tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 08

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 08


I woke up the next morning and found that I had rolled over away from Trent, and he had followed me. He was spooned up against me from behind, his arm over my side, cradling my small breast. I could feel his morning wood nestled between my cheeks and I wiggled slightly, enjoying his closeness. His hand tightened slightly and he mumbled something in his sleep. I wanted to stay there forever, but if I was going to tell him the truth tonight I had things to do.

I slid out from under his arm and slipped into the bathroom. A quick shower and clean up and I was out in the kitchen making breakfast. Before I could get everything ready I heard a shuffling sound and looked up to see Trent staggering into the kitchen. He was barely awake but he smiled as he saw me prancing around the kitchen in my heels and panties, the soft pink thong this time. My face was scrubbed and my hair pulled back into braid.

I poured him his coffee and myself another cup of tea. Trent smiled a thank you and sat down at the table to wake up. He was obviously not a good morning person. I served us our breakfast, bacon and eggs, toast, juice and more coffee and tea. Trent dug in without a word and I must admit I was a little upset that he had not said anything about me making breakfast, but I just tried to smile and ate my own meal. After he finished breakfast, Trent sat back and heaved a big sigh.

"Thank you Janie. That was wonderful. You are the best cook."

I blushed at his words and felt guilty about my dark thoughts during breakfast.

"I would have said something sooner, but I don't function well until I have eaten." Trent told me smiling. He leaned over and kissed me. "You cooked, I clean." He stacked up the dishes and loaded the dishwasher, whenever I tried to help, he shooed me away. When the kitchen was cleaned he led me back to the bedroom.

"Get dressed. We have to be at the snow board area in thirty minutes."

"Snowboarding," I exclaimed. "I can't snow board, I have never snow boarded."

"I know that is why I arranged lessons for you this morning at eight. So let's get going or you are gonna be late." Trent left me standing there with my mouth hanging open as he went off to the shower. I gathered my wits and dressed, thinking all the time that I would get out of having to tell Trent the truth, because I was going to kill myself on the snowboard hill.

We made it in time for my lesson, but just barely. I had to get a board at the rental place and it was packed. Trent, ever the athlete had his own with him. He offered to stay with me, but I sent him packing. I did not need him laughing at me just trying to stand up on the darn thing. Ten minutes into the class I came to the conclusion that I was not made for boarding. I just could not get my head around the idea of turning around on the board and sliding down the hill essentially backwards, but by turning my head I would be facing forward, but it would still be backwards... you get the idea, even today I still get a headache trying to sort it out. Never the less, I continued with the class and was able to make it down the half pipe without breaking anything. I even tried to do a few carves and turns. I would never be good enough to keep up with Trent, he went past me doing all sorts of tricks that I could never duplicate, but I felt pride at the fact that by noon, I was able to go down the pipe and make the required turns.

We returned my rented equipment and headed back to the cottage and had a light lunch. After lunch, served in just my panties as always, Trent had me dress in a bathing suit and we headed out to the lake. We drove about ten minutes and it still amazes me that you could be snowboarding in the morning and outdoor swimming in the afternoon.

This suit was aquamarine and one piece, but very daringly cut. It consisted of a front panel with a deep v for cleavage and only a strap on each side to connect the back to the front. I put on my high heel sandals and beach wrap and we were off.

The lake was wonderful, clean sandy bottom and a large sandy beach. We lay in the sun and talked about the morning and about school, college, everything and nothing. I was psyching myself up to tell him, but I wanted it to be in private. We played in the water, I swam for some distance, finally something I could do better than him and snuggled on the beach, nothing lewd, there were children present. After about four hours we decided to head back, it was starting to get chilly and we wanted to be back at the cottage for dinner.

We got back and each took a shower, I love the beach, but sand, ick. I cleaned myself out as well, I did not know how he would take the news, but I wanted to be ready. Trent called to me and said that he would wait for me in the hot tub and I realized it was my chance to tell him. I told him dinner could wait and I would join him in a minute. I removed my pussy and the adhesive and tucked myself in so that it looked like I had a vagina. I slipped into my monokini and the highest heels I had with me, I wanted to look like the ultimate figure of female sexuality when he saw me. I was not disappointed.

