tagIncest/TabooHow Do You Spell Relief? Ch. 06

How Do You Spell Relief? Ch. 06


Ummm. Okay, I figure the best thing to do is start with an apology. I can't believe it's taken this long to get this chapter together. I am embarrassed and disappointed and all I can do is offer the weak excuse that life keeps getting in the way of any spare time for writing.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave feedback. I'm sorry for making you wait so long for the next installment, I just hope it's been worth it. Reading through it now, there just seems to be an awful lot of sex.

The sickening part is that I can't even guarantee that the next one is going to come along any quicker than this one. All I can say is that if people want it to continue I'll do my best. I still have quite a few ideas. It's just a case of making time to get it down.

As always, all credit to Bobby T, the master and creator.

Apologies again, BBV


The sky was clear and it was nice and warm as I walked to school on Monday morning. I was in another world. The last three days had been amazing. Since Becky had visited our house for dinner on Thursday, mom and I had shared our bed every night; hers, mine and the guest bed.

We had decided that the best thing was for us to use the guest room from now on for sleeping together. It was kind of neutral territory and I liked the idea of having one room in the house that was 'special' for us. Not that we had limited ourselves to making love just in the guest room; oh no, we'd done it in my room, moms room, on the lounge floor, the kitchen bench, the dining table, the stairs, in the downstairs shower and in the upstairs bath. We'd even done it at midnight Saturday in the middle of the back lawn with all the lights off in the house (mom insisted, so the neighbors wouldn't see).

My body loved sex. I felt so good and I couldn't wait to get to school and get into another day. Mom and I had made love again that morning before she'd left for work. She had gotten up ahead of me to be ready in time to hit the road for the morning commute but I was awake by the time she'd had her breakfast and shower. I lay in bed in the guest room and watched her get dressed in front of me; I loved watching the way she moved, applying makeup and perfume and putting on her underwear and outer garments. My cock was hard by the time she'd finished and she came to me to give me a goodbye kiss.

"Bye bye baby." Her lips were soft and warm on mine. "I'm so sorry but I don't have time for a blowjob this morning." True regret filled her voice. "I'll make it up to you tonight, I promise."

I pulled her down to me for another kiss.

"Do you have a dirty pair of panties I could use to maybe jerk off into?" It was something I'd thought of trying several times, but now that mom and I had taken our wonderful big step jerking off was something I hadn't done much of lately.

I saw her eyes light up and she smiled as she glanced around the room.

"Of course, here you go." She grabbed a rumpled pair off the floor from where I'd thrown them the night before. I took them and carefully turned them round until I could sniff the gusset. Her scent was like special perfume to me and she watched me, still smiling. I looked at her.

"Baby, I can't. You know I want to but I have to go. I'll be late."

"But mom..." Before she could move, I lunged and grabbed her around the waist with one arm.

"Tommy!" She giggled as I held onto her tightly while I quickly slid out of bed. "My goodness, young man. What an awfully big penis you have! My goodness me! What on earth are you going to do with that?" She grabbed hold of my shaft with one hand and we smiled at each other as she began stroking me playfully.

"I'm going to use it to fuck you, Mrs Petersen. I'm going to fuck you and give you a load of hot cum to see you through the day!"

"Oh, my! Really? What...? What are you doing? Oh! Oh...!Well, I never...!" I pulled her knee-length business skirt up over her hips and grabbed one of her curvey little ass cheeks, squeezing it hard through the thin fabric of the hipster knickers I'd watched her pull on minutes before. I pressed her against me, bending my head to kiss her again as I grabbed at the elastic band at the base of her tummy with my free hand, pulling the fabric away so I could get my hand inside, in to her sweet honey. She parted her legs and I slid my middle finger into the soft folds of her pussy.

Over the last few days mom had taken the time to teach me some more about playing with her and now I felt her getting wet quickly as I stroked and teased. I slipped a finger into her and was rewarded with a gasp. I pulled my hand out of her panties and offered it to her. She gave a low moan as she licked my fingers and sucked her liquid down her throat.

"I have to fuck you mom."

It wasn't a request.

I grabbed the top of her knickers with both hands and pushed them down over her hips, then I grabbed her by the shoulders, turning, lifting her bodily onto the bed before me. Mom kicked her knickers down her legs. They slid easily down the sheer white stockings she was wearing and onto the floor as I lifted her.

