House Guest


This put me in such a bad mood as I cleaned up the dishes. While doing this I ended up spilling some food and water on my clothing making me even more pissed off. Could almost feel my blood pressure rising as I went into the bedroom to change. Taking my clothes off I decided to get comfortable for the rest of the evening and put on a pair of loose pajama shorts and a loose fitting light blue button up shirt. I was still far from being in a good mood and the more I thought on it the more pissed off I became. So, to help clear my head I went about doing some house work. A few minutes later I heard the front door open. Dashing into the living room I saw it was Darnell, looking tired and sweaty from playing with his friends. He asked me where William was so I explained to him what happened. Telling me if I needed anything to let him know and that he was going to take a shower to clean off. Darnell headed downstairs as I went back to my house work yet I could not seem to get rid of my frustration. Picking up my dirty clothing from the bedroom floor I figured I should wash it now before any stains might set in.

Heading to the basement stairs I peeked down I found the bed empty and the bathroom door closed. Figuring he was still in the shower I walked downstairs then over to the washing machine and began to load the clothing. With all my effort I could not get my angry feelings about William to go away and the more I thought about it the more pissed off I became at you. I had never been so mad at him before but now I was steaming. I didn't even want to look at him right now. I wasn't paying attention as I shoved the items in and slammed the lid shut.

"Ass hole!" I blurted out loud in anger. I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't even realize Darnell had come out of the bathroom and was standing behind me.

"Who's an ass hole?" he asked. "Hope it's not me." His voice made me jump almost out of my skin as I hadn't expected him there. Turning on the washing machine I explained to him I was just angry at my husband. That we had an argument again earlier and he royally pissed me off. Darnell immediately began to lightly rub my shoulders telling me to relax. It was helping some but more than anything I found myself becoming turned on by his touching. That's when I decided to do something I said I never would again. I wanted to forget about my husband for a little while and Darnell would more than help me do that. I wanted it badly and wanted it now!

Me - "Darnell, you remember what I said the other day about how we could never have sex again and could never talk about what we had done?"

Darnell - "Yeah, why?"

Me - "How about we forget I ever said that?"

Darnell - "Yo, really! You serious Marisa?"

"Dead serious" I told him. Turning around to face Darnell he leaned down kissing my deeply on the lips. Could feel my body react instantly. After a minute or so of this I pushed away from him. He asked me if I was sure about this? I told him I was very sure explaining that we'll go upstairs to the master bed this time. Darnell asked me if I was sure about doing it in the bed I share with William? I told him yes because it was more comfortable and made far less noise than the couch bed he's using. Excusing himself for a moment walking over towards his backpack beside the couch bed. Unzipping it I watched as he looked around inside before pulling out a condom with a big "XL Size" written on the wrapper. Walking back towards me he asked if I was ready to go up?

"What's that for?" I asked pointing at the condom between his fingers.

"For sex girl" he replied. "My homie gave me a few earlier today to use incase I get some."

"You're kidding me right? Put that thing back in your bag. You don't need one with me and I don't want you wearing it either. No to mention it's kind of late to worry about something like that since we've already had sex without one" I explained to him.

"For real?" he asked. Nodding in assurance he just tossed the thing back towards his bag. "Now dat's what I'm talkin' 'bout girl! Didn't wanna use it with you anyway." I didn't say a word, only smiled, as I grabbed his large black hand in mine and lead him upstairs through the house into the master bedroom.

"You did all of the work last time now it's my turn" I told him. Walking towards the bed I lead Darnell over to the edge. Having just come out of the shower he was in nothing but a pair of underwear which I quickly yanked down letting them fall to his feet. His massive black dick sprung out stiff as a board pressing up against my stomach. I am still amazed at the unbelievable size of his penis, both the impressive length and girth. Never in my wildest dreams has I ever considered I'd have sex with a man so well endowed; or black. I also was still speechless about the fact that he had been able to get every last inch of this monster in me. The thought of how good it had felt sent a shiver up my spine.

Telling Darnell to sit down and spread his legs I dropped to my knees in front of him. Looking up at him I saw a smile creep across his face as he realized what I was about to do. Without saying a word I grabbed his dick in my hand and leaned in, softly running my tongue from the base of the shaft to the top. Following my licking around and all over the head. Darnell let out a soft moan as I slowly parted my lips around it taking his hard black dick into my mouth.

"Oh fuck yeah!" he said to me. "I always heard white girls were good at givin' head an' always wanted to find out if it was true. An' I ain't gonna lie, have been wantin' to get a blowjob from you for a long fuckin' time!" Looking up at him I pulled my mouth off his penis.

"Good because I want to give you one" I told him. I" love giving oral and something about the idea of sucking your is much hotter than my husband's. Not sure if it's the color difference, size difference, or the fact that I'm so pissed off at him but either way I want it real bad. Just keep my hair away from my face. Oh, I also love having my head held while doing it." I was about to continue when Darnell interrupted me asking if I wanted him to turn the picture frame face down that had a photo of William on the small table next to the bed. I told him there was no need to move it unless he wanted to.

"Shit, I'm keeping it right there" he replied. "As a matter of fact I'm gonna turn it a lil' so he's facin' us. Somethin' hot 'bout him watchin' his pretty little wife suckin' on a big black dick an there ain't nothin' he can do 'bout it."

