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Driving slowly down the street in a light rain I took my time taking my normal trip back home from work. I am a part time receptionist for a construction / contracting company. I can't lie it wasn't my first choice but the only thing I was able to get at the time in our area and it does give me a decent amount of time off. Since I only work for a few hours three days out of the week I do have a lot of free time which I enjoy. Sadly my husband works nights so we only really get to spend any real time together on his days off.

Before I continue let me explain a bit about myself. My name is Marisa Johnson. I'm 26 and have been married now to my husband William for nearly four years now. Been wonderful except for the work problem. Feel in love with him pretty quickly and he was even the one to take my virginity. We get along well enough but for some arguments now and then. As far as my looks go I'm a redhead with blue eyes and very pale white skin. Friends used to tease me about being so white I was almost transparent. Down side is I burn easily but love the freckles I have from being so pale. I am proud of my strong and pretty well shaped legs. I'm not that tall, only 5'6" and around 150lbs. The only thing I think I would change about myself is my chest. I have a natural 36DD bra size and all too often it's what guys tend to stare at. More so since I often catch most of the guys who work for the company staring at them as they pass through the office are or the few times I go out to work sites to drop things off that were forgotten or needed. Not to mention some of the men are just out of prison for minor crimes who haven't been around a woman for several months or even a couple of years. Granted I guess I can't blame them since my breasts are hard to miss even when I try to hide them under clothes.

The one down side to where I work is since the economy has gone done so has the need for my companies type of work. Even in a large town as we are in. Nearly big enough to be a small city in reality. When we were once so busy we had work backed up now we can just barely keep everyone working. Sadly several of the employees had to be laid off because there just wasn't enough work. One I remember very well because he used to flirt with me constantly when he was around the office was Darnell. I took it all in fun and we did get along well, having lunch together several times in the break room while he was around. Darnell is a younger black guy at 25 years old. Tall compared to me at 6'2" and well built since he told me the other times he was in prison he had little else to do but light weights or play sports. Not a bad looking guy I guess, a little on the dark side of skin color. The only problem I had with him with his speech which was more on the "ghetto" slang than anything else. Sometimes I had a hard time understanding everything he said like when I first met him he called me a "snow bunny." I didn't know what that meant until he explained it was a term for white women and fit me perfectly because I am "so damn white."

Darnell had worked for us for before but get arrested on a minor drug possession charge. Not being the first time he was in jail for slightly over half a year before being let out. I only knew that because he walked in this morning while I was there. Was looking down at my computer screen when I heard a familiar voice call out to me. Looking up I saw Darnell standing there smiling at me. He had stopped in to see if there was any chance of getting his old job back but sadly we weren't hiring even former employees right now. Darnell had just come from speaking with my boss and was informed we couldn't do it. He was a bit down but told me everything would be fine. Standing up I gave him a big hug wishing him the best and just as normal I caught him trying to look down my top. Giving him a look he smiled at me again.

"Yo, what can I say girl?" Darnell said. "Been a long time since I seen a woman." This actually made me blush slightly. Before he left I told him to keep in touch and if he needed anything just let me know. Had no idea that the offer of a favor and my feeling bad for him would eventually lead me and change my life in a way I never considered for a split second.

Stopping at the store to pick up a few items I continued my trip home. Pulling out of the parking lot I proceeded down the road for several miles when something caught my eye on the side of the road. There in the rain was walking a black man with a bag on his back. Looking in my mirror as I passed by it took but a moment to notice his face. It was Darnell! Quickly pulling over to the side of the road I sat there waiting for him to approach the car. He obviously had no idea who was in the car as he paid no attention while he walked around to go past me. Pressing the button to lower the passenger side window I called out his name as he walked past it. I actually saw him jump slightly in surprise. Turning to look at the car he peered in to see who it was, smiling when he saw me.

"If it ain't Mrs J." he said sticking his head in. I asked him what he was doing out here? "Just walkin" he told me.

"In this weather?" I asked. "Come on get in the car Darnell I'll take you where you need to go instead." Darnell didn't waste any time opening the car door and hopping inside. Everything on him was wet. Once he was in I drove off again. Asking him where he was headed he didn't answer me and I could tell something wasn't right.

