tagLoving WivesHousewife's Choice Ch. 1

Housewife's Choice Ch. 1


George and his wife sat in a quiet corner of the West Country pub watching the holidaymakers winding down and refreshing themselves with food and drink. They liked coming down here to the Devonshire coast, spending time at the cottage. Not just for the fresh air and scenery but for the freedom, away from nosy neighbours. Nobody knew them here so they could be, well - a little more carefree than at home.

That didn't mean outrageous, George at 48yrs old and Jean, just turned 40yrs had led quite an uneventful life. The permissive society and swinging sixties had swung by without them even noticing. George - and also Jean if truth were known – liked to admire the young toned bodies, especially when clad in the thin tight and flimsy materials of to-days fashions. George wished his wife had been more sexily clothed when she was younger.

Sex, or rather the lack of it was one of George's few regrets in life. They should have been more adventurous he thought. His wife Jean however was still what could be described as being in good condition. She had great breasts a trim waist and her legs would have looked good on someone twenty years younger. Unfortunately for George, she never made the most of displaying them – not until recently that is.

George sat and reflected on how, in the last couple of years, just a little bit of spice and naughtiness had crept into their lives. Not very often and for George, not enough, nevertheless, he enjoyed it. Being a respectable middle age, middle class couple it was difficult to see how they could make it spicier.

Walking through the park last summer he recalled how they had stopped whilst walking along a woodland path. They knew that behind them a few hundred yards away and walking toward them were two young men, perhaps in their twenties. George had timed it just right, his wife leant against a tree and let him unfasten her shirt. "Someone is coming," she informed her husband. "Yes," he answered. Nibbling his wife's neck he let his hand run up her thigh lifting her skirt – just a few seconds before the men passed.

He caressed his wife's thighs bunching her skirt up between her and the tree so as to leave his hands free " They have stopped and are looking from behind a bush," she said. George lifted her breasts out from her shirt parting the material then cupping his hands under them. His wife smiled and sighed as George lowered himself to kiss the inside of her legs.

Without moving her head and making it obvious she looked to the side and saw the young men's heads above the shrubs. They will have a real good view she thought. Her hand stroked the back of George's head. Kissing the inside of her thighs George tried to imagine the view from the bushes – what his wife was thinking? But – it all was spoilt when a group of noisy walkers came tramping along – knapsacks, walking sticks, and thick wool socks and bobble hats. They were not the sort of people to appreciate the sight of a woman displaying her underwear to two young men. Quickly making themselves decent they both walked casually on, the men resumed their journey too.

George cursed under his breath as they silently walked on. Glancing at his wife he noticed a pleasant half smile on her face. How far would she have let him go? She hadn't objected when he showed her off – she didn't stop him lifting her skirt right up, or when he bent down giving them a full view. It had been unplanned, they never discussed it, either before or after. Just a series of little statements, like - they are looking – or they can see my underwear. Never - stop doing that - or God it makes me feel sexy and I really enjoyed it. Nothing was ever talked about.

Like the time when they were sat on the embankment in another part of the park. A group of youths were fooling about on the grass when George noticed they seemed to get closer and position themselves directly in front of his wife, falling to the ground play-fighting. They became quiet and sat in the sunshine their shouts becoming a muttering. His wife was reading a book resting her elbows on her knees. Her legs were bent and her feet were slightly apart so she could balance.

The boys, just a few yards down the embankment sat facing the couple. " I think they are trying to see up my skirt," his wife said.

"Yes they are – but they won't be able to see much because of the light – not from there anyway," replied George. He looked back at his newspaper for a while then when he looked up again his cock hardened and he felt a surge of excitement. The hem of his wife's skirt had fallen to her lap showing all her thighs; her feet and knees were now much farther apart. She was giving the boys a show. George thought his wife was being very naughty – and he loved it. He wished he had seen his wife get dressed that morning then he could picture what the boys could see. Two of them started to have a rough and tumble again and finished up on the grass just a couple of feet away. He saw his wife glance up and smile at them knowing that the crotch of her panties was clearly visible, then she carried on reading letting them look.