She was so small and light I was able to position her exactly how I wanted her, bent over on her knees on the edge of the bed with her thighs parted and her gorgeous ass and glistening pussy sitting at just the right height. She fell forward onto the bed on her elbows and I pushed the hem of her dress up out of the way. Her firm warm flesh felt so smooth under my hands.

"Fuck me, Tommy!" she panted. As I moved behind her she reached down and spread the pink lips of her pussy. "Fuck me! I want your cum inside me while I'm at work! Fuck me, quick!"

I grabbed the head of my thick cock, pointed it straight at her tight slit and then with constant pressure I pushed the whole length of my shaft up inside her until the bulbous fat head was buried deep between her soft lips and my balls swung against her hand where it still held her open.

I was feeling guilty about delaying her, so I didn't waste time. As soon as she realised I was in her to the hilt, I put both hands on her slim waist and began fucking her. The absolute best thing about this position for me was that I had an unrestricted view of her sweet sexy ass. I loved watching her butt cheeks shake stiffly at the end of each of my thrusts.

"Oh baby, I love it when you fuck me!"

"I love your pussy, mom. I want to fuck you every day!"

"Yes...yes, oh fuck! Yes, baby. Fuck me every day! Fuck me, darling, fuck me! I'm your little whore! Fuck your whore, darling, fuck me. Fuck my cunt...Oh, that's it, yes...uh huh. You can get in so deep like this can't you, baby? Oh, fuck I'm a slave to your cock!"

"And I'm a slave to your pussy, mom! I love making it wet and sliding my cock up into you. I love filling you with my cum. I love watching you jerk off with my cum leaking out of you and I love going down on you and making you cum with my tongue!"

"Oh, Tommy! You make me so fucking hot when you talk like that!"

She braced herself against the pile of messed up bedclothes and began pushing back against me, meeting my thrusts so that we really slammed into each other at the end of my strokes.

"Deeper baby! Push it deeper! Oh it feels so gooood! Oh, your fat cock...!"

Mom's pussy got wetter and wetter as we continued. My balls swung about and crashed into our thighs and then I saw her arm move again to slide up between her legs. I knew she would be caressing and stroking around her lips as my thick shaft pumped away inside her. She was masturbating again. Suddenly, she lifted her head.

"Stop, Tommy!" It was a command.

"What! Mom, why...? Please, don't you want...?"

"Of course I want you. Get out of me, now! This instant!"

Suddenly I was worried. Of course she had to get to work, but she was enjoying this just as much as me! With some considerable effort I pulled my hot slippery length out of her. As soon as she was free she scrambled off the bed and grabbed me.

"On the floor! NOW!"


"Tommy, do as I say. Lie down on the floor!" She pointed and then, as I began to do as she said, she turned and grabbed the pillows off the bed.

Just before my head hit the floor she was there, arranging them behind me.

"I want you to be comfortable," she said as she squatted by my head.

"But mom, what's wrong?"

She stood and looked down at me.

"You just don't get it, do you? I want my cunt full of cum! Full, do you hear me?" As she talked she pawed the bunched-up fabric of her skirt back down below her hips and then reached behind her. There was the squeal of a zip being yanked down way too fast and then she was kicking it off.

She straddled me, looked me square in the eye and squatted, grabbing my cock and lifting it off my stomach as she lowered herself. She didn't break stride at any moment; it was all one fluid motion and the next thing I knew she had impaled herself on my thick rod. It went so far up inside her that the soft skin around her slit flattened my pubes! Her eyelids flickered and she uttered a deep groan from the back of her throat.

"Fuck, yes!!" she hissed through clenched teeth. With the pillows behind me I could see perfectly. What a fantastic sight! Mom began fucking my cock like a woman possessed. I never suspected she could be so physical. She closed her eyes, put her hands on my chest and began pumping her tight little pussy up and down my cock much harder than I would have dreamed she could manage.

"Fucking hell, mom!" I said in amazement. My voice came out all jerky and uneven because she was leaning on my ribcage so hard. "Fuck, you really know how to fuck!"

"Yeah, well..." Her voice was husky with lust. "Your father wasn't the only guy I fucked before I got married, you know. Now mommy's gonna fuck herself!"

Her beautiful long black hair flew about her head as she thrashed and pumped her hips up and down, making her tight pussy milk my cock furiously. She took one hand off my chest and carried on massaging her clit, like before. This was too much for me. After about five minutes I knew I was going to blow and I knew it was going to be a big one.


"Yeah, baby?"