"I ain't gonna lie to you Marisa" he began to explain. "I ain't got no place to go. My girl broke up wit me while I was in jail an said I ain't livin' wit her no more. I have no money to get a place myself. An I have no job to get any right now. So, I was hopin' to find a place to stay 'til I got somethin' better. If you can just drop me off there's a shelter a few miles down this road."

I wasn't sure what to think but knew I couldn't just turn him off in the street or a shelter if I could help it. I said nothing for several minutes thinking as we sat there driving in silence. Darnell broke it as he pointed out where to turn for the temporary shelter. I told him I wasn't going to take him there. He asked me why not? I said that I wouldn't let someone I was friendly with stay in such a place if I could help it. So, he was going to stay with us in our house until he found a better suited place to go.

"I don't know what to say Marisa. Thank you for sure! But what 'bout Mr. J? Will he be down with that?" Darnell asked. I told him I would talk to my husband about it when we got home since he should be awake by then. That William should be fine with it but even if he wasn't I wouldn't give him a choice. I seldom put my foot down on things allowing for some give and take on both sides yet this was one I wouldn't take no for an answer. Darnell thanked me again but wanted to make sure this wouldn't start any problems between William and me. I assured him it would be fine.

Pulling into the driveway I got out of the car with Darnell and rushed into the house out of the rain. Stepping inside I asked Darnell if he had any dry clothing. He told me he didn't since all the stuff in his bag was wet too. As we were talking I heard my husband call out to me and walk towards our voices in the living room. Walking in William had a shocked look on his face to see a strange black man in our house. Excusing myself from Darnell I lead my husband upstairs to the bedroom to talk to him about the situation. He wasn't receptive at first to say the least. I insisted though telling him there was no way, not matter what William said, that I would going to turn him out onto the street. It did turn into a slight argument but I wouldn't back down until William finally gave in telling me it would be only until he was able to get a job and find another place. Smiling I dashed off to tell Darnell as William went to take a shower. When I informed Darnell about it he seemed to light up, thanking me again and saying he was sorry for any trouble he may have caused.

Next bit of business was to take car of his wet clothing. Be both a taller and larger man than my husband I lead Darnell down to the basement of our small two story home where we have a little laundry room and den where my husband spent time with his friends or guests stayed while visiting. First pointing out the couch bed that I'll help pull out later on where he'll stay while he's with us I also told him to use our drier to dry his clothing. I'll be upstairs while he does and told him when he got dressed again to join us for dinner. Thanking me once again I started up the stairs when I heard him asking me if I played pool or it was for my husband as he pointed towards the pool table on the other side of the room near the TV. Laughing a little I told him I wasn't too good at it, William was the one who played in his free time with friends. Heading up the stairs I closed the door behind me. Few minutes later I could hear the dries running downstairs. When William finished his shower and got dressed for work he come downstairs to the first floor. Looking a little pissed he said he only wished I would have given him more notice on this. Telling him I had none to give he sat down on the couch to watch TV.

When Darnell came up in his warm, dry clothes I started making dinner allowing the two boys to talk and get a little more used to each other. When I finished I called both of them in and we all had a nice meal together. After dinner William relaxed a little while longer before giving me a kiss goodbye and leaving for work. For the rest of the night me and Darnell talked and watched TV until we went our separate ways to bed. This is pretty much how the next week and a half went except for the couple of days William had off work. During the day while William was asleep I was either at work or cleaning the house with Darnell's help. He was as good as his word spending time everyday looking for work. We actually grew closer together getting to know more about one another. He we nice enough to listen to me bitch and moan about things when I wasn't in the best of moods. Which sadly were more often since William still wasn't 100% happy about having Darnell living right us and lead to a few arguments between us.

Though it still would have been easier if he didn't use so much slang I quickly got used to that. So did William who spent some time playing pool and talking with Darnell in at least some small effort to know him a little better. Even with that my husband still wasn't too shy about trying to push me to have Darnell more out. Again, leading to some more disagreements between us. The only thing that took some getting used to was having another man in the house that I caught looking at my chest and other body parts. In reality Darnell was doing it even more than my husband though I guess I can't blame William since we've been together for a while and he has a very low sex drive; more so compared to mine.