Without them knowing George watched as they took long lingering looks between his wife's legs. It excited him to know that his wife was making the youths cocks go hard, and she was doing it intentionally. George was enjoying it – so was Jean.

On the way home she said, "Tomorrow when we go shopping I think I'll buy some new underwear – something a little more fashionable and feminine."

"That's a good idea," agreed George. " Make you feel good – you still have a nice figure. You should dress to show it off to the best advantage."

"Yes, perhaps some of my clothes are a bit old fashioned and frumpy," said Jean. "Maybe I should change a few other things too." They walked on and the park was never mentioned.

Now that was how it came about that George was able to muster up the courage to unfasten his wife's shirt and display her to passing strangers. It was, up to then the most outrageous thing they had ever done. The shopping trip had proved very enjoyable and to George, pleasantly surprising. Jean had picked out some very lacy and sexy items, see-though bras and panties, bras that enhanced her cleavage. Breasts-wise Jean could be described as voluptuous, well rounded with prominent nipples. With her new bras her breasts looked bigger than they actually were.

In the shop she had tried on a variety of tops, shirts, skirts and dresses, each time stepping out of the changing room seeking her husbands opinion. Mostly George said they looked nice and suited her but didn't add that it was because the sheerness of her bras and top meant her nipples were clearly visible or that the thinness of her summer dress showed up her panties. He liked the dresses and skirts that were of the wraparound design – they could very easily slip open accidentally exposing her body, he thought. He also didn't tell her that his cock had got very hard and that is why he had to sit down – to disguise his bulge.

What really turned him on was when she picked out a couple of suspender belts and chose several shades of stockings. "These are OK for night when we go out," she informed him. "These fleshy coloured ones will do for daytime wear." That really pleased George, she was going to wear stockings most of the time – pantyhose, in his opinion wasn't very sexy.

She will have to very careful, thought George. If she is careless her dress could come apart and people will be able to see bare flesh above her stocking tops and her see-through lacy panties will be on display. People will sometimes be able to see through her thin dress and know she has on suspender belt stockings and very flimsy underwear. What would the neighbours think? Bugger the neighbours thought George!

George was right; sometimes his wife wasn't very careful and let people see her stocking tops. She crossed her legs badly or let her short skirt ride up. Some of the tops and bras exposed a bit more than they should. He never mentioned it of course – after all, it wasn't as though she looked "slutty" – it was just, well - accidental. Once his wife said, "Some things are better bought mail order – it's more private that way." George wasn't sure quite what she meant – but it made him have an erection.

Remarkably, every time Jean got a little careless someone they knew would appear and she would have to adjust her attire, not so, when on holiday at the cottage in Devon. No one knew him or her and she could be careless very often and if someone took great interest she could stay careless – or even – be more careless.

On a very hot day once whilst they were sat in the sun Jean remarked that if she had put on her bikini top she would have been able to take her shirt off. George said, " When we was in Crete or Spain people of all ages went topless – why should Devon be any different?"

Jean smiled at the males sat near them and slowly unfastened her shirt letting it fall from her shoulders. Her pale pink lacy very see though bra was obviously not meant for sunbathing, the dark circles around her prominent nipples attracted the eyes of the onlookers. Jean lay back and thought it would be a good idea if she let her legs get a bit of sun too. She pulled her skirt up perhaps a little too far. There were no neighbours to come along and make Jean notice how careless she was being – no one to make her realise that all the men were looking at her exposed panties and her almost naked breasts.

George thought his wife's panties were very, very flimsy and see-through and she might just as well be topless. Yes, he thought, she was being very careless – but he didn't mention it. Watching the men watching her made him fantasise what it would be like if things could go further. What if, he thought, she could display herself in the privacy of their cottage with a couple of interested males present? George found the idea of at least two males present far more of a turn on than one. How far he wondered would she be prepared to go?

