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How Could This Be


Hi, we were gearing up for our annual summer party at home, we had been holding it for some time now, and this was our fifth year, and it was going to be the best.

I think we are becoming famous for it ha ha ha ha.

Tel, (Terry) my husband was at work, my name is Michelle, people know me though as Miccy.

We had agreed on the format and what food we were putting out, including a BBQ, the drinks etc, it was all in hand, my two sons were helping out, Terry junior, and Mike.

And I had allowed them both, one friend each, so they would have their own company too.

We were limited for room even in our quite large house, it is a 6 bed roomed place, secluded, in its own large gardens 3 reception rooms.

Tel is a big wheel in the city, his salary is enormous, but if you asked me what he actually did I couldn't tell you.

I think he is one of those people who get vilified for ruining the economy, so when friends or acquaintances mention his job, I get vague and leave it at that.

We've been married 20 years now, I'm just coming up to my fortieth birthday, and I'm dreading it, I feel it's a lifetime change, I'm getting old and I hate it.

I know I'm still good looking, I was a real beauty when I was younger, so I have tried to look after myself, I keep as fit as I can, don't smoke, and drink little.

My hair is still good, long and chestnut in natural colour, but I do use a light enhancer.

Im 5ft 7" tall, and like it, I wear heels to keep me above most of my friends, I have an ego too, just like most women, and I work hard at keeping myself looking good to and observer.

I don't have any wrinkles yet, but I'm sure they are not too far away sadly.

My face is my fortune as they say, I have been told all my life it is beautiful so not being bigheaded, I am aware of how good I look.

My body is still there for me and I can still wear younger type clothes and sexy underwear, and I am still very feminine.

My nipples can drive me nuts at certain times of the month, very sensitive at times.

I have enjoyed a good sex life with my husband, but I've been unfaithful twice in moments of madness.

I never got found out, so all is well at that end, my two lovers were.

John was a neighbour, who seduced me in my home one day. I enjoyed fabulous sex with him for three months until he and his family thankfully moved away, and that was the end of that.

The other time was at an office annual do, we stayed in London, and I went on a walk around the hotel, and bumped into a colleague of my husband, who I knew had the hots for me.

I accepted his offer of a drink in his room, I knew what he was after, and I gave him what he wanted. We fucked like maniacs for a short time.

I went back to the do; Tel queried me about where I'd been. I just told him I had had a walk and now I was back.

But with another mans spunk in my pants!

We had invited about 40 people to our home for the shindig. So with us and the boys guests there would be about 40 to 50 there, which was large enough.

I had several thoughts of what to wear on the night; I wanted to look as good as possible without being too ostentatious

Oh alright, I want to be noticed, okay!

I settled for a long evening gown of white satin that could only be worn without pants or bra. It was daring, a little frilly at the front that would hopefully hide my very proud nipples.

Revealing as it plunged down my back to finish just above my rear crack. It flowed around me; it held itself up and had 2 small straps over my shoulders.

I was a sexy as hell in it, so much for the ostentatious bit eh?

And God did I feel sexy that night; the dress turned me on like never before, I could have come right there in it. My nipples were like chapel hat pegs; my pussy was tingling with it.

And this led to my downfall, what happened to me that night, or the following days, I would not have been able to resist it if hell had had me!

But I am getting slightly ahead of myself, when the evening arrived I was upstairs getting ready to meet our incoming guests.

I had had my hair done, and it was just right, no, it wasn't right it was perfect!

Piled high on my head in what looked like loose curls, with a diamond necklace wound through it.

I had small diamonds on my neck and dangly diamond earrings.

I looked better than good and I knew it, I was going to knock my guests for six, and have the men secretly drooling.

I was just finishing my face, and slipping my dress on, when the door opened, and in stepped a dream.

He didn't see me at first, but then he did, he stammered a real apology and said he was after a bathroom and got lost in this whopping house.

I had just pulled up my dress so wasn't naked, but I hadn't zipped it yet.

I told him there was one down the hall and off he went.

He was gorgeous, I had never seen such a good looking man as he was, he must have been about 6ft 2" well built, hair the same colour as mine, and as unruly as hell.