As the second weekend of Darnell staying with us come around here I was early Friday afternoon getting ready for my night out with William. Had been looking forward to this as we planned on going out for a nice evening together. It was to celebrate the anniversary of our first date which we did every year for fun and tradition. Both of us had the day off from work but William still was in bed during the early afternoon as usual since he had worked the night before. Wanting to take a shower I had no desire to wake him up so I got my things together and went downstairs to the basement where we had our second bathroom. Darnell was gone, having borrowed my car to put in some job applications so I felt perfectly fine being down there. Turning on the shower I climbed in fully cleaning myself up. I also made sure to take my razor and shaved clean everything from my waist down, and yes I mean everything. Honestly haven't had any hair between my legs since before we got married. Finishing up I turned off the water, dried myself off and wrapped a towel around my body as I stood in front of the mirror fixing my hair and makeup. I was to busy to hear Darnell come home and down the stairs until it was too late. Opening the bathroom door I stepped out only to see him sitting on the couch bed with some papers in his hand. Looking up at me when I saw him I nearly jumped out of my skin grabbing the towel around me tightly. Darnell said he was sorry as he stared at my legs and chest. Blushing I rushed upstairs to get dressed.

As I went through my closet I felt very embarrassed by what happened. Putting on a sexy pair of black lace panties and matching bra I then got my black lower thigh length skirt and a green v-neck shirt that shows off some cleavage. Along with my calf high black heeled boots. Wanted to look sexy for William tonight. As I walked out of the closet I notice William was already out of bed and could hear him talking downstairs. Finding him in the kitchen on the phone I could see he was really disgusted. When he hung up a couple minutes later he informed me that he had to get ready for work and we weren't going out tonight. I was left almost speechless. William said that his boss called and needed someone to cover since two other guys who do his job called out sick today. I was to say the least now pissed off. Yes, he would make some more money but we had plans! Asking him if he had told his boss he couldn't do it William said he hadn't because he was put on the spot and didn't want to leave him hanging. That made me even more pissed off, this time at my husband which lead to one of the few fights we have. Storming off William got dressed for work and had dinner without saying another word to me before leaving for work. The whole time Darnell was there watching or listening but keeping to himself. I sat sullen on the couch still dressed and made up for the evening as my husband left for work. No sooner had the headlights left the driveway then Darnell sat down next to me.

"Yo, have to tell you Marisa, you're lookin' hot tonight!" he said. Made me smile. "How 'bout me an you go out tonight instead?" Darnell asked. "You're dressed up for goin' out so we can go together. Maybe hit a club I ain't been to in a long time. Some dancin', drinkin', just some fun in a fly joint as friends."

I wasn't sure. Granted I was planning on a night out and was all dressed up to go. I have never been to a club either. And was still pissed as shit at William and his boss that I wasn't in any more mod to stay here than to go out.

"Shit girl, come on" he insisted. "Your hubby don't know what he's missin'. We can have a good time together you an me. Get a lil' drunk then come back to your crib an pass out. Yo, can forget your hubby for a night and get your party on."

"Why the fuck not!" I said standing up. "Lets go out and have a good time even if my husband's was an ass tonight." Darnell smiled at that as he jumped up.

"Lets go girl!" he replied. Grabbing my bag we headed out to my car. Giving him the keys I let him drive since I had no idea where I was going. We drove for over a half an hour and through a somewhat iffy neighborhood before parking in the lot of a night club. Getting out of the car we walked inside to find loud music and a crowd of people. Looking around I found I was actually the only white person there which I can't lie made me feel a bit awkward. That being said we had a good time. Spent most of it drinking and dancing for nearly two hours. I really had more alcohol then he did but I didn't care, was having fun. The music they played would not have been my first choice I still had fun anyway. While dancing with Darnell he showed a propensity to get very close to me most of the time until he was rubbing against my body. He did for the most part not touch me in any place considered inappropriate except for my butt which he seldom shied from finding a reason to touch. Though by the time we left I was slightly drunk. I couldn't help but think about my husband and found myself getting more angry at him. Getting back home Darnell asked me if I was tired? I told him no.

