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"Hey, Andy, this is Bill. I know that we have an early afternoon tee-time, but I have a favor to ask." Andy looked at his phone quizzically. Bill was the guy everyone else went to for favors. If Bill was asking, he must be desperate.

Without hesitation, Andy answered Bill. "Hey, man, what's the problem?" A flurry of potential disasters rushed through Andy's head.

"Well, Emma fell the other day," started Bill. Before Andy could interrupt, Bill quickly interjected, "She says she fine, but she's still sore. You know my wife, she just refuses to see any doctor."

Andy laughed with relief as he ran his hand through his thinning, dark hair. "Yeah, I know. It takes six months of badgering to get her in for her annual physical. Do you want me to stop at the house before I meet you at the club?"

"That would be so wonderful of you." Bill sighed audibly. "I'm sure she's fine, but she has looked a little peaked recently. It's probably just work, but you know how she is. I'll get us later tee-tie, ok?""

Andy definitely knew how Emma was. Just thinking about her long dark hair and the floral scent that clung to her even after she had spent an hour sweating at the gym made Andy wish the Bill wasn't such a nice guy. Remembering the lively conversation he and Emma had over their weekly lunch forced Andy to shift in his seat.

"What time is she going into the office?" Andy asked as he tried to distract himself.

"I convinced her to take the day off. When ever you're able to get over there, she'll be there," Bill reassured Andy. "I asked her to stay at home ... I didn't tell her that I was going to call you. I'll let her know that you're coming though."

Andy looked at his appointment book. He only had a few patients this morning and he had cleared his afternoon for his golf outing with Bill. "No, problem, Bill. I'll make sure that she didn't damage anything seriously and then I'll meet you at the club."

Andy's morning appointments flew by. The most taxing patient was Mrs. Simmons who insisted that her child needed antibiotics for his allergies. People just didn't seem to understand that antibiotics are not a cure-all. By 11:30, Andy's waiting room was empty and he told his head nurse Linda that he was taking off.

The drive to Bill and Emma's house was relaxing. Only a few cars traveled the suburban streets. Andy hummed happily to the radio and sat in the driveway of the cookie cutter house. When his song finished, Andy turned off the car and then reached into his backseat for his "little black bag", which was actually a small green backpack.

After ringing the doorbell and receiving no answer, Andy turned the knob. The door swung open readily. "Emma must be in the pool and left the door open for me," Andy rationalized as he walked through the house.

"Emma? Emma? It's Andy. Bill asked me to come by." Not finding Emma in the back, Andy searched the main floor. When he still couldn't locate her, he checked the garage to make sure she really was at home. Finding Emma's hybrid in the garage, Andy decided to search upstairs.

Upstairs, Andy found Emma in the large master bathroom. Eye closed, she appeared to sleeping in the large tub. The dissipating bubbles revealed one dark nipple and a smooth knee. Emma's wet hair snaked down her back, except for one lock that curled down her round face.

"Emma? Emma?" Andy called.

Deep brown eyes immediately popped open. Emma's arms emerged from the water and tossed her earphones onto the floor. Emma's eyes widened as she started to jump out of the bath, granting Andy a brief glance of water running down her breasts.

"Ur, ah uhm ..." Andy stammered as he quickly looked down at his feet. He hoped that Emma wouldn't notice his body's reaction to her.

"Andy! What the hell are you doing here? Oh..." Emma submerged her body again in order to cover herself.

"Bill, told me that you fell and wanted me to come over and he told me that he'd call you ..." Andy barely breathed. "I, uhm, I'll ... why don't I just let you get dress?"

"I'll meet you downstairs."

As Andy practically raced downstairs, he felt his cock stiffening involuntarily. Reminding himself that he had seen naked bodies before and that he was here in a professional facility didn't quell the turmoil in his body. In her shock, Emma's wet lips formed the most enticing "O." Andy couldn't help but imagine how well he would fit in there.

When Emma came downstairs, Andy was reciting the list of the monarchs of England in his mind. Looking up, he saw Emma wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe. To both his relief and disappointment, the only skin that he saw was her bare feet.

"Bill asked me to check in on you," Andy explained again.

Emma laughed musically. "He's always worrying. Andy, I'm telling you that I'm fine."

"He said that fell and hurt yourself and that you've been feeling a bit worn down?"