A designer beard, dark suit, white shirt, no tie and nicely scruffily open at the collar, jacket buttoned but was pushed open by an obvious big chest. I thought wow, what a hunk; some girl is going to get real lucky tonight, or some other night.

My nipples took me over, I dashed into our en suite, pulled off my dress and fingered myself to an orgasm, not about that man who had just walked into my room, but just because I needed to.

After I recovered, I cleaned myself up, sprayed myself again, looked into the mirror and smiled at my reflection, and said to myself, 'you are one horny girl tonight Miccy!'

I got my dress back on and made my way down stairs.

Tel was there and he was talking to the man that had walked accidentally into my room, I was introduced t o him, and he was Tel's new boss who I hadn't met yet.

He was about 40, looked suitably bashful, but there was a look in his eyes that yelled 'Danger'.

I never mentioned his slight indiscretion, and hands were shaken, pleasantries exchanged etc.

His name was Donald, but told me he went privately, by the name of Digger.

He did sidle up to me in the kitchen later and thanked me for not dropping him in the mucky brown stuff. And that I looked like something that had been made in heaven, I was the most gorgeous sexy and beautiful woman he had ever seen.

I laughed and told him, he was quite welcome.

He smelled wonderful, a real manly smell and he carried himself with a poise that disturbed me for some reason.

He chatted easily with me in an open way, he was funny and charming, I liked him, and I knew he was well impressed with me, a woman knows these things don't they?

I made my excuses and went to meet other people and play the party host.

What I didn't know was he had tagged me, he told me later he knew that with the right approach or situation, he may have a naughty chance at me.

It turned out he was dead on. And chance? I never had one; it was game set and match in the instant it occurred.

Although again I am getting ahead of myself!

I was circulating, and we were all having a great time, I had had a couple of wines so I was feeling really good.

I had been quietly touched up a few times, so I knew my choice of dress was spot on, a couple of the men had actually secretly grabbed my bum, so I was beginning to feel horny again.

I had a few dances, and my tits were accidentally brushed against, then Digger asked me to dance with him and it was terrific, having this lovely sexy man close to me was turning me on more and more.

Twice as he danced around with me, he pulled me close and quickly but purposely pressed a large hard something right into my pussy lips.

I gave him a glare, but he just smiled that smile and twirled away.

I had to excuse myself and went upstairs to calm down a bit, I returned later and continued the night, everyone was having a ball, the food and drink was doing it's job and people chatting and dancing the night away.

Digger danced with me again, and I had to get away from him once more to cool off, after a while I went upstairs again for a cool face cloth to lessen the blush I had on me.

As I passed one of the side bed rooms an arm came out, grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the darkness there, in a second I was being kissed passionately, it was Digger!

I was hotter than the surface of the sun in an instant. His lips mashed to mine and I returned the kiss as much as I could, I was in his arms and now he was in mine, and I'm doing this with 40 or more people down stairs.

I could feel his hot hard prick pushing into me, then I felt the straps of my dress being pushed down my shoulders, this was followed quickly by my arms, my zip was pulled down, and now my hands were feverishly pulling down his zip so I could get my hands on his prize asset.

I dropped my arms and my dress slithered to the floor, I got his prick out, the next thing I knew I was on my back on the bed and that fabulous love stick that I would get to know millimetre by millimetre was in me, I came immediately followed 3 seconds later by him.

He gasped and whispered to me 'Oh God Miccy, you are fantastic.'

'So are you Digger, you really know how to 'dig' a woman, don't you?' I said, 'now get off me before someone comes and finds us!'

He did, I jumped up, picked up my dress, stuck my head out of the room door for a quick look and scooted to my room, and he shot into the bathroom, I think.

In my room I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it, what had just happened was utter madness. In a matter of a couple of minutes, I had been grabbed, seduced and fucked in my own home.

But having such a severe itch in my pussy, being given a top quality scratching like that, gave me a feeling of immense satisfaction and contentment.

My pussy was loaded with his cum, my juices were running down my legs, I went into the bathroom and sat on the bidet and cleaned myself out.