"M...Mom, I'm gonna..." Jeez, she was bouncing up and down so hard I had to time my words so there was air in my lungs. "Mom, I'm gonna cum."

"You're damn right you are, you horny little motherfucker! Fuck me on the bed, will you? You gonna cum? Baby gonna cum for mommy?" Her voice became hoarse as she pounded her hot slit up and down on my cock. "Fill me up, honey! Fill me full of your hot cum! Right up inside, oh yes! I know baby can get his cock right up inside mommy so her cunt gets filled with baby's hot load!"

Sweet Jesus! This was a side of mom I'd never seen before, ever. I tried to keep up.

"Mommy want a hot load from her boy, does she?" I looked at her with my eyebrows raised.

"Yeah...oh fuck, yeah!" She was watching me through eyes narrowed by exhertion.

"Want a pussy full of cum? Want me to squirt inside?"

"Yeeeeaaah...Gonna cummmm..." It was a long, drawn-out moan through clenched teeth.

"Oh, yeah!" I yelled as my hips spasmed up off the floor, driving me deep into her as she crashed down on top of me.

"FUCK!" she screamed. I grabbed moms hips and held her trembling body down on my pulsing cock as blast after blast of my jism shot into her squeezing pussy, filling her tight passage with my cream. She screamed again and I felt her go rigid on top of me, her face and neck blushing pink.

"Baby...oh, baby!"

"I love you, mom! Oh, I love your pussy!"

She collapsed on top of me, craning to kiss my face and neck and mouth passionately.

"Tommy, I love feeling you cum inside me! It makes me so happy I could cry!"

"I love you so much, mom!"

She reached her arms around my neck and held me tight as I slipped my hands down onto her perfect smooth firm ass. She was still panting rapidly from her orgasm and I could feel sweat on my face and forehead. We held each other and waited for the aftershocks to subside. I loved the feel of her ass cheeks and I spread them a little further, playing my fingers back and forth over her little rosebud. She laughed and cooed into my chest, kissing the skin, working over to first one nipple and then the other, teasing them with her teeth and tongue.

"Hmm..." I said. "So Mrs Petersen, what do you think of my awfully big penis now?"

"Mm-mmm. I love your awfully big penis, young man." She giggled and then stopped, placing a concerned hand over her mouth.

"What's wrong, mom?" I asked, suddenly worried for her.

"Baby, when I pull off you all your cum is going to run out. I want it to stay inside me! Ooh, what am I going to do?"

I thought fast.

"Here, put your arms back around my neck."

I put one hand around her waist and held her tight against me.

"Oooh, Tommy! I like the way you're so strong with me."

"Hang on..."

I pushed with one foot and gently eased us over, rolling her until our positions were reversed, she on her back and me above her. She laughed delightedly and opened her legs wide, lifting her feet right up off the floor.

"Wonderful, darling! Now pull out of me slowly, I don't want any to leak out yet."

I shifted into a better position and then gently lifted my hips, pulling my tingling dick out of her.

"That's it, sweetie. Ooohh, lovely!"

Once I was clear she put both hands in her crotch and parted her pink lips. From where I was I could see her vagina was full of thick white cum. Geez, she looked sexy!

"Am I full? Can you see it?"

"Uh huh. Oh yeah, it's there alright." I said. I couldn't help myself and I started grinning like an idiot. Mom smirked at me.

"You're a horny little fucker, aren't you?"

"So are you!" I shot back playfully. She grinned openly this time.

"That I am. It's all because of your beautiful cock, though!"

As I watched, she dipped two fingers into her hot slit and pulled them out, coated with my cream. She sighed.

"Oh Tommy, I love your cum!" And she lifted her hand to her mouth, licking the fingers clean with obvious delight before going back for more and then again for yet more. I shook my head in wonderment and she smiled at me.


"I know I've said it before mom, but you're amazing!"

Her eyes went soft and liquid.

"You're so good to me, Tommy."

"And you're so good to me, mom. I'm so happy we're doing this with each other."

"So am I and...oh God! I'm so late!"

Mom scrambled to her feet and began frantically pulling on her knickers. I grabbed her skirt and held it out for her.

"Thanks baby."

She pulled it on.

"Let me get the zip," I said, moving behind her.

"Okay, quickly."

I zipped her up and she spun around, kissed me on the cheek and bolted for the door.

"Don't forget, I want you to help me start cleaning up this evening. Susan and Callie are arriving on Thursday and I want the house tidy before then!" she called from the hall, then I heard the front door open and close and the house was silent.

