tagSci-Fi & FantasyHouse of Adelaide Ch. 01

House of Adelaide Ch. 01


We are the undesirables. In a world where everything was beauty and perfection, we were the aberrations. We were too fat, too thin, too plain and too weak and most of us without magic. We were invisible even to our clans and it would stay that way until the dawn of the House of Adelaide.

Adelaide Unna pioneered the principle of suppression. She had been born into the clan Unna the last and only girl in a long string of boys. She should have been cherished and showered with their affection, instead when it had been discovered that she had been born without magic and plain of features she had been immediately cast aside and hidden. She had never enjoyed any of the advantages of her station, attending the finest schools, the finest parties and finally her eclipse or initiation that would have declared her fully matured and ready for a mate. On Urasus our home there was no bigger occasion.

The kingdom of Uz on the planet Urasus is ruled by the four leading clans. There is Pegus at the bottom with their sons of wind, Serbius after with their sons of water, Tillius with their sons of earth and Aremus with their sons of fire at the head. In Uz when eligible females reach their maturity they have their eclipse. A grand feast is held and all eligible males and prominent houses are invited. The female's breasts are painted in green and gold leaf and exposed for all gathered to see and from here on she is permitted to partake of free mating.

There is such a thing as true mating in Uz, finding the person that nature and destiny have designated for you but over centuries such matches have become rarities. Typically after eclipse, female maturity, and dawn, male maturity, Uzians partake of each other's charms.... Freely, until possibly finding the person that they could live with outside of a true mating and bearing their clan's offspring.

Adelaide Unna of the clan Unna never experienced any of this. She was from one of the most powerful clans in Uz but she was never celebrated she was never even acknowledged in fact she was treated no better than a servant. In all her years she never complained she bore each slight, each insult with silent grace and dignity until that faithful night.

Crown Prince Daemon of the ruling clan Aremus had paid a call to the Unna Manor. Adelaide had heard of him before. The people called him the dark prince because of his penchant for dark clothing and even darker... games. He had the look of a dark God and at almost six and a half feet he towered over her. He had long unruly black hair that he held at the back with a leather thong and the blackest eyes that Adelaide had ever seen. The people whispered about those eyes and claimed that they would turn an unholy red with his temper. His features were cruelly handsome and there was not a scar to mar his perfection. His body was tightly corded with muscle without being stocky and was a testament to the many hours he spent practicing with his various weapons.

Adelaide was in awe of him, she was afraid of him and all at once she wanted to be near him. He had been invited to stay at Unna manor for the eclipse of one of the neighboring clan's daughters. He would do some trade with her father and then their convoys would travel on together. During the two days that Daemon stayed with them, Adelaide hid in her usual shadowy places and admired him. On the third day she was bundled up and hidden in the caravan with the servants for their journey and told to stay quiet and not draw any attention.

The eclipse was a grand affair; the Baharis or royal seductresses were invited and did their sultry dances for the men in attendance. Male members of the other ruling clans were also in attendance. There was drinking and feasting everywhere and Adelaide could feel the mounting tension and anticipation in the air. She was not truly supposed to be witnessing these events so she had climbed onto a small ledge above the feast so that she could witness the proceedings. Then it was time for the main event and all grew quiet.

The young lady in question was brought out draped in all white, her eyes were downcast and her fire red hair was braided through with golden thread and hung to her waist and glistened. Even her flawlessly smooth pale skin seemed to glow with its own inner light she looked perfect and so innocent. She looked the way Adelaide had always dreamed of herself, perfect and shining. She was an overly thin small weak thing with pale blond hair, pale blue eyes and no magic. She had a family, she had parents who loved her, she had magic and as Adelaide looked across she certainly had the attention of the dark prince his eyes seemed to practically burn into her. To Adelaide she seemed to have everything.

For the first time in what seemed like forever Adelaide felt the tears gather. They brought the girl to the elaborately decorated alter on the dais and the Baharis proceeded to strip her to the waist for all to witness. Like all of the other guests Adelaide held her breath and waited for the Baharis to finish. The girl's breasts were perfect. They were large, full, round and perky with fat pink nipples that hardened when revealed to the night air.

At this sight Adelaide thought that she heard a slight whisper through the crowd of "So responsive..." but she could not be sure of where it came from and as she looked she noticed that the princes eyes where even more intensely focused on the girl. The Baharis proceeded to adorn her breasts with the green and gold leaves of tradition. They would adorn her body until she was mated. Adelaide glanced down at her own flat seemingly imperfect chest and it dawned on her that she would forever be denied this; the whole world seemed to deny her very existence because to them she was not worthy.

The Baharis had finished and now fully adorned the girl lifted her eyes to face the crowd. Her father came to her side and in a booming voice filled with pride he shouted,

"Who would help our daughter on this night of her eclipse?" All eyes turned to those guests of most importance since they were always given first pick of the finest of everything. The prince remained silent for only a moment until he replied,

"I will help her this night." This proclamation was followed by intense whispers and a look of shocked pride was exchanged between the girl and her father. The prince slowly made his way to the dais where the girl stood and knelt before her.

"Would you accept me this night?" he asked all the while looking into her green eyes with those intensely dark orbs of his.