"Good! Then why don't we go downstairs an play some pool or somethin'? Got nothin' to do and wanna see how bad you are at it." he said winking. I laughed telling him I was going to make a fool of myself. Walking down with him he set up the pool balls as I sat down to take off my boots. Walking over to him Darnell let me have the first try and it started as expected, badly. Then again so did the next several games as I predicted, I made a fool of myself showing how badly I played. Darnell did try to help me do better giving me tips and helping to guide me. Of course I couldn't help but notice him staring down my top when I leaned over or rubbing against my ass more than once. After losing the fifth game I said I had enough.

"Don't I get nothin' for winnin'?" he asked. I inquired as to what he wanted. Darnell walked over to me until he was close up. "How 'bout a kiss?" he said. I smiled and thought why not? A kiss is just a kiss and it's been a while since I've kissed another man and never a black one. I told Darnell I was fine with it. Smiling at me he bent down planting one right on my lips.

"There was that what you wanted?" I asked as I pulled away.

"Nah girl! Thinkin' I earned some more" he replied. "Not just for winnin' but givin' you a good time when your hubby bailed out on you leavin' you like dat."

"Fine" I told him with a smile. Darnell bent down kissing me again, this time more deeply. In no time he had his tongue in my mouth as he held me tightly against him. There was something nice about it yet slightly wrong as well. Have to love alcohol to help relax one's inhibitions. As we continued I wasn't sure how much longer this would go on. When he did break the kiss I figured that was it until he grabbed me by the waist and lifted my up sitting me on the edge of the pool table. Not a word was said as positioned himself between my knees and kissed me deeply again for several more minutes. Breaking it once more he pushed my head to the side and brushed my away only to lean in kissing my neck. It did feel good and couldn't deny that it was actually turning me on. Could feel my body reacting as he kissed and sucked on my sensitive neck, which has always been one of those spots that helps get me into the mood. Even had a faint moan escape my lips. I'm guessing Darnell thought that to be a good signal to more ahead. Mere seconds later he moved a hand between us and without a murmur cupped my right breast squeezing it softly over my clothing. My body jumped as he touched me there. Wasn't sure what to do as he gently kneaded it while kissing my neck. It has been so long, nearly two weeks now, since I have had sex with William and my body was reacting to this attention nearly screaming for it. That's when it hit me ...

"Darnell, stop. We need to stop" I told him. He pulled his head back but never moved his hand from my chest asking me why? "Because, I'm married!" I replied.

"So? I don't fuckin' care if you're married!" he told me. "Hubby ain't here an he left you alone tonight anyway. He doesn't care enough 'bout you to stay home an you even say he ain't been payin' much attention to you lately 'cept to argue with you as you told me yourself. Ain't our problem he's missin' out on this. He didn't give a shit 'bout you so why care 'bout him? I'll give you pleasure he never dreamed of girl. An he ain't gotta know what we do anyway. Just you an me girl an I'm thinkin' you're as fuckin' horny as I am. Besides it's even hotter that you've got a man. Ain't never been with a white woman or a married one. Will make you forget all 'bout him baby an let you get even for what he did to you tonight too."

"Darnell, we really shouldn't" I said knowing full well I was very much in the mood and turned on. Never thought of being with a black guy but something about it was a bit of an extra turn on. Not sure if it was because he was black, I was a little drunk, been too long since I last had sex, or was still so pissed off at William. Likely all four. Never thought of black men in a sexual way now that's all I could see Darnell as. I tried to fight my own urges to do what I knew was right. As I went to tell Darnell I let me down and began to climb off the pool table he stopped me. Before I could even finish talking he kissed me deeply again. Letting go of my breast he broke the kiss, slid his hands under my ass, pulled me up close to him, and lifted me up. Grabbing his shoulders to keep from falling this large, strong black man carried me across the room to the couch bed sitting me down on top of it. Letting go of him Darnell stood straight up again.

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