"My foot is fine. As for feeling worn down, it's probably a cold or allergies or something. Really, Andy, you didn't need to come all the way out here." Emma dried her long hair with the towel in her hands. Her dark lashes shadowed her eyes. Flipping her damp hair back, Emma tried to reassure Andy. "Really, I AM fine." A few stray hairs curled around Emma's neck. Mistaking Andy's hungry stare, Emma relented. "Fine! Have a look!"

Emma sat on one of the kitchen stools and raised her leg. The thick robe fell open revealing her smooth thigh. Andy wrapped his strong, warm hands around Emma's foot.

"Tell me if this hurts." Andy began rotating and pressing Emma's ankle. His hands moved up her shin, massaging her calf. "Anything?" Andy asked as he looked into Emma's face.

Emma closed eyes provided Andy with the wicked satisfaction that she was enjoying his ministrations. Wanting to see how far he could push his luck, Andy began working his way up Emma's long leg. His fingers pressed sharply into her flesh, leaving white marks on her tanned skin.

When his hands passed her knee, Emma gasped. Andy quickly pulled his hands away.

"Everything seems to be alright." Andy quickly stated. Hiding the red suffusing his face, Andy fished his stethoscope out of his bag.

"OK, take a deep breath." Andy pressed the stethoscope to Emma's thick robe. "Emma, your robe is too think, I can't hear your lungs ..."

Emma rolled her eyes, "Yes, doctor." As she loosened her robe the round tops of her breasts showed clearly. Andy blew on the stethoscope to warm it. Emma breathed deeply as he pressed the stethoscope to her sternum.

As he moved to listen from behind her, Emma let the top of her robe fall to her waist. The sunlight streaming through the large windows made Emma's smooth skin glisten. Her dark nipples hardened in the cool air. Andy's warm hands caressed Emma's throat as she swallowed for him.

"Your lungs are fine." Emma shot Andy a look of superiority. "Bill said that you were feeling under the weather?"

Emma stared into Andy's dark, brown eyes. "I haven't been getting enough exercise. That's all, doctor." Emma's dark brown eyes captured Andy's. He couldn't look away, even if he had wanted to. Grabbing Andy's shirt and pulling him toward her, Emma lowered her voice. "Want to help me get some exercise, Doctor?"

Her soft red lips pressed against his. Andy's mouth felt suddenly dry until Emma parted his lips with her tongue. Her wet tongue moistened his mouth. Unconsciously, he hands tangled in her damp hair as he pulled her closer to him. He drank in her saliva before biting her lip.

His deft hands pulled at the belt of her robe. Andy's eyes twinkled as he grinned devilishly at Emma. Stepping back, he opened her robe completely revealing her long legs and her thatch of dark hair where they met.

Spreading her legs, Emma grabbed Andy again and pulled him close to her. Grabbing his waist with her legs, she ground her hot, wet mound against his pants. As she kissed him deeply, Emma pressed her hips against Andy enjoying the rising effect that she was having. Emma delighted in the power she had over him, her ability to make him hard because SHE desired him to be so.

"So, Doctor ... what shall we do?" Emma licked her lips as she looked into Andy's wonderful brown eyes. Desire and conflict were clearly written across his face. While Andy hesitated, Emma compressed her lips forcefully against his. She felt his muscles tense a moment before relaxing.

Andy's mouth opened willingly as Emma's tongue plunged to meet his. Emma felt Andy's heart pounding against her chest. Laughing into his mouth, Emma pulled the tails of Andy's shirt from his pants before pushing him far enough away that she could unbutton his shirt.

Andy closed his eyes to better enjoy Emma's long fingernails trail down his chest. Running her thumbnail over Andy's nipple, Emma growled as it pulled tight. Leaning forward, she grabbed the nipple with her lips. Using just the pressure of her mouth, Emma drew Andy closer to her.

"So, Doctor, are all of your house calls like this?" Emma's dark eyes sparkled as she looked into Andy's face. The desire that she built in him reflected equally strong in her face.

"Oh, no." Andy began, "They are much more like THIS ..." Andy grabbed Emma's waist. Her robe fell completely to the floor. Andy set her on the kitchen counter and spread her legs wide. Unbuttoning the top of his Khakis and pulling down his zipper, Andy didn't bother undressing. His hard cock strained against the fabric of his dark blue boxers. "I think I should check you temperature. Open wide." Andy pulled his shaft out of the fly of his boxers before unceremoniously ramming himself deep inside Emma's waiting hole.