Then I felt guilt rising in me, what I had just done was so stupid, I berated myself, and my life would have been utterly ruined had I been caught, or seen.

I put my dress back on, made myself look something like my former self and went back downstairs. My cheeks were seriously flushed, and my lips were full blooded red, and poutier than was normal.

I worked my way around my guests and tried to continue like nothing had happened, but my guilt had subsided by then, and I felt so deliciously naughty and bad bad bad, I was beside myself with it.

I purposely bumped into Digger, and he winked at me in a most lascivious way, it was a wink that said.

'Just you wait until next time.'

The evening ended, and everyone eventually left, Digger slipped me his phone number and asked me to call him on the Monday morning. I promised him I would.

I worked my way through the weekend, we had many calls thanking us for a terrific night, and I actually picked up one call that was from Digger to thank us.

And also to thank me quietly once more for a brilliant interlude, and asked me if I felt alright, I assured him that I was, and I told him, I looked forward to seeing him soon, he replied that, I was going to see a whole lot of him.

I called him early on the Monday morning, I had calmed down a bit and was intending to tell him that what had happened on Saturday night was wonderful, but I wouldn't be able to see him again as it was too risky.

That was until I heard his magnetic voice, and all I could think of was his hard body and powerful prick, even though it had only been in me about 20 seconds!

He asked me who was at home and I stupidly said no one.

He told me he would be round in 5 and put the phone down, I had no chance to refuse.

He was round in 5 too, I was wearing a short skirt and little top, and of course high heels, he walked into my kitchen, kicked the door shut, he still towered over me when he walked in.

In a heartbeat I was in his arms being carried up stairs, I got dropped onto my bed. And my skirt, top, bra and panties were unceremoniously ripped off; this got me hotter than hot again.

He was on me and arms around me, I was being kissed and loved, I scrabbled for his prick, he allowed me the luxury of finding it, and getting it out.

'Get your clothes off right now Digger and fuck me.' I ordered him.

He did, and his prick thudded into my piping hot pussy.

I still had my heels on, and I watched them and my feet waving about over his back as he absolutely hammered me.

We both came in quick succession, but his dick never went down, he just kept thumping it into me, it was wonderful what a feeling to have a prick like that battering away at my hot, wet slippy thoroughly accepting pussy.

The power and weight of his body holding me down while he fucked away at me overtook my senses. I was in dreamland. His guile and his cunning and fucking prowess, was more than I was used to I can tell you!

But did I care? Did I fuck! I was used to being fucked, but not quite like this, I was a sexual woman, but this was fantastic, his cock was so hard and strong as he thrust it whole heartedly in and out of me.

I began to cum in succession instead of one at a time, this stunned my already addled mind, I don't know if I feinted or went off to some where in my head, all I knew was I was cumming as if I had never cum.

He grunted to me he was coming and I urged him on telling him to fill me to the top with it, he powered in one last time and shot his hot scalding cum right up and into me, I shattered with a final orgasm, fabulous.

We lay there for a while kissing, fondling, caressing and speaking terms of endearment.

Then he started getting amorous again, here we go I thought, another wonderful battering on its way. I wasn't disappointed either.

He began fucking me with such strength and controlled ferocity. I screamed out at him as I came time after time until he again grunted, and shot more sperm into me so hard I wondered why it never came out of my open mouth.

We untangled our selves and just lay there gasping.

He said, 'Miccy, you are so fantastically sexy, your sexiness is overwhelming, your beauty defies description!'

'I could love you, fuck you, and make love to you forever.'

His words were just the right ones to capture my heart, I sighed with contentment, the kind of sigh a girl gives when she has just got the cream!

He was a fantastic lover and I knew I was in trouble, he had taken me with such ease, I hadn't said one word in protest, not one word of objection, he seemed to have looked right inside of me, and knew I was ready to be taken, I was ripe for plucking.

And he had plucked me from the tree of love and loved me like no man ever had, not my husband, or my 2 previous lovers.

Im snuggled right into him then and curled my body into his and held on tight.