She had displayed herself outside or in a bar or restaurant – how nice if it was in the privacy of their home – but it wouldn't be possible to make that happen he thought. He thought hard and long about it for weeks afterwards.

Now as George and his wife sat in the corner of the pub his thoughts went back to just a couple of hours ago. "Shall we have a walk along the cliff path before we go for our evening meal?" his wife had asked.

"Yes, it will give us an appetite," answered George. "It's a bit breezy, there are some very strong gusts of wind, but it's quite warm."

" I noticed some people having trouble keeping their skirts from blowing up." said his wife. " I'll have to be careful what I wear."

George watched as she took out a flared, full- skirted summer dress – the sort that blows up very easily in a wind. After having a shower she slowly dressed in a pair of white panties that hardly covered anything and he noticed that she had shaved off almost all of her pubic hair. She put on a matching white suspender belt and shimmering silk stockings followed by a bra that left nothing to the imagination but still managed to lift her breasts and press her cleavage together. She buttoned up the front of her dress leaving perhaps one button too many undone giving an excellent display of cleavage and showing off the sheer cups of her bra.

This was definitely not appropriate dress for a windy cliff-top path – though they were going on to have a meal later.

The path took them along the top of the cliffs but it was an easy one to walk, gradually winding its way up out of the little fishing village and the holiday homes. It was a popular busy path, part of a network of coastal paths that let backpackers and campers move along the coast. The area around the village was made so that anyone could walk it easily and quite a few people had a stroll along it before eating. The views were fantastic – though George hoped some people would enjoy another sort of view tonight.

Sure enough the breeze was trying to blow the ladies skirts up and it seemed more successful with Jean's than most others. George noticed that it was never quite the moment to make people notice or if they did they were the ones walking too fast and couldn't very well stop to take an interest. Looking down the path he noticed three young men walking toward them. Jean suddenly said, " Let's stop here a minute while I watch the waves." She moved slightly off the path on to a small rise of grass making her slightly elevated to anyone on the path. George decided that it would be better if he wasn't standing next to her, he moved off to the side to get his best view and pretended to gaze at the birds but keeping his wife in full view.

A gust of wind blew and Jean's skirt blew up exposing her panties and even a glimpse of her belly – she made no attempt to pull it down. The approaching young men noticed but were to far away to see anything, however when they got closer they slowed down and turned their gaze toward the sea and Jean.

The next gust had the same result, Jeans dress blew right up and now the young men could see as her stocking tops then her very flimsy see through panties and suspender belt came into view. It reminded George of the famous pose by Marilyn Monroe except Jean stayed stood straight up and made no attempt to smooth down the dress, in fact her hands were crossed under her bust so as not to impede the view.

It was one of those gusts that seem to last ages and the men made no secret of where they were looking. George noticed his wife widen her stance a little. She was giving the men a better view of her crotch.

George sat on a bench amazed how the men stood around his wife watching her skirt blow up every few seconds. One of the men walked across and spoke to Jean. "Good views from up here," he said. "Yes," said Jean, "Are you staying around here?" George didn't hear the reply he was too busy noticing how the young man was looking at Jean's partly exposed breasts. They chatted while his friends moved around, looking for the best vantage- point, then at the next gust of wind his wife's hands stopped her dress from rising.

George quickly realised why – a family group had walked down the path and was about to pass them. Nice while it lasted, thought George, someone always interrupts. He expected his wife to walk across and join him but she stayed with the men, still chatting - to all three of them now. Usually these little episodes were short and sweet and they never made any attempt to resume them. Once they were disturbed then that was it – finished. George waited with baited breath wondering why his wife had stayed with the men.

