tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHousewife's Choice Ch. 3

Housewife's Choice Ch. 3


Please note that inadvertently, Chapter One of this story was posted in the Loving Wives section.

* * * * *

George and Jean didn't go for dinner to the restaurant that night. They had spent most of the afternoon in bed and when they finally decided to have a snack it had spoiled their appetite. Not that they thought it had been a wasted day, it had been very enjoyable. They had sex – rested – then had sex again. Instead of the bouncing gymnastics they had touched and licked and sucked and explored each other's bodies. George knew it wasn't just his cock or tongue giving his wife pleasure – it was the thoughts and pictures in her head of the three young men – but it didn't matter. Jean had dressed up for George in the sort of underwear made especially for sexual pleasure. The sort Jean was thinking about when she had told him some things are better bought mail order.

George wondered whether anyone else would get to see her like this one day – he suspected they would.

At 8:30pm the couple had a stroll along the coast. "Are we going to the pub for a drink?" asked Jean.

"Well, unless you really want to I thought it better if we gave it a miss tonight."

"Yes, if we see anyone we know they'll expect us to be sociable. I'm not really in the mood for company tonight."

"I agree," said George, "We'll not bother."

They both knew that what they really meant was that if they saw the boys; they would probably expect to be taken back to the cottage. Too much too soon was not a good idea, anyway, they'd had their fill of sex for the time being. George thought he had better tell his wife what he had arranged though.

"Last night, when we talked about camera's and video's, I did suggest they that bring their cam-cord round one evening. You know, so they can show me the finer techniques of film making," George explained.

Jean didn't comment but she thought – all three have to come? – George wants to learn about making videos? – is it not better to show him during the day, outdoors? She didn't query it with him – some things are better left unsaid.

So they had a quiet stroll and went to bed early. George slept well; it was the best holiday he could remember. Jean decided that they would have to come down to the cottage more often.

The following day was spent visiting local places of interest and when, at late afternoon, they came back to the village, Jean wanted to visit the row of small shops. Looking in the window of one they heard a familiar voice behind them.

"Hi, doing a spot of shopping?"

They turned to see the photographer boy smiling at them. "Are you in the pub tonight, I could bring my camera like you suggested?"

"Yes, we probably will be," said George, taken by surprise. "We'll maybe see you in there." George looked at his wife, inquiringly.

"If we miss you, come up to the cottage. We should be back soon tonight – we are going to eat early." The words came from Jean and it was all George needed to hear. "Yes, come straight to the cottage," echoed George. "You can show me how your camera works."

"That's great," said the boy, "I wasn't going to drink 'cause I need to bring my gear in the car."

George thought the evening was going to be very entertaining – Jean had a smile on her face.

Instead of the restaurant, the couple decided it was too warm to eat a full meal so early, so instead settled for a traditional Devon Cream Tea eaten in the village tea gardens. Truth was, that eating and drinking too much in hot weather made them feel listless and tired – and both wanted to feel in top form – why, neither of them was quite sure. George actually felt a little disappointed because his wife had dressed in a not very revealing red dress and he was beginning to think he had overestimated the situation. Of course they had never discussed it.

They strolled back to the cottage in good time. George had estimated that by the time the boy had finished work, eaten and had a shower that he could be expected at the cottage about seven thirty.

Seven thirty arrived – Jean announced, "I think I'll go and freshen up a little." George said OK and sat in the garden thinking that perhaps a little alcohol would after all have been a good idea to relax every-ones inhibitions. I don't really want a technical lecture on film making, he admitted to himself.

The boy duly arrived as expected with Peter, the other local lad that had just missed out getting really lucky with Jean two nights ago. George noticed that Peter seemed a little nervous and embarrassed meeting again. More reason to have a drink thought George.

"Where's your other friend?" asked George casually.

"He may be along later," said the photographer Paul. "He's been out walking all day – only just got back – he's badly in need of a shower, something to eat and a good drink. Say's he try his best to get here though."

I bet he will, thought George, I bet he will!

