezed tight; I knew that his cock was pumping rich, sperm filled cum into my wife's pussy. I looked up and as she continued to ride him, I could see his cum and her juices covering his cock. With one last effort he slammed deep inside her, giving her the last of his hot cum as Katie shuddered, experiencing her own orgasm.

I licked at his balls as they held each other tightly, kissing passionately. As Tyler's cock softened it slipped from inside her and I took it into my mouth, cleaning their combined juices, tasting the freshest cum I had experienced so far.

Katie slid off his cock and sat down next to Tyler, her legs spread. "Eat me, quickly, while it's hot and fresh," she instructed me.

I didn't need asking twice and as his cum leaked from her, down into the crack of her ass, I tongued it all up, working from her ass and up to her clit, swallowing his cum as it built up on my tongue. Looking up, I could see Katie kissing Tyler again as he fondled her breasts. I sucked gently on her swollen clit and then slid my tongue inside her, sucking at her pussy, enticing his sperm out of her and into my willing mouth. As I swallowed the cum from the fourth guy to fuck my wife that day I felt like the luckiest man alive, my wife was the perfect slut; I was in heaven as I cleaned her of Tyler's thick, creamy cum, while at the same time she groaned in pleasure at the attention of me on her pussy and him on her firm tits.

Eventually I had eaten her clean and Katie straightened herself up. "Well lovers, how about we take this upstairs?"

With that she got up and headed up the stairs. "You two are a pair of dirty, horny fuckers," Tyler said to me with a grin. "Maybe it's my turn to repay the favour?" he said as he looked down at the outline of my erection.

"Come on, lets just get up the stairs and go with the flow," I suggested.

Within minutes we were all naked on the bed. Our inhibitions released, we were sharing three-way kisses and our hands were all over each other. The feel of Tyler's body was such a turn on for me and I realised why Katie so loved having him take her in the way he had. I suddenly found myself picturing me on all fours, lapping at Katie's pussy while Tyler took me from behind. This was a new experience for me, but then again, until the last hour, sucking another man's cock clean of cum had been equally new.

Katie was obviously having the same thoughts. "Ty, I want you to fuck my husband, I want us to be your black-cock loving bitches, here for your pleasure."

Tyler seemed unsure but as he felt the attention of me and Katie on his body, as his cock was wanked by another man, he gave in to his urges and agreed.

"You wanna feel my thick black cock up your ass?" he asked me.

"Please, use me the same as you use my wife, I just want to feel your cock explode thick, creamy cum inside me."

I felt Tyler's hands turning me over, Katie pulled me on top of her, guiding my erect cock into her sopping pussy. Once inside, she shifted her self so her legs were closed slightly and my own were outside of hers. I felt the touch of Tyler's tongue lapping at my ass and then his fingers were at my mouth. I sucked and licked at them, lubricating them with my saliva, before I felt him back at my ass, sliding one, two and then three fingers inside me. There was some pain at first but before long this subsided and I couldn't help but spread my legs wider.

Katie was pulling my ass cheeks apart, serving to pull me into her deeper and to encourage Tyler's attentions. Tyler's fingers slipped out of me and I tensed as the helmet of his massive cock pressed against my virgin ring. Easing slowly into me, his cock stretching me more than ever, I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of complete fullness. Kneeling behind me, his hands on my hips, he started to fuck me.

"Get it in all the way Ty, give him every inch of that beautiful cock," urged Katie. "Fuck him hard Ty, force his cock inside me."

With that, Katie's nails tore at my back as she came. The pain as her nails ripped at my skin just added to the intense pleasure I was experiencing. Pulling me up and back towards him, Tyler turned my head to face him and kissed me on the lips, forcing his thick tongue into my mouth, which I sucked on greedily.

"I'm gonna cum up your ass bitch, just like I've filled up your wife. Take my cum you dirty cock sucker!"

He pounded into me hard and I leant forward, kissing Katie and holding her tight as I endured the ass fucking Tyler was giving me. I felt his cock begin to swell inside of me.

"I'm cumming!" he cried and I felt his cock throb as it spurted what felt like a gallon of cum up my ass.

The feeling was too much for me and I came as well, my solid cock pumping my own cum into Katie, giving her the fifth load of the day. Tyler gripped my waist hard as he plunged his length as deep as he could, his large black balls resting against my own as he cock finally stopped it's cum injection up my ass.

"How does it fell babe, full of a black man's cum while you fuck your slutty wife?" she asked.

"I love it," I replied as I collapsed exhausted on to Katie.

Tyler's cock slowly slipped out of me and he moved to kneel at the head of the bed. At first I thought he was going to make me suck his cock again but instead he leant down and kissed Katie on the lips.

"Thanks for the great fuck you two," he said. "I need to get off and get cleaned up, I've got another date later on."

As he said this he slipped a finger up my stretched ass. Leaning down to my ear he just whispered, "Whore."

As Katie and I lay in each other's arms, we watched as Tyler dressed and then without saying another word, he left the room and we heard him walk down the stairs and out of the front door.

"I love you," said Katie. "I hope you enjoyed the evening?"

"More than ever," I replied.

As I lay there, my cock softening inside my wife, Tyler's cum seeping from my ass and down onto my balls, I wondered what the next step in our newfound sex life was going to be? Maybe Tyler had some friends...


This is likely to be the last chapter in the 'Hotwife' series, I hope the readers have enjoyed them and welcome any constructive feedback or ideas for further stories.

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