Housewife's Choice Ch. 3


Paul let go of his cock and knelt between Jean's legs. She lifted her hips to assist him and her pussy made contact with his cock. Paul put his hands on her buttocks and held her there. Wondering whether to try and penetrate her he heard her repeat the instruction, "Take them off."

He slid her panties off, Peter, still sucking and playing with her tits gave another little whimper as he gazed down watching. Jean opened her cunt with her fingers for the boy to see the red flesh of the wet hole. "Lick me, please! I've never felt another mans' tongue in my pussy. Lick me hard, find my button with your tongue."

Paul successfully obeyed and Jean, putting her hands behind his head thrust her hips in and out like she was fucking his mouth. She looked at her husband, "Can I George? Can I go all the way?"

George, watching his wife, who was naked except for her short skirt and stockings and who had one boy licking her cunt and another one sucking and playing with her nipples asked teasingly, "Do you really want to? You want to be fucked – in front of me?"

"Yes!" she moaned.

"Let me hear you say it then – ask me again."

"Please George! I want to let them fuck me! I want them to give me a good fucking! While you watch! Can I George? Will you let me? Will you let your wife be fucked while you watch?"

George looked at Paul's arse sticking up in the air, his head bobbing up and down between his wife's legs and watched his cock swing to and fro. He really wanted to join in with them.

"Yes," said George simply.

Wasting no time Jean gripped Paul's hair drawing his head back. "Put your dick inside me – fuck me." She moved lower in the seat so her cunt was overhanging the edge. Paul pushed his cock into her and started thrusting, hard but slow. At last she had realised a dream, someone else was shagging her - and whilst others watched. She hoped this would be the first of many times – and many men. She was going to make up for lost time. She could get addicted to being fucked by other men. And wasn't it great – her husband was going to let her.

"Fuck me harder my darling!" she said to Paul. Then looking at Peter who had lifted his head to watch, she said, "Don't worry my love, you can have a turn as well. Do you want to fuck me – or shall I suck your cock while you watch Paul. I'll let you squirt it in my mouth if you like. What would you like?

The boy muttered almost inaudibly, "Suck me."

"Good boy! - Take your boxer shorts off and kneel on the sofa. Naked, he positioned himself on his knees and as he pushed his cock towards Jeans' mouth she opened up and greedily devoured it holding on to his buttocks and rhythmically moved her head in a fucking action. At the same time she thrust her hips to meet Paul's penetrating thick penis, feeling her pelvic bone against the short stubble of his pubic hair agitate her clitoris.

Breaking away to take a breath she decided to watch herself being fucked for a while but carried on wanking and licking Peters' dick. She knew that young boys' wouldn't last long before they shot their load and was going to keep her promise to Peter – let him come in her mouth.

Sensing him stiffen his body she held his cock close to her mouth and opened wide – to let the others enjoy the view. Pushing her tongue out she licked the end as she wanked harder then when he was about to come she tightened her grip and pulled his foreskin right back exposing his angry purple helmet. As the first spurts came shooting out she opened wide and caught them on her tongue letting the others see. Now the main flush shot out Jean closed her mouth around his cock fulfilling her promise. She sucked slow and hard drinking the copious amount of liquid that came from Peter's member. The boy eventually fell back exhausted and not believing what he had just experienced.

Jean, now concentrating on being fucked wrapped her legs around Paul and told him to move faster – she was about to reach her own climax. She suddenly dropped her legs and without losing his cock managed to sit upright. "Fuck me harder I'm going to come," she whispered in his ear. As he tried his best she lifted a tit and forced it between his lips. "Squeeze them hard and bite them. " The boy fell backwards and Jean went with him. "No – don't spoil it!" she begged. Jean moved on top of Paul and quickly put his cock back inside her hole. Now she had the room she could go as hard as she liked. The others watched her arse bounce up and down grinding against the boy, her tits swinging from side to side.

It was more than George could take. His wife, fucking a boy, wearing stockings, suspenders and her little skirt around her waist, it was too much! He stood and pointing his cock toward Jeans' bobbing arse he let his sperm shoot over her naked flesh. Jean felt it – Paul saw it – Jean had her orgasm - Paul climaxed. Everyone had been satisfied.

Two minutes later no one had spoken. They all lay around recovering. There was a knock on the door. Jean smiled to herself. If you're the usual interruption you're too bloody late!

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