The next forty-five minutes were spent, reluctantly; walking around the garden while Paul demonstrated his knowledge and skill, giving George the camera so that he could have a go him-self. George, feigning interest, kept wondering what had become of Jean. Suddenly she appeared in the garden.

The conversation stopped and all eyes looked at Jean. George thought he could hear a faint "Fucking Hell!" as both boys breathed out heavily. Much to her husbands' pleasure Jean had got changed. The red dress had gone to be replaced by a short, but wide at the hem, pleated white skirt. She had on shoes with fairly high heels that accentuated the shape of her calves' - and on top she wore a flesh coloured, slightly too tight, silk blouse that showed her ample cleavage disappearing into her black half cup bra. Silk clings – and boy did this cling! As Jean moved around and stood in a certain light George noticed that the boys could see through the skirt, knowing she was wearing black panties, black suspender belt and stockings. George noticed one more detail that made her look particularly sexy – she was wearing black stockings too. Now black underwear and stockings over a white short skirt could get you arrested by the Fashion Police – but with a flesh coloured blouse and high heel shoes it looked amazingly sexy to the two young studs when on a forty-year old woman with Jeans figure. George thought it looked OK too.

Jean did her share of looking also, at the telltale bulges in the boys' trousers. Now she was feeling sexy it made her nipples harden and protrude from the semi-transparent material of her blouse. She made sure she stood tall with shoulders back to get the best effect. The boy Paul stammered, "Shall I show you how to deal with inside lighting conditions? It's best to show you later, when it's darker though. I have brought my lamps and things – I could be setting up the gear in the house if you like?"

"Yeah, when you've set it up we'll all have a drink. If you don't want to drive you can leave your gear here while morning," suggested George. Yes let's do that thought Jean - now she felt even more turned on – she had dressed sexily and aroused the young men and now, once again, she and her husband were inviting them inside the cottage with the intention of taking things further. She had a picture in her head of the young boys, undressed and simultaneously playing with, sucking and licking her body while she held and did likewise to their cocks – and all while her husband watched! What made it even more thrilling was that she knew that the boys now expected some sort of sexual excitement from her – she exchanged little smiles with them both.

"By the way," said George to his wife, "The boys say that their other friend might be along later."

Jean felt her now damp twat give a little twitch – perform with all three of them, she thought - all at once – undress for them then let them have me. She pulled herself together, "Really," she smiled, "That's good."

Inside the cottage everyone sat back with a drink except Paul; he had work to do. Jean had helped with the drinks bending low to get a bottle of George's' best scotch from a small cabinet. The bulges, she noticed, were still there. They made small talk for about an hour, George being the only one to fill up his glass regularly. Though the others had enough to make them relax he sensed they had made a definite decision not to drink too much.

Jean, not being able to move around much now that the already small room was cluttered with tripods and lights saw no opportunity to arouse the boys and was beginning to lose interest. She wasn't aware that the boys' hadn't a clue on how to make the first move. Paul was waiting for an invitation to point his camera at Jean but didn't want to seem pushy – he certainly was not in the mood for giving George more instruction – that ruse had been the excuse to get them this far. George on the other hand, hoping to make things look spontaneous and not contrived was waiting for Paul.

And so they all sat, each one waiting for the other to make a move. George decided to give up on his waiting game - whilst Jean had excused herself to visit the bathroom he said, "Well go on then Paul, tell me more about your camera."

Paul didn't answer but moved across the room and set things up so everyone could see what the camera saw on TV. He panned the room and now the TV set was being used as a monitor George and Peter's eyes looked at the screen. When Jean re-entered the room the camera was pointed at her and when she saw herself on the screen smiled – at last something was going to happen. Almost at once she felt the sexiness envelop her body. She moved back to the sofa and as she sat down she allowed her skirt to rise just enough to show her stocking tops.

"Looks like you're a film star. Lights, action!" shouted George.

Paul, taking that as an instruction switched on his powerful lights. Jean was now the centre of attention and though she had dreamed of this many times didn't know how to react. Peter made an observation, "It looks like the set of one of those amateur porn films," he declared.