The trouble was, I knew nothing about him, he was my husband's new boss, he was called Digger, and that was it!

I dozed off for a while and I think he did too, when I woke, my head was on his chest and I was looking at his dark hairy balls, topped off with his beautiful prick, I slid my head down and took him in my mouth.

I sucked nice and slow and gentle, pulled his plum deep in while I licked him.

I stroked his balls gently too, then I heard him moan, if he hadn't been awake, he was now!

I began to suck his cock to show him how much I wanted him and it, I really yanked at it with my tongue and mouth, I wasn't just sucking it, I was wanking it with my lips too.

I lowered myself down to his balls and the hairs tickled my nose as I plopped each one in turn into my mouth, I got my finger up into his arse too, that made him wiggle and squiggle.

My hand was moving up and down his wonderful erection, I wanted to watch him cum. I twisted my self over so I was looking up at him. His cock got redder and angrier, his plum head got more and purple, as the blood forced its way up the thick heavy shaft.

I saw his hands grip the sheets at his side and then he blew his load, it shot up into the air and over his shoulder, I had never seen a man cum like that, it was just so strong and powerful, there was loads of it. I was completely astounded.

I jammed the head back into my mouth so I could suck the remnants of what was left and taste him. God it was the most glorious taste of cum I had ever had.

Then he told me he had to leave, there was a staff meeting he couldn't avoid.

I sadly let him go, and we kissed goodbye, with promises of further liaisons.

An hour later, I was on my PC checking e mails.

There was one, with the subject box saying.

'Miccy, you have been naughty.'

It started with the words.

What did you get up to in the side bedroom on Saturday night Mmmm?

Was it a fuck, worth the bother you may have caused yourself Miccy?

You are bad girl Miccy, having it away with Digger like that.

Look at the attachments; you will be pleased with the quality.

But I don't think Tel will be that happy though, do you?

Write back to me, after you settle down won't you?

I would hate Tel to know about this, and see them, wouldn't you?

I sat there stunned, what the fuck was going on, what had happened had someone seen me, somehow.

I opened the attachments; there were three slightly hazy, but undeniable photos.

The first one was of me sneaking out of the bedroom, with my dress in my hands.

The second one, with Digger leaving the room right behind me, and I was in the background, just about entering my bedroom.

My backside was fully on view, I was naked wasn't I?

I hadn't worn underwear with my dress.

The third one was of Digger going down the stairs smiling up at my now closed door.

I almost fell off my chair, my heart stopped, what was I going to do?

Who was this person; whoever it was they had got me caught stone cold.

The photos were so evident in their clarity; I had just come out of a bedroom in my own home naked!

My breasts were on clear view in the first photo; my arse was on clear view in the second.

Followed by a man that wasn't my husband

And Digger was in clear view smiling at my bedroom door, as he went down stairs.

Staring at the photos, it became obvious that they had been taken on a phone.

I was dead in the water.

I sat there for some time, pondering what to do. I would have to answer it, there was no way I could ignore it, and hope that the photos wouldn't be sent to my husband.

The problem that that brought was, I would be acknowledging the existence of them and the evidence that they were real.

I had to reply, there wasn't a way to get the upper hand, no way.

I wrote back to who ever it was and said.

I don't know who you are or what you want, but it wasn't what it seemed, or looked like.

I had caught my dress in the zip and he kindly assisted me, I had to remove it, but I do admit, it does look a little funny.

Would you please just destroy them, and we'll say no more about it, shall we/

Or if you like, just to avoid causing an unnecessary fuss, can I buy them off you?


That was my mistake, asking if I could buy them, I was inadvertently admitting my guilt!

I had read the email though, I was happy with it, and thought it would probably end the matter.

Reluctantly I sent it.

I got one back 5 minutes later.


You must think I am a little devoid of brain power, no one, could ever deny what story those photos tell could they?

Now I would suggest that you get your own brain into gear, and let me know what you want me to do with them, time is running out.

I can post them to Tel if you wish, or even send them through the e mail, what shall I do?

I nearly fainted; I hadn't expected that, I had thought I was being clever; my idea had been to quietly get rid of this.

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