tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHousebound Ch. 01

Housebound Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Katie

Katie dreamt about a soft, mossy bank next to a rippling stream; sunlight shone through green branches overhead and played over her shoulders, her bare legs and her toes. She couldn't have said where the creek was in her memory, or even what she was wearing; it was more an impression of a scene than a true location, shifting, the way dreams do. The stream was her body now, rippling, thrumming with pleasure. She was on the edge of the waterfall. She was so close, she was going to come, she was--

A sharp smack landed on her pussy. She woke, squirming and wet and sore, gasping in confusion.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Why wasn't she in bed? She struggled and kicked, found something restraining her legs, tried to twist over and got another smack for her reward. At last the world began to clear up around her.

She felt her face land on the rubberized floor of some kind of vehicle--a van? It was dark outside, cold with the chill of a fall night, but she was dressed only in the gray string bikinis, white socks and thin t-shirt she'd worn to bed. A hand grabbed her arm and she tried to pull away, only to realize that her wrists were bound tightly almost up to the elbow behind her back. Her mouth tasted of wet cloth.

"Easy," chuckled a male voice, "you'll strain something," and she was being lifted up like a toy.

Katie didn't go easy, or tried not to, but whoever was handling her really knew how to hold a girl in place! Within moments she found herself hoisted and her wrists shackled to some kind of steel pillar in the middle of the large van. Her ankles were pulled back and locked together too, but with the way her arms were kept straight and bent upwards, this forced her to dangle painfully forward and stand on her tiptoes. It was awkward. She figured this kidnapper-rapist wanted it that way.

He had to be a kidnapper, she'd decided, because she wasn't the only one in the van. There were two other girls bound the same way to the pillar, and now they were all facing away from each other, all in similar states of undress. And he had to be a rapist because there was a vibrating egg buzzing deep in her pussy. Katie felt heat grow in her cheeks as she realized what exactly she'd been feeling in her dream.

Heart racing, she tried to put the pieces together. She hadn't been drugged--she'd fallen asleep on her bed with a textbook, as usual. Did that mean he had her roommate too? She tried to remember the glimpses of the girls she'd seen before being turned around, but no, neither of them looked like Jade. Had he killed her? The thought sent a stab of ice through her.

The van door slammed and left them all in the dark. Kate tried to ask in a whisper if the other girls knew what was happening, but no, dammit, the cloth gag in her mouth wouldn't allow for that. Anyway, after a moment she could hear a tiny muffled groan, and felt the other girls shift awkwardly against their bonds.

Katie made the educated guess that she wasn't the only one with something stuffed inside her.

The front door of the van slammed as well, the engine grumbled to life, and Katie felt a new strain on her arms for a moment as they accelerated and drove away. She tried to keep track of the turns, picturing the road away from her dorm in her mind, but soon realized that she'd lost count--and, for that matter, didn't know which way they'd been facing when they started out.

She spent what felt like hours testing the bonds on her wrists, but while they were soft enough not to make her hands fall asleep, they were more than tight enough to keep her from working her way out. She'd been positioned expertly to keep her as uncomfortable as possible, even as the vibrator pulsed in her cunt. That had been set carefully too, she realized: it was fast enough to keep her drippingly wet (her panties had quickly soaked through), but not intense enough to actually build to an orgasm.

By the time they stopped again, she was trying not to admit to herself that she was more frustrated about that than anything.

The van shut off and she could hear him get out, but the back doors didn't open. Katie held her breath for a few minutes, eventually deciding that he must have left them--to get gas or use the bathroom or get something to eat, who knew? She thought it would be worth taking her chances by making some noise. Perhaps someone would hear her and rescue them!

It took her about a minute to give up on that as well. Her screams for help were not only muffled and unintelligible, they seemed to vanish into the walls of the van, which he must have had the foresight to soundproof. And the way she was restrained, though she could sway slightly back and forth, she couldn't make the van rock or stomp her feet.

Another chilling though: this guy had a system.

So she sagged in her bonds and waited, just as, she realized, the other girls were doing. Minutes ticked by, and the egg teased her. Katie slipped into a sort of fog of exhaustion and arousal. She could almost find herself back at the stream...

Then the door burst open again. She blinked in shock at the blaze of an orange streetlight, coming from behind and keeping her captor's face in shadow, as he tossed in another bound and barely-dressed girl. This one was petite and slender, around Katie's age--shorter, but with long legs and her straight black hair in an elaborate knot around a pair of sticks. She was blindfolded, but Katie guessed from the bones of her face and the rosebud lips around her gag that she was Asian, maybe Korean-American.

The girl seemed to have come from a club of some kind, wearing strappy heels and a tiny blue cheongsam-style dress that, Katie couldn't help thinking, she would have killed for. It looked like it would barely come down to her thighs under normal circumstances, and as the man quickly bound her to the fourth hook on the pillar--this time with her legs spread wide apart--it rode up well above her tiny black thong. He spent a little longer securing her than he had with Katie, and as the doors slammed and the van started back up, she couldn't help but wonder why. The new girl hadn't been able to struggle any more than she had.

Then she heard an electrical-sounding snap, and the new girl let out a muffled squeal. Katie could have sworn she saw a small, bright blue arc at the juncture of her legs. The girl subsided into whimpers. A few minutes passed as they drove. The snap and the pained yelp again.

Katie found herself grateful for small blessings.

The next segment of the drive lasted even longer, and Katie was soon well into her fugue state, letting the stream run through her body, riding the teasing little buzz of the egg for all it was worth. Only the occasional snap-squeal! and the soft noise of the road did anything to distract her, until finally the van stopped again.

She expected the doors to stay shut as before--in the brief moment of light, she'd caught a glimpse of shackles on the wall, so clearly this van wasn't full to capacity yet--but instead they were opened almost immediately, and Katie squinted into a harsh fluorescent light. This time she could see the face of the man who'd taken her.

"Welcome home," he chuckled, and reached forward to lift her out.

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