tagMatureHouse Sitting Ch. 02

House Sitting Ch. 02


This is the 2nd installment in a series, featuring the same characters. This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead. Special thanks to Candace my editor for making my thoughts actually readable.


Morning could not come early enough. To say I was anxious to start the day, to see where it would go, would be a massive understatement. I thought I'd never get to sleep with the amazing events from Friday buzzing around in my head. But something else made me calm and more peaceful. I felt more like a man, I suppose. I had made a woman, a real woman orgasm.

My walk to the Stinton's house felt far too long and I had to concentrate to keep from running though the freshly cut grass covered with morning dew. I arrived at the house and didn't see any signs of life. I opened the door with my key and was greeted by the dog and the smell of bacon.

"Morning!" Sandra had a white robe on and she smiled at me sending heat through my body, making me feel warm all over.

"Go ahead and let the dog out."

I took care of Max and made sure he did his thing out behind the house. When we came back in, she walked up and kissed me, pressing her body against mine. It was a long kiss, that progressed to a near frenzy before she pulled away.



After some eggs and bacon, I began putting my dishes in the sink, she was rinsing a few things off and I came up behind her. I kissed her neck reaching around her waist. I'm sure she could feel my hardness pressing against her through my jeans and I felt her push back against me.

"Want something?" she nearly whispered.

"Uh huh," I said, kissing that spot just below her right ear.

"Mm... Loose the pants," she said in a breathy tone.

I did so quickly and stepped out of them leaving my jeans and underwear on the kitchen floor.

The kitchen sink had a bay window in front of it that overlooked the backyard. I felt a bit of a rush being naked from the waist down looking out over the back yard and the woods beyond. I might appear clothed to anyone that peered in, but she was soon in a much more compromising position as she dropped the robe to the floor. She had nothing on underneath and she quickly resumed her position with me behind her, both of us looking out the kitchen window. My hard cock pressed between her cheeks. I was feeling the wetness of her sex as I ground its length against her.

The dishwasher was whirring and churning next to us as she finally reached between our bodies and guided my very hard erection into her wet hole. She was so wet and warm as I started to slowly move in and out of her that I thought I could hear her wetness over the dishwasher. I slowly started moving inside her as she pushed back into me with each thrust. After a good minute, I had my hands on each of her breasts with her nipples being teased by my fingers as my pace increased. The dishwasher paused and changed modes and I picked up the pace with the new cycle. Soon all I could hear was the sound of my pelvis hitting her firm behind and the sounds of her moans that mixed with little words of encouragement. "Yeah... ohhhhhh yeah... That's it... fuck me... Yeah fuck..."

The site of her ass with its subtle tan lines getting shaken by my desperate pounding was mesmerizing for me, but I was getting close and soon found myself leaning forward and biting her shoulder as I drove myself deeper into her. The deeper I drove my hard shaft into her, the more amazing words I was hearing between her breathing. "Yeah... ohh baby... I'm gonna cum soon... Fuck me! Fuck my hot cunt! Come with me baby!"

I was close myself, and just as she shouted "I'm cumming!" I was joining her, moaning out in ecstasy. I gave her a hand full of hard deep thrusts, shoving her nearly up onto the sink with force as I pumped my hot load inside her. I pushed deep and hard until I couldn't manage another thrust and rested on her back. I was breathing heavily and kissing her glistening shoulders and neck as we looked out on the nature scene in front of us. I could see the satisfied look in her eyes, with the slight reflection in the glass. It was an exquisite moment.

"That was amazing. "she breathed.

"Yes... it was."

She spun around, kissing me deeply. I had pulled out of her but within a few seconds of her kissing and her perky nipples pressing against me, I could feel myself getting hard again. Apparently she did too as my cock hardened against her thigh.

"Oh my... I'd forgotten about young men."

"Come with me." She took my hand and led me upstairs.

I found not staring at her perfect behind leading me up the staircase completely impossible. She was a vision. This is a woman, I thought. What a real woman should look like.

I was nearly rock hard as we reached the bed room and she wasted no time. Pulling me towards the bed and pulling my t-shirt off, she fell back on the bed pulling me on top of her. We kissed again and she reached down and began stroking me. I needed no help there and I was hoping this wouldn't last too long as I was liking it a bit too much. This vision of womanhood in front of me and the warm sensations on my hardness were being matched by our tongues intertwining and I was already breathing a bit faster.

She reached for something off to the side of the bed and came back to my cock with a warm and slippery hand.

"I intend to do all the things with you that I've never done with my husband."


"Steven, I want you to slide this nice cock of yours in my ass."

I wanted to shout out YES! But somehow maintained my composure.

"OK," was the best I could muster.

I let her move me into place and she put her legs up and back with her knees nearing her chest.

She lined me up and used one hand to pull my ass to her and the other between us holding me back. "Slow and easy, baby," She was letting me slowly and agonizingly push past her opening. She was wincing a bit with each forward movement and I must have been looking nervous.

"It's OK, just a little more." She let me go deeper. And soon I was fully inside but holding still.

"OK, just start slow."

I started moving slowly back and forth, she was moaning with each thrust. It was a strange moan between pain and pleasure.

"Yes baby... that's it... fuck my ass."

With her reassurance I began a steady rhythm. Then I noticed another movement between us. She was rubbing herself! I'd never seen that! I almost wanted to stop and watch but... her words kept me on task.

"Yes baby... oooh I'm going to cum... you're so good... I want you to cum in my ass!"

I was building speed and so was her hand... I could tell she was getting close; she was breathing harder and I could hear the wetness of her hand moving between us.

"I'm cumming baby... oh yeah fuck my ass!"

I was as well.

"Oh Sandra... I'm oooh..." My orgasm felt like it would never end as I emptied myself into her.

She stopped moving her hand and I could feel her shudder beneath me. Her legs giving little tremors and her heavy breathing subsiding. I fell next to her catching my breath. She looked over at me with loving half closed eyes.

"Best morning ever." She said.

I couldn't have agreed more.

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