The power of his lust overtook him. He didn't register the juices that ran out of Emma's waiting sex. He lost himself to the pleasure of her soft walls gripping him tightly. He floundered in his own passion, not noticing Emma's loud wails or the trails of blood her nails left on his back, sides and chest. Emma's contractions push Andy over the top. As he pumped his semen into her waiting body, Emma bucked and thrusted against Andy. Her legs hugged him tightly to her as she panted against his chest.

"Emma, I've wanted to be with you for as long as I've known you. I've imagined us together, but not like this..." Andy swept Emma's hair away from her sweaty brow. She looked questioningly at him. "It's not that ... it's just that ... I want just want to enjoy you enjoying yourself. Does that make any sense?" Andy looked into Emma's reddened face. He knew that she had an orgasm, but that wasn't enough.

"Andy, I did enjoy myself." Emma emphasized her statement by pulling Andy toward her for a deep kiss.

"Do you trust me?" Andy asked. Emma nodded and smiled at Andy. Andy draped Emma's robe around her naked body and picked her up. Andy answered Emma's questioning look by simply telling her to trust him.

Andy carried Emma into the downstairs guest room. Gently placing her on the bed, Andy kissed her softly. He tasted the salt of her sweat and smelled her sex. Smiling at her, Andy efficiently removed his clothing.

"This is what I wanted to start with ..." Andy knelt between Emma's unresisting thighs. Smiling at her soft murmur, Andy happily lapped at Emma. As Andy gently licked her puffy lips, Emma began squirming from pleasure. Laughing into her velvety mound, Andy pulled Emma's legs over his shoulder and deeply kissed her engorged clitoris. His tongue flicked it roughly causing her to spasm uncontrollably.

Emma's fingers tangled into Andy's hair and drew him closer. She tried to pull him into her. Her legs clasped him closely. As her thighs began to quiver, Andy began drinking the juices that flowed freely from Emma. Sticking his tongue into her honey pot, Andy felt Emma's vaginal walls grasp him.

"Oh, Andy. You're the best to ever ... ooooooo..." Andy couldn't help but laugh as Emma completely lost control. Her fingers flexed uncontrollably on his scalp. Her hips bucked forcefully so he wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her from pulling away. Andy watched Emma's face contort with pleasure. Instead of crying out, Emma bit her lip. Even with her thighs muffling sounds, Andy could hear Emma's guttural groans and moans.

Sweat streaked Emma's body. Her breasts bounced heavily as her body quaked. Watching her loose control excited Andy. He felt his cock harden again. Peeling Emma's legs from his neck, Andy draped his body against hers. He felt her twitch under him as Emma's body continued to be rocked by her climax.

Quickly entering her wet grotto, Andy felt Emma's pull on his penis. As she clutched him to her, Emma began rotating her hips. Andy thrust into Emma until she began laughing uncontrollably. Her arms flailed until he restrained them. Her body quivered and grabbed him tightly.

"Andy," Emma spoke breathlessly, "I ... no more ... I can't ... oh God ..." Unable to finish her sentence, Emma's eyes rolled to the back of her head as another orgasm crashed through her body. Taking pity on Emma's poor over exerted body, Andy pushed himself deeply into her and let himself be carried on the tide of her climax. Feeling her body respond to his, Andy added to her wetness with his own. He waited several minutes for Emma's body to calm before pulling out. Smiling at Emma's closed eyes, Andy kissed Emma's eyelids gently.

"You seem to have gotten a few hours exercise today. You've gotta keep that blood flowing," Andy teased. Looking at the clock, Andy cursed, "I need to meet up with Bill at the club." Unable to think or respond Emma rolled over exhausted as Andy pulled the covers over her wet body. He bent and kissed her lips gently before dressing.

"Are you still coming for dinner tomorrow?" Emma asked quietly as Andy started toward the door.

"Don't you think that would be ... akward?"

"It would be stranger if you didn't come," Emma giggled girlishly , "to dinner I mean. You've been having dinner with us for the last two years. I mean unless, you don't want to..."

At the club, Andy apologized to Bill for being late. "I'm sorry, I got busy."

"Were you able to stop by the house and see Emma?" Bill mistook Andy's blush, "Andy, you know that she won't come in and see you. That woman is so damn stubborn sometimes."

"Oh, Bill, don't worry. I stopped by the house and gave Emma a little something

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