"Sexy Housewife Shows All," George joked. "So you're not a film star – you're a porn star!"

Everyone laughed nervously at George's weak joke – including George.

"Well in that case…" said Jean – she pushed her chest out then ran her hands over her breasts. Looking into the camera she moved to the edge of the seat and spread her legs wide, making her skirt ride up and show her partially covered pussy to the boys. Catching a glimpse of her-self on screen made little shockwaves move through her body – now she had an excuse to be really naughty. Peter, sat on the floor nearest to her had the best view up her skirt, Jean noticed this and swivelled her hips to face Peter full on. The camera moved as well and the picture on the screen showed a very well lit close up view of Jeans black panty clad pussy. The camera slowly zoomed out to reveal Jeans' hand on the back of Peter's head. Caressing his face and running her fingers through his hair she pushed his head gently but firmly to her inner thigh. Now his face was a mere six inches from her twat. She moved her hips to and fro, as though she was about to fuck his face.

Peter was scared of moving and so for a few minutes Jean wiggled her hips about while Paul filmed her and George watched on the screen. Jean, looking at the screen too, felt incredibly turned on when she realised that this young boy was just a few inches off being able to put his tongue in her pussy and that his eyes could see every detail. She knew too that her husband could now see the action in close up. Not being able to resist the temptation she moved her hand to the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside, showing the boy her bare pussy. Intending it just to be a quick movement she instead held the material back while she looked at the screen herself then turned her head to look at George. Her husband smiled and nodded slowly. It's OK to go farther, thought Jean.

"Come up here and sit beside me," she said to Peter. Still sitting with her legs wide open she looked at the camera remembering there was a boy behind it. What a view he must have - zoom lens and all, she thought. She let her hand move between her legs and ran her forefinger along her crack. The bulge in the boys' trousers had grown to an incredible size. Jean slouched back in the seat splaying her legs wide to show off her black panties.

"Kiss me," she whispered to the boy sat next to her. One of his arms was around her shoulders and he drew her to him and kissed her passionately on the lips. Knowing George and Paul were watching in anticipation she took the boys' other hand and slowly moved it to her tits. Making little circular movements, then leaving him to carry on playing with her nipples she let her hand fall to his lap and gently stroked the bulge, feeling the outline of his penis. She moved her hips and wriggled about to let everyone know she wanted to be fucked.

Peter didn't take the initiative and unfasten her blouse so Jean made things progress. Breaking away from the boy's kiss she said, "It's very hot in here with those lights I think I'll have to loosen my clothing."

The boys' eyes widened as Jean slowly began to unfasten her buttons. After undoing three she stopped. "Would you like to carry on and take it off for me?" she asked Peter.

Jean watched the screen and sat upright letting the now very nervous boy unfasten the rest of her buttons then slowly slip the blouse off her shoulders. The room fell silent, as all in it looked first at Jean then the image on the TV. Her large nipples pushed through the lacy black material of her bra, which just about covered her breasts. The gusset of her matching black panties was visible above the few inches of white fleshed thighs between her stockings and cunt.

She looked at the boy. "Your turn," she said. "If you really want it to look like an amateur porn film you'll have to take off your trousers."

Peter's mouth fell open, then as he looked at the camera he heard his friend behind it say, "Go on Pete, don't be chicken, make it look authentic." His hand, shaking moved to his zip.

Almost simultaneously Jean and Paul stole a glance at George who was sat quietly in the corner. Now it was Paul's turn for his mouth to fall open in amazement. George had unfastened his pants and was gently masturbating, his proud cock on view to all. Peter looked back into the viewfinder and now felt comfortable enough to let one hand unzip his fly and find it's way to his cock. Jean, seeing this, started to breathe heavily and watched Peter remove his trousers, his boxer shorts covering his very hard cock. This means they want me to have their cocks, thought Jean. Here I am with two boys and my husband with my blouse removed, two are playing with their cocks and the other one has taken off his trousers - I can do anything I like.