The men by now were all able to enjoy the tantalising glimpse of Jean's breasts. The wind blew hard again and George was flabbergasted to see his wife move her arms back under her bust allowing her dress to blow back up revealing once again her scantily clad crotch. She carried on making small talk and looked straight at them smiling as their gaze lowered to her panties. What a sight they must have, he thought. Jean then turned away to look at the cliffs letting them see her almost bare behind. The men either didn't know she was with him or they weren't bothered, they all looked her up and down while she moved first left then right making the most of each gust of wind.

Not being sure what to do next Jean thanked the boys for their chat and walked toward her husband. Disappointed the young men resumed their walk, glancing back every few seconds. Jean looked at her spouse wondering what his reaction would be just as another strong gust blew. Now George could see what the boys had seen – while walking the crotch of Jean's cut to the hip panties had pushed into the crack of her vagina - her pussy lips had devoured the flimsy cloth. She had displayed her bare pussy to the boys – and she knew it, she had stayed for more. When she widened her stance her pussy lips would have opened. This was a whole new ball game thought George.

"Shall we go for our meal now?" he asked his wife. "Then maybe we can have a drink in the pub next to the restaurant."

"Yes, that will be good," answered Jean, "Those young men said they may finish up there later – we could all have a chat and a drink together."

"Did you find them interesting company then?" George asked.

"Yes, very interesting," answered Jean. "Would you mind if they joined us?"

"Not at all, that would be fine," George assured her, "Fine indeed."

They walked on back down the path; George watched his wife's breasts bob up and down, her bra coming into view. So how far would she have gone if she had the chance to, he thought. He wanted to push her down into the grass and fuck her. He could have asked her but they didn't discuss things of that nature.

"Before we go for our meal would you mind if we went back to the cottage for a while?" George asked.

"No, we'll probably get a better table if we go later," replied Jean. She didn't question why he wanted to go back.

At the cottage Jean walked into the small living room and turned to face her husband. George came and stood in front of her and placed his hands on her hips, he moved his hands to her breasts and rolled the palm of his hands over her covered nipples. As Jean sighed, his hands moved down to her skirt and lifted it up to her hips. He moved a step away to admire the view. Jean, now knowing what her husband wanted helped him by holding the dress herself, as it had been when the wind blew it up. He wants to see what the boys saw she thought. George stepped back and watched his wife move first to the left, then to the right. Then she widened her stance; her pussy lips opened slightly, the material of her panties still buried in her wet love hole. As she watched George's eyes light up she thrust her hips forward opening her cunt more – just like she had for the boys.

A wave of excitement shot through her when George took off his trousers and then his underwear. She looked at his hard throbbing cock and licked her lips. Her husband dropped to the floor in front of her and quickly pulled down her panties, she stepped out of them. His mouth went directly to her cunt and she felt his tongue force it's way between the little folds of skin and make contact with her clitoris. She gently moved to and fro against his face.

She had reached a pinnacle of pleasure when George suddenly stood up and pushed his cock into her. Grabbing the cheeks of her bottom he bounced her up and down on his cock. She was near to orgasm when she said, "I hope those young men are in the pub later."

George caught his breath as he replied, "So do I – you would like to get to know them better, wouldn't you?"

"Yes – oh yes! I would yes…. Ooh yes, I'm going to come!" George, at the same time shot his sperm into her. She was fantasising about the boys fucking her – and so was George.

Now back in the pub George remembered how the walk had been his wife's suggestion. She was becoming quite good at finding little opportunities to be careless and show off her body.

He watched the girls stood round the pub bar, their firm bums and nipples pushing out though their tight tops – he looked at the well toned and good looking boys too but would never admit that to anyone. Jean looked at the firm arses of the young men and tried to see an outline of their cocks as she stared between their legs. She also spent time admiring the girls' figures and was quick to notice when a girl in a short skirt sat carelessly, showing her knickers and gazed for longer than she should when the nipples of a well-developed breast protruded from a tight top.

Neither of them noticed when the three young men approached them. "Hello again," said one, "Mind if we join you, these seem to be the only seats available."

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