tagLoving WivesHow Did This Happen

How Did This Happen


By the time I realized what was happening, I was leaning back on the couch, my shirt was pulled up and my breasts exposed, and I had a cock in my mouth.

It was the gardener, an older, chubby Hispanic man and he was rubbing my nipples between his fingers as he slowly fucked my mouth. I was hoping that this was going to end, as I had never cheated on my husband before.

My mind was spinning, trying to figure a way out of this, without swallowing his cum or getting fucked. My plan, at least the plan I hoped for, was that I would pull off his cock and stroke him off on my boobs. That way, he would orgasm and get to see his cum on my tits and I wouldn't have his cum in my mouth.

But his rough hands were driving my nipples crazy, and I was losing focus of my plan. Focus, focus, I tried to tell myself, but it was no use. My sensitive nipples were too aroused.

As much as I tried, I couldn't help but moan. My nipples were in heaven and if he continued rubbing them, I was going to cum. If I came, my plan would be ruined, and I would end up with an unwanted load of cum somewhere.

He started talking to me in Spanish, but I had no idea what he was saying. In between his words, he was groaning and moaning. From experience with my husband, I thought I had more time. All of a sudden, he leaned in against my head, pinning me against the couch cushions, and he started spurting in my mouth. His groans grew until he was almost yelling. I tried to protest and pull my mouth off of his cock, but he had me pinned.

My only thought was trying to keep his cum from going down my throat. I hated the taste of cum and never allowed my husband to cum in my mouth. Whenever my husband got close, I would pull my mouth off of his cock and stroke him until he came. But this guy made sure that he filled my mouth with cum.

He slowly stood up, which allowed me to get up. As I got off the couch, he reached out and pulled my skirt down, exposing my chubby butt and my thong. He gently but firmly turned me, and guided my shoulders toward the floor.

I now had my knees on the floor, facing the couch, with my skirt pushed up above my hips. I started to talk, but was unable to due to his cum in my mouth. I pointed to my mouth, doing my best to communicate with him, but he only smiled at me. He started rubbing his rough hands on my butt, again speaking in Spanish.

I again tried to protest, but I was desperately trying not to swallow his cum. As hard as I tired, the taste of his cum was overwhelming my taste buds. He slowly pulled my thong aside and slid his cock against my pussy, which was wet.

He slid the head of his cock against my pussy lips, which felt amazing. I was surprised to be getting so turned on by this stranger, who was not the least bit attractive to me. He reached around me and started rubbing my nipples, immediately driving me crazy.

I tried not to moan, I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn't help it. With this, he slowly slid his softening cock between my pussy lips. How could he fuck me so soon after cumming?

It had been years since my husband could recharge and fuck again so soon after cumming. I moaned again, this time louder, and his cum started to slide down my the back of my throat. The swallowing reflex took over, and I instinctively swallowed, realizing that I had just swallowed a strangers cum. I don't even do that for my husband!

The taste was revolting and I was disgusted with myself. I would never do this again. I would never allow myself to be in the situation again. He grabbed my hips and started slowly and methodically thrusting in and out of my pussy.

He pulled his cock all the way out of me before gently thrusting into me again. When he thrust into me, his cock, lubricated by my pussy juices, made a loud squishy noise. That was the only sound I could hear.

I'm not on the pill or any other form of birth control, so I can't have cum spurted into my unprotected pussy. I didn't even allow my husband to cum inside me without wearing a condom.

I tried to tell him, I wanted to tell him, but I couldn't finish my sentence. I started to shiver and shake, and knew what was about to happen. He was going to make me cum by gently squeezing and twisting my nipples.

I started to orgasm, feeling the orgasmic jolts and tremors, and it was overwhelming. I started moaning uncontrollably, pushing my face deep into the cushion to muffle my voice. My orgasm had me in a state of Nirvana, and I lost all sensation. It seemed as if I couldn't hear, smell, feel, taste, or see.

As I came back into my body, I could hear him start groaning, and he filled my unprotected pussy with his cum. He again whispered to me in Spanish and slapped both of my butt cheeks. I tried to move and pull away from him, but once again, he had me trapped up against the couch. He stopped thrusting and slowly pulled his cock from my pussy, making a wet and squishy "poping" noise as he pulled it out.

As he withdrew from me, I turned around to look at him. He was smiling at me and he stepped toward me, wiping his cock on my face. On my knees, looking up at his, I said nothing as his wet cock slid over me cheeks and around my lips. For reasons I can't explain, I opened my mouth, allowing him to slide is cock into my mouth. He thrust his cock into my mouth a few times, then pulled it out and got dressed.

As I watched him get dressed, I realized that I may have been impregnated by the gardner. As he buckled his pants, his cum ran out of my pussy, coated my cheeks and lips, and flavored my mouth. He looked back at me, smiled, and walked out the door.

I stood up, walked to the bed, and laid down, rolling on my back. How did this happen?

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