"Yes of course my Prince." She answered breathlessly. He rose and of course despite the girl's own considerable height he towered over her. She seemed to stare up at him with a mixture or awe, fear and fascination. The Baharis quickly stepped forward and started to disrobe him. As every perfect inch of him was revealed Adelaide held her breath. He had deeply tanned skin with washboard abs, the perfect six pack, a trim waist and firm buttocks. He also possessed the strongest thighs and legs that she had ever seen as well as large but well manicured hands and feet. There was a huge tattoo of a green and black dragon that wrapped around his upper right arm and the head of which seemed to guard his back. Adelaide was too in awe of him to be unnerved by it.

The prince's cock was huge and already erect. I stood proudly and slightly curved at a good nine and a half inches with about four or five inches in girth. The mushroom head glistened in the moonlight and Adelaide felt herself grow oddly thirsty. Bellow the prince's impressive phallus were his equally impressive balls, they hung low and were huge and covered in his curly pubic hair which ran a line up to his navel. As he drew the girls hand to his cock Adelaide felt herself shudder and moisten. She had never experienced anything like this before; she had never even been kissed.

He made the girl kneel before him and he rubbed his cock against her lips. She seemed thirsty for him; she opened her mouth immediately and swallowed him. There were some houses that employed the Baharis for more than dancing, they were sometimes also employed to train the daughters in certain erotic lessons and from the looks of this particular pupil she had learned well.

The Prince threw back his head as she devoured him. Soon suckling noises could be heard throughout the dining hall and all attention was focused raptly on the dais. The prince grabbed her head and seemed to be forcing her down onto his cock and judging from her load moans and whimpers she loved it. Eventually it seemed that he could take no more and he abruptly pulled her off of him with a loud popping noise. He lifted her and placed her onto the alter on the dais and proceeded to remove the rest of her robes. When her pussy was revealed in all of its glory her downy red hairs were already wet and glistening.

Adelaide saw the prince take the middle and index fingers of his right hand and gently part her slit. The girl moaned when she felt his hot breath hover over her and almost screamed when his hot tongue began to stimulate her clit. The prince appeared to be fully enjoying his own ministrations since he seemed to Adelaide to be devouring her. Her moans and near screams could be heard echoing through the halls and when she finally came on the prince's hand her scream was earth shattering as the Prince eagerly drank of her cum.

He then positioned himself over her and Adelaide watched his ass flexed beautifully as he entered her slowly at first and then withdrew. With one final powerful thrust he entered her fully and covered her mouth with his own to muffle her scream. This final act elicited a loud cheer from the gathered throng and soon the sounds of the prince vigorously fucking the girl were accompanied by the sounds of other guests finding various partners and coupling. Adelaide sat spellbound by the scene unfolding before her.

Suddenly Adelaide felt herself grabbed by the hair and dragged over the balcony and onto the walkway that she hadn't been aware was above her. She was tossed down cruelly and as she glanced up she surmised that she had been caught by three of her older brothers.

"Well well well," said Rodrick the oldest, "If it isn't the little insignificant. Came to see the pretty bitch get fucked?" These three brothers had already reached their dawn and as such they were allowed to watch and partake.

"Do you think she's jealous brother?" asked Miguel, the second oldest and he was answered with a snicker from James the youngest of the three.

"Of course she's not jealous, are you sister? You know you're nothing." They laughed and Adelaide felt something inside her die. James pulled her up by the hair and forced her to look down at the dais bright tears shimmered in her eyes and burnt her throat.

"Take a good look at it," he whispered, "That's the thing you'll never know, the thing that you can never have because you are nothing! This world has no place for weaklings and no mercy on insignificants!! You better get that through your head little girl or trust me we'll make you learn it!!" James released her suddenly and she crumpled to the floor and one of them, Miguel perhaps, kicked her twice for emphasis it seemed. Then they all turned and walked away whispering amongst themselves about whether or not they should tell their mother.

Adelaide sat there stunned for a long moment trying to get her breathing under control and stop the tears from flowing. Slowly she dragged herself up and looked once more at the dais and all that was taking place around it. Even in their erotic excess these people, supposedly her people, looked so perfect with their dark prince at their centre. She longed to be a part of it all, she longed for acceptance and love but most of all she simply longed for a chance. The chance to be anything at all and for a second she whispered fiercely to Lakaska God of second chances to grant it. But then the whispered taunts of her brothers intruded and in the face of all that was taking place around her she wished to feel nothing at all so that she could be at peace. She shut her eyes and fiercely contained a scream.

Suddenly there was a burst of light behind her eyes and she fell to the floor once again inexplicably weak. When she reopened her eyes something was different, even her features unbeknownst to her somehow did not look the same. She felt as if the weight on her chest had been lifted and as she arose once more and looked down on the gathered throng she knew that her wish had been granted. She felt nothing. What she had not expected as well however was the other gifts that had suddenly been released. Over time however she would master them and thus was born suppression.

Adelaide looked on and her eyes dried. She looked on and her heart did not want to tear itself in two. She looked on and she didn't feel like she wanted to die. She knew that she had a purpose and a destiny and a long road ahead of her. In her mind's eye she could see part of it and she was not surprised but oddly resolved toward it and in her heart she sent up a silent prayer of thanks to Lakaska. So she looked on and thought and planned and as she became even more resolved in her path she looked on and the entire balcony turned to ice.

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