I stepped into the enclosed sun room and found Trent sitting in the swirling water and facing away from him I slipped the beach wrap off and tossed it on the chair. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw Trent sitting there with his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. I wiggled my nearly naked ass at him and turned to face him complete. I thought he was going to fall out of the tub. I strolled to the tub, kicked off my heels and climbed the stairs and got in. I think the best part was seeing the little bit of drool running down his chin. I walked over to him, closed his mouth for him and sat down on his lap.

"I take it you like?" I asked wiggling on his lap, his cock felt enormous.

Trent could only nod dumbly.

"I'm glad, Heather and Aunt Karen bought it for me after Thanksgiving."

"You mean my mom saw you in this?" He stammered.

"Yes, she thought you might like it." I replied innocently. He shook his head in confusion and leaned in to kiss me, but I pulled away and sat down across the tub from him. "No Trent, we need to talk first."

"About what," he asked, looking surprised. "We had a wonderful day and now we are going to make love in the hot tub before dinner and then again after dinner in front of the fireplace and then..."

"Trent, stop. There is something that I need to tell you before we go any further."

"What is it Janie, you are starting to worry me." He started to move close to me but I put my hand out to stop him.

"Trent, I lied to you. I am not who or what you think I am."

"I know what and who you are; you are the girl I love."

"Trent, I am not."

"Not what? You don't love me?" Trent asked.

"No I love you with all that I am, that is why this is so hard and why I can't keep doing it anymore." Tears were starting to well up in my eyes and I knew that I had to tell him fast, or I would lose my nerve.

"Then I don't understand what you are talking about."

"I am not a girl." I shouted at him. "I am a guy."

Trent sat there stunned looking like I had just hit him over the head.

"You are not a guy, who put you up to this? Is this just some joke or are you trying to find a way to dump me."

"Oh God, I don't want to dump you, but I can't lie to you anymore. I am a male, I have the same parts as you, penis, dick, cock, call it what you will I have one, but I call it my clit."

"No you don't I have seen you in your skirts and cheering panties, I have seen your camel toe, guys can't do that and what about your breasts?"

"They are the result of hormone treatments. The camel toe is a fake vagina that I wear to keep people from finding out. I just wanted to finish high school without being picked on and this is what Mom and Susan came up with."

"Mom, you mean my mom..."

"No my mom, Aunt Karen is really my mother. I lied to everyone at school about my parents. I went to Crawford, but under my real name, Jamie."

"You can't be a guy." Trent stammered.

Realizing that the only way to get him to believe me was to prove it, I stood up and climbed up to the top step and pulled the monokini off. It hit the water and I spread my legs, letting my clit pop out. Trent stood up and stared at me in complete shock. It looked like I had just kicked in the stomach.

"You see, I am telling the truth. I am a boy." I said starting to cry. "But I didn't lie to you about loving you." I reached out for him as I started down the stairs and Trent pulled back from me sharply.

"You stay away from me." He said, climbing over the other side of the tub and standing dripping in the sun room.

"Trent please," I begged. "I'm still me. I am still Janie, the person who loves you."

"Are you, or are you Jamie, someone just playing me for a fool." He started storming around the sun room; I was getting scared and could not stop crying. This was going worse than I had dreamed.

"I am not playing you for a fool, I love you."

"How can you say that when you have been lying to me all along. That is just another lie isn't it?"

"No, I am not lying, I love you." I implored him.

"Don't be here when I get back." He said stiffly and he stormed out of the room.

"Trent, please talk to me." I screamed as I followed him, naked to master bedroom as he slammed the door and I heard the lock click. I pounded on the door and begged him to come out and talk to me. The door opened and he was fully dressed, he brushed past me like I was not there and walked stiffly out of the house. I followed him to front door which he slammed in my face; he then climbed into his car and roared off. I staggered to the phone and called Mom, sobbing I told her what I could, and collapsed on the floor crying.