Jean took hold of the boy's tee shirt and started to remove it, "We haven't finished getting undressed yet, have we?" she said. Removing his shirt she then knelt down and removed his socks, "Look silly if you leave those on – when the rest of you is naked," she said. Peter almost whimpered. Jean then sat back next to him, this time pulling up her skirt with her hand, then running it up to her belly she let it rest between her legs and gently stroked the crease of her gusset. Her other hand slipped inside the opening of Peter's boxer shorts and she gave a little gasp as she found his hard, hot penis. She looked straight at the camera as both her wrists moved up and down, one on her pussy, the other on Peter's cock. After all, this show was for everyone.

She would let them enjoy the sight for a few minutes; this was the advantage of being in their home, no one to interrupt - she couldn't do this in the park or the cliff-tops. She could take her time – and her husband could wank to his hearts content whilst he watched. Jean moved her left leg a little further apart – just to give the cameraman a better view. Her eyes then focused on the front of Paul's trousers as his hand moved faster. She hadn't actually seen their cocks yet – time to do something about that, she thought.

Looking down toward Peter's hidden cock she parted the material with her other hand and brought his penis into view. Cupping his balls with one hand and wanking him with the other she unwittingly let her face descend to meet it and opened her mouth, taking his cock deep into the back of her throat. Her head began to move up and down. George will love this, she thought, sucking a boy's cock while he watches - shall I make him come in my mouth, or shall I wait and savour the moment. She let the penis go free from her mouth but keeping her hands in place, sat up again – George, she noticed, looked ecstatic.

Fearing she might make the boy ejaculate too soon she let go of his cock and put her arm around his neck drawing his head to her nipples. "Suck my tits darling, she said. "Suck them through my bra." While the boy obeyed she smiled into the camera then looked at the screen, at the same time letting her fingers find their way inside her panties and massage her clit. This will do for a few minutes, she thought. She watched herself on film, masturbating whilst a young almost naked boy with his cock sticking out of his boxer shorts sucked and licked her tits. His friend, with his hand inside his pants, filming it whilst playing with himself – and in the corner – her husband, watching and wanking. To Jean - this was heaven – and she let it go on for ages.

"Paul," she suddenly asked, looking into the camera, "Are you not getting too warm? Why don't you undress? Then I can watch what you're doing," she teased. "Show me what you are doing."

Paul excepted the challenge, put down the camera and stood up in front of Jean to slowly disrobe. Off came his socks and shoes, then his shirt, then his trousers. Jean, still masturbating herself and wanking Peter while she watched him, hissed, "Carry on – don't stop there." Peter was left with just a tight pair of jockey shorts, his cock bulging out. Hesitating for a moment, he very slowly and deliberately put his thumbs in the waistband and began to lower his underwear. At the point where his cock was about to spring into view he stopped and looked Jean in the eye.

Jean released Peter's cock from her grip and without taking her eyes off Paul leant forward and removed her bra. Paul exhaled loudly, while Peter gave a little whimper as her naked breasts came on view. Sitting back again she lifted her right tit with one hand and pulled Peter's face toward her with the other. "Suck it," she ordered. Taking his hand and placing it on the other breast Peter dutifully obeyed. Still looking at Paul, she said, "Well! Take them off and show me what you like to do while you watch."

Paul pulled down his briefs and his cock, about 8" and very thick stuck proudly out. "Now - put your camera on its tripod and show me what you do. He fumbled naked with the camera then stood in front of Jean, between her outstretched legs. As he watched his friend sucking Jean's tits and her stroking her pussy he began to slowly masturbate for her. His gaze wondered from her black stockinged outstretched legs to her pulsing fingers in her pussy, then to her bare tits, finally to the lustful look on her face. Her eyes focused up from his cock to meet his, "You have a lovely cock. Take my panties off," she said.

George, in the corner, had to stop touching himself. His heart was beating fast with excitement and anticipation – he didn't want to ejaculate yet. There was still a lot to happen. Whether to watch his wife on the screen or watch directly was another problem. And how the sight of the naked young man fascinated him. George imagined what it would be like to play with his cock. What would Jean think about that, he thought?

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