I had kind of forgotten that my Aunt Susan and my cousin Callie were visiting for a few days. Callie was training as a dancer and had a recital at the city college as part of her application for next year. There were several girls from her high school applying and they had orgainsed a group trip for it so my aunt and Callie were going to stay with us to save the cost of a hotel.

At first I was looking forward to seeing them, since I loved both of them so much. Callie was a month older than me and we had always got on well as we grew up but Mom and I hadn't seen much of them for the last three or four years after Susan's marriage had split up and she had moved away for work. Then I started to wonder what mom would want to do about our sleeping arrangements. Susan and Callie would get the guest room and I figured mom would not feel safe about us sharing her or my bed with them in the house. Then I realised it would make things difficult for us to enjoy each other.

I thought about it all as I showered and got ready for school. In the end I figured that we would sort something out and if it meant I had to 'relieve the pressure' by myself I could make that sacrifice for mom.

The morning seemed to drag on forever but the bell for lunch eventually rang. I grabbed my bag and headed for the library. April was sitting behind the desk again, which caught me off-guard. Did she live there or what?

"Hi Tommy," she said cheerfully as I pushed the door open and walked through with my bag on one shoulder. She seemed to be the only one there again.

"Oh, hey April," I smiled in return. Her long blonde hair looked really nice and she was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt that was open at the neck. I'd never noticed she had so much cleavage before. "Uh, is Ms Owens out again?" I looked around.

"No, she's in her office. Are you here about that book again? Hasn't it come back yet?"

"Book? Oh, yeah right, the book. Ah...yeah, I was wondering if it was back, yeah."

"Can you remember the title? I can check again for you."

She dropped the magazine she was reading, pushed her glasses up her cute nose and straightened up in front of the computer, looking at me. Man, how had I never noticed how good her boobs looked or how blue her eyes were before?

"You know what?" I said, trying not to stare at the top of her shirt, "I'm such a doofus. I can't remember. Maybe you should ask Ms Owens to come out and see if she's got it."

"Well, hang on. I can check and see if she's made a note on your file. It won't take long."

The ache in my crotch was getting unbearable. I'd been thinking about Ms Owens' pussy all morning. My mouth was literally watering at the thought of going down on her again and here I was talking about the location of a made-up book.

"Oh, I'm sure..." I trailed off as April shifted in her seat and began typing. The stool she was sitting on was quite high behind the desk and she leaned forward, watching the screen as she punched the keys. Her shirt fell open and I caught a shot of the whole of her right breast, even the nipple! She wasn't even wearing a bra!! I slid my bag off my shoulder quickly and held it in front of my crotch as my cock jerked in my pants. Luckily I had pulled on a pair of my loose-fitting denim shorts that morning so the thicker fabric made it a bit less obvious.

"Nope. There's nothing new on your file." She sighed and looked back at me. "I'll have to go get her. Wait here a minute." She smiled as she slid off the stool and headed off down the back to Ms Owens' office. I took a moment to take a couple of deep breaths. Wow! I wondered if April had a boyfriend. How good would it feel to squeeze those puppies and feel one of her plump nipples in my mouth?

"What can I do for you, Mr Petersen?" I jumped as Ms Owens came round the end of one of the aisles of books with April following behind.

Far out, even in the business suit she was wearing, with the shirt and jacket buttoned up and a skirt down to her knees, Becky looked so hot.

"Oh, hi B...Ms Owens. I, um...I was wondering if that special book you told me about was back yet?"

"Oh yes, the Franco-Prussian War Encyclopedia? It came in on Friday so I put it aside for you. It's in my office, come this way please."

She turned quickly and marched back the way she'd come. I hurriedly stepped around the corner of the desk and followed after her. Before we turned down an aisle of books Becky stopped and turned back to April.

"You may as well enjoy your lunch-break, April. There's no need to watch the desk for me. Go and find your friends, it's a beautiful day. No need to waste it sitting in here."

"Oh," April looked a bit disappointed. "Okay Ms Owens, if you're sure."

"Yes, yes." Becky waved a hand at her. "I'll be fine as soon as I've dealt with young Mr Petersen." And she turned and walked off towards her office. As I followed along I gazed at her ass. Her legs looked amazing, wrapped in tight black stockings. The high heels she was wearing made her hips swing inside her gray skirt and I couldn't wait to hold her cheeks in my hands again.

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