Mom and Susan found me on the kitchen floor when they arrived, still naked and crying inconsolably. Together they got me to the couch and Susan held me as Mom found me some clothes. I was shivering I was so cold, from the floor and the hot tub water. Both of them had to dress me and then they wrapped me in a blanket on the couch before Mom made me some tea. I was still trying to tell them what happened when the front door flew open and Trent stormed in. It was apparent that his mood had not improved during his time out.

"I thought I told you to be gone before I got back." He said stonily.

"And we will be gone shortly." Mom told him, "just as soon as Janie is a little calmer. We have already packed her things and loaded them into my car."

Trent snorted at that. "You mean Jamie don't you."

"No Trent, I mean Janie." Mom replied angrily. "And if you want to know the truth, I was the one who came up with this whole plan of Jamie becoming Janie, so if you want to hate someone, hate me. All that I ask is that you don't tell anyone at school. Let Janie finish out the year."

"Not a chance. This will be all over school before the first bell on Monday." I started to cry again and Mom looked ready to kill him. But Susan still had a cool head and she put Trent in his place.

"I would rethink that if I were you."

"Why, everyone needs to know what a liar she is."

"Sure," Susan said calmly. 'But what about your reputation? What do you think everyone will think of you when they find out you have been having sex with a guy for the last three months?"

Trent froze; Susan had hit him right in the ego. He could not say a word without being labeled as well. High school was so judgmental his reputation would never survive.

"You say a word, and you will be tarred with the same brush." Susan said coldly. "And I will make sure that everyone knows how you found out, while having sex with Janie, she told you the truth. Let's go." Susan turned to me and Mom and got me up and out of the house and into the car, but she could not resist a parting shot at Trent.

"I also don't think that it would do your parents business interests any good to find out that their son is in denial about his sexual orientation, or that he is a complete homophobe. That would not go over well with all the charity work they do. Kind of two faced, don't you think." Susan slipped into the car and Mom drove off, leaving Trent standing on the deck looking ashen faced. I sat in the back of the car, watching him get smaller as the tears still flowed down my cheeks.

I spent the rest of Christmas break in my room. I had to complete my portfolio for submission, but I could not find the energy. I also could not stop crying. I called Candy, but got her voicemail. She was in Aruba with her parents. I sent her an email; I had to talk to someone. I told her that Trent and I were over, that he felt that I had lied to him and he could not trust me. I needed to talk to someone but all the girls were away for break and Mom and Susan had heard it all.

The day after we got home Mom came up to my room and told me that she had spoken the Heather and Jason. She gave them a brief rundown of what happened and what Trent had said. They told her that he had already called them. They read him the riot act about not telling anyone. The threats they used must have touched a nerve, because he promised not to out me at school. They would be back the weekend before school started and wanted us to come over to discuss this. I flatly refused. It would be bad enough having to face Trent at school Monday without having to deal with him on the weekend.

I kept my cell phone off and locked myself in my room until school started. I was more concerned with how the following week at school was going to go. I knew that the story of our break up would be the top gossip before homeroom started, and I tried to come up with an excuse, but nothing came to mind.

Monday came and I found myself even more afraid of school than I had been the first day. I made it to the senior parking lot and then to my locker before anyone else showed up. I was sitting in homeroom when Candy found me.

"What happened?" She demanded before she even sat down.

"Nothing, Trent and I just decided to see other people."

"Yeah, he gave me that line shit too, now tell me the truth."

"We broke up over break. That is all there is too it." I said, fighting back the tears.

"And now you are in mourning?" Candy asked.

She was right, I was in all dark colours, I had not done my makeup and I was sure that my hair looked like hell. She grabbed my hand and dragged me off to the bathroom and cleaned me up. She pulled my hair back in a pony tail and applied a little makeup. I would not let her go too far, I was in mourning, my life was over.

"You don't want Trent to see you looking like this." She said confidently. "You have to look like you are moving on if you want to make him realize how he feels about you."

"I know how he feels." I said listlessly. "He hates me."

"No he doesn't. He is just confused. What do you expect, he is a guy. They never get anything right."

"He was right this time. I am a freak."

"Did he call you that?" She snarled.