There was something interesting about the concept but I didn't care either way. If Darnell got turned on by it I was fine with him doing that. After he adjusted the picture I went back to sucking his dick, doing the best I could to please him. He held my head tightly as I bobbed up and down on his shaft. My lips were stretched to their limit around his massive tool. He just sat there moaning as I used my mouth, hands, and tongue to give him pleasure. It was also turning me on, big time! Could feel myself getting wetter and around three minutes into it I pulled my head away. Darnell asked me if anything was wrong?

"Not at all" I replied. "Thought maybe we could do something different now unless you want me to continue sucking instead?"

"Somethin' different, like what?" he asked.

"Like you laying down and me riding you" I told him

"Ahhhh yeah! No dat's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Darnell said with a smile. He wasted no time sliding up into the middle of the bed. I stood up first wiping my mouth off on my sleeve before grabbing both the waistband of my shorts and panties, pushing them down and stepping out of them. Leaving my with nothing on but my light blue button up shirt and the bra I had on underneath. As I proceeded to climb onto the bed Darnell told me to wait a moment. Moving over he reached for the photo frame with William's and turned it so it faced towards us again before laying back down where he was.

"I think he should watch this too! He might learn something" Darnell said with an almost evil grin and a laugh. "Now get over here baby an ride me like a good married white slut." Crawling up to him I straddled him with a leg on both sides of his body. I could feel his erect penis pressing against my bare vagina. Darnell told me he could feel the heat coming off of it. Lifting myself up on my knees I reached down between us wrapping my fingers around his oversized member. Leaning forward I moved his penis into position placing the tip of the head right at my hole. Taking a deep breath I braced myself as I sat down on it, taking him slowly in my body as he stretched me open wide. Like last night it took some effort due to his size and was again slightly uncomfortable to me but I knew how good it would feel. Gradually I worked more of it into me, sinking down slowly a little at a time.

"Slide down on that black dick like a good little white girl Marisa" Darnell said while grunting. "Fuck you're pussy still so fuckin' tight! My snow bunny. Slide your tight white pussy down on my black pole while your hubby is watchin'."

More and more he sunk into me until out pelvis' touched again. Rocking slowly back and forth on him I felt so very full, like he was about to split me in half. I was impaled on his massive penis and it felt so good! Darnell reached up touching my breasts over my shirt. Pushing his hands away I told him I'd make it easier for him. Unbuttoning the shirt I took it off, throwing it from my body followed by my bra. Darnell smiled as I leaned down allowing him to suck on my nipples as I began to slowly slide up and down on his shaft. Each time I slid back down onto him I felt a wave of pleasure coarse through my body. Darnell told me to stop, sit up, and just rock back and forth on him. I was confused at first until he placed a couple of finger on my clit rubbing it.

Darnell - "This isn't the last time we're going to do this is it Marisa?"

Me - "Oh God no!"

Darnell - "As long as I'm stayin' here I want to fuck you from now on girl. Sound good to you?"

Me - "Yes."

Darnell - "Tell me, tell me you want me to."

Me - "I want you to have sex with me as often as possible from now on when ever we have the chance to."

Not sure how he did it or if it was just my excitement but I had an orgasm around his penis in under two minutes. Even though William was sound asleep two floors above us I tried my best not to make too much noise, coving my mouth as I screamed when my orgasm hit me.

I took a moment to catch my breath before bending down again and riding up and down on Darnell as before. This time with faster, longer strokes. We were both thoroughly enjoying ourselves by the moans, gasps, and groans we were both making. I tried my best to keep the bed from making too much noise while giving as much pleasure to both of us as possible. It seemed to have worked well. After about six of seven minutes into it Darnell was making more noise.

Darnell - "Oh fuck baby I'm gettin' close to cummin'. Your pussy feels so fuckin' good. Keep ridin' me Marisa, gettin' real fuckin' close. Want me to cum in you again baby?"

Me - "Yes"

Darnell - "Tell me white girl! Tell me you want me to cum in your tight white pussy!"

Me - "Please cum inside of my pussy."

Darnell - "Fuck! Here it comes girl! Gonna shoot my hot black cum deep up in your married white cunt while your hubby watches! Shit, 'bout to cum. Fuckkkk!"

Darnell grabbed my waist hard while simultaneously thrusting into me. He let out a deep moan as he held me tightly down onto him. I his dick twitch slightly just before he exploded shoot load after load of his hot semen deep up inside of me. Could feel his his penis expand and release with each stream of cum he shot into me once again coating my cervix and the deepest parts of my vagina. He let out a deep sigh as the last few drops were shot into me. When he was finished I slowly slide him out of me and almost instantly I could feel some of his semen running out of my well used hole. Climbing off the bed I went into the bathroom connected to the master bedroom to clean myself off.

When I returned Darnell got off of the bed going into the bathroom himself. Getting my clothes on I waited until he returned. Giving me a kiss he put his underwear back on and went back downstairs to get some clothing. I following, starting up the washing machine and going back to my house work as if nothing had happened. My husband came home less than two hours later apologizing for the fight and promised to make it up to me. Asking me if I was still pissed off I explained to him that I wasn't.

"Darnell came home and after getting some house work done I decided to exercise which always helps me relax" I explain. "He was nice enough to join me and we both agreed that we should do it several times a week to keep in shape and help keep me in a better mood while you're away."

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