"No, but that is how he felt, and he is right." I turned and left the bathroom and wandered back to class, just in time for homeroom. Trent was in the same class; he walked in and sat down without even looking at me. I did my best, but I was crushed all through class. After the bell, he came up to me and said that we need to talk for a minute, before Candy could say anything, I agreed and we went out into the hall.

"Listen Janie, I know that everyone knows we broke up and I thought that we should get our story straight. I won't tell anyone your secret. I think that we should just say that we had a fight and broke up."

"Okay." I replied, not looking at him.

"I think that we should say that we fought about going all the way." He said stonily.


"Fine" and he turned and left.

I gathered up my thoughts and wandered off to my next class. The next two weeks were horrible. I felt like I was back at Crawford. I spoke to no one, I dropped the cheer squad, not that there was much going on. Candy spoke to Coach Jacobs and they left me alone, but kept my place on the squad. I threw myself into my photography, but my pictures took on a much darker tone. I switched my camera to black and white and then to sepia. I shot the most stark things and people I could. I focused on the darker side of life, trash in an alley, junk yards, anything I could think of to show how people abandoned things, which was how I was feeling.

I finished my portfolio just in time and Mom and Susan demanded to see it. I showed them a slide show presentation and they were dismayed at the dark direction I had taken. I burned it to a disk and submitted it with no happy smiling pictures. I wanted this portfolio to show the depressed way I felt. What I didn't know at the time was Mom slipped a second disk in to my submission before she mailed it. That one contained the first portfolio I created with all the upbeat pictures and my fashion show.

I settled down to wait to hear from UCLA and tried to get back to life. One good thing about a teenage love life, it rebounds whether you want it to or not. After almost a month I found myself drifting back in with people. I started to eat in the cafeteria again; Candy dragged me back to the squad and swim practice. In fact I was spending more time in the pool than anywhere else. All January I would skip lunch and do lengths and then go back after school often staying until after seven. That was where Coach Jacobs found me on a Friday night. I was lost in my rhythm driving myself back and forth along the pool when just before I was about to do my turn, a body appeared in front of me, stopping me short.

"Out of the pool kid," Jacobs said sharply when I surfaced in front of her. "We need to talk." She climbed out of the pool and grabbed a towel. I followed meekly, afraid of what was going to happen. Wrapped in a towel, she led me to her office and pointed to the hard plastic chair before her desk. Leaning on the credenza behind her desk was Coach Whithers. He pulled her chair out for her and Jacobs sat stiffly.

"All right, what the hell is going on?" She demanded. "Both you and Trent have been walking around here with your faces tripping you."

"We broke up." I said quietly.

"We know," Coach Whithers said a little more calmly. "The whole school knows. But that is not the question. What is going on? You are living in the pool doing more lengths than an Olympic athlete, and Trent has almost moved into the weight room. He barely comes out for classes. Now I like to see my people in shape, but you two are going to hurt yourselves if you keep this up."

"We broke up." I repeated lamely. Helen came around and crouched before me.

"Janie, it's us. You can tell us the truth. What happened?"

"I told Trent the truth over break. He said that I lied to him to trick him. I think it may have touched a nerve with him about people using him. With his parents being so rich and powerful, you know how it can be."

"Yes, we understand that, but you have to talk to him and clear this up." Jim said.

"I can't, he won't talk to me." I said, "I have tried to talk to him, but he won't even look at me."

"I have tried to talk to him, but he just keeps doing reps until I leave." Jim said.

"Just let it be." I said. "I have to learn to stand on my own feet. I have been alone before in school, it is no big deal."

"Yes it is." Helen said. "You still have us, you are not alone. You have the girls on the squad and I think that you could have your choice of the football team."

"I don't want anybody." I said fiercely. "I can't handle anymore rejection."

"Then just start being yourself again."

"I am trying."

"Bullshit." Jim said sharply. Both Helen and I looked up surprised. "You are nothing like the fun loving and energetic cheerleader that got us together. You are the most depressed person I have seen in my life, and I have been teaching for a long time. Now get your shit